Living landscape under control: how to effectively clean the terrace?

How to clean your patio efficiently and easily?

With a wide, powerful jet of water, a high-pressure cleaner effectively removes dirt from your patio.

A beautiful terrace, leading from the living room to the garden, is the flagship of the house and the pride of the owners. With proper care, you can enjoy your property for a long time. The best way to clean a patio, regardless of its covering material, is to use a high pressure cleaner.

There are many different areas around your home or property that need cleaning. Whether it’s a patio or driveway, a wall, elements of garden plot architecture, etc. When it comes to patio cleaning, you can do the job classically, wipe down or use a high pressure machine. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods and which one to choose?


Before you wash the patio with a mop, you need to sweep it thoroughly with a broom or better, faster and more convenient. Then simply wipe, scrub the entire surface of the patio. For a better effect, you can add a mild cleaning agent to the water.

Or modernity?

Cleaning your patio with a high-pressure cleaner is much more convenient, efficient and economical. You don’t have to turn around beforehand, because the high-pressure water removes all the dirt from the patio surface. It is good if there is a device to regulate the flow of water, because it can use less and put pressure on the surface. In this way, it is possible to avoid damage to sensitive materials due to the strong water pressure. To remove minor dirt, a low pressure without the addition of chemicals is often sufficient. To clean stubborn dirt such as moss, lichen, sediment, it makes sense to use a rotary nozzle for high pressure vortexing. A cleaning agent can be added to increase cleaning efficiency. It is worth using a special wood cleaner. This product protects the wood from UV radiation and thus slows down the aging process.

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Advantages of pressure

  • Precision cleaning,
  • Saving water, energy and cleaning agents,
  • Ease of use,
  • Reduced working time.

The high-pressure cleaner effectively removes not only dust, sand or garden soil from your patio, but also more persistent dirt. It can also be used to wash facades, entrances, garden furniture, cars and even to clean gutters, so it is extremely versatile and useful for chores.

The high-pressure cleaner can also be used to clean other areas in the garden.

Which high pressure cleaner to choose?

There are many high-pressure cleaners on the market with different parameters and equipment. For home use, an apparatus with a capacity of about 500 l/h is enough, and the water is compressed to a pressure of 100-160 bar. There are many types of nozzles and copies. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the advantages of each of them in order to choose those that are suitable for the task at hand. For example, to remove stubborn dirt, a rotating nozzle that starts the water in rotation will be suitable.

Modern high-pressure units have a display on the vagmatic handle that shows which operating mode has been selected. The premium versions of the high-pressure units have a hose reel on the body, which can be used to rewind the hose after use and save money on the unit.

Keep in mind that wood is a sensitive material, so it should not be cleaned with too much pressure, and it is best to add a special product for this material.

With the help of a high pressure washer you can clean not only the terrace. If you choose the right accessories and equip the machine properly, it will serve in many tasks and your property will always be clean and orderly.

Quick and easy cleaning of a wooden patio

Quick and easy cleaning of wooden decking

For most of us, a wooden patio is a second living room, where in the warmer seasons we dine in pleasant company, sunbathing in pleasant company. In order to truly enjoy the long-awaited relaxation, the surface and surrounding areas should be cleaned regularly. Experts recommend cleaning wooden surfaces twice a year – in spring and fall. After that, your patio will look like new!

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What is the right way to clean a wooden deck

Cleaning wooden terraces should be done regularly. And it should be done for several reasons:

  • To remove or reduce the intensity of graying;
  • To maintain the attractive appearance of the patio;
  • For example, to remove moss;
  • To avoid slipping on the wooden surface;
  • To remove dirt and damp areas;
  • To prevent the growth of aggressive fungi.

Depending on the species (hard or soft species), wood can lose its properties when exposed to intensive mechanical processes, so you should carefully choose the cleaning method and cleaning devices. To check the correctness of the chosen cleaning method, it is advisable to first test on an inconspicuous area.

Effective and uniform cleaning with PCL 4

Effective and even cleaning with the PCL 4

Thanks to the PCL 4 electric patio cleaner, you can easily, thoroughly and evenly remove even the most stubborn dirt with its two rotating brushes and integrated water distribution system.

Simply attach the device to the garden hose and low-pressure devices and you can then gently clean your patio.

Two water nozzles via two motorised roller brushes remove dirt in a single pass and wash it away without high pressure. To reduce water consumption, you can manually adjust the water flow with a valve. With a powerful motor in the center and rollers that clean the entire surface, including corners and edges, it’s easy to tackle dirt that accumulates along the walls of your home, for example.

And thanks to the interchangeable brushes, the PCL 4 is suitable for cleaning wooden and stone surfaces.

A clean terrace – step by step

Prepare the unit

Getting the device ready

Connect the PCL 4 to water and power before cleaning.

Draw in water


Then open the water supply and set the flow with the valve on the gun.

Clean evenly

Clean evenly.

Press the trigger to start cleaning and move the PCL 4 evenly (in strips) across the patio surface.

How to effectively improve soil structure?

Remove dirt and rinse out

Remove dirt and rinse off

Dirt is removed with the roller brushes rotating backwards and then rinsed off with a stream of water. Since the motor is in the center of the unit, you will be cleaning the entire deck surface at the edge of the ledge.

Change roller brushes

Replacing the roller brushes

The roller attachments change quickly and without tools. To clean stone patios, replace standard brushes with roller brushes designed for stone.

Finish the job

Finishing the job

The PCL 4 comes with a stand to store the unit you’re not using. Just tilt it slightly forward and lean it against the wall – that way you won’t damage the bristles of the roller.

Cleaning your patio with a minimum of cleaning

Step 1: Apply the detergent

Step 1: Apply the detergent

Large chunks of dirt are removed particularly effectively if you first apply a detergent with a minimum, such as Vario Power Sprayer, to the surface. The 3-in-1 wood cleaner not only thoroughly cleans, but also provides UV protection and contains natural wax that maintains an attractive appearance and protects wood from dirt and moisture. Apply the foam to the surface and leave the detergent on for two to five minutes.

Step 2: Remove the dirt from the patio

Step 2: Removing Dirt from the Terrace

To thoroughly clean patios, first remove the flat jet nozzle and set the special PS 40 brush to minimum. We especially recommend using this nozzle for cleaning wooden decking, as the thin bristles can penetrate grooves in the surface. The brush also has three high-pressure nozzles that greatly increase cleaning efficiency. Then move the nozzle back and forth while constantly wetting the surface with water. Always clean the surface along the grain of the wood, that is, along the length of the board, not across it.

Step 3: Reapply the detergent

Step 3: Re-apply detergent

For longer-lasting protection, you can reapply 3V1 Cleaner to the wood surface. To do this, set the sprayer to minimum again, apply the detergent evenly to the wooden surface with the flat jet nozzle and leave the detergent for some time (see step 1).

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Step 4: Rinse the patio

Step 4: Rinse the patio

Finally, rinse the wood decking along the wood fibers using the fine jet nozzle. When cleaning wood decking, use only a flat jet nozzle, as point-flow nozzles or mud mills can put more pressure on the wood and damage it. To achieve the perfect washing effect, maintain a distance of 30 cm from the floor surface to the floor surface. Then allow the patio to dry.

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