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Reviews on the HULER ELM-1100

Advantages: lightweight, low vibration, stone-proof

Comments: For a woman – just right! She manages the dispenser with one hand and the bumps do not affect her. Yes, as written above, you could get a weed picker, but it’s nothing to run away and shake the weeds into the compost. This summer I mowed 4 acres at a time with a lawnmower, TTT, no complaints or problems. No knives sharpened, stones and dibs knocked over – nothing bad happened, everything works. In general, I like this device very much.

Disadvantages: 1) The motor that holds the engine, in working condition does not match the handle of the lawnmower, which is inconvenient, and the electric wire new in the gap. On top of that, it wants to go back to its original state when you force it hard, so you have to support it with more force. After an hour of using this mower, I started tying this pin to the main handle of the mower because the brush got tired. 2) Very noisy lawn mower. Although it says 96 decibels on it, it’s actually noisy because the motor vents are at the top and all the noise goes up. 3) It’s hard to remove the grass catcher. If you take it off from the bottom up, the grass will fly out, even if the grass catcher is not full. Trying to take it off from the top down so the grass doesn’t fall out will result in considerable effort. 4) It is also difficult to insert the grass catcher because it is not easily secured on the bottom latch. You have to make an effort and double check when the grass catcher box sits in place. 5) The handle of the lawnmower is metal and thin, with no plating. As a result, it is uncomfortable to hold. 6) There is a strong chemical smell coming from the plastic of the mower. 7) The registration certificate states. That the lawnmower can cut grass up to a width of 32cm. In fact – yes! Due to the low power it does not cut grass around the edges, so the next mowing has to start with the closure of the already mowed area. 8) The lawnmower has low power. So it only takes the grass that is standing. And those grasses that are slightly bent, it doesn’t lift up and so it doesn’t cut them. It doesn’t thicken its blades. 9) You have to move very, very slowly with this lawnmower, or it won’t cut everything after cutting.

Why use a lawn mower than to mow the grass?

Comment: I will get rid of this machine at the first opportunity.

Pros: 1. I do not need to buy fuel to run the mower, just plug it in, because it runs on electricity. 2. I can adjust the height of the mowed grass. 3. The lawn mower doesn’t take up much space in the pantry because it is compact and the handle folds up.

Comment: The site in my country helps me fix my electric lawn mower. Not only do I mow weeds with it, but I also trim low shrubs, cover the front lawn, and shape a hedge of ornamental shrubs. I don’t have to bend over to pick up the grass clippings as they fall into the plastic grass catcher.

Cons: Burned out on the second mowing.

Comment: Warranty does not cover: stator, rotor and motor. Nothing else to break or burn. OK CHO

Advantages: quiet operation thanks to the electric motor, three levels of height adjustment, folding handle with height adjustment, mobile and maneuverable thanks to the four wheels, modern design and low price.

Comments: We have a private house with a green lawn. That’s why we bought an electric lawn mower. Noticed the unappreciated cost. It has been working for over a year without any complaints. The mower has good cross-country ability and maneuverability. You can mow grass near fences. The grass catcher box is heavy for 28 liters. It is easy to remove, clean and install.

The powerful 1.1 kW engine mows quickly and quite well. And it runs very quietly. There are three mowing heights. The maximum height is 60 millimeters, but I do not try to mow very high grass.

Pros: it is much easier than to walk around with a trimmer. That’s all the advantages.

Cons: the fixing of the grass catcher is terrible, constantly falls down. Very cheap plastic. It is rather loud.

Comment: Little experience with this device. Smoked it on my first trip home. Service responded that it was affordable. In my case, it’s a day at all.

Pros: powerful enough for permanent laws and inexpensive.

Cons: Apparently the quality brings good luck to the lucky ones.

Comment: My sample has an electric brake built into the motor, and after 2 months of working on the grass on weekends in the cottage, a hum appeared when working, such: B. before braking the motor. She began to tan and sunbathe intensely. It is afraid to work and sorry to throw it away. The service said they most likely replaced the engine.

Garden equipment - to buy or rent?

Pros: Inexpensive, large grass catcher, folding handle

Comments: Convenient, not heavy mower. Has a folding handle, which makes it easy to store in winter. I am pleased with the grass-collector of 35 liters. The width of the cone is 32 cm, you can quickly work the lawn near the house and in the yard. The area is not big, and mowing takes maximum 20 minutes. I’ve been using it for a while, a few months, no complaints about the quality so far.

Pros: + I do not need to bend down to remove the mowed grass, it falls into the grass catcher box, from which I easily wipe it away. + The mower is small, so it does not take up much space in the closet.

Comment: Now my front lawn is always well groomed. The mower is convenient, has three positions of grass cutting height. It takes about an hour to mow the lawn.

Comments: The mower is great, easy to assemble. It is a real pleasure to mow, it is really smooth. Even a six year old child gets a bit nuts. The tractor makes life easier)))) no need to walk around with a rake. I recommend it to everyone. For its price is an excellent product. You walk like a stroller.

Pluses: price, much quieter than a gasoline-powered one.

Cons: need for a power cord

Comments: A good, inexpensive mower! Mows the grass up to 30 cm without effort, but that’s what I checked, maybe more. So quiet, unlike the petrol mower. easy, maneuverable. It does not demand the care, the main thing is to clean the grass after one mowing. The knife should be sharpened after 3-4 observations.

Pluses: affordable price (I bought it for 4960 rubles), looks, easy to use, light weight, compactness

Cons: Not powerful enough. When the grass is a little thicker, the blades of the blade get clogged with grass, you have to manually release it from the grass. Used for the second time, didn’t even work for a week. Started with the motor cover (used the mower according to the instructions and stopped working). Had to send it in for repair.

Comment: Budget, but unreliable equipment. It is better to add money to 2-3 thousand rubles and buy something more reliable.

Advantages: Budget model, easy to use, it is convenient to clean the grass, the cats Supe r-Womit evenly.

Comments: When choosing for me the most important thing was ease and convenience in use. It’s good that this model was prompted for that. In all respects, it fits in every way. The basic safety features in it are fine, as safety comes first for me. The controls were easy for me to handle, as the operating instructions are clear even for a beginner. The low noise level during operation was very surprising. Not a single part failed me. And I didn’t need any additional maintenance. It’s just important not to forget to clean it after using it at work. It is obligatory to clean the grass. It is perfect for a garden patch. I can easily find a place to store it, thanks to its compactness.

Pruning a flower meadow - how to do it right?

COMMENT: I use it in my country house with my flower lawn. Pretty decent performance technique for unseeded grass. I change the position of wheels – the height of cut changes.

Easy to make adjustments on the handle, good maneuverability for this class, easy to service.

Comments: Worked intermittently for 1 hour, then the speed dropped, caught smoke and stopped turning on.

Advantages: three options for determining the height of cut, folding handle.

Comment: The lawnmower has a roomy grass catcher box that is easy to remove and clean. Mows paths, removes weeds, even cuts worms. Even a woman can cope with it, the unit is not heavy and maneuverable.

Advantages: Low weight of the mower. The ease of assembly “out of the box” (subjective).

Cons: No unjustified expectations.

Comment: 1. Before buying the lawmaker from Huter Elm-1100, I carefully studied customer reviews about this model of lawnmower and other models of lawnmowers and power tools of this brand. Of course, it became clear that this is a super-budget brand from China. In addition, all kinds of lawn mowers of different brands in the lower price segment were studied in detail. In most cases, it was clear from customer evaluations that they tended to be written by adapting the first emotions of using this power tool (it plays neither a negative nor a positive role). Most of the consumers have forgotten or not studied electrics in their lives and wanted to get working properties in a quality proposal and respectively “meaningful” brands from cheap tools on the example of TM Gardena. Therefore, I can recommend that most consumers do not pay attention to this law, as they are emotionally written and do not objectively evaluate both professionals and professionals or the shortcomings of this on-demand or opportunity. Tools.

2. As I expected, this mower was able to mow a fairly good quality (provided that the knife was previously removed and well mowed) lawn grass with a frequency of 2-3 times a week on an area of about 35 sq.m. Immediately I want to remind most readers that it is designed to mow lawn grass with a height of 4-15 cm, and not for weeds and weeds from 30 to 100 cm. Therefore, you should not buy this model. Like other electric lawn mowers in the hope of arranging a thicket of weeds on their Dacha, the semblance of a lawn mower. There are also such tools as a trimmer (budget) or a gasoline model lawnmower (not at all budget).

Kamaz 65801. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

3. As I previously wrote in 1 p. It should be reminded that you are buying a super budget tool, and use it “carefully”, namely, the main problem is that the user after cutting the grass, abruptly releases the “start” button or becomes. This leads to an instantaneous stopping of the mechanism and “shadowing” of the electric motor. Information about this is the effect of electrical sparks under the upper plastic body of the lawnmower, which eventually leads to the failure of the electric motor. All you need to do is to make a smooth release of the lever and catch the electric motor to wait for the mechanism to stop completely (3-5 seconds), I understand that this is a bit impractical and want to release the lever immediately, but nobody prevents to avoid these inconveniences, buying an electric lawn mower for 2-8 000 rubles. There is no more expensive. You just hide this money and you do not have to “think”))). By the way, I would like to know that the most reliable “direct” (without belt mechanisms) was structurally used as a principle of transferring rotation from the electric motor to the mower, but when you change the version “Budget” by the manufacturer (quality of material, etc.).

4. I use this mower 4 months and have already completed more than 30 observations on the lawn (not weeds and overgrowths). When used properly, despite their “budget” nature, I have not seen any problems or inconvenience with them.

5. I wrote this review to facilitate an objective choice of tools for small lawn care.

I ask for comments and responses to evaluations that don’t write. Sorry, but I don’t care about the subjective opinions of losers and ignoramuses with a basic high school education.

Lawn mower Huter ELM-1100. Review, specifications, reviews.

Recommended: 100%


Lawn mower Huter Elm-1100

The Huter Elm-1100 right-hand lawn mower belongs to the widely used electric garden tools.

The Huter Elm-1100 lawn mower is convenient for:

  • mowing paths;
  • To tidy up the lawn and landscape film;
  • Shape hedges from shrubs;
  • Pruning small low shrubs;
  • Fighting weeds, wild plants.

Huter Elm-1100 lawnmower

Huter Elm-1100 lawn mower has such advantages over peers:

  • maneuverability;
  • small dimensions;
  • weight, with which even a woman can cope;
  • Designed specifically for medium and small areas (up to 400 m²);
  • Powered by AC power (no need to spend money on gasoline).
Tools that will allow you to effectively clean the garden before winter

The engine of the electric lawnmower hotter elem-1100 is electric. Motor power is 1100 watts. The speed of rotation of the blade can reach 3500 per minute. It is enough to install a container for collecting grass on the lawnmower.

Huter blade for grass

Do not forget to clean the air intake holes of grass clippings. Remember that the grass catcher box fills up rather quickly and can fill more than two parts of it, which can already reduce engine power.

Clean the grass catcher box after each large mowed area!

Advantages of the Huter Elm-1100 lawnmower
  • small dimensions;
  • availability of folding handle (it is functional for preserving the lawnmower, transportation);
  • three positions for cutting height;
  • a durable plastic collector of mowed grass;
  • long working cycle;
  • Reliability, power;
  • Ideal for domestic use.
Disadvantages of lawn mower Huter Elm-1100
  • When filling the grass collector, electricity drops (the owner must monitor the degree of filling).
  • High noise level (it is recommended to work with protective headphones).


Type of power electric
Motor power 1100 watt
Extension cable length 50 m
Mowing width, cm 32
Mowing area, M.C. 400
Weight (Kg) 12

User manual

How to use and maintain Hauter ELM-1100 mowers:

  • Keep the housing, air absorber, and cuttings container clean;
  • Do not mow immediately after rain, as wet grass is strongly drawn into the required compartment.
  • Do not rotate the power cord; the plug must be in the correct position.
  • Do not pull on the plug to pull the cord. Gently grasp the plug and hold it by the base.

Huter ELM-1100 lawn mower

  • If there is a strong vibration, check the condition of the fasteners or the condition of the blade, it may be blunted;
  • Blades can only be changed when the engine is off and the mower is separated from the power supply.
  • Use cloth gloves when replacing blades;
  • Mandatory use of hearing and eye protection-disposable mask and headphones, which are also attracted to tight clothing underwear and sweatshirt with a shell, as flying from the grass, especially dry, can scratch the skin.

Video review

Review of the Huter Elm-1100 lawn mower

Reviews of owners

Nikolay, Obninsk:

“I must say that I have a double impression. Sun. The first impression of the Huter Elm 1100 – everything is good, a good unit, but people, there are a lot, but. The first is the issue of durability, on very dense grass or weeds, the blade lags behind. Once I even had to take it to the service. Now I use it carefully, but with caution. If I had had the chance, I would have added money and bought a more powerful device initially. “

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