Lawn mower Huter ELM-1800. Review, characteristics, reviews

Electric lawnmowers Huter: Popular models, prices and test results at a glance

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Despite the abundance of advertising and descriptions in online stores, the brand Huter (Huter) has nothing to do with Germany, and all products under this brand are made in Chinese factories.

In terms of reliability, these electric lawn mowers are comparable to most Chinese counterparts in the lower price segment, that is, with careful use, they will last 3-5 years, maybe a little more.

Despite this, the devices cope with their task and look quite attractive due to the low cost, in addition, if used improperly, they do not surpass even purely European or Japanese counterparts in the higher price category in terms of reliability.

Is Huter brand really not German?

Any reputable company that produces garden equipment, be sure to create an official website, where you can find not only promotional information about the product, but also detailed information about the organization.

In addition, all reputable companies entering the Russian market, also create official sites, where they publish the same information. After all, this is not just a requirement of consumer protection law, but a prerequisite for honest business.

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality or has any questions or complaints, he can contact the management directly, bypassing the middleman in the form of an official website.

Huter brand has several websites, but none of them are official, because there are no details about this mythical company, but there are detailed accounts of the company’s history and the advantages of the devices it produces.

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The most famous of these sites are:

It is believed that the owner of the brand is the well-known company RESANTA Group, which not only owns the production facilities, but also acts as a packer and sells products of other manufacturers under its brand. At least, they do not claim that the Huter brand is related to Germany.

In addition, a user of the Drive 2 portal conducted a study of fake companies and published it on his website, and the Huter brand was also included in this study.

Another proof that the real company HuterElektrischeTechnikGmbH, which produces electric lawnmowers, does not exist is the feedback from users, some of whom claim that the quality of workmanship is quite high, while others are very dissatisfied. This situation arises when orders are placed in different factories and search for the cheapest manufacturer, even at the expense of the quality of production.

Therefore, when buying such devices, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of manufacture and immediately check the condition of the electric motor, because if it turns out to be faulty or damaged, its replacement will not be cheaper than buying a new device.

In addition, in the “official” stores the price can be different, in some it is very high, and in others it is noticeably lower. The high price creates a sense of quality and reliability, as a good product can not cost cheap, and so a person looking for a lawn mower, looking at this brand, sees that it is very cheap.

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Another proof that the brand Huter does not belong to the manufacturer, and the packer, is the fact that the same model on different “official” sites looks different.

And the differences are not only in the color of the device, but also in the shape of the body – on one model the carrying handles are located in the front, and on the other – closer to the handle or absent at all.

What’s more, even the basic parameters differ – in one model, the handle length varies within small limits, while in the other, it is not provided for change at all. All this suggests that under the same name, different models of lawnmowers are produced under different specifications at different factories.

Why choose Huther electric lawn mowers?

There are 3 reasons why you should choose these devices:

  • relatively low price;
  • The abundance of aggressive advertising;
  • elaborate “history” of the brand.

These advantages for buyers of electric lawn mowers Huther outweigh the inherent disadvantages of these models.

The most popular models

To determine the most popular models, we used:

  • Reviews on online shopping sites;
  • Comments on Ozovik sites;
  • Reviews on Ozon and Yandexmarkt;
  • Internet search statistics.

Elm 1000.

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This is the smallest and lowest lawn mower with a mowing width (grip) of 32 cm. The device is good for mowing well laid lawns, but you can not mow them – the engine does not have enough power.

If you have to use the mower to fight tall grass, you have to move it forward very slowly, at a speed of 1 to 3 cm per second.

STIHL 141 C-Q: Technical data, safety and operating instructions

In order to reduce the cost of the mower, they have not created a normal mowing height adjustment system, so they change this parameter by rearranging the axles of the front wheels in the temples, located at different heights.

There is a pin at the front of the mower for easy transportation and loading. The handle is equipped with a lever mechanism, so the mower must be operated either with both hands or only with the right hand, as it is very inconvenient to hold the lever with the left hand and move the device forward.

The range of handle length is very small and is 5-6 cm. Therefore, it is almost impossible to put them on the operator’s height, except for the average one. The only plus of the device is its size, thanks to which it is possible to mow the grass even on narrow paths or winding edges of the green area.

The disadvantages of the model include:

  • insufficient motor power;
  • lack of normal mowing height adjustment;
  • Lever-operated engine shut-off unit;
  • The length of the handle can only be changed in a very small range.

Elm 1100

The Huter Elm 1100 Mitch has the same cutting width as the previous model. However, it is equipped with a more powerful motor (1000 W), so it can work longer when mowing the lawn, and also copes a little better with tall grass, as buyers often write about in their reviews.

However, on an ungroomed area, it should be driven at the same speed, otherwise too heavy a load on the electric motor will quickly lead to its failure.

This mower also has a slightly larger cutting height adjustment range and a larger grass collection basket. The carrying handle has been moved closer to the handlebar, and a more convenient handle has been added to the grass catcher box for easy removal and installation.

The advantages of the device are:

  • increased motor power;
  • Large handle height adjustment area;
  • larger volume of the grass catcher box.

The disadvantages include:

  • inconvenient lever to turn on the electric motor;
  • adjustment of the cutting height by shifting the wheel axle.

Ulme 1400

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This lawn mower has a larger mowing width, so it mows the lawn faster, and the increased motor power makes it easier to work with long grass.

For mowing plants 5-10 cm high, only a slight reduction in travel speed is required, but for higher grass, the travel speed should not exceed 10 cm per second.

Otherwise, the ELM-1400 is identical to the previous models and has a modification in the form of the Huter Elm-1400T, and the ratings of both variants are more or less equivalent.

Here are the advantages of the mower:

  • Increased working width allows for quick grass mowing;
  • Powerful engine for tall grass.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Inconvenient system of changing the height of mowing by repositioning the wheel axles;
  • Insufficient adjustment area of the handle length;
  • Cumbersome engine start with a lever mechanism.

Ulme 1800

With a working width of 42 cm and a 1.8 kW motor, this lawn mower is designed to mow large, well-kept lawns or small, dirty surfaces. It copes well with grass 5-10 cm in height, but to mow higher vegetation it is necessary to move it 2-3 times slower around the plot.

The device is equipped with a central cutting height adjustment, so to change this parameter it is not necessary to turn it and shift the wheel axles.

In addition, the mower is equipped with a combined basket for collecting grass (plastic frame, fabric bag), which reduces the cost and weight of the mower, but makes it difficult to empty the basket from the collected grass.

Model Huter Elm 1800 has a modification – device ELM 1800P, distinguished by the presence of a grass collector (the latter is made of plastic), which, according to many owners, is much more convenient.

As in previous models, the height adjustment of the handle is not enough, but this device is equipped with a practical engine start module. Although it is also lever-operated, you can operate the lawnmower with either your right or left hand, since the levers are located on both sides.

Here are the advantages of this lawn mower:

  • The large working width allows for quick mowing of well-maintained lawns;
  • Powerful motor handles all kinds of vegetation well;
  • The height of mowing can be changed by setting the lever in the desired position.

The disadvantages include:

  • Comfortable only for people of average build, as there is no possibility to adjust the length of the handle normally;
  • the fabric bag of the grass catcher trough is more difficult to release from the grass.
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Elm 2000t mower is the most productive and powerful, so it quickly mows the lawn, and also copes well with the grass height of 10-20 cm, which gives it a lot of positive reviews.

For some reason, this model does not have the usual cutting height adjustment, so you need to change this parameter by moving the axles of the wheels into the appropriate slots.

In some models, each wheel is repositioned separately by screwing it into one of the three holes. This mower has a modification with central mowing height adjustment (ELM 2000P) and a plastic grass catcher box, but its cost is significantly higher and amounts to 12,000 rubles.

The advantages of the model are:

  • The maximum mowing width, which provides the highest mowing speed;
  • Due to the high power of the engine, it is also possible to cope with high grass.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Combined grass catcher;
  • inconvenient mowing height adjustment;
  • Lack of normal handle length adjustment;
  • Cumbersome single-lever motor drive.

Comparison of basic characteristics

In order to compare popular Huter lawnmowers among themselves and with counterparts from other manufacturers was more objective, we have summarized all the main characteristics of these machines in one table:

model Engine power kW mowing volume cm Grass-collector type and volume L Price thous. rub.
Elm 1000. 1,0 32 plastic 28 4
Elm 1100 11 32 plastic 35 4,5
Ulme 1400 1,4 38 combined 40 7,5
Ulme 1800 1,8 42 combined 45 7,5
ELM2000T. 2,0 43 combined 45 10


Information about Hooter electric lawn mowers presented in online stores is not always objective, because the stores need to convince the potential buyer that their machine is the best and most reliable.

Technical and basic characteristics also do not always give complete information. Therefore, in order to objectively evaluate these devices and choose the most appropriate model, it is necessary to study the maximum number of reviews.

Both positive and negative, they reveal the true capabilities of the device and clearly show what it can and cannot do.

Therefore, we have prepared links to the most popular sites with such reviews:

Useful video

This video presents a review of one of the models of the Huter ELM 1800 with an analysis of the characteristics and author’s reviews:


The main advantage of Huter electric lawnmowers is the low price at a good mowing width and motor power.

Most models are very poorly equipped and have no handle height adjustment, and the mowing height changes by shifting the wheels or their axles, but there are lawnmowers that have a central setting of this parameter. You should not expect much from such devices, but they mow well and, observing the rules of operation, will last for several years.

Huter ELM-1800


We have collected for you 25 positive and negative reviews of buyers and experts about the Huter ELM-1800 lawnmower. The average rating of buyers was 4.16 points. In their reviews, users have described all the disadvantages and advantages of the Huter ELM-1800 lawn mower. If you already have experience using the Huter ELM-1800 lawnmower – write a review and share it with other buyers! Read all reviews about lawn mowers huter

Lawn mower Huter ELM-1800 reviews

The capabilities of the lawn mower fully met my expectations. First of all, it is resourceful enough to handle rough grass. Secondly, it captures a strip of up to 42 cm at a time, the height of the cut can be infinitely adjustable.

Easy to use

The grass ejection tunnel gets clogged and the heat pump is triggered, you have to wait for the ejection.

Stabbed the rebar with a knife, the bolt broke off the knife. Bolt – “ripped off” thread pitch, does not pick up. It is not possible to order spare parts through online services. The official representative of the brand in UFA denies the issue at all, they have nothing at all and do not know where to order such things. A penny problem that makes the mower take up space in the garage. Conclusions: HUTER to the dump, get something else.

Of course, it’s hard to compare mowers from well-known manufacturers and this is a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, I did not read any real reviews before buying it. I’ll start with the fact that it’s a few thousand cheaper than the Bosha, which has been around for over 7 years elsewhere. Overall, my first impression was positive. The powerful motor is good for mowing the lawn. Mowed probably a few hundred pieces, after which something clicked and the mower started shaking. Totally went to service 4 days after purchase the motor apparently broke off the flimsy plastic. We’ll see if it can be repaired, but I have no illusions, it is one-headed product and very expensive for its intended use.

Working with electric chainsaws and chain saws

In the thickets of the purchased Dacha had to put a lawn mower. I appreciated the ability to work long hours. Mowing is comfortable adjustable

+ I’m satisfied that I don’t have to bend over and spend time picking up the grass. It goes up into the grass catcher box, from where I pull it into the compost.+ I set one of the three positions of the mowed grass before I work. + The body is made of high quality plastic.

My personal plot is always clean and free of grass and weeds because I always mow them in time with the lawnmower. I mow the grass for over an hour and a half without stopping. You don’t need any special technical skills to deploy it. Just plug it in.

When mowing, the rotation speed is high.

This creates a lot of noise, the blade sits directly on the motor shaft. The plastic screw that secures the blade is 8 mm. The grass catcher box is theoretically for 40 liters, but in practice I have no more than 30 liters of grass catcher box.

Bought a mower Mitch Huter ELM1800 05/05/2018. First mowing and after 40-45 minutes the plastic attachment of the blade to the shaft broke. You can see it in the attached photo. These are. The plastic screw that secures the shaft broke at the height of the shaft. I gave it to the supplier as there is no service center in Belarus. After about 45 days the mower was returned to me. It was fixed under warranty. It started mowing again. Vibration during mowing was too much. But I got used to it. After 3 weeks, motor fell off. Motor was hanging out of the housing. I took it to the supplier again. I got another call 31 days later and was told that it was not under warranty, as there were scratches on the housing. And how they will not, if the motor fell off while mowing, it is clear that the blade was scratched by the body. That’s it. I am left with a test purchase, mower without parts, photos and video of these breakdowns. I will attach some pictures. Whether or not to buy this mower is up to you, but I definitely won’t be buying any machinery under this brand.

In a couple of hours I will be mowing all the grass on my personal property with this mower. To make it more comfortable for me to work, I adjusted the height of the handle for me. I don’t have to pick up the grass after mowing, as it goes into a handy grass catcher box. Once in a while, I take the container off to collect the grass. The mower does not harm the environment during operation, as it runs on electricity. Since the mower has a powerful motor, I work without interruption.

I used the mower all summer and fall. When I bought it, the grass was almost up to my knee. The Hotger pulled it all out without difficulty. The grass box is impressive and doesn’t clog up at a time. But even if it fills up with the machine. It’s easy to deal with. There are bumps and grooves on the site that don’t affect performance. From the outside it looks like an English park.

The grass is mowed well, but:

After a year, very loudly, the rotor cover failed, broke the seat of the stack seam stock, while the housing was able to make a plastic housing. No spare parts in service.

Something else is better, but not this.

Large volume grass catcher, handles tall grass mightily, wheels don’t mess up the lawn.

It is not the first season I work with the mower, it has enough power. Of course I do not run the lawn, I mow it once every two weeks. The grass is flat without labels, a convenient and large grass catcher box, enough to cut the entire lawn.

Powerful engine 1800 W, bicycle, reasonable price

I have been mowing the lawn at the cottage for two years, during this time nothing has broken, the third season is ahead, easy to use, very powerful, even tall grass, the lawn looks perfect, they can adjust the height of mowing, grass, the grass box has a large volume of 45 liters, so you do not have to clean them often. I really like it because it is made of plastic, which means that it is easy and uncomplicated to operate.

Catmann XD-65.4 JD 4x4WD Mini Tractor - description and characteristics

Even the critics admit that this mower is a pretty powerful machine – I’ve read a lot of reviews. That’s the reason I purchased this machine. Operated last fall, when the plot was quite high grass. The machine coped with the task without any problems. The lawn looks perfect, as if it has a razor blade. The grass catcher box is very capacious, so you do not have to clean it often. The mower handles all the unevenness of the ground very well. The controls are simple and you can adjust them yourself. The lawn mower will fully justify itself.

It is not complicated, does not penetrate the lawn, easy to adjust.

The lawn in front of the house is fine now, the mower works well on it, mows the grass without straining. It just runs, doesn’t get stuck in the ground, I don’t get tired at all because it’s much easier to carry the mower than dragging it by hand like a trimmer. It will be interesting to try it out in my dacha, where I don’t even have soil relief in July, I’ll take it for a test in July)

After 1 hour of use, the plastic blade holder melted and the lower stock intermittently and the motor came off the brackets on a flat incomprehensible field.

The eco-friendly ease of operation, even the depth with the special masters, really doesn’t leave a mark on the lawn. I’d say it moves “softly.”

I scatter grass in small areas to feed the rabbits. It is immediately collected in the grass box, which is extremely convenient for me. The power supply is good enough for such a load. The problem with the cable is solved by the extension cord.

It is possible to set the cutting height, there are only three options, a large grass catcher box, and a reasonable price.

The plot on which I have 20 acres of grass is also large. Now it is very convenient to cut the lawn: I set the cutting height at 2.8 cm, and I get a very even, neat carpet. The grass container is capacious, if you mow it often, for all the hours of work it is enough to destroy it 2-3 times. Except for lawns, I specially saw grass for rabbits with a plot and “mow” through this mower at a height of 5.5 cm, since the ground there is not very flat. CALES Wonderful. I do not put the grass catcher box and the cut grass flies to the ground, dries up a little, then I feed the rabbit. Very light, maneuverable lawnmower. The handle can be adjusted to fit you, the length is adjustable.

low price. Powerful motor quickly cuts grass and small shoots.

No comfortable handle and grass pocket

Price, sufficient amount of grass catcher, light weight

I bought this mower on the advice of a friend. My friend has had it for two years now and he is pleased with it. I have not found anything to complain about yet – it mows well, even the tall grass. The 45-liter grass catcher box does not need to be cleaned often. Due to the fact that it is made of plastic, this mower is quite light. I recommend it for a personal plot.

Sturdy plastic, adjustable smoke level

I bought it for my summer cottage and for a part-time job in my spare time. Used it very often, it has high performance with reliable operation. The grass is pretty soft, stable on slopes. Grass height holds more than the specified height – you have to try it carefully. With proper care, there are no problems with operation.

Very powerful, very light and low. Wide rotating swath, quick and easy adjustment of cutting height from 20 to 60 mm. Excellent warranty and repair service. Non-alpine quality factor.

When filled to the limit in the Web grass catcher box it is not noticeable. It only becomes apparent when the grass clippings fall out of the slots in the grass catcher box. The wheels are not very big, which makes it difficult to move the unit on the ground. The larger the wheels, the easier it is to carry the mower over an overgrown or heavily overgrown lawn.

This is my first wheel mower, prior to that for 5 years I used electric trimmers of various models and power. To say that I am satisfied with my purchase is an understatement. I just love it. Firstly, I no longer have to rake and manually remove the cuttings: I empty the bag full of grass into the composter, and that’s it, go on mowing! Secondly, it’s much easier and simpler to push the baby carriage over the lawn than to swing an electric mower, and you get incomparably less tired. Thirdly, the quality of mowing is incomparably better than with a manual trimmer: the lawn will be almost perfectly flat, without streaks and gaps. Before buying, I was afraid that I would have problems with bumps and holes in the area. I had heard that a lawn that requires a mower like this has to be perfectly level, like a table. No, it does not. It mows all depressions and small bumps just fine. On a flat lawn, you can simply lower the blade very low, down to 2 cm above the ground; for a very uneven terrain, you can lift it up to 6 cm! Cutting tall grass was just as easy. I mowed in midsummer, the grass was already knee-deep, in some places even waist-deep, with weeds and even cow parsnips growing in some places. The only problem is that the grass catcher box gets full very quickly, I had to empty it every 10 meters of mowing. It doesn’t bother me that I have to follow the mower with a wire, but it doesn’t bother me. But the device does not rattle like a gasoline mower, I spent only about 4.5 hours for mowing a heavily overgrown area of 8 acres with bumps and hollows, with ridges, greenhouses, bushes and trees. SUMMARY. Absolute recommendation to buy, don’t hesitate. Look at the prices of similar mowers to see if this machine is worth more than you pay for it!

Prepare your garden for winter!

Read the “commentary”, there’s a “one year later” update. it’s light enough. I didn’t notice any difference with the Honda my friend had in the village. Mowed even tall grass, enough power. In general, fully copes with its duties, which is required, otherwise the grass will not fly back, although I believe that this is not a necessary action).

Slightly weak attachment of the handles to the body.

Update new: after one season there was a breakdown, no spare parts. Unfortunately I lowered my rating from 5* to 3*, I can not recommend this mower for purchase. The gear housing is plastic, sometimes it jams (not sure what’s wrong with it), the bottom bearing and the plastic seating are in disrepair! (see photo) I understand, as I do, that many people have breakdowns. In general it seems that the part has been replaced and all (it should be cheap) but it is impossible to buy it, there are no spare parts for these mowers the problem is not just with this mower if it works great for many years, it is a very good option.

Ease of use and handling, large mowing area

The body of the mower is made of plastic, thanks to which it does not rust. There is enough space in the grass catcher box for long periods of work without interruption. No grass spillage. Mower wheels do not spoil a freshly mowed lawn. And the grass height can be adjusted with a central lever.

Large grass catcher box for long-lasting mowing. Three mowing heights with adjustment on the body.

Two of these mowers are used by the land cooperative. In terms of costs and maintenance, the equipment is well designed in terms of operator comfort. It is easy to maneuver with decent side slopes on uneven terrain. Leaves almost no grass outside the grass box when mowing. In fact, it does not spoil the lawn with its treads – small traces remain (as if paved, but not broken), and then it quickly recovers.

Powerful engine; Wheels do not spoil lawns; Voluminous grass catcher box; Works quietly.

When mowing, on my large patch of lawn, this mower mows tall grass quickly. It has a handy lever on the body to change the height of the salutes. Even a woman can easily handle mowing the grass.

Easy to use, maneuverable and very powerful. Large working width

The grass catcher is quickly clogged, although if you mow on time, there are no problems

I bought this mower in midsummer, when the grass was up to my chest in some places and the weeds were about a finger thick. I drove the mower on Gozono, just to try it, I thought it wouldn’t work and I’d have to mow by hand first. But no, it did too, just some of the weeds with a finger thickness like chamomile stuck to the ground and did not catch. All in all, a lawn mower with the task of the highest category of complexity I did not even expect. The grass catcher box shakes out easily, it’s easy to clean, too. I’m satisfied!

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