Legal status and right for a mini drive. Registration, Rights

Legal status and right for a mini drive. Registration, rights, passport

What rights are required for a mini tractor

In order to decide on the category of a mini contract facility, the rules of the road that self-turned equipment includes self-turned equipment must refer to:

  • with engine power of more than 4 kW (5 liters);
  • with a volume over 50 cm3;
  • With a speed of more than 30 km/h on street roads.

Most models of min i-Actractors in their technical characteristics do not reach these indicators and are not included in the category of conventional vehicles. However, there are those whose engine power is large enough, although the speed does not exceed 30 km/h.

The mini drive can be defined as a multifunctional self-propelled machine designed for the manufacture of cargo transmission, community and garden works, the capacity of which is from 10 to 50 liters. With.

Although the characteristics of this unit allow you not to count it for ordinary vehicles and go out on the public road, it becomes so, and you can add it only if there is a document giving the right to use the tractor and other special equipment to control.

What rights are required to head a minister in Russia?

To manage special equipment without violating the legislation of the Russian Federation (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 07/12/1999 on Approving the Rules for Admission to the Management of Self-Propelled Vehicles and Issuing Certificates of a Tractor Driver (Tractor Driver) With the recent changes from 04/26/2020) it is required to have special rights of a tractor driver, which is not issued by the traffic police, but the service of the Gostekhnadzor.

As with automobiles, “tractor” rights are broken down into different categories. For Min i-Actractors, depending on the design and features, the following are relevant:

  • B – for caterpillar and powered wheels with an engine up to 35 liters. With.;
  • C – for wheels with a capacity of 35 to 150 liters. With.;
  • E – for caterpillars with a power engine over 35 liters. With..

If you don’t need to get rights

You can do without a Mini contract drive without registering rights, subject to one condition: not to travel on public roads.

It is allowed to move freely on the device:

  • On the territory of the site;
  • along the forest belt;
  • on the field;
  • On the way in the forest.

How much does it cost to obtain and replace rights?

To understand how much the rights to the tractors cost, it is worth understanding in detail in each item of expenditure.

When initiating a certificate, the following costs need to be planned for:

  1. The cost of training in a driving school is the average cost of 10,000 rubles, which depends on the price list of the selected driving school. The cost of this item cannot be considered if independent training is planned.
  2. Preparation of a medical certificate is the average cost of 2000 rubles. These costs can be avoided if you go through doctors in the state clinic, and not in special medical institutions that provide this service for a fee.
  3. The state obligation for issuing a certificate (including temporary ones). The size of the fee depends on the material chosen to produce the document:
  • 500 rubles – based on paper;
  • 2000 rubles – on a plastic basis.
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The cost of replacing an existing driver’s license does not differ from the costs for the acquisition of a new driver’s license, with the exception of the costs for training in a driving school. The amount of the state levy does not change either.

It is therefore impossible to restore an identity or to receive a new one free of charge.

Approval of a mini tractor

What rights are required for a mini tractor

If the machine works exclusively on the website and never appears on the dop, it is not necessary to register it. However, if the departure of devices on a public road cannot be avoided at least occasionally, the tractor must be registered within 10 days of the purchase, and in the event of a delay, you have to pay a penalty.

To receive an approval certificate and license plates, contact the Gostekhnadzor regional department and indicate the following:

  • an application completed according to the sample;
  • Document on the possession of special equipment;
  • Owner pass with registration at the place of residence;
  • If the device was previously registered – the previous registration document;
  • Preserving the payment of the state tax;
  • With an engine volume of more than 50 cm3 or an engine output of more than 5 liters. With. – the original pass of a sel f-driving vehicle (PSM) with the data of the previous owner, his signature and his seal (if it is a legal person);
  • the rights of a tractor driver;
  • If the maximum speed of the device exceeds 25 km / h – an OSAGO directive;
  • A copy of the freight customs registration with wet seal, the signature of the seller and the note “Copy is correct”.

How to make a homemade power

To register homemade devices, Gostekhnadzor offers:

  1. The unit itself, the condition of which evaluates a special commission and then an expert opinion about its compliance is created:
      Environmental standards;
  2. Technical norms.

The expert commission also checks the availability of signal and lighting systems and, when the safety requirements are met, issues a technical condition certificate that serves as the basis for the issuance of a technical pass, an approval certificate and the issuing of license plates.

  1. Application for registration of a sel f-made tractor.
  2. Passport of the owner with registration at the place of residence.
  3. Sales receipts for all buying parts and assemblies that are used when installing the machine.

Why can the registration be denied?

According to the regulations approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation, the registration of special devices can be rejected for the following:

  1. Wrong documents, including corrections and additions.
  2. Provision of copies instead of the required originals.
  3. No n-agreement of the construction of a sel f-made or converted unit with technical norms, standards and requirements in relation to the security of your business for life, health and ownership of people as well as for the environment (decree of the government from the Russian Federation of September 19, 2020 No. 1503).

How do I take equipment to another region?

It was said above that the previous owner can terminate the registration of a sel f-driving machine and the new owner must register them on his own name. However, it becomes more complicated if the devices are bought in a “stranger” region and have to be overtaken. In this case, the buyer must receive transit numbers:

43. For devices that are transported by organizations – manufacturers of these devices and trade organizations – to the location of the registration, state license plates “Transit” are issued by these organizations after they have been received by the state technical surveillance site at the location of these organizations.

For equipment distilled by the owners to the registry, the “Transit” state registration plates are issued by the Gosthdzr bodies at the equipment owner’s local location.

Transit numbers for a check to the place of registration can be obtained in any department of Gosteekhnadzor in any region.

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Is it possible to switch to a mini tritor on public roads

What rights are required for a mini tractor

You can travel to additional and special equipment, subject to a number of requirements.

DOP traffic in general cases

Traveling on public roads is possible if there are:

  1. The driver tractor driver has the rights of the driver.
  2. Certificates of registration of technology.
  3. Gear:
      Front running white headlights;
  4. Red reflectors from behind and on board the trailer, if present.

The driver must comply with the following rules:

  • do not impede the movement of fixed vehicles;
  • stick to the right strip;
  • If necessary, go to the curb and let the car gather behind you.

The transportation of people in a Mini contract drive is strictly prohibited under Sections 1 and 22.8 of the SDA.

DOP traffic with targeted use of a mini vector

In a situation where the owner of self-procedures moves to his DOP unit to participate in inviting the relevant services to municipal, cleaning and other events, he must have:

  • Special passport, pre-made and issued by the relevant organization;
  • Certificate of a tractor driver;
  • Registration certificate from GosteKhnadzor;
  • Mandatory equipment of the machine with front lights and reflective elements.

What problems can arise when using a mini vector

What rights are required for a mini tractor

There are a number of problems that can arise when using self-hired units due to driver fault and other reasons.

If not registered

In a situation where it is planned to move after an additional Min i-Actractor with an engine volume of more than 50 cm3 and engine power of more than 5 liters. p., but at the same time the equipment is not registered in the Gostekhnadzor within 10 days of acquisition if there is a threat of fines when meeting with the traffic police:

  • in the amount of 100 to 300 p. (or deprivation of rights for a period of 3 months to six months) for violating the operating norms of self-employed machines pursuant to art. 9.3 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation;
  • from 500 to 800 p. In case of primary injury and 5000 p. with repeated observance of rights for a period of 1 to 3 months for the management of an unregistered vehicle (Clause 1, Article 12.1 of the Administrative Code);
  • 1500-2000 p. For violations of the rules of state registration (Clause 1, Article 19.22 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

The device can also be moved to the special parking lot with the help of a tow truck, and the owner will have to pay the costs of transporting and storing the vehicle in accordance with paragraph 11 of the Art. 27.13 Administration Code.

Do not avoid trouble with the intention of selling self-employed devices that have not passed registration.

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Problems with registration of used technology

  1. When purchasing a mini vector that has been used, must check that the machine conforms to the documentation attached, especially if it is not registered with the previous owner. Any discrepancy between structure, labeling and others becomes an obstacle to registration.
  2. If the purchased technique with an engine capacity is over 5 liters. With. Or with a volume of more than 50 cm3, it was already in service, it is necessary to check the presence of a PSM (passport of a self-propelled machine). In the absence of this document, difficulties with registration will inevitably arise, and the process will be delayed for a long time.
  3. To register a used mini vector in the Gostekhnadzor, you must:
      Inspection Act;
  4. Checks that confirm the introduction of transport tax.

Management of a mini intoxication state

According to paragraph 1 of Art. 12.8 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation, for the management of sel f-proceeded special devices in a drunk state ensures liability in the form:

  • Depreciation of rights for a period of one and a half to two years;
  • A fine of 30,000 p.

A competent approach for the acquisition of a Mini Actractor and the knowledge of all nuances in connection with his registration and the right will keep the owner of problems and help to avoid trouble. In order to decide on the need to maintain “tractor rights”, it is important to take into account whether the car is sometimes sometimes on public roads or not, and then make a clear decision.

Does the driver’s license deprive the rights of the tractor driver?

When depriving of rights to a kind of transport under violation of the traffic rules, the measures of the rights to another vehicle are automatically canceled.

If the driver has committed an administrative impact, he is deprived of the opportunity to manage all vehicles in accordance with Article 12.1 of the Code of Administrative Offen. It doesn’t matter who has received a driver’s license for the traffic police or another organization.

If the driver has been withdrawn any kind of right, he cannot drive a vehicle type:

  • The engine volume is more than 50 cubic meters;
  • Top speed over 50 km per hour;
  • Tractors, trolleybuses, trams and other types of vehicles.

Do you have a driver’s license to drive a tractor? How did you get it?

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Legal status and right for a mini drive. Registration, rights, passport

On the one hand, a mini drive is a tool for mechanization and on the other hand it is a sel f-related machine that belongs to the category of vehicles. It is quite obvious that it is precisely due to the approach to the technology that the tool or the transport and endless argument is underway to register a mini drive or not to maintain rights or not necessary.

Land plate for min i-tractor

Registration in Gostekhnadzor

First we will look at the problem of registration. The answer is clear – registration is required. This is planned by law. In addition, it is unlikely that the search for no n-registered devices will be involved in the event of theft of a mini drive authority.

Registration is a civilized method for registration of devices to register the owner.

Every new factor y-mini contract drive that is officially bought is delivered with the necessary documents, whereby the main pass is a sel f-propelled machine (PSM) that is not only required for registration, but also for guarantee services.

Cut or not cut? That is the question!

Passport for sel f-driving vehicles

The technical examination of the mini drive to comply with the standards was paid by the manufacturer or the loss dealer. In the event of acquisition over the Internet or in any other way, these models of mini actors who are not officially implemented in Russia can occur certain difficulties in inspection that should be carried out in advance.

In addition to registration, an official document is issued in the GoshdzR, with which the owner was able to operate a mini drive.

To register a new or used mini vector, you need to contact the bodies of the Gosteekhnadzor of the Russian Federation at the point of registration.

Documents for registering a mini vector:
  1. The sales contract of a mini drive.
  2. The original passport of a self-clad machine with the last owner’s signature. If the owner is a legal entity, the signature and seal of the company or organization are required. If the technique previously registered in Gosteekhnadzor, the PSM should have appropriate markings.
  3. Registration certificate if a Mini drive was previously registered.
  4. A copy of the Cargo Customs Declaration certified in the prescribed manner: wet seal with the seller’s signature and the text “Copy is true”.
  5. Obtaining the payment of the state duty.
  6. An insurance policy is required for Ministers with a nominal speed of more than 25 km/h.

Rights and other documents

If you have acquired a mini contract lawyer and are absolutely sure that under all circumstances you will not have to go onto public roads and cross with the State Traffic Inspectorate, you cannot find the right. Since it is the traffic police authorities who are responsible for everything that moves on the roads, they have the right to ask for violating the severity of the law.

Driving the tractor on the streets

However, as life experience shows, if the owner does not have documents for a mini contract researcher, he does not have the right to drive and actually monitor the vehicle. If a mini drive is used not only inside the agricultural machine, but it is also necessary to transport goods on the roads using a trailer, the owner needs special documents from the driver – the rights of the tractor driver.

The rights to manage a Mini drive are included in the MREO department.

The tractor driver’s certificate contains six categories: A, B, C, D, E, F. Category A gives permission to control motorcycles, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles. Category F is provided for drivers of large tractors.

The remaining four categories are assigned based on engine power for wheeled and tracked machine owners.

Characteristics of categories of rights
category type of chassis Motor power, KW L.S.
В Caterpillar, wheels Up to 25.735
С wheel 25.7-110.335-150
D wheel More than 110.3 150
Е Caterpillar More than 25.7 35

When using a tractor in construction, household and utility companies, the question of rights is clear, since in these cases the mini drive becomes a full participant in road traffic during operation. Only a certified operator who has completed and passed the appropriate exams can manage the machine. In addition, a passport to the workplace of the employer organization is required.

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Tractor control with trailer

When such a vehicle drives on a public road with a connected trailer, it becomes a participant in the movement.

Small tractor with trailer

There are such instructions for ministerial drivers:

  • The mass of the transported cargo and the distribution of the load on the axles should not exceed the values ​​specified by the manufacturer for this vehicle.
  • Before and during the movement, the driver must control the placement, attachment and condition of the load to avoid his fall and disrupt the movement.
  • Cargo transport is permitted provided it is:

– does not limit the driver’s rating;

– does not complicate management and does not violate the resistance of the vehicle;

– Does not close external lighting devices and retroreflectors, registration and identification marks, nor does it prevent the perception of the signals delivered by the hand.

– Do not produce any noise, do not generate dust and do not burden the street and the environment.

Driving a sel f-made mini tractor

Some craftsmen with their own hands made from improvised means manage to produce unique designs that do not work worse than factory counterparts. However, it is impossible to move on public roads with sel f-made vehicles. According to the law, such a product such as a han d-led tractor is considered a traffic disability or as road users with rights like a pedestrian with a wheelbarrow.

Sel f-made min i-tractor

However, so that such copies can drive legally on the streets, they must exist and have mandatory elements in their design: mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, numbers, etc. Of course, the implementation of all exams itself can take longer than the invention itself, so that such masterpieces rarely received official status.

Modifications with al l-wheel drive and tractors manufactured at the factory must be registered with the Gostekhnadzor.

Documents for the registration of sel f-made devices:
  • Application for approval of a converted or sel f-made tractor;
  • ID card with signs of constant or temporary stay;
  • Originals or copies of purchase documents for purchased components, parts and assemblies used to manufacture the tractor.

Based on these documents, the Gostekhnadzor service carries out a technical inspection of the tractor:

  • Carries out an examination for compliance with state standards.
  • A law is created that shows whether the assembled structure corresponds to the technical standards.
  • It checks whether the equipment meets the requirements of ecology and traffic safety: whether it is equipped with the required signal and lighting devices whether there is sufficient tilting stability, whether the brake properties are sufficient and so further.

If all technical and ecological standards are okay and is demonstrated that the sel f-assembled mini tractor is suitable for the operation, its owner receives a technical pass and a license plate and after passing the corresponding driving tests a certificate of a tractor driver with a certain category.

Regardless of the mini tractor you bought, the necessary document package immediately contact the state technical surveillance authority of the Russian Federation in order to register the legal status of your assistant in good time.

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