Learn how to operate and maintain your Partner P340S.

Partner P340S chainsaw: Specifications. Chain saw warping and troubleshooting

The powerful Partner P340S chain saw is a domestic class chainsaw. It can be used to perform simple household chores like sawing dry branches and twigs, cutting firewood, etc. Power of the American engine Briggs & Stratton, installed on this saw is 1.9 hp. Automatic chain lubrication, electric start, emergency chain compartment and the vibration and intoxication relief system make it convenient and comfortable to use chainsaw.

Basic equipment

The chainsaw comes unassembled and comes with the following equipment:

  • Chainsaw electric unit;
  • 35 cm long guide bars;
  • One-piece chain with sharpening;
  • Case for convenient and safe storage and transportation;
  • toothed stop;
  • A number of wrenches for servicing, assembling and adjusting the chainsaw;
  • Instruction manual and manufacturer’s warranty.

Partner has been known on the market for many years. It was the first company that started with the production of motor chain saws. In 2006, the company was bought by the large Swedish concern Husqvarna. This has not affected the level of production. Module of the gardening equipment is carried out at Swedish factories. It is worth noting that the most important part of each saw – the engine – is supplied by Briggs & Stratton from the United States.

Technical features of the chainsaw Partner 340

Type Gasoline chain
class hobby
Cylinder capacity (cm 3) 35
Engine output (kWhp/U/min) 1.44/1.93/9000
Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.25
Fuel consumption, fuel tank 0.25 L (min.) 40-50
Oil tank capacity (L) 0.15
Oil consumption, tank 0,15 l (min) 40-50
Recommended tire length (cm/inch) 35.56-35.56/14-14
Tires supplied (cm/inch) 35.56/14
Chain pitch (regular/mm) 3/8 ″ /9.52
Chain tension setting Instrumental, frontal
Carburetor Walbro & Ruixing
Ignition system Zhejiang Fenglong, CDI
Oil pump type automotive
Oil pump flow rate (9000 RPM, ml/min) 8-15
Holoid speed (rpm) 3,000
Maximum Speed (rpm) 13 500
Maximum chain speed (m/s) 22.8
Handle vibration level (front/rear) 6.673/5,792
Noise level at operator’s ear (dB) 103
Sound level at operator’s ear (dB) 108.7
Guaranteed sound level (dB) 108
spark plug Ngk cmr7h
Interelectrode gap (mm) 0,6
Cylinder diameter (mm) 35
Piston bushing (mm) 31.1
Drive connection thickness (mm) 0.05/1.3
Drive sprocket type/number of teeth 3/8: caterpillar/6
Weight (without bar and chain, kg) 4,5
Manufacturer partner
Production country China
warranty 2 years

Safety precautions

Partner gasoline-powered chainsaws should be handled with great care, since the fuel mixture is easily ignited, which can provoke a fire and, therefore, pose a danger to the operator and surrounding people. It is also forbidden to operate the chainsaw in the vicinity of flammable gases and liquids. Due to the harmful and toxic exhaust gases, it is not recommended to use in closed rooms and poorly ventilated areas.

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When working with the Partner 340 chainsaw, you must be careful for your own protection and safety. Protective gloves, goggles, earplugs or a helmet are also required when you purchase the chainsaw. You should wear closed Har d-Sol shoes and close-fitting clothing that will not restrict your movements when working with the chainsaw.

Be careful when working with the Partner P340s on small shrubs or young trees: young and thin branches can jam the chain, which can cause injury to the operator. Cutting down overstretched branches may cause ricochets.

operating and maintenance instructions

Before operating any equipment, it is very important to carefully study all the nuances of preparation for work, rules of use and storage of the tool. In the manual, the manufacturer indicates on what type of fuel and oil to properly adjust the carburetor, describes the most common malfunctions, their causes and ways to eliminate them.

View and download the P340 manual at the link below:

Chain Handling Rules

The manufacturer ships the chainsaw with a sharpened chain provided and in use. It is important to properly set and adjust the proper amount of tension before starting. Check the voltage before each new start to prevent unexpected mishaps. This also prolongs the life and performance of your Partner 340 chain saw.

You can sharpen your saw chain yourself without taking the tool to a service center. Note that each tooth must be sharpened at a specific angle and depth. If you fix the chain by mistake, the probability of restarting the saw during operation is reduced.

Fuel mix and lubrication oil

To keep your Partner 340 saw in good working order and maintain its durability, the manufacturer recommends the use of unhealthy gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 and special oil for two-stroke engines for the fuel mix. It is extremely important to observe the exact proportions 40:1. In other words, you need 125 ml of oil per 5 liters of gasoline. The automatic lubrication system requires oil in the tank at all times. Use the best oil, of the highest quality, for filling.

Partner 340 chain saw malfunctions and troubleshooting

Even with the best service and maintenance, the operator may occasionally encounter some malfunctions. In the manual, the manufacturer tells you what this is associated with and how to get rid of it. Failure to start the Partner 340 may be caused by an improper carburetor setting, a cut fuel filter or spark plug. To correct this phenomenon, try adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 340 chainsaw with your own hands. If you doubt your knowledge, contact a service center.

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Video overview of the carburetor settings of a chainsaw:



When the tool starts, but does not produce full power or works unstable, the problem may be a clogged spark or air filter. A bad gasoline to oil ratio in the fuel mixture can also cause your Partner 340 to run poorly.

If you find that your chainsaw is running erratically, the spark plug gap is probably incorrect. You can fix this yourself by cleaning and adjusting the spark plug. However, it is better to go to a service center for expert help.

Video checking the spark plug gap in a chainsaw:



Advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws

This Swedish saw has a number of advantages that set you apart from your peers:

  • Excellent quality and increased durability of the plastic body;
  • Chrome plated cylinder walls;
  • Built-in spark arrester;
  • Emergency state of the saw chain;
  • Safety lever for greater safety;
  • Convenient chain tensioning with a wrench.

There are fewer drawbacks with this partner model. After studying the reviews and comments of users on websites, forums and online stores, you can highlight the rapid failure of the spark plug and the high level of vibration.

Video reviews











Owner reviews of the chainsaw

Many reviews and reviews of the Partner chainsaw can be found on the Internet, and most of them are positive. Owners note the high quality of materials, assembly and operation of the tool. Many believe that the power is excellent for domestic work, and thanks to the small size and weight, the saw is easy to manage and not much fatigue.

Denis Akimov:

The Partner 350 is something that every man should have on hand. It comes in handy on fishing trips and when setting out into the countryside to cut branches at home and make firewood. No significant shortcomings revealed, as the chainsaw worked without a single failure for the whole season. I recommend it!

Korobeinikov Andrey:

I am an active user, partner of the 350 for half a year. Used it for construction, cutting firewood and harvesting trees in the garden. Before buying, I’ve read many reviews and feedbacks and came across information that the oil tube bends over time. I have not experienced this phenomenon. Throughout, I saw only when I stopped sawing. I disassembled the tool and it turned out that the tube had come off the primer. I was able to repair it at home myself.

Advantages: good quality, lightweight, ergonomic shape, easy maintenance, reasonable price.

Partner P340S chainsaw – a productive tool for household chores

The complexity of each choice is initially the richness of the range. Under different models, you can choose the right option only after a careful comparison of properties. Lightweight, comfortable and economical in operation chainsaw Partner P340S, can be a solution to pressing household problems. The domestic tool is focused on the use in private households and agriculture.

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Partner P340S Chainsaw - A powerful home-use tool

Photo: chainsaw partner P340S

Its skills extend to:

  • Logging of wood fuel;
  • Construction of wooden structures;
  • Formation of a certain style in the design of garden design.

Structural differences

When creating this model, the designers emphasized on simplifying the design and reducing the amount of service work, safety and long service life of parts and assemblies of the units.

Partner P340 saw has not become the bestseller of the year on the domestic market of home appliances, but its technical and functional characteristics are maximally close to the best European developments.

Operational properties

The tool is characterized by the maximum performance for its powerful group, economical consumption of fuel, excellent body design and a convenient handle shape for a reliable attachment.

The model combines the advantages of a classic design with a tight layout of internal systems that do not hinder access to refueling stations, setting and adaptation points. In most cases, possible operating errors and malfunctions can be corrected by yourself.

Reinforced operation means good tool compensation, full operation of the built vibrating chain and reduction to 103 dB of background noise. The undeniable advantages of this model include easy starting, automatic chain lubrication and a reliable emergency mechanism design.

Informative support

Partner P350s

The tool’s simple design allows for a high level of maintenance. Overhauls are the privilege of the service technicians. Replacing worn parts and subassemblies with a branded counterpart can restore 96-98 percent of the SAW’s operating parameters.

The instruction manual included in the kit contains information on tool preparation functions, attitude and feed sequence, time and scope of service.

Restoring Operating Parameters

The saw owner can use spare parts with minimum cost and time to repair a failure or malfunction with his own hands.

The company’s experience has shown that the designated service life of 115-125% surplus meets all the requirements of the P340c chainsaw’s technical regulations with a significant range.

Technical and performance characteristics

Modern innovations have been used in the layout of the internal devices, which were able to reduce the size of the tool weighing 4.5 kg to an optimal size. The saw’s compact and economical drive takes advantage of an air-cooled carburetor that runs on high-octane gasoline with a dosage of special engine oil.

The electric motor has a very moderate displacement of 35 cc and 1.9 hp. It is characterized by flexible working parameters and torque in working modes, which means it can compensate for short-term overloads. Fuel is supplied to the engine in 250 ml.

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model Partner P340S
Manufacturer partner
Manufacture (assembly) China
Place of birth Sweden
Saw usage household
Power, hp (kW) 1.9 (1.4)
Engine displacement, cm3 35
Chain pitch, tambour 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, pcs. 52
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.25
Volume of oil tank, L 0.15
Tire length, cm (customised) 35 (14)
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 4,5
instructions Download

Fuel system tuning

The sawmill is equipped with a Walbro & Ruixing carburetor, one of the best in its category and has proven its worth. The unit is set at the factory for maximum power and efficiency.

Additional correction of the quantity and quality of the mixture flowing into the engine may be necessary if the traction properties change, if a change in the octane rating of the fuel is possible or if the air temperature changes drastically.

If the engine is not revving or stalling, the cause of traction may be disturbed by sawdust entry of the air. After cleaning the air cleanliness, work on the warmed up engine according to the recommendations in the operating manual.

Working set

The guide bar consists of a removable 35-inch guide bar, a standard 3/8-inch split chain, and a tensioner.

The bar mounting assembly is universal, which does not preclude the installation of alternative kits from other brand name manufacturers. The tire and chain are matched to the conditions of the work to be done.

The movement of the chain on the bar at speeds up to 23 m/s is accompanied by overheating and accelerated wear. Built-in automatic lubrication system realizes the supply of special oil for chain lubrication and cooling under pressure.

The capacity of the variable speed oil pump is 8-15 ml/min. The oil flows into the pump liner from an internal 150 ml reservoir.

Safety while sawing

Partner P350s

To avoid personal injury in unusual situations the tool is equipped with an emergency stop. The manual stop of the saw is automatic, and the tool stops when the top panel is moved toward the guide bar. The saw is also equipped with an interlock against unintentional starting of the engine.


The Partner Model P340S chainsaw attracts potential buyers with its combination of low cost and state-of-the-art performance.

  • In terms of performance, operational reliability and safety, the tool fully meets the requirements of current regulatory standards.
  • Despite the status of a household appliance, the model meets the skills of a semi-professional device in many respects.
  • There are virtually no problems of cold starting, the combination of a successful design of the manual starter, primer and electronic ignition system contributes to reliable engine starting.
  • The saw can run for a long time in high-speed mode without losing power for cooling.
  • Many users appreciate the interchangeability of uniform replacement parts and consumables.
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Disadvantages and malfunctions

Analysis of consumer evaluations showed that the main disadvantages of this model are the lack of carburetor heating, typical of many models, the need to adjust it with a special key and the low quality of spare parts supplied to stores and service centers.

Company failures and malfunctions are largely the inevitable consequence of inadequate maintenance and illiterate inspection. Test reports cite examples where production chainsaws have been operated successfully and at no additional cost during the entire overhaul period.

The reasons for the failure of the saws are varied: economy on the quality of fuel and lubricants, intensive regimen methods, failure to comply with the terms and scope of maintenance work.

The popularity of this model has had an impact on demand and, consequently, on its price. In different regions the price range varies from 7 to 8 500 rubles. The cost of used machines is formed taking into account the condition and the balance of the assigned resource.


The main competitors on the domestic market of chainsaw equipment are the developments of the leading brands Champion 137-16, Patriot PT3816, Forward FGS-3802, which are identical in characteristics and cost.

Feedback from owners

If a relatively inexpensive budget saw with minimal financial costs handles more than half of your resources, you can consider that the money was well invested. My choice justified itself, Partner P340S successfully works for 6 years without any noticeable breakdowns and violations and fully paid off in the first 2-3 years of operation. The load is not intensive, but I have to work both in winter and summer. I manage to do my job and help my neighbors. The car is great, I recommend it. Andreas

Despite the Chinese assembly, the chainsaw Partner with 14-inch tires is already in its third year of trouble-free operation. A cold engine starts on the third or fourth try, but a warm one – with the first jerk. I was surprised by the new design of the carburetor, who and why they needed to replace the practical adjusting screws with analog ones with a special key. I did not understand, set the normal carburetor from the old saw with a 34 cm3 engine, the difference in operation is virtually no. IVAN VLADIMIROVICH

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