Lawn mowers, trimmers and lawn mowers brand CMI. review, reviews

Lawn mowers, trimmers and lawn mowers brand CMI. Review, characteristics, reviews

CMI brand is a brand of the Chinese manufacturer OBI. Plant for the production of equipment brand CMI is located in China. Buyers appreciate this equipment for its versatility and price, which makes these products affordable for farmers with any income level.

CMI equipment

The CMI brand produces lawn mowers, brush cutters or trimmers, as well as accessories for garden tools, such as knives, line reels, individual lines of different diameters, knives and other accessories.

The main purpose of lawn mowers and lawn trimmers from the manufacturer CMI:

  • Small to medium sized lawn care;
  • Mowing grass;
  • Trimming small shrubs;
  • Clearing the area of leaves by blowing air.

The average usable area of the strongest model in the lineup is 1,000 square meters.

The best models of the brand

Among farmers, there are always supporters of different types of equipment, both gasoline and electric models. The top gasoline lawnmower is the CMI 46.

Owners evaluate this technique as useful, inexpensive and easy to use.

It has gained popularity due to its characteristics, big enough power, functionality and reliable work. It is equipped with an American four-stroke engine. The best gasoline trimmer is the CMI C/B-FS24/43.

Lawn mower CMI CB 46 Trimmer CMI CB-FS 24-43

Among electric mowers of this brand the leader is the model CMI 1000 with power of 1000 watts and low weight (only 9 kg). This lawnmower is easy to carry, easy to control and the motor runs on AC power. The electric trimmer, the leader among other members of the range, is the CMI 350.


There are three types of lawn mowers in the CMI lineup: mechanical, gasoline, and electric. Each position in the line has its own advantages and functional characteristics. Below – a more detailed description of lawn mowers, trimmers / lawn mowers by category.


petrol models

The best models of CMI gasoline lawn mowers:

CMI CB 40 lawn mower CMI CB 46 lawn mower

CMI B 395 The CMI 149 lawn mower

  • CMI B 395 (2,7 hp);
  • CMI 450 E (Briggs & Stratton engine, power of 2 hp).

Cordless (electric) models

The best models of CMI electric lawnmowers are:

  • CMI 1200 (also known as cmi erm 1200, power 1200 watts, weight 12 kg, working area 600-800 square meters);
  • CMI 1000 (power 1000W, weight 9.4kg).
  • CMI CA 37Li

Lawn mower CMI 1200 Lawn mower CMI 1000 Lawn mower CMI CA 37 Li

The equipment is as follows:
  • grass catcher box;
  • transport wheels;
  • control handle;
  • fuel tank;
  • assembly tools (normal universal wrench);
  • manual.

mechanical models

The electric (or manual) lawn mower is designed for small areas, for simple work on the lawn with soft or medium-hard grass. There is one model in this category: the CMI C-HS 30

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CMI C-HS 30 lawn mower

Mechanical manual mower CMI, working width 30 cm (capacity 20 l, height 120 cm, weight 6,5 kg).

Trimmers and brushcutters

A shrub trimmer is a garden tool that has less power than a lawnmower. The trimmer can run on AC power or on a gasoline engine. In these categories, the CMI manufacturer offers several models.

Electric models

The best models of CMI electric trimmers:

  • CMI 350 (power 350 watts, weight 2.2 kg, cable diameter 1 mm);
  • CMI 1000 (cord and blade, power 1000 watts, cord diameter 1.5 mm, weight 7 kg);
  • CMI C-EFS-1000/35 (power 1000 W, weight 4,1 kg, cable diameter 4 mm);
  • CMI OBI 250 (power 250 W);
  • CMI 800 (power 800 watts).

Trimmer CMI OBI 250 Trimmer CMI 350

petrol models

The best models of CMI gasoline trimmers:

  • CMI C/B-RT25/38 D1 (weight 5.5 kg, 250 cc engine);
  • CMI C/B-FS24/43 (power 1.2 hp).

CMI CB-FS 24-43 Trimmer CMI CB-RT 25-38 D1

The equipment is as follows:
  • Strap for hanging the trimmer/mower on the shoulder;
  • Cutting element with safety guard;
  • installation tools;
  • manual.

User’s Manual

According to the instruction manual, all garden tools may only be turned on and used in dry weather. Do not use the lawnmower (or trimmer) when it is raining.

Basic rules for safe use of the lawnmower:
  • Read the owner’s manual before use.
  • The discharge area must be kept clear;
  • there must be no foreign objects (stones, etc.) in the working area with the machine;
  • Do not use the mower without the grass box!
  • Stop the engine before removing the grass catcher box;
  • Any transportation of the machine must be done with the engine stopped;
  • Be careful when refueling, do not store unit near sources of fire or gas.

First start-up

Does the mower need a running-in period? Like any other 4-stroke engine, a running-in period is necessary. You can limit the engine to idling for 10-15 minutes. The engine warms up, the oil spreads, and the mower is ready to go. If used properly, the device will perform its functions for a long time. The warranty period for devices of this brand is from 12 to 24 months, for mowers – 24 months, for trimmers and lawnmowers – 12 months.

Mower strap Headphones Protective goggles made of plastic

The first time the machine is put into operation after installation according to the instructions. Even at the first start-up, all recommendations for safe use of the product must be followed.

Wear closed-toe shoes and hearing protection while working (average noise level of the lawnmower is 96 dB).

The principle of the gasoline lawnmower is very simple: as long as there is enough fuel, the engine runs and drives the cutting element (knife or fishing line). The cutting elements do not change until the mower is turned off and the engine has cooled down.

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Use unleaded gasoline to fill the mower. Engine oil: (API-SG-SL) SAE 30 (above freezing), SAE 5W-30 (above freezing). Do not use oils that do not match the viscosity grade.

(API-SG-SL) SAE 30 SAE 5W-30 oil

Main problems and solutions

malfunction because troubleshooting
1. Black or blue smoke during operation, extraneous noise. The air filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Clean and replace if necessary.
2. 2. Mower won’t start or stalls. The spark plug is burned out. Need to clean or replace spark plug, replace spark plug (at least once every 100 hours of operation)
3. Lawnmower won’t start Not enough oil, not enough gasoline Not enough oil, not enough gasoline Found fuel fluids
4. 4. Mower gives an uneven cut Blade is out of alignment, line needs to be replaced or there is grass stuck to the bottom of the body Change blade or line, clean grass clippings out of the housing (with engine off!)

Video overview

Assembly and function overview CMI 950

The CMI 450E assembly and test lawnmower

Assembly and function test of the CMI C/B-FS24/43 trimmer

Owners reviews

Leonid, Samara:

“I have an electric mower k-CMI 1000, which I received as a gift from a cousin. I am happy with it! Of course, the time of use is not enough to make global conclusions, but at the moment I like it. It is not too heavy, only 7 kg, so easy to transport and work with. At the beginning it was hard, but Motokos is really useful in the garden. With a regular mower it is very difficult to mow weeds, to cut or pull. I recommend this product! “

CMI gasoline lawnmowers: review of the model range, advantages, disadvantages and reviews

Photo 6

The brand CMI is part of the OB chain of stores, under which they sell very affordable garden equipment, including gasoline lawn mowers.

The distinctive feature of such lawn mowers is a very low price, while the quality is at the level of slightly more expensive Chinese counterparts.

That is why you should not expect from CMI CMI brand products or fantastic reliability. All of them are designed only for home use and mowing small well-made lawns or lawns.

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Why choose CMI gasoline lawn mowers?

The main reason for choosing these machines is their cost, because the cheapest model costs 8.5 thousand rubles, while the performance of models from other manufacturers is noticeably lower.

Moreover, when buying a machine at the OSH Hypermarkets, the buyer receives a warranty, which allows warranty repairs at special workshops.

Addresses and contact information of these workshops can be found in Obi Hypermarket by contacting a manager or a salesman. In the same workshops you can buy everything for maintenance and self-repair gasoline lawnmowers Obi.

Popular models

OB offers a small range of gasoline lawn mowers under the brand name CMI, and all of them are very popular with those who need the cheapest garden equipment. These lawn mowers are used only occasionally to mow small lawns or lawns near the house.

SMI 2,5 HP.

Photo 1

Although this mower is the cheapest one, it mows lawns much faster than many more expensive models.

The cutting height range is 25-75 mm, which is enough for all well-maintained lawns, but due to the low engine power (2,5 L) it cannot be used for cutting high grass.

The body and deck are made of impact-resistant plastic, so the device turned out to be very light (21 kg), which means that it is also good for physically weak people, such as women or teenagers who do not have a lot of muscle strength.

However, this plastic does not tolerate a lot of vibration, so attempts to storm the bush will result in cracks in the body, causing the motor unit to loosen and the mower to break quickly.

The design of the deck allows you to mow grass almost close to obstacles, and the small size makes the device very maneuverable.

The lack of lateral and rear discharge limits the possibilities of use, so this model can only work in mowing and coarse mulching mode.

The lack of wheel drive is not a serious disadvantage due to the low price and low weight, so even a physically weak operator will not have to strain too much to move the mower forward.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Low weight, so even women or the elderly can work with it;
  • The large mowing width speeds up mowing the grass.


  • Plastic body does not tolerate engine overload.
  • Lack of rear and side discharge modes deprives the mower of versatility;
  • The underpowered engine makes it impossible to handle weeds and tall weeds.

CMI C-B-40.

Photo 2

This small lawn mower is designed for cutting grass on small, complex-shaped lawns, where its size makes it difficult to use larger and more productive models.

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Small mowing width (40 cm) slows down the mowing, but thanks to this the device is very maneuverable and lightweight (23 kg).

Mowing height range is 25-75 mm with separate adjustment (5 definitions). It is enough for efficient mowing of grass 10-15 cm in height.

Higher vegetation is recommended to mow in 2 passes, the basic amount of the surplus grass will be mowed in the first mowing, but the surface of the mowing area is very uneven, and the second pass will give an even surface of the mowed grass.

The CMI C-B-40 can only operate in rear discharge mode, including the use of a 45-liter grass bin. This makes the mower a very versatile mower. Therefore, it is purchased only in cases where only this type of weed ejection is required.

The cost of such a mower on the OSH website is about 10,000 rubles, and the significant advantage is the two-year warranty.

Here are the advantages of the CMI C-B-40:

  • Due to its small size, the device is well suited for cutting grass on landscaped areas of complex shape.
  • The low weight allows this mower to be used even by women and the elderly.
  • The warranty period is 2 times longer than most Chinese devices.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • The lack of side discharge and mulching functions limits the use of the mower;
  • Small mowing width slows down mowing the grass.

CMI C-B-46.

Photo 3

Medium-sized mower with mowing width of 46 cm and a Briggs & Stratton engine.

For some reason, the manufacturer has not indicated the power, which means that the device is not designed for overload conditions and is intended for mowing grass only on well-maintained lawns.

The mowing height is standard for all CMI models and is 25-75 mm. Grass box capacity .

The CMI C-B-46 mower has a rear discharge for the grass catcher box connection, so it is not universal.

Like other CMI models, this model is lightweight (22.5 kg) and has no wheel drive. However, this is not surprising for a device that costs 13,000 rubles.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Due to the low weight, women or the elderly can mow the grass.
  • The enlarged grass catcher box is less likely to be empty.

The disadvantage of the CMI C-B-46 is that the manufacturer specified the engine power, it is impossible to determine the suitability of the machine for mowing tall grass and weeds, as the higher the vegetation, the more power the engine requires for its effect.

CMI C-B-51.

Photo 4

Self-propelled lawn mower with a mowing width of 51 cm and a 60-liter basket.

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The cutting height range is standard for a CMI mower (25-75 mm, center setting), engine power is not displayed, so the machine cannot be used for mowing tall grass or weeds.

The weight of the device is 32 kg, and the drive on the rear axle facilitates the work of the worker, because he does not have to push the CMI C-B-51 in front of him at the expense of his muscle power.

The average cost of this device is 15,000 rubles, and it also comes with a two-year warranty. This device is equipped with a “4 in 1” system, which we told you about here.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • Large mowing width speeds up the mowing of the lawn;
  • Rear axle drive relieves the operator and allows him to work with the mower in a more comfortable environment;
  • The 4-in-1 system makes the mower versatile.


  • The model is not suitable for mowing tall grass and weeds;
  • Small wheels make it difficult to mow grass on uneven areas.

Comparative table of features

For those who find it easier to write down information about the technical qualities of lawn mowers in the form of clearly structured data, we have prepared a table that contains the following:

  1. Model name
  2. Mowing width.
  3. Overall dimensions.
  4. Casing and housing material.
  5. Grass catcher box volume. Types of refuse or grass processing.
  6. Price.
model Cutting width cm Weight (kg Case and lid material Grass basket capacity Types of waste or grass processing Price ths.
SMI 2,5 HP. 51 21 Shockproof plastic no On the back of the basket for collecting grass 8,5
CMI C-B-40. 40 23 steel 45 On the back of the basket for collecting grass 10
CMI C-B-46. 46 22.5 steel 55 On the back of the basket for collecting grass 13
CMI C-B-51. 51 32 steel 60 4 в 1 15

Lawn mower media reviews

In order to evaluate the real performance of lawn mowers, you need to read not only the positive reviews, but also the negative ones.

We have prepared links to several resources where users have left reviews about CMI lawn mowers, as well as inserted a link to video reviews about the use of such a device (test drive):


CMI lawn mowers have confidently occupied the niche of the cheapest garden tools with good features and acceptable reliability for home use. Their main advantages are the low price and the possibility of repair in the service centers of the OBI chain of goods stores SBI.

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