Liebherr 944 Excavator – description and features

Liebherr 944 pursued the technical properties and description of the excavator,

All excavator equipment from the German manufacturer Liebherr has many advanced technological solutions and innovative developments, so this brand can be called one of the leading. In the development of products involved mainly only professional staff with a fairly extensive experience, which largely explains the high quality of machines. At the moment on the world market there are many different modifications and basic models with similar equipment and different technical characteristics.

Description and functions

One of the models of the line of excavators is Liebherr 944 Caterpillar Excavator. It should be noted that this model is not so popular compared with other German machines on the world market of special equipment. However, the demand for this model on the Russian market is still high, as it does not have the largest dimensions, which in turn allows them to work in a small work area.

Like most other models, this excavator can withstand very extreme operating conditions. All machine organs, systems and components ensure the best performance even at temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 65 degrees Celsius, which is why this technique is especially in demand when working in the northern regions of Russia. Not all similar models can give this indicator, which makes the equipment one of the best in Russian operating conditions.

Due to its enlarged design, the Lybher 944 Caterpillar excavator can work with increased loads. As additional options, there are various types of current platforms and lined tools. All this gives the consumer the opportunity to choose the optimal configuration of the excavator, with the help of which certain types of work can be performed. The serial production of this excavator is carried out in Germany at special corporate enterprises, which also provides not only high quality but also increased reliability, which is simply necessary for this technique.

The model has an extended boom, which came out much longer than the model itself, which was one of the most important features. But it would seem that machinery with such devices is most prone to tipping, but the manufacturer has solved this problem with the clever design of the tracked platform. Therefore, a third of the load from the bucket is transferred to the Raupillar chassis, which provides excellent stability paired with the rear counterweight and works for the excavator with rather heavy loads.

Caterpillar’s Liebherr 944 excavator is equipped as standard with a productive air conditioning system, which is controlled by an automatic idle speed sensor. In addition, the device is equipped with a special system that provides increased stability when working on uneven surfaces or rocky ground. The metal used in the construction of the model is extra thick, which in combination with the paint guarantees reliable protection against corrosive processes.

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In many ways, this model has become one of the best in its class due to its unique features, which are more than enough in this model. All this also ensures a quick payback of the technology, which is especially important for small construction organizations.

A characteristic feature of the entire design of the model is a fairly low degree of centralization of gravity, so that a certain amount of weight is transferred to the crawler platform, which means that the technique can easily withstand very heavy loads. This also has a positive effect on the productivity of the excavator. Another advantage of the design is the ability to work with rocks and other materials that are highly durable.

The machine has low fall characteristics when working on uneven ground. At the same time, the excavator provides high quality of work and increased productivity. As for efficiency in excavation work, the Liebherr 944 model can be called one of the leaders.

It should be emphasized that the manufacturer has developed a device design specifically for work with high loads. It is made of high-strength steel and provides the most effective use of the machine in various areas. The high versatility of the excavator is due to a large number of additional attachments and several variants of the platform used, which means that the owner can assemble the most suitable variation of the machinery from all this to create specific tasks.

Not to be overlooked is the next element of the model. The excavator is equipped with a modern working cabin, which includes reliable safety systems (ROPS and FOPS), microclimate systems (air conditioning and heating system) and a high-quality radio. The cab design is characterized by fairly large windows and provides a large view of the working side. Inside, there is a comfortable seat with several adjustments and pneumatic suspension that eliminates vibrations. To achieve an increased level of safety, the cab has been supplemented with special reinforcements, which guarantee reliable protection when the excavator is cancelled. Safety is also responsible for a modern device FGPS, which is included as standard equipment. In addition to the rear-view mirrors, an optional camera that transmits a clear image of the background can be installed. This ensures an improved overview and avoids possible blind spots.

The basic version of the Liebherr 944 is equipped with the Liebherr SW66 high-speed unit, which has a hydraulic drive and a special mechanism that automatically lubricates the joints of the working equipment. As already described above, the machinery can be equipped with many additional units that expand the scope of application. Under them we should distinguish hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammer, graphic bucket, ripper, auger drill, curb and different types of buckets, which differ in their capacity. All of the above devices are the most popular, but there are also much looser units on this list.

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This model uses a six-cylinder diesel engine developed by Liebherr. The engine is indexed D936L and is equipped with direct injection, liquid cooling and a turbocharging system, which together with a special charge air cooler provides very high power. The unit is able to develop a rated power output of 190 kilowatts, which corresponds to 258 hp. The engine transmits power directly, because this excavator model is not equipped with a gearbox. All movements of the equipment are carried out only at one speed, namely 5 kilometers per hour. The main feature of the device is a fairly good efficiency, which with a large fuel tank (705 liters) guarantees long work without stopping.


The main purpose in developing the Liebherr-Raupenbagger 944 was to be able to move large earth masses and various materials from mines and quarries. But the numerous features of the equipment allowed to significantly expand the field of application, as now the model is used in almost all areas of activity, from construction to large industrial sectors. Where only the machine is not used for loading and unloading of any charge, dismantling, loading and unloading, all kinds of earthworks and much more, depending on the configuration. However, it is worth noting that most of the work is done with a standard medium power shovel. Special equipment is traditionally used to transport equipment to construction sites. And the fact is not that the devices move slowly, but also in the possible damage to the asphalt and concrete slabs of the road sections, which can cause the crawlers.


This model served as the basis for two modified versions. Let’s look at them in detail:

LieHher 944b Modification. This model is distinguished by an optimized power plant, which allowed to achieve increased performance and technical parameters. Another significant difference is the overall dimensions of the excavator due to installation of extended crawler base. By default, this model has a gravel bed of increased or decreased volume.

Liebherr 944c modification. The peculiarity of this modification is availability of modern hydraulic system with increased working parameters. The hydraulics used allows significant reduction of material investments in maintenance and fuel consumption. In addition, this modification exceeds the standard excavator in performance.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics of the shovel:

  • Type of the shovel to be installed – spoon shovel.
  • The smallest capacity of the installed shovel is 1.0 cubic meters.
  • The largest capacity of the installed bucket is 2.5 cubic meters.
  • The maximum depth of the grave is 8900 millimeters.
  • Maximum height of the grave – 14950 millimeters.
  • The maximum height of the shovel distribution – 11100 millimeters.
  • Maximum grave radius – 13300 millimeters.
  • The maximum force on the shovel cylinder is 326 kilonewtons.
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Engine characteristics:

  • The type of engine installed is inline, diesel.
  • Engine brand – D936L.
  • The engine manufacturer is Liebherr.
  • Number of cylinders – 6.
  • The working volume of all cylinders is 10 500 cubic meters.
  • Rated power output is 190 kW/258 hp (at 1800 rpm).
  • Nominal crankshaft rpm is 1800 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter is 122 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke is 150 millimeters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid cooling system.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • Type of turbocharging system – gas turbine with aftercooling of blown air.
  • Average fuel consumption per hour of operation – 22.3 liters.
  • The highest speed of autonomous movement is 5 kilometers per hour.


  • The structural length of the excavator is 11400 millimeters.
  • Full width of the Caterpillar platform is 3195 millimeters.
  • Full cab roof height is 3,350 millimeters.
  • Carriage length is 4,915 millimeters.
  • Caterpillar base (standard) is 4108 millimeters.
  • Caterpillar base (extended) – 4400 millimeters.
  • Track width (standard platform) – 2390 millimeters.
  • Track width (extended platform) – 2900 millimeters.
  • Length of the rear part of the turntable – 3470 millimeters.

The cost of the new model at the moment is from 17 million to 18 million Russian rubles. It is worth noting that since the serial production of the base has ceased, only modified versions are available. The retired ones have a price of 7 million rubles and up to 9 million Russian rubles.

Liebherr 944 Caterpillar Excavator

Excavator Liebherr 944 embodies modern solutions and technical innovations of the manufacturer. Only industry professionals are involved in the creation of products, and finished models are tested under extreme conditions before they are shipped to customers. All technological processes comply with the standards of the engineering industry. The company now produces modified construction machinery, which differs from the basic model in configuration and operating parameters.

Liebherr 944 Caterpillar Bagger

Liebherr 944 Caterpillar Excavator

Excavator Liebherr 944 Caterpillar is not the flagship product of the company, but it is widely used in the Russian Federation. This model is characterized by its medium size, which expands the scope of its application.

features and benefits

The advantages of the excavator include the possibility of its use in the most difficult working conditions. The productivity of the equipment remains constantly high under the temperature conditions of x-40/+65 degrees, which is not characteristic of all products of the company. Ability to work in extreme conditions is the main advantage for Russian consumers.

The manufacturer has prepared an excavator LIBHER 944 as a special equipment to work in a mine or quarry, loading, unloading and transporting materials. Nowadays, it can be used for quick and high quality loading and unloading work in any industry, demolition of construction sites, in the construction of new buildings and structures, excavation work. Due to the installation of a large volume, the duration of the working operation is reduced, and the versatility of the machine allows it to be used almost everywhere.

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Significant digging depth and a large bucket guarantee efficient operation, while the tracked base ensures stability and cross-country capability.

Specifications and dimensions

Liebherr 944 main technical characteristics:

ditch height 14.95m;
digging radius 13.3m;
trench depth 8.9m;
dumping height 11.1 m;
Traction 241 kn;
Bucket capacity 1-2,5 m 3 (equipped with tines and blades of high-strength steel);
weight 38.84 t;
specific pressure at the bottom 0.78 kg/cm2;
Working radius of the platform 3.47 m;
rotating speed of the platform 8 rpm.

The dimensions of the Bagger Libher 944 are 11.35 m x 3.2 m x 3.35 m. The base is 4.11 m.

Power Unit

The equipment of own production is equipped with 190 kW or 258 hp. The six-cylinder model D936L has a capacity of 10.5 liters and runs on diesel fuel. Cylinders are set with a diameter of 122 mm. In terms of emission quality, the power plant meets international standards Tier 3 and Level 3a. Engine shaft speed is 1800 rpm.

engine Liebherr D936L
output 258/190 kWhp.
Cooling liquid
fuel diesel
cylinder 6
Engine capacity 10.5 l
Tank Capacity 705 l

The engine comes standard with a charge air cooling system and turbocharger. A diesel particulate filter is available as an option, guaranteeing effective cleaning.

Fuel consumption

The Lebher 944 has a fuel tank capacity of 705 liters and an average fuel consumption of 22.3 liters per hour.


Thanks to the use of a powerful and reliable design, maximum performance is achieved when working hard in extreme conditions. Developers have taken care of the possibility to equip the machine with different types of chassis and attachments, which ensures the versatility of the Liebherr 944 excavator. Standards. This ensures high quality of both individual parts and the product as a whole.

The excavator is installed on a long boom equipment, which makes it possible to work from the parking lot. In order to ensure stability of the special machine on any ground, a crawler base and reasonable weight distribution of the Libher 944 are provided. The excavator is equipped with a standard climate system, which is controlled by an automatic no-load sensor. In addition, the basic equipment includes the installation of a system to increase stability when working on rocky ground. The reliability of the body is due to the use of thick, durable steel in its manufacture and the use of durable paint. This excludes the occurrence of corrosion and damage as a result of mechanical influences.

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Due to its high technical characteristics the Libher 944 can perform complex tasks in a short time and can work on floors of category IV. The low pressure on the excavator allows it to move and work on unstable floors without loss of performance. The manufacturer positions this product as the most efficient ditching.

The design of special devices is designed for use in the most difficult working conditions. The main material for its production is high-strength steel, which allows you to use the excavator everywhere, regardless of climatic conditions. Its versatility is due to a large number of strikers and different types of chassis. The customer can independently choose the necessary elements, which ensures maximum efficiency in the performance of work processes.

Cherry platform

The Liebherr R 944 is characterized by optional weight distribution of the machine and load in the working body. This increases the productivity of the machinery and reduces the risk of tipping over and the wheels slipping. There is no gearbox on the excavator, which makes it easy to operate. The maximum speed is 5 km/h.

Operator’s cabin

The excavator has an advanced ergonomic cab equipped with audiometric, safety and air conditioning systems. The large viewing angle is due to the installation of wide windows, which guarantees high work safety. Reinforcing elements in the cab, FOPS, ROPS and FGPS systems are provided for operator protection.

The Liebherr 944C is available with an optional rear view camera.

Articulated units

The standard equipment of the excavator includes a quick-change system for work equipment. The SW66 is equipped with a hydraulic drive and an automatic lubrication system.

The most popular optional attachments are diaphragms, hydraulic shears and special attachments.


In addition to the modifications of this model:

  • Lieber 9444b, is characterized by other overall dimensions and improved power plant. It is equipped with a bucket with increased volume;
  • The Liebherr 944 Litronic features an improved hydraulic system that guarantees efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and service work.

The performance of the modified models is higher than that of the standard excavator.

Cost of new and use

Due to the advantages of the model, a fast payback is guaranteed.

In Russia it is quite difficult to find this equipment without mileage. Production of new machines of this model is discontinued, only modifications will be produced for sale, the cost of which ranges from 17-18 million rubles. The price of Liebherr 944 with mileage is about 7-8 million rubles. Subject to approval in 07/08.

You can rent an excavator for 50,000 rubles. At the same time, the cost of delivery of special equipment to the place of work is 20-25 000 rubles.

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