Lopat dump for a wal k-in tractor, review, use, use

Selection and installation of dumps for a walk tractor

The winter in our country are quite sno w-covered, so that the owners of villas and private houses in Russia are often faced with a serious problem, to harvest debris, to clarify paths and exits. This problem was solved for many years with the help of the most common shovel. This is a good option when we talk about a small area of ​​the House territory. However, if you have to process a large area, you should think about buying a walk with garbage copies.


The garbage dump is a kind of adhesion for all walks that should carry out the following functions:

  • Clear snow blocks near tracks and streets;
  • Cleaning the courtyard;
  • Orientation of floors;
  • Paving cleaning;
  • Racing of garbage.

If the garbage dump is produced in the form of a bucket, all the charging work mentioned above is carried out.

The garbage dumps have a simple design and have small. Depending on the characteristics of the tractor of the walk behavior, the garbage dump can be fixed on the front of the mechanism or the back if the steering column of the tractor of the walking behavior turns 180 degrees.

The garbage copies can be adjustable and unregulated. The former are considered universal. They enable them to set an angle of attack: tilt to the right, tilt to the left. Direct installation is also possible. In the second case, the roofing can only be fixed in one position. It has not changed any further.

As a rule, the garbage copies are equipped with a variety of nozzles and devices:

  • Stabsters that are designed in such a way that they compensate for the earth;
  • Rubber parts that are used for effective snow cleaning.

Keep in mind that both cannot be addressed by any Walk behavio r-tractor so that you are interested in using such additional devices for the technical ability.

For the production of dumps, springs and rotary switching mechanisms, are not used, so that the costs for the equipment are available to most homeowners. In areas where snow is usually in a thick layer, you can use soil instead of ordinary bikes. In this case, it is easier and more freely to move around the sno w-covered area.

Model evaluation

Modern industry offers a large selection of dumps boots that differ in some technical and operational functions and costs. Look at the most popular types of products.

  • Grunfeld DB360 is a shovel in the form of a shovel produced in China. The mass of the device is 30 kg, the permissible rotary angle is 30 degrees. The detection width is 900 mm.
  • “Neva” is a small dump with only 13 kg and a working width of 100 cm.
  • Bertolini 80 cm – a universal shovel, aggregated with the installations VT 401 and W 403. The detection width is 80 cm.
  • LP-1 universal shovel. The mass of the installation corresponds to 16 kg, the parameters of the width and the height of the capture are 100 or 40 cm.

  • Around DB360 – installation with a weight of 16 kg. Length – 85 cm, width – 28 cm, height – 37 cm. The permissible shift angle is 30 degrees, the width of the border is 80 cm.
  • “Centaur”-a shovel liner with a weight of 28 kg. The height of the device is 45 cm, while the shift angle does not exceed 30 degrees, the detection width is 100 cm.
  • Texas 92000160100 is a snow removal from Denmark. It is attached to the tractor remaining at the front to clean snow on the closest paths and small adjacent areas, since the detection width is only 75 cm. The bracket includes the bracket.

How do I do it myself?

Many masters prefer to make consoles for their own hikes themselves. You can concentrate on absolutely any memory change. At the same time, the Snowpock equipment does not have to have the same technical properties as factory models. Enough for a homemade dump to just be finished with its main task – to clear snow. Later, as it is used, you can gradually upgrade it with various additional useful devices.

Snow thrower Huter SGC 2000E. Description, instructions, reviews

The most popular material for the production of this design is an old steel barrel of 200 liters. In addition, you should prepare a steel strip with a size of 85 x 10 x 2 cm. You also need a meter segment of a square steel tube with a section 4×4 cm, puck bolts, a drill for working on metal, a set of wing, a mill, a thick rubber plate and a drill and a device for welding.

The two hundred liter capacities perfectly corresponds to the goals and goals of the work, since it initially already has the necessary degree of roundness. If you only take the metal leaves, you have to be well heated to give the required curve.

So you should take an unnecessary barrel, cut off the floor and cut the lid. Then the container is cut into 3 same segment in length. Two parts are welded together along the edge, and the third is cut into thin small segments with an electric mill, which are used to create an optimal rigidity. Such a strip is located on the sides of a spontaneous shovel, while others are distributed over the area of ​​the device.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the device, a knife should be made on the bottom of a homemade dump. This requires a steel plate. In it, several holes with a diameter of about 6 mm are drilled with a drill. Then a rubber shelter is set on it, otherwise the garbage dump can damage the road surface if the time for cleaning the sidewalks has come. A bucket is attached to the edge and attached it with screws.

If the shovel is made, you should create connecting elements for the tractor for the walk. For this purpose, a semicircle from a dense metal sheet is attached by welding in the middle of the tube. It has to drill several holes in it, they are used to adapt the angle of inclination of the dump. Then take another piece of the pipe and make a G-like holder. The short side is fixed in a rotation, and the remaining long part is liable through the screws on the frame of the Wal k-Fehd tract.

However, you can get by with a simpler solution in order not to create a bucket, but an ordinary Spatato-shaped nozzle. To do this, use steel leaves with a thickness of about 3 mm. Such a device is not only good with a freshly swollen snowball, but also with the rather coded snow stories.

To make such a dump, you should prepare the main tools and consumables:

  • 1 sheet of steel 85×70 mm;
  • 4 metal plates with parameters L / B / T – 45x23x4 mm;
  • a few eyelets for attaching the main rods;
  • Screws as well as washers and nuts;
  • a number of drills;
  • Tongs;
  • Crochet keys;
  • thick rubber plate;
  • Grinder;
  • Welding devices;
  • drill.

First, a shovel of suitable size and shape is made from an iron sheet. To do this, it is heated with a gas burner and carefully bent in the semicircle. Stiffening ribs made of metal plates are attached to its back. A rubber tire is attached to the front. On the sides it is desirable to weld a thin steel plate, otherwise the device cannot hold snow. Small holes are drilled into the medium parts of the side walls, into which a wave is inserted with a screw device.

A ventilation is carried out after the final assembly of the blade. As a result, the snow collected is held on the side. This requires a wide pipe. You can take the usual pipelines and weld to the top of the blade produced. Make sure to make a wide opening so that snow can flow into the channel. At the end of the work, the finished snow blower is covered with a layer of paint that protects the material from rust.

Motobobes Profi 1900. Review, features, reviews

The independent production of snow plowing from improvised agents is available to anyone who has the skills to work with electronic white tools. There is nothing complicated here, you only have to have the necessary drawings and materials at hand. At the same time, a sentence of tools that are most standard is required that are available in the home workshop of every family. By making such a canopy, you can save a lot of money, while the cleaning quality of the territory is quite high.

Blade for motoblocks – universal equipment. It can be used on a power supply of any model without reference to its performance properties. It should also be noted that both the shovel itself and the bucket can have different dimensions. With their help, you can free both narrow paths and wide streets from the snow, as well as quickly and efficiently remove rubble from the adjacent area or easily pave the surface.

In the following video you can see how to make a blade for a han d-led tractor with your own hands.

Lopat dump for a wal k-in tractor, review, use, use

A leaf blade for a han d-led tractor is an attachment that is widespread in every season of owners of personal properties. Review, application, use – we will talk about all of this in this article.

With the help of the blade you can do the following work:

  • Clear traces of snow along streets, sidewalks, in the courtyard and neighboring areas;
  • Plain floors, computing, sand;
  • Harke-Harke waste;
  • If the blade is made in the form of a bucket – to carry out loading processes.

Motor and hydraulic installation

The most profitable option for a self-made mini tractor is the installation of a water-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine. From an economic point of view, it is advantageous, so that the use of a unit based on it is not expensive. Basically, it is placed on the front of the frame, so that the balance is maintained when using additional equipment. At the point where the engine is installed, a sliding fastening system is installed – this makes it easier to adjust and tension the straps.

The transmission of power from the engine to the rear wheels of the mini drive is carried out by belt drives. Gears and handouts can be borrowed from a cargo car, for example, GAZ-53. The engine is installed so that the pulley is in the same plane with the pulley of the rear axle of the device. At the same time it is necessary to determine the place where the clutch pedal will appear.

After installing the engine, it is necessary to mount the hydraulics. His kit should have an oil pump, oil tank, hydraulic cylinder and dealer. These elements are connected with flexible, oil-resistant hoses. The best option when the hydraulics are floating.

Electric Lawnmower: Models Rating

Today this is not hard physical work. Once bought an electric lawn mower, …


After completing the modification, you can paint a Min i-Actractor and install the attachment equipment. Painting prevents the appearance of corrosive processes. Before using the finished mini vector based on the NEVA or salute, you need to come across it. This is necessary in order to check the operation of all nodes and timely eliminate all possible problems. It will be a shame if the self-magic unit fails on the first day of work. If the runnin g-in went well, you can attach the trailer and run the min i-Actionor again.

The video shows how a deployed homemade mini-Actionr functions.

In the future, when the mini drive is fully assembled and driven, it can be made more “sophisticated”, as it will allow imagination and financial ability. You can install a canopy, headlights, a hydraulic system, etc. As a result, you got a unit that will greatly facilitate the processing of a personal plot and in comfort exceeding factory models.

Motoblock Brait BR-58A. Review, technical features, reviews of the owners

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play equipment

Having completed the work on creating a mini tractor, you need to treat the body with an anti-corrosive agent and paint. In addition, the equipment must be run so that the operator can ensure that all mechanical nodes are working.

If the technique is already tested, it can be supplemented with a head light, canopy, hydraulics and other equipment.

Classification of dumps for a wal k-Tractor

No matter how simple this may seem at first glance, but there is a multitude here.

  • in shape (design);
  • by the method of attachment to the walk behavior tractor;
  • by the location of the working body relative to the walking behavior of the tractor;
  • in the form of the Cluttowing;
  • By type of elevator.

design features

First of all, we determine the design itself. The motblock blade of the shovel is a curved working surface consisting of the following elements:

  • hard frames;
  • Stiffening;
  • bent sheet steel 2 mm thick.;
  • heels (2 pcs.);
  • Knives (metal and rubber).

A metal knife is used for earthworks when it is necessary to level the ground, etc. In cases where the areas are cleaned from snow, garbage, etc. Contact with a solid coating and a pavement (tile, asphalt, concrete).

light-off shovel

The standard shovel is 100 cm wide and 40 cm high.

There are two types of Motblock dumps that have some visual differences in their design:

  1. light-off shovel.
  2. Trowel.

An urban shovel for a wal k-in tractor only serves to clean areas from garbage, snow that is used to eliminate crushed stone, floor and sand. The bucket of both ends is closed with welded plates. In addition to the actions already described, it can also be used to load only sand, earth, snow, garbage, etc.

We offer a photo where you can see how the shovel differs from the bucket:

Shovel for a walk tractor

Bucket for a walk tractor

The type of installation relative to the walk behavior

Due to the relative simplicity of the design, a relatively low weight (up to 16 kg) and the large functionality of the work they do, the garbage copies can be attached to both medium and heavy motblakes.

Depending on the design of the tractor of walk behavior, the canopy can be connected:

  • Forward;
  • Behind the motorized device, taking into account the fact that the steering column of the latter turns 180 degrees around its axis.

The location of the working body

There are two types of dumps:

  • adjustable (rotary);
  • Unregulated.

Turning dumps are universal because they can set the necessary angle of attack:

  • right inclination;
  • Left tips;
  • Direct installation.

U n-regulated awnings are rigidly fixed in the position of the position (directly, right, left) and are not exposed to adaptation.

We recommend that you watch a video of the work of the Walk behavior with direct and Rotar y-Dump:

Varieties of breakdown to motor blocks of famous brands

The clutch is an indispensable device that is supplied with the tractor of the walk behavior with which you can summarize different attachments. Depending on the brand of the walk tractor, the configuration of the coupling itself also changes. In addition, the couplings are also adjustable (application angle, horizontal) and unregulated.

There are different types of mounts:

Enter “about” -41


Removable mountain around-105

Enter “bison”

Enter “forte”


KIT trailer coupling with front force lifter

Council for a kit set that is equipped with a front lifting mechanism

Types of lifting mechanism

With the elevators you can increase and lower the working bodies (dump for a walk-in tractor) and run loading and cleaning work. There are different types of lifts:

  • manually or mechanically (lever);
  • hydraulic (using a hydraulic pump).

More about the device

A motor block is a frame with an axis on which wheels and a gear with a motor are placed. Thanks to the technical functions, this design can be supplemented with different devices with which you can solve different problems. For example, it can be a rake for the harvest of the territory, the potato aditch or potato trailer, plow, etc. The garbage dump is also an additional equipment for the tractor for walk injuries, which serves to accelerate and facilitate the snow cleaning process in the area.

Overview of the Motoboblocks from Weimera. Features, reviews

As a rule, the snow supply includes 3 main elements:

  • Shovel;
  • the mechanism to control the swing angle of the shovel;
  • Attachment – to repair the shovel on the hiking wall

There are mainly three jobs available:

  • Forward;
  • On the right – thirty degrees a slope;
  • Left – thirty degrees an inclination.

Model series Motoblock Douches

We offer to get to know each other with popular factory models.

Snow Dump-Lopat Grunfeld DB360 to MF360
  • Weight, kg: 30
  • Brandland: China
  • The angle of rotation of the plug, hail: 30
  • Capture width, mm: 900
Motoblock dump “Neva”

Broad 100 cm
The weight 13 kg

Aggregation on Neva and greeting motor blocks

Bertolini Universal Shovel 80 cm

Bertolini Universal Shovel 80 cm

  • Singing width 80 cm
  • Agregate for WT401, WT403
Universal shovel for the LP-1 engine block

LP-1 motorcycle shovel

  • Capture width: 100 cm.
  • Capture height: 40 cm.
  • Weight: 16kg.
About db360

About db360

Capture width, MM 800
Dimensional dimensions d/sh/in, mm. 850/280/370
age of displacement, city. 30
mass, kg 16
Load lopat “Kentavar” 1080

Load lopat “Kentavar” 1080

Capture width, MM 1000
blade height, mm 450
age of displacement, city. 30
mass, kg 28

How to choose the basis of a mini vector

Before you start making mini devices with your own hands, you need to choose a model that will act as a basis. In this case, the following technical characteristics must be taken into account:

  • engine power, indicator of its torque;
  • mass of the future mini tractor;
  • A variety of power units – gasoline, diesel;
  • dimensions of the plow;
  • manufacturer and price.

The area of ​​u200bu200bthe territory that can be treated with ready-made devices depends on the power of the engine. It turns out that the larger the site, the more powerful the device should be. As for the weight of the device, it must correspond to the type of soil. Dense soil requires a heavy mini drive train from NEVA special equipment. Also and vice versa, with soft land you need to use a light apparatus so that it doesn’t compact it.

The weight of the machine should correspond to the type of soil – on dense soil you need a heavy tractor on light sandy light weight

When calculating the sizes, the depth of processing and convenience in operation should be taken into account. The best option is a cultivator with the possibility of adjusting the width. There are models on the market that are equipped with a petrol or diesel engine. The first option with working problems with a minimum noise level has a small compression and is easy to launch from the semi-traffic. The diesel option is characterized by efficiency and high power when working on a large area or with complex soil.

DI Y-Dump for a wal k-Tractor, drawings, video

Many owners of agricultural technology are interested in whether it is difficult to make a dump for a walk with your own hands, since a home-made shovel is no worse than purchased. In addition, there is a great opportunity to save.

How much does the purchased shovel cost? From 1800 rubles. Up to 10,500 rubles.

If you use improvised materials, sheets of steel, old barrels, gas cylinders, pipes and squares of a suitable size, the price will drop sharply.

We offer several ideas with drawings that will help you make universal equipment with your own hands.

See also: Top-5 Agat Best Motoblocks: Rating 2020-2021 and a brief description of the devices + reviews of the owners

Shovel from a barrel to a walk tractor

Do not rush to throw away the barrel for 200 liters, which takes up space in the garage, make an assistant out of it – a shovel that will help in various situations. We offer several programs and drawings that will help create this attachment equipment:

Lian charm in the garden

After a detailed study of the drawings, prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. For work you need:

  • Tin sheets with a thickness of at least 3 mm. The sizes of the sheets should be 85x22x45 cm;
  • 1 metal stand – a steel pipe is suitable for this;
  • 4 ribs of stiffness, about 4mm thick;
  • A strip of steel is long enough to be covered with a dump. The thickness of the strip should be at least 5 mm;
  • 2 eyes for attaching the push of the dump;
  • Set of washers and nuts;
  • square tube with a section of 4 × 4 cm and 1 m long;
  • set of drills with a diameter of 5-6 and 8-9 mm;
  • flat piece of rubber;
  • 2 rods, 52 cm long;
  • 1 steel sheet, 10-12 mm thick with the dimensions 60 x 60 cm;
  • Welding devices;
  • Grinding machine with slices for cutting steel;
  • Drill hammer or drill.

Shovel for han d-led tractor from a gas bottle

These photos, diagrams and drawings help to give an old unnecessary gas bottle a second life:

Homemade leaf blade made of steel sheet

If you have steel or sheet metal with a thickness of 2-3 mm on your farm, an excellent shovel can be made from this material. We offer to study the diagrams and drawings in which all necessary dimensions are given.

Photo on how to make a shovel on a han d-led tractor:

Sheet of blade

Instructions for the production of a homemade Grader

We give an example of how a shovel is made in the simplest way – a blade for a han d-led tractor. You don’t have to buy large sheets for this, that is the main advantage of this method.

Three blade options can be cut out of the run: standard, with a low working width or vice versa. This allows you to use the han d-led tractor for both cleaning narrow paths and for the level of extensive areas. The good thing about a barrel is that it already has the roundness that a package should have. You no longer have to heat and bend the sheet.

  1. Cut the bottom and lid off the barrel with a mill. Share it into three same parts. Two of them become a dump, for this they have to connect them through welding along the contour. The remaining segment is cut into several strips that become the stiffening of the future shovels. Two strips are attached to the sides, and several parts are welded over the entire length of the grader.
  2. The next step will be to equip the lower part with a special knife. To do this, take an advanced strip 85x10x0.3 cm and make three holes with a diameter of about 6 millimeters. They have to keep distances between them between around 10-12 centimeters. These holes are required to assemble the seal. It serves as a rubber plate. It is necessary to avoid damage to the sidewalk. The knife is attached to the working part of the bucket with screws;
  3. Build up the structure;
  4. Now you have to assemble the fastening point of the degree on the han d-led tractor. A piece of iron tube is attached to the middle part of the bucket. A semicircle with several holes is assembled by welding, which will help you attach attachments in the desired position. The semicircle is cut from a thick sheet because it has to withstand the strongest loads;

Dump for a han d-led tractor from a gas bottle

Important! Before mounting the Grader on the singl e-axle tractor, treat it with a special primer or color. This increases the lifespan considerably because the painting is corrosio n-resistant.

A rubber seal is attached to the working edge of the blade, which should be a little wider than the knife. In this case, you can be sure that the paving stones or the floor covering in the courtyard are not damaged when turning or changing the angle.

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