Lawn mower Maxcut MCE 320. Review, manual, reviews

Lawn mower Maxcut MCE 320. Review, manual, reviews

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Lawn mower Maxcut MCE 320

Maxcut MCE 320 is an electric lawn mower for lawns, small and medium grass areas up to 40 cm in height. The Maxcut MCE-320 has a 35-litre grass catcher box.

Lawn mower Maxcut MSU 320

Power supply: 1,1 kW (1100 W). Assignment: household, the main function – work on lawns with grass of medium hardness, not intended for hard vegetation. The recommended area of lawn to use this device is 800 m². The Maxcut MCE 320 lawn mower is equipped with an electric two-stroke engine.

If used properly, the mower can also be used on lawns larger than 800 sq. m.

According to the manufacturer, this technical tool minimizes the amount of harmful emissions, the use of this model lawnmower is not harmful to human health. Features: double cable insulation and adjustable cutting height (from 2,5 cm to 5,5 cm). The warranty period is 12 months.

Benefits of the MCE 320 electric lawnmower
  • reasonable price;
  • lightness;
  • maneuverability;
  • good speed;
  • simple design;
  • clear instructions.
Disadvantages of the electric lawnmower MCE 320
  • Not suitable for big, tall grass;
  • It is a grass-only variant.


Main technical characteristics of this mower model:

  • overall dimensions in mm: 570x380x305;
  • weight 7,6 kg;
  • grass cutting width (not adjustable) 32 cm;
  • grass layer height after mowing (from 2,5 to 5,5 cm);
  • Body and catcher are made of durable plastic;
  • spindle rotates at a maximum speed of 3000 rpm;
  • classical handle, not adjustable in height;
  • three performance modes (at different speeds);
  • rigid grass catcher box;
  • has a locking device to prevent excessive strain on the cable;
  • on the housing there is a handle for easy carrying of the lawnmower;
  • All operating levers are located on the handle.

User Manual

The design of this model is classic: the body of the mower is elongated, located on four wheels, the control knob is located on the front of the structure, closer to the operator.

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The device of the electric mower

Like any lawn mower, the Maxcut MCE 320 electric lawn mower must be used in accordance with the rules of operation. The mower is designed to operate from AC power, other power sources must not be used.

The Maxcut MCE 320 mower must be used safely:
  • make sure that there are no stones, glass fragments or branches on the lawn (any foreign objects can damage the cutting elements of the device;
  • Wear ear protectors or use earplugs to protect against noise while working;
  • Use plastic goggles when working with garden tools.

Earmuffs Protective goggles made of plastic

  • Have the equipment serviced in a timely manner;
  • Do not overload the machine with prolonged work;
  • Do not use the mower when it is raining;
  • Protect the device from moisture and store it in a dry place;
  • Mow the lawn across the slope (freshly mowed grass is always slippery, in order not to fall, the mower driver should move slowly, do not pull the machine and do not exert effort to push it forward);

Do not put the lawnmower on with the engine running! Ensure that the machine is unplugged before transportation;

  • From time to time, check the extension cords for continuity.

Video review

If you own a Maxcut MCE 320 lawnmower, please share a link to a video of the unit in the comments. Such a video review will help other farmers navigate through the range of modern garden tools.

Owners reviews


“Unfortunately, thick grass is not for this mower. But I do not operate the lawns outside the city in a state of dense forest, and the yard plot is always well-groomed. A great device for its price”. The Maxcut MCE 320 weighs only 8 kg, it’s very light! I’m satisfied, the device works for a year and a half now.

Trimmer Maxcut MCE 320

Trimmer Maxcut MCE 320

Electric lawn mower Maxcut MCE 320 – an inexpensive electric tool for mowing grass in small areas, is ideal for use in the country house or in the garden. The comfortable handle design and the low weight of the tool provide comfortable work. Thanks to the 35-litre grass catcher box, you can work for a long time without having to stop the machine too often to catch the cuttings.

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Properties (22)

parameter value
Engine type electric
self-propelled no
Mulch no
Power supply 220 V mains
Grass box there is
Grass basket 35
performance 1100
Editing 320
Cutting system rotating
class domestic
Number of bikes 4
Sage no
Minimum. Cutting height 25
Max. Cutting height 55
RPM 3000
Cutting height adjustment there is
Grass catcher bag type Soft
square 800
Body material plastic
Back end there is
Robot lawn mower no
Large rear wheels no

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Trimmer Maxcut MCE 320

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