Lawn mower MTD-53 smart spo. Parameters, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

Lawn mower MTD-53 smart spo. Parameters, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

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MTD-53 smart spo gasoline lawnmower is a development of MTD, which is designed for large amounts of work. It refers to self-propelled units, capable of working for several hours. It efficiently mows any type of vegetation, both soft lawn grass and tough weeds, rushes, weeds, weeds.

MTD-53 smart spo lawn mower is equipped with a 4,5 hp gasoline engine. The working volume is 173 cc. For charging the mower is recommended to use gasoline AI-92, the recommended oil type: SAE 10W-30. The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.4 liters, the amount of oil that fits in the crankcase is 0.6 liters.

Gasoline mower MTD-53 Smart Spo

The manufacturer mtd produced models similar to the MTD-53 smart spo lawnmower. Such models include 53 advance spkv – non-self-propelled gasoline lawnmower with 3900 watts of power. This mower is currently out of production. It had a wheel drive and a folding handle. In addition, the 53 Advance Spkv was heavier than today’s models, and was equipped with a Kawasaki engine with 180 cm³.

Another analogue of the MTD-53 smart spo lawnmower model is the mtd 53 spbs gasoline lawnmower, equipped with an American Briggs & Stratton engine. Lawn mower mtd 53 spbs model has a power of 4.6 hp It is equipped with the possibility of mulching, rear and side discharge of grass and, of course, the function of collecting the cut grass in the grass box.

At the moment, consumers’ attention is mainly focused on two models of 53 smart series lawnmowers: mtd-53 smart spo and mtd-53 smart spb. The difference between the models is insignificant, the power of 53 spo is 3400w, and 53 spb is 3000w.

In this review, we will consider the technical parameters and capabilities of the MTD-53 spo mower. The difference between the “Optima” series and the “Smart” series is that “Optima” is designed to work on small areas, and “Smart” is a technique for more extensive and long-term work.

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Gasoline mower - self-made Mtd Optima 53 SPB

basic configuration

  • four wheels (larger diameter in the rear);
  • engine body;
  • gas tank;
  • folding handle;
  • assembly tool, fasteners;
  • Instructions;
  • Grass box with metal mesh;
  • metal blades;
  • protective cover.

The 53 spo mower comes with a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty (version 53 spb – 12 months), terms may vary depending on the seller, check the warranty when purchasing.

Technical Data

Technical characteristics of the lawnmower:

  • Engine brand – MTD ThorX 55 OHV;
  • manual start;
  • cutting width – 53 cm;
  • cutting height from 28 mm to 92 mm;
  • axial adjustment of the mower;
  • rear-wheel drive;
  • steel housing;
  • 180 mm front wheels;
  • rear wheels – 200 mm;
  • side discharge;
  • ability to wash the deck;
  • the ability to control the level of the grass catcher box through the indicator;
  • folding handle;
  • Weight of the mower – 39 kg.

Features of operation and maintenance

Features of the mtd-53 smart spo self-propelled gasoline lawnmower and the basic rules of its operation and maintenance:

  • Gasoline engine with foam filter for safer, more environmentally friendly operation;
  • Rugged body and comfortable operation;
  • Drive on the inner wheels, which provides better traction of the equipment on the surface of the lawn;
  • Wheels with special profile do not damage the lawn;
  • The height of cut is adjusted without the need to remove the wheels (all manipulations are carried out by a special lever on the side of the mower);
  • The grass catcher box holds 70 liters of waste, there is a level indicator;
  • A sharp knife and a powerful system of diverting cuttings do not leave any waste on the lawn.
  • Own drive of the machine – another plus, the mower does not need to be pushed, it drives itself, and the driver only sets the direction;
  • keep an eye on the fuel stand and timely replenish the stock in the gas tank.
  • Do not use oil of inferior quality;
  • After a long run, before the tank is empty, take a break and let the lawnmower engine cool down;
  • If necessary, entrust the repair to a service center specialist (before the warranty period expires).
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advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the MTD-53 Smart Spo according to owners’ assessments:

  • Energy;
  • ability to perform a large amount of work;
  • self-propelled;
  • Availability of a quick option to change the height of the cut;
  • Large capacity of the grass catcher box.


  • Noise when working (due to high engine power);
  • No mulching.

Video review

Checking out the 53 SPBS


Roman, Ismail:

“Based on the topic of the mower, I would like to say that there are a lot of quality reviews from the manufacturer on this technique. This is very nice because usually little information is collected gradually and you only learn the whole truth when you start working with the mower”.

The MTD 53 Smart is a good mower, it’s powerful and works great. I don’t understand why some units don’t hold up and break down. My only guess is to fill up with cheap gasoline and any oil. Then no equipment will survive.

MTD Smart 53 Spo self-propelled gasoline lawnmower

Basket gasoline - home-made Mtd Smart 53 Spo lawn mower woking

If you choose the option of self-pickup, you can pick up the product for free at a convenient time for you. Our experts will tell you all about the selected item and prepare the technique for work.

Time of the pickup:

Mon-Fri. From 09:00 to 21:00 Saturday-Saturday. From 9:00 to 21:00.

Express delivery

Free express delivery for orders over 1500 roubles.

You can specify a convenient time and day of delivery when you make an order or discuss it with an operator on the phone.

Delivery within Moscow is free of charge if the order total is over 7 000 rub.

For amounts less than 7 000 rubles. delivery costs 290 rubles.

MTD Smart 53 SPO lawn mower is designed to work on garden plots, lawns and soccer fields. It is ideal for mowing grass in medium to large areas.

The motorised rear-wheel drive completely frees the driver and makes mowing in hilly terrain easier. The housing of the lawnmower is made of robust sheet steel and protects the inside from external influences.

Roses over ...

MTD Smart 53 Spo Lawnmower features

  • Powerful petrol engine.
  • Three operating modes.
  • Comfort and maneuverability.

Powerful engine provides smoother operation, saves fuel and reduces emissions. And when the cutting unit encounters an obstacle or a stationary object it triggers an automatic stop. This saves fuel and keeps the cutterbar safe.

The petrol lawnmower has three operating modes. You can eject the grass clippings through the rear deflector, store them in the 70 litre dense fabric grass catcher box or shred them with the mulching kit. This makes it possible to make hay and compost or distribute the cuttings evenly over the lawn, providing the soil with nutrient moisture.

The compact size of the self-propelled mower allows the operator to maneuver around difficult areas and neatly avoid obstacles. It is also possible to rearrange the power level with a special grip. Having six cutting positions from 28 to 92 mm is very useful when working on uneven terrain.

Get more information, get answers to your questions, learn more about the features of the model and buy MTD Smart 53 SPO chain saw for a bargain price yourself at our sales office or on the website

engine manufacturer month
Engine power (l/s) 3,5
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1,2
engine type petrol
Engine start method hand starter
fuel type gasoline AI-92
basic parameters
warranty 2 years
wheeled storage there is
continuity adjustment no
processing options
side discharge no
Height of the plant [max] (cm) 92
Height of root plant [min] (cm) 28
Rear ejection there is
Grass catcher filling indicator no
mulching kit option
Grass catcher box (l) 70
Grass catcher box (CM) 53

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