Light motor senses Husqvarna 323r. Description, specifications, videos and owner reviews

Light motor senses Husqvarna 323r. Description, specifications, videos and owner reviews

The 323r exceeds most inexpensive lawnmowers from Husqvarna in terms of engine power. It was increased to 1.2 hp.

Husqvarna 323R is used to keep parks, private lawns and golf courses clean.

A trimmer head and special knife can be used as a cutting tool.

The lawn mower is able to withstand high loads and to do work over a long period of time.

Basic equipment

For new customers, the lawnmower is delivered with the following kit: trimmer, knife, rod, straps for attaching, operating instructions and a small set tools for maintenance.

Technical characteristics

The work volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 24.5 cm3
Nominal output for operating speed energy 0.9 kW
Maximum revolutions of the tap wave 8300 rpm
Fuel tank volume 0.5 l
Sound pressure on the operator’s ear 95dB (A)
weight 5.1 kg


  • The length of the handle of the Husqvarna 323R lawn mower is adjustable for the most convenient work.
  • The belt consists of composite materials and distributes the load evenly along the spine.
  • The light start of the car is guaranteed thanks to the system of pumping the fuel.

Kombischeutz Smart Start® (Easy Start System).

Application functions

Before operating the Husqvarna 323R lawn mower, it is necessary to examine it for wear or misalignment of parts and to check for the presence of a fuel mixture.

Caution is required when mowing grass, as the knives turn at high speed and stones and other hard objects can be thrown away.

When working with the mower, it is recommended to wear a protective suit and safety glasses.


Husqvarna 323r does not run with pure fuel, but with a mixture. The manufacturer’s gasoline and brand oil must be used to prepare.

It was specially developed for garden tools and helps prevent the formation of deposits on the pistons, which significantly increases the lifespan of the device. Oil and gasoline must be mixed in a ratio of 1:50.

User Guide

Этот документ содержит в себе все основные данные касательно строения машины, эксплуатации и обслуживания. Скачать здесь—>

Adjustable handle ignition switch with automatic provision

advantages and disadvantages

The Husqvarna 323R is able to maintain a mediu m-sized area.

It has the following advantages:

  • adequate engine power,
  • the possibility to install a trimmer or normal knife,
  • Stops easily and has a low fuel consumption.
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But there is a disadvantage – the belt. This model must be carried on the shoulders all the time. The lawn mower only weighs 5.1 kg, but if the operator works for more than 4 hours, this is noticeable.

Video consultation of the work

Below you will find a video evaluation and an example of the operation of the Husqvarna 323p lawn mower:

Owner reviews

Below are some opinions about this mower from the forums:


“This technology is reliable and durable. I served over 10 years. I have never made any settings or repairs! The coil was worn out and the disc was shattered by stones, pipes and bricks. In total, he edited 0.6 hectares. Cuts slightly shrubs and low branches.

Disadvantages: someone is offended, but there is none “


“I bought it relatively short time ago, but I didn’t notice any minus points. The quality of the product is first class. Good plastic, easy to start. During the company, I advise you to also buy a mask because the grass flies in all directions.

Husqvarna 323r

A photo

Before you buy Husqvarna 323r at the lowest price, read the specifications, video ratings, advantages and disadvantages of the model and customer reviews.

Video reviews Husqvarna 323r

  • All 50
  • Reviews 5
  • Repair 5

Technical data Husqvarna 323r

General properties *

Noise 97dB
Type of Trimmer
Rotation speed of the knife up to 9000 rpm

Functionality *

Mulch no

Engine *

Type of the engine petrol
Engine speed 9000
perfomance 1.20 hp
Fuel tank for 0.5 l

Construction *

Wheels absence

Further information *

particularities There is a combination protection for trimmer heads and knives, an underride protection plate under the engine and spark plug protection. Bore/Hub 34 mm. Speed ​​at full power 9000 rpm. The maximum recommended engine speed is 11700 rpm. Translation ratio/gear angle 1: 1.46. Stang length 1483 mm. Standing diameter 24 mm. Noise level 88/97 db. Weight 4.5 kg.

* Inquire with the seller about exact specifications.

The Husqvarna 323 R grass mower of the professional series is quite powerful. With a professional standard fishing line of 2.5 mm, it easily cut raspberries, currants, up to 1 cm thick shoots of wild trees, adult willow florets (IVAN tea), nettles. At the same time, the consumption of fishing cord is low. When using a sem i-automatic reel from the Patriot company, the thread consumption is about 16 centimeters per 13 hectares, both when mowing a neglected area as well as when mowing row distances, hurdles and a recreational area in an habitable area. In the second case, in the case of smaller mowing surface, the load on the free cutter and the thread increases significantly, since the thread often comes into contact with stones, pipes, plants, boards and still cannot be described as noteworthy. A separate predicate “very good” can be awarded for the lawn mower suspension. The chassis can be easily adapted to the figure, sits like cast, ergonomics at the highest level. In the past I had to use the mower of Stihl and Patriot, in my opinion the ergonomics of the Husqvarna 323 R are higher than the ergonomics of the mower of these manufacturers. From the minus points it should be noted that the Husqvarna 323 R, like all Husqvarna-Benzinger devices, requires high-quality motor oil. Husqvarna recommends using only original oils, right down to the warranty of the guarantee in the event of a failure caused by defects in lubricants of thir d-party providers. Check the link outside of

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I can recommend everyone – great device!

Of course, the rating is irrelevant, since unfortunately. This model has long been sold out. And so – you can sing the anthem of Swedish technology. I bought for a summer home of almost 20 acres. I mow 12-13 times a season with no problems. Between “arrivals” it is sometimes “used” by a neighbor who promises not to change the settings of the shoulder straps. I forgot the year I bought it, I recently found a “sales contract” in old papers – it turns out to be March 2007 – i.e. 12 years! Reliability is amazing. During the period of use, I changed the candle only three times (according to the instructions, every season – well, I clicked, inattentively read the instructions). From spare parts I once bought a trimmer head – I broke it on a stone in the grass. In 2017 the “BH” buckle broke :) – glued with superglue. In the current season – in the spring I hardly started it. The reason is a silencer clogged with the most mischievous. Rinse with acetone (long) and the problem was gone, since it wasn’t. In general, with timely, even minimal, maintenance, the 323R will last for years. I hope that the Swedes will keep the level of quality even now.

The first lawn mower without comparison, just about the tool. There was an electric Efco with the same power. Only now is it clear how much time it took just to run the wire around the site to untangle it. In addition, the electrics lose a lot when the speed drops. That said, at idle it’s like power, but when it’s put on the grass it dies out. And then simply accelerate and drive off. Includes fishing line and metal knife. When the grass is 10-30 cm high, using fishing line will give a clean lawn and mulched grass, although fuel consumption will be higher due to higher RPM when working with fishing line. If the grass is 30-50 and there are a lot of dense clumps of sedge, nettle and wormwood, then knives are better. At the same time, the grass is mowed like a simple scythe and laid in strips. Gasoline consumption is less because there is less gas on sluggish knives. If the grass is higher than 50 cm, then no options – knives. Bear Claw 3 m high at once. And if there is a lot of it (Bear Claw), then this is a direct epic melee action with swords)) adrenaline. I also bought a circular saw type saw blade. Well, it’s just an apotheosis. Of course, you can also use the ones included in the kit to chop down wild trees that are a few centimeters tall. But not that. You put on a saw and go into the bush like a terminator. In front of our house the lilacs were so raging that it was scary to go inside. Here order was restored with the saw blade. The main thing was to refrain from total sawing. I did not expect that it is possible to work normally with a circular on such a long pole. Gasoline oil according to the instructions. When working with fishing line, I recommend the “visor” – the muzzle of the silage is full. But with knives everything is clean. The strap is really comfortable. When working with Elektro I did not use the suspension, but here there is a different ideology and it is quite convenient. For the first time I mow all 15 hectares in 4 hours. And how much adrenaline from the “regassing”). Well the idea was that if it has cruise control and a cup holder you can even read Schopenhaur while mowing. But for a self-assured mother, it doesn’t count. At least one spare part with such a packaging limit

To cut down the trees in the garden - how to do it legally?

Men’s! With the slightest opportunity – accumulate money and buy it! Write a review was produced by half an hour of “work” with a Chinese mower with a curved suitcase, fishing and without clutch. It seems to be the same performance, but the type of operation is to mow, stop, lose weight for 10-20 seconds, cut off the wound nettles, to have a can, to repeat until they become tired, pull off and think. . And Khuskvarna is a song! An action of 40 hectares is wild, it is only three times a year without counting the little things. That means he manages to overcome capital. Nettle and raspberries are in growth, horseshoes at two heights, thorny shoots in one finger half (!) And so on the forgotten tree trunks and bricks are hidden in it. And the spit is definitely five years and she has no demolition, only sometimes to grind the knife gently, preferably – and checks the compensation. The worn outer edges of the blades were contested with rocky tops with the edges in parallel to the original. The only one with which there is difficulties is a very thick “ant grass” in the waist, there is no longer enough strength, they first have to cut half a height. Petrol – 92, often from last season, oil – a simple mineral water 2T, 1:40, i.e. 50 cubic meters for a 2-liter bottle. Probably not quite right, but does not smoke, don’t hesitate and do not wedge. Comfort is known in comparison – they simply go and wave like a throw with interruptions only to refuel. Hands don’t get tired, shoulders – even more. Just make sure that you are highly, wide and precisely careful under the knife to protect the entire Face AW sign of Merlen and Hogweed. The headphones are necessary for long work – completely with a visor are very good, but it is also easier. You don’t really take our weeds with the fishing line, but I tried it on fresh grass – my local head is comfortable, it is easy to add, the capture is wide. If there is money, it is generally ideal for difficult conditions. If there is no money – it is better to dig or buy twice cheaper. In any case, she pays herself with her calm and the troubl e-free purity of your website. I recommend in every respect!

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I have had it for 7 years. Vibration within the rational boundaries: there are, but in personal feelings it doesn’t differ much from relatives (for a long time I had an EFCO electro electr o-I didn’t see a big difference). There were no problems in many years. He recently missed the time of mowing and when he arrived, I almost had to cut it out of my growth – I worked all day and nothing. It is worth it. I immediately advise your mask with ears in the kit: although expensive, but the mouth is definitely clean and not deaf of long work

We use this device for more than 9 years to 25 hectares =) 2 times. I had to clean the “engine” from the carbon, as the performance was lost after cleaning as a new “in the battle”. Petrol consumes little, but cuts quickly and quickly with a fishing line or a hard drive. It is easily coordinated not only with grass, but also with thin branches, dry steel, poles and bushes. I hope it will also serve us =) I recommend! 323 R excellent reliable assistant!

I worked without any service without adjustments. I never changed the candle (it was not necessary), at 92 the coil was pulled out, the disc was on the stones, pipes, bricks in the chips because I had to process abandoned areas. My action is 12 hectares plus, parents 17 + by 0.6 hectares. Shrub without problems, including low branches, grass in the tracks under “0”. 11th year .. loses power .. it is time to change

I wanted to buy a grass loop so that there were no problems, so I chose Husqvarna. I did not expect the qualities of China’s craft from the manufacturer with this name and for this kind of money.

I bought this craft as a wel l-known company that should monitor and take the quality of its products! I managed to shave the grass on the site twice for 15 minutes and died! An autopsy in the guarantee workshop showed that the piston was bumped (the Kolbenfinger bar flew out), none of the two screws of the Magneto holder. The Chinese collect even better!

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