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Lawn mower in the family for 5 years. No problems, an option for those who want to buy and want to perform their tasks. I buy from the same seller, also took a saw from this company the other day, as always everything. They give a 4 year warranty, which is a good indication.

The Makita DLM382 lawn mower was purchased in early 2022. In May, when I arrived in the village, I immediately got to work. Since we arrived at our plot around the end of the month, everything was well overgrown with grass. The height was on average knee-high, somewhere higher, somewhere a little lower.

Last summer I had to change the lawnmower on my dacha. As a choice – for the anniversary present wonder of Chinese industry – gasoline GL M-5.0S. And now, after a year in his company, I share my impressions (or experience). First, the good. 1. Ease of use.

Low weight, feels small in size. If it is full, it can break branches and even sticks. Cuts well, you can change the height, simple model, easy to use, affordable price. Mows evenly and is well composed. After a heavy Chinese lawn mower, is the weight.

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When choosing a robotic lawnmower, I wasn’t going to worry too much. I just wanted to choose a robot, buy it and put it in the cottage. When I was looking for a suitable offer on the Internet, I came across the robokos. The very attractive price and the futuristic design were decisive.

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I bought this wonder of technology for the care of the lawn in the country, and I am very happy with the device. As expected, I loaded the battery once (all according to the instructions). In the meantime, we drink tea. When charging, it does not eat electricity, and it is smoothly consumed. That is, there are no problems. Good passability.

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In general, it performs its functions (but, of course, not with 2A batteries from the kit – they suffice for 15 minutes). But here’s the problem – literally from the third pose fell mode switch (Ec o-Turbo) without it is not possible to switch mode as.

Hitachi cg22eas. Technical specifications. Features of use and operation.

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Hello, I, a Danish soul, in the summer I am constantly in the dacha. Of course there is grass, dandelion, etc. in the dacha. So, all of this of course needs to be mowed, otherwise the beauty of your plot is immediately spoiled. This year I bought a great mower. Tired of carrying a trimmer on my shoulder.

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Good day. Almost 10 years ago we were looking for a lawn mower for our garden for a long time and finally we bought the Al-Ko Classic 3.2 e at Castorama (Rostow am Don, Malinowski Straße, 23d).

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Wonderful mower, works well, lasts a long time!

Hello all! In this test report I would like to share with you my impressions about the mower. The mower has been serving my family for a long time, so you can make a conclusion about the positive and negative features.

Best Lawn Mowers 2022.

Best lawn mowers 2022

The trimmer looks like a handle with a cutting element attached to the end. The lawnmower is a large device on wheels, the cutting element is on the underside of the body. It does not need to be carried, but only pushed (or pulled), which makes it very easy. There are self-propelled models in which the motor drives the device itself at the same time as the cutting element, the user can only control the direction of movement.

With a trimmer it is not possible to pull the grass to length: there will be changes in any case. A lawnmower allows you to level the lawn to the desired length (usually the user chooses the desired length of the lawn himself). In most cases, lawn mowers are used on large and even grassy areas, as they cope with mowing the grass in hard-to-reach places better than a trimmer.

Depending on the power source, there are the following types of lawn mowers: electric, battery-powered, gasoline-powered and mechanical. In this review, we will consider only the first three types of devices.

Minitractor Rusich 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Rating of the 10 best according to KP

1.Bosch Arm 37

Bosch Arm 37

Budget model of a well-known brand opens our review. This model runs on electricity, which limits its use at large distances from the socket. But this way you can not worry about the presence of gasoline or the abundance of the load. Durable plastic body, grass height regulator, 40-liter grass collection container make this lawn mower one of the best options for a small area near the house.


Karcher LMO 18-33 combat kit

Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for compact lawns. One of its major advantages is its manoeuvrability. It can effectively mow any lawn shape. This model is battery operated, which means that it does not require constant connection to the mains. An additional advantage can be called the mulching function: the cut grass can be immediately shredded in the device and scattered over the lawn as a natural fertilizer. The edge mowing allows you to catch grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it effectively.


Champion LM5127

Champion petrol lawnmower with large clutch. Powerful and efficient option for cutting medium-sized grass. Does not require access to electricity. Due to its power, this lawn mower efficiently handles rough grass and uneven surfaces. It can remove an ant hill from its path and won’t break when it comes into contact with the ground and rocks. The mulching feature helps recycle grass into a natural fertilizer and spread it around the property. However, there is no additional container for grass clippings.


Gardena Powermax Li-18/32

Handy cordless lawnmower for small areas. When used on a large plot, the battery may not be enough – the stated mowing area is 250 square meters, but in practice this depends on the length of the grass, its succulence, and the condition of the battery at a particular time.

Very simple model with a sturdy grass catcher box, a good option for a small area. Easy replacement and low cost batteries allow the batteries to be exchanged as needed while mowing.

T-170 tractor. Overview, properties, features of use

Carver LMG-2651DMS

This model is well suited for uneven terrain. On its own, with the help of a fairly powerful motor and wheels, it passes all the irregularities. However, problems may arise when working on soft ground: due to its weight, it may leave wheel marks on the grass.

This model is easy to assemble and run. The initial assembly takes no more than 20 minutes. However, due to its weight, it is difficult to maneuver, which means it is not suitable for those with complex shaped parts.


Zubrov ZGKE-42-1800

The model from the domestic manufacturer is cheaper than many of its counterparts, but it copes well with mowing the grass. Problems may arise with particularly dense grass or uneven terrain, but overall an excellent option for small and flat areas.

Power through the mains cable means you don’t have to worry about charging the battery, but you can’t move the device too far away from the power source. In addition, you must constantly monitor the cable so that it does not fall below the blade of the lawnmower.


Al-Ko 112858 Comfort

Stylis h-looking model that is controlled via the mains cable. The lawnmower is equipped with a roomy rigid tank for mowed grass, and mulching attachments are also included.

It’s a maneuverable machine that anyone can handle, but it’s too heavy to use on uneven terrain. The knife will blunt very quickly if it encounters rocks or hard branches, and the plastic housing elements can break.


Another Champion brand representative in our selection. This is a self-propelled model with a soft basket for collecting grass. The mower is easy to use and requires little effort to roll it forward. However, maneuverability is lower than other models, which is impractical for complex shaped lawns.

Mows dense grass and weeds. Grass ejection can be made in two ways: sideways or into grass catcher box. A separate advantage is the self-wash function, just connect a hose and turn on the mower for a few minutes, after which it is clean and ready for storage.

Mac Allister brand lawnmower and trimmer: characteristics, description and rules of use

Makita PLM4626N

The petrol lawnmower is made in a metal housing. It copes with mowing grass on uneven surfaces, large bikes allow it to overcome almost all the irregularities. Although it is difficult to push it because of its heavy weight on uneven terrain. The Makita PLM4626N is a good option for a medium-sized plot. The brand is known for its reliability and rare breakdowns.


Patriot pt 46s the one

With a self-propelled lawn mower, you can mow a medium-sized lawn without additional effort. The great weight pays off by not having to push it yourself, just control the direction of travel. Large bikes make it easier to overcome obstacles and uneven terrain.

The mulching attachment is not included, but can be purchased and installed separately. Several grass ejection options allow you to choose the right one.

engine Gasoline four-stroke 139 cc³, 4.5 hp
grass gasoline
cutting width 46 cm
cutting height 30-75 mm
Grass Back into soft bag, side, back
Weight 35 kg
Noise 96 dB
advantages and disadvantages

Unfavorable oil tank opening, difficult maintenance, noisy, you can not mow grass on the edges of the plot, difficult to get parts, screws and bolts are made of ordinary uncoated metal and over time can fry

How to choose a lawn mower

The choice of lawn mowers today is really huge. Maxim Sokolov, the expert of the online hypermarket VSEINSTUMENY.RU, told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” what parameters you should pay attention to first. The choice of lawn mower depends on two factors. The first is the area of the lawn. The second is the available source of electricity. These are important issues that you should pay attention to when buying. And then look at the convenience, functionality and additional options of the equipment.

Concentrate on the lawn

In our store almost all models of lawnmowers indicate the area for which they are suitable. If this parameter is not available, we look at the mowing width. For example, models with a mowing width of 30 cm are suitable for an area of up to 300 sq. m.; More than 50 cm – for a lawn area of up to 1000 sq. m. Here is simple math – the wider the mowing record, the faster the whole area is mowed. Of course, you can take a lawnmower with a width of 30 cm and go with it to the soccer field, but then you will have to work very long.

Chainsaw Zubr PBC-M450 40p: description, characteristics and rules of use

Determine the power source

  • Electric – minimum noise, no harmful exhaust fumes, easy maintenance, but an extension cord is required, which can sometimes limit the freedom of movement.
  • Gasoline – maximum performance, long runs over long distances, no connection to an outlet, but the technology is complicated, requiring a regular supply of gasoline.
  • Battery – a compromise option for those who care about environmental friendliness and freedom of movement, but run time depends on the battery charge.

What will be a plus in a lawn mower

  • A roomy grass catcher box for mowed grass, so you don’t have to clean it up on the property after work.
  • Mulching mode for shredding grass, which turns into a useful organic fertilizer for the lawn.
  • A central cutting height setting is useful for quickly adjusting to your landscape type.
  • The wheel drive is useful for heavy units that are difficult to move by hand.
  • Folding handle for compact storage of the mower and transportation to the job site.
  • Enlarged rear wheels for confident passage over rough terrain and horseshoes.
  • Protective bumper prevents accidental damage to the deck when encountering obstacles.

Of course, the combination of all features in one model significantly increases the price. So decide what is a priority for you, and what features you can give up. Find exactly the lawn mower that meets your requirements. And then you won’t have to overpay for unnecessary, superfluous features.

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