Lawn of Al Co. mowed 34. Comfort. Review, features, owner reviews

Lawn of Al Co. mowed 34. Comfort. Review, features, owner reviews

The Al Ko 34 lawn mower is an electric unit designed for mowing grass on large plots of land. This model has been pre-designed for the treatment of vegetation on an area of up to 300 m². The motor power is 1200 watts. The model is easy to operate, so you can operate it with one hand. It is easy to maintain and does not require expensive consumables.

Al-Ko Silver 34 E Comfort

There are several cutting height settings, so you can choose the best one for you. The gears are switched by means of a handle for the body. Ease of use is determined by the possibility of adjusting the length of the handle, as well as the presence of a roomy 37-liter grass catcher box. In the Al-Ko Silver al-Ko 34 mower, comfort is ensured by the rear grass catcher bag. A filling actuator shows you when it is time to empty the bag.


The plastic body is robust and resistant to external mechanical damage. The diameter of the front wheels is 15 cm and the rear wheels are 16.5 cm. This ratio makes the device more stable. The weight of the model is only 15 kg, which makes it easy to transport to the place of mowing.

Advantages of the Al-Ko 34 model. Comfort:
  • You can mow and pick up grass;
  • The speed of the drive is adjustable;
  • Economical power consumption;
  • Strong collection;
  • Can manually adjust the cutting height with 6 modes;
  • Width according to the passport 34 cm;
  • quiet operation;
  • low weight;
  • plastic container.
Disadvantages of the model:
  • Restriction of movement by the length of the wire;
  • Can’t mow wet grass;
  • Follow the wire to avoid driving into it.


motor type electric
power, W 1200
mowing width, cm 34
mowing height, mm 28-68
height adjustment synchronous, 6
operation modes Gathering, mulching, side/rear. End
collection container, l 37
Wheel diameter (front/rear), mm 150-165
weight (kg) 15
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User Manual

The big advantage of the electric model is that it requires virtually no maintenance. The electric motor requires no running-in or intervention. If it breaks and the device does not start, you must contact the service center.

Important: Strictly follow the 15*15 operating mode. This means that after 15 minutes of work you should take a 15-minute break.

Use the mitch only at temperatures between +5 and 35 ° C, and the humidity should not exceed 80%.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when using the Al-Ko 34 lawn mower:

  • Make sure the wire is intact before use.
  • Observe work and rest intervals during operation to prevent the engine from overheating.
  • Clean grass off the cutting parts after use.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated area.
  • Do not leave the mower unattended.
  • Move the mower forward while mowing the lawn as this will give you a good result.
  • Observe safety precautions when working with the cutting elements of the machine.

Video review

Al-Ko 2nd Comfort 34 Law lawnmower

Owners reviews


“Decided to leave a review on the Alco 34. Comfort Silver Comfort, because I was looking for such a unit for a long time. Lightweight, only 15 kg, with economical power consumption, it was a real salvation for our plot. It works well, no complaints, but it does not want to mow tall grass. Sometimes I rent from the neighbors. “


“I use only a week, but I can only complain about the lack of clear instructions for assembly. Working on it is a pleasure, because it is quiet. The handles are rubberized, so it’s easy to operate.” “

Electric lawn mower a l-ko comfort 34 e – reviews

This is our first lawn mower of this type, so it is difficult to compare with something. Before buying it I read reviews about you, kale. Cost: 5400 rubles. In the store [link]. Criteria for choice: 1. A well-known manufacturer ([link]) even seems – Germany. 2.

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Xmelnickaja avatar

Perhaps someone will say, who mows men’s grass. I disagree. I enjoy doing this work myself. For me, it’s like relaxation to the monotonous but not harsh sound of mowing, you can think abstractly and something from them.

Grainol avatar

It is an electric lawnmower, which is very handy. It is only necessary to have a sufficient length. Manufacturer-Al-Ko (Al-Ko). For me, it’s great for bringing order to my 8 acres of garden, where I have a lawn and flowerbeds.

Alexo avatar

Our house in the village is just great, and the location is unparalleled. For over 20 years we have been tending our no small garden as a family. For 20 years I have tried all methods of grass striping. The mower is a manual regular mains mower, trimmer both gasoline and electric.

Migulkam avatar

We bought the mower at the beginning of the season. We were choosing well-known companies, but we didn’t want to overpay. In this model the price is not expensive, but the quality is on par. The exterior design is in the traditional color of al-Ko.

After all, have got a good lawn in the country and this year it was time to take care of a lawn mower to cut the grass well, as the trimmer still can not work as smoothly.

Avozbal avatar

I bought one 2 years ago after my Bosch Rotak 34 lawn mower broke. The old mower had served faithfully for over 12 years, but the drive belt broke. So, when it came from China, I decided to buy a replacement. I chose the Al-Ko-Comfort 40 E 3-V-1.

The mower itself even looks good, mows well, fast, comfortable. Clearly better than the old alpina. The only questions are about some elements. Like the front axle under the bike. It just burst under load when turning the wheels.

IRA3014 avatar

Today’s review is about the al-Ko mechanical lawnmower. First, I am the owner of the Standard 6 acres, which is handled exclusively by two women – me and my mother.

How to mow grass?

QQ24 avatar

The impression – a great thing. For a plot of 10 acres is very handy, better than a trimmer. I use it to cut the grass in the open areas and between the beds. The mower is much more convenient than the trimmer. The mower rides on wheels, while the trimmer needs to be held on its weight.

Angela1987201911 avatar

Well, let’s get started! The grass is mowed by the electric Black+Decker. The manufacturer – of course, China. Frankly speaking, I admired it! Let’s go in order. Advantages: 1. It is very light and maneuverable, even a child is easy to control. 2.

Tavios avatar

Hi everyone who stopped by! Last year my big wish came true and we finally bought a lawn mower with a grass catcher box. Before this purchase, our husband did mowing with a trimmer. The mowing quality was fine with me, but.

Trotuar avatar

In the fall we planted the lawn, and in the spring the question arose about the care and accordingly the purchase of a lawn mower. After trying many options, we chose this particular option, because it has a width of 38 cm, while analogues have only 32 cm, and the performance – 1400 watts, analogues have 1100 watts.

La_siren avatar

The Al Ko Classic electric lawnmower is probably the best model for women. Cottage is suitable for inexpensive, light and unequal plots. Before and after photos

Hello! We have always dealt with the issue of mowing grass. But there are many hundreds of them, so there was often a desire to speed up the process. And with the lawnmower trimmer that we had, it is very impossible for a woman to gather. It’s too heavy.

Anastella avatar

Al-Ko Snow Line 46 E electric snowmower in Ulmart (Nizhny Novgorod, Timiryazeva str.) with a discount for 7990 rubles. For mom. More for your home. When we come to visit you, we immediately run to take the machine and clean the snowdrifts.

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Maish o-eolnce avatar

It’s a good day. Almost 10 years ago for a long time chose a lawn mower in his farm and finally bought in the store Castorama (Rostov-on-Don on Malinovsky st., 23d) lawn mower al-KO classic 3.2 e.

Light_fortune avatar

Good day. The fact that this kettle will be my incentive and my disappointment, it became clear to me on the day of purchase. I do not know why I did not use the right to return it to the store within 14 days, but as it is. In the review I will try to explain my dissatisfaction with this “miracle” of technology.

Angry critic avatar

Electric stove with oven Darina 2616x – a faithful assistant in the kitchen. What the buyer ratings are silent about …

Hello all! Today I would like to tell you about my kitchen helper. In my time, I did not have enough quality reviews so that home appliances make a choice that you will not regret. Name: Electric oven Darina 2616x. Color: silver + black. Price 4.08.2021: 15399 rubles.

Dirty Gary avatar

As such, we do not have a cottage, but I think my mother lives in a private house with a huge plot, which needs to be constantly mowed. We used to have garden cutters: cheap China; Bosch Garden Trimmer We bought a Greenworks GLM1241 electric lawn mower 2 years ago.

Müder avatar

Not a panel, but I liked it. Checking the efficiency of the brush with the dental display.

Great day! I’ve used electric toothbrushes once before. That was years ago, when the brushes were one of the first battery-operated ones with a spinning head. As far as I can tell, I wasn’t impressed with the new one, because after they failed, I went back to regular brushes.

Duddles avatar

At first it pissed me off so much that I almost threw it away. And now I wouldn’t trade it in for any others. Cheap Scarlett Ultrasonic Humidifier.

My skin began to peel from time to time and reminded me that it only needed outside help. My lips were dry and chapped, the greasiest creams only provided temporary relief.

KAMAZ 53229. Performance characteristics and technical features. Driver ratings.

Stepasha91 avatar

With the onset of cold weather comes the time for rolls, cakes, pastries, cookies and other goodies. All succeeded with my budget helper from DNS!

Hi all! With the advent of a good oven in my kitchen, I started baking more and more. We used to live in an apartment that had a horrible gas stove with a flama gas oven. Now, in its second year, the DEXP 2M70GCW oven has not let me down on a budget, but at the same time has proven itself well.

Duddles avatar

The red, berry-like, long-lasting heat retaining thermopot from Tefal, which disappointed me. Tefal Thea Kessel Ki810530 stainless steel electric kettle with double walls and the odd recess.

I don’t know how often other people drink tea during the day, but we seem to have captured the hat maker on a mad tea drinking binge. When our former Bosch died from extract, I went to Mvideo and decided to buy the Tefa l-Thea Ki810530 electric kettle on my head. Why did I choose this particular one?

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