Lawn mower Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus. Description, specifications, instructions, reviews

Oleo-Mac G 44 PS Comfort Plus

Before you buy Oleo-Mac G 44 PK Comfort Plus for the lowest price, read the specifications, video ratings, advantages and disadvantages of the model and customer reviews.

Video reviews Oleo-Mac G 44 PK Comfort Plus

Technical data Oleo-Mac G 44 PK Comfort Plus

General properties *

Cutting width 41cm
Grass catcher Yes, volume 60 l
Type of mowing machine
Recommended mowing area 1000 sqm

Functionality *

Cutting height 28-75mm
Mulch no
Cutting height adjustment Yes, manual
Grass In the grass catch basket

Engine *

Type of the engine Petrol, fou r-stroke
Work volume 140 ccm

Construction *

Handle foldable height adjustable
Wheel material plastic
Number of bikes fou r-wheeled
Housing material steel

Further information *

gear Grass catcher, disc/knife

Dimensions *

The weight 27 kg

* Inquire with the seller about exact specifications.

I took it at the end of the last summer season. Could try it out a few times. The verdict is awarded: + The four-stroke single-scale consumes sparingly fuel. + Strong grass collectors, repeatedly clung to the place, but remained intact. + Wheels have good grip (even in this rainy spring it goes well on wet grass). + Good grass section height area. + Voluminous fishing basket. + adjustable handle, pleasant for the hands.

Great gasoline lawn mower. It was recommended to buy and read reviews from a neighbor. I don’t regret that I bought it, powerful, mowing the lawn well, is easy to use and at the same time consumes little gasoline.

I bought a lawnmower on the advice of a neighbor and was more than satisfied. Since we have a considerable area and most of it is covered with weeds, mowing grass is a hell work by hand. But with a lawnmower everything got easy and quick. Comfortable, not difficult, works perfectly. The fuel consumption is not much, easy to clean.

I played through many different options and decided on them. Its weight is only 25 kg, it does not crush the grass at all, the trip is calm, the wheels run smoothly. Low fuel consumption: I had enough tank to mow the entire area. I also liked the spacious grass catch basket, after all, 70 liters, after all, I didn’t have to run every 5 minutes to pour out the grass. It is a pleasure to work with him.

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I love everything about this lawn mower! He doesn’t get stuck in holes, mowed well and is easy to use! Grass for 12 acres was mowed with breaks for beer and smoking in half a day. In the past, mowing lasted at least two days and was hated by all family members. Now even woman and son like to mow the lawn.

Lawn mower Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus. Description, specifications, instructions, reviews

Recommendation: 100%


Oleo-Mac lawnmowers are versatile devices that are popular with buyers. The Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus model is one of the modern developments by the Italian company Oleo Mac. The lawn mower belongs to the household class and can be used for mowing grass and weeds in outskirts.


This is a model with increased functionality. After external parameters, the device is similar to the Oleo-Mac G 48PK Comfort Plus lawnmower. Based on the observed model, the manufacturer has created several powerful and more productive options. The lawnmower is based on a powerful four string engine of 2.94 kW.

The maximum width of the mowing is 41 cm, so that you can process up to 100 square meters per 1 call. When working in a large area, the manufacturer recommends work for 15-20 minutes. Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus has a manual drive that results in some positive points: lower fuel consumption and high-quality grass hair.

Under the additional functions:

  1. Vibration reduction system.
  2. The ability to mow the grass.
  3. Four hairstyle levels.
  4. The presence of a mulch function and a 70 liter grass collector.
  5. The presence of an indicator for filling the bag.
  6. The ability to change the height of the grip.

Oleo-Mac G 44PK is produced in two variations: with a plastic and combined grass collector. In contrast to Oleo Mack G 44PK lawnmowers, the manufacturer produces the Oleo-Mac G 44PE model. This is an electrical lawnmower.

A lobed knife made of high jet steel is installed as a cutting element. Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus not self-described lawnmowers, and when working with it, it is necessary to make efforts. The volume of the fuel tank contains 1.2 liters. Fuel mixture.

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Technical characteristics

Manufacturer: Oleo-mac
Class: Home Plus
Motor manufacturer: EMAK
Engine power: 4.0 PS
Engine: EMAK K 500
Energy source: petrol
Haircut width: 41 cm.
The grass collector’s capacity: 60 l.
Frame: steel
Cutting height: 28-75 mm (MIN-MAX)
Model: G44PK
Traffic: No t-sel f-propelled
The weight: 23 kg.

Basic equipment

Oleo Mack, Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus has Oleo Mack like all the brand that has a standard configuration option:

  1. Oleo-Mac G 44PK lawnmower.
  2. Guarantee voucher.
  3. User Guide.
  4. Key to assemble and repair the device.
  5. Fuel mixing containers.
  6. A bag for the accumulation of grass.
  7. Instructions for setting up and operating the engine of the lawnmower.

In the form collected, the weight of the mower reaches 25-27 kg.

The EMAK Company, which produces garden equipment and especially lawnmowers, has many subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, including China. Therefore, when choosing a device, it is recommended to ask about the construction of the devices. The cost of garden equipment can indicate low quality or a place of assembly.

There are most frequently on the market legislator of the Italian or French assembly. According to users, such technology will take the longest. This also applies to the trimmer of this manufacturer, for example, Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 gathers more often in France.

User Guide

Before the manufacturer starts with the Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus, he recommends reading the operating instructions. This will help to simplify possible equipment of devices, injuries and work.

The operating instructions are invested in each box with the device. You can download or see this document on the company’s official website or with us.

The instruction consists of several sections as follows:

  • Usage characteristics;
  • Safety precautions;
  • Features of the first start of the engine;
  • Features of the mulch;
  • Transport and storage of a lawnmower;
  • Service.

Despite the fact that the noise only reaches 82-95 dB during the device, it is recommended to wear protective headphones and glasses.

Before using the mower, it is recommended to study all functions of the work, here are some of them:

  1. When working with the lawn mower, the operator must wear protective clothing.
  2. Outsiders are not allowed to stay within a radius of 15 meters.
  3. After a hard object, it is recommended to park the mower engine and examine for damage. Replace faulty parts and continue the work.
  4. It is recommended to work with a mower from the edge to the middle of the area.
  5. Before you send the machine to the storage location, you have to leave it outdoors until the engine has completely cooled.
  6. When the Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus begins with the mulching technique, move away from the place where the cut grass is ejected.
  7. In order to avoid an imbalance of the knives, it is recommended to replace the knives at the same time with the fastening elements.
  8. After completing the work, it is recommended to check the device and the filters, to clean and replace if necessary.
  9. Never lift the lawn mower while the engine is running.
  10. By maintaining the machine, their lifespan can be significantly extended.

As spare parts for Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus, it is recommended to only use high-quality and certified spare parts.

Video reviews

Owner reviews

Bogdan, Koroljow

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If you buy something to mow grass in a suburb, then only Oleo Mac. I bought an Oleo-Mac G 44PK Comfort Plus 2 years ago. Still works, top condition. During the season I use the machine 5-6 times. I can only pick out the costs under the defects. I recommend.

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