Lawn mower elitech K 5000V. Basic equipment, technical properties, purpose of the device

Lawn mower elitech K 5000V. Basic equipment, technical properties, purpose of the device

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Elitech K5000B gasoline lawnmower is a self-propelled household appliance, whose main task is to mow grass and weeds. It is a self-propelled mower, convenient for use on plots remote from houses and can be used on large areas.

Lawnmower elitech K 5000b

The working area of this mower is no less than 500 square metres. The engine power is 6 hp and the volume is 173 cc. The body of the lawnmower is made of metal, the grass cutting height is adjustable in a range of 7 positions. The engine of this lawnmower is a four-stroke gasoline engine. Air cooling.

Appointment of lawnmower model Elitech K5000B:

  • Floor mulching;
  • Grass ejection without mulching;
  • Grass clippings collection in the grass catcher box;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Mowing of weeds, reeds, floor vegetation, including low shrubs.

The manufacturer offers the opportunity to purchase both this model and models with similar functionality, but with less powerful engines, such devices include self-propelled petrol mower elitech 4000V and electric devices: elitech 1000n, 1000k, 2000n, 1600n. All these models have a similar design – four wheels, body, handle with or without adjustment.

Features of lawn mower Elitech K 5000V:
  • four-stroke engine;
  • Possibility to set seven positions for height of mowing;
  • three functional modes of operation (grass counting, dumping, mulching according to the discharge);
  • Grass collection basket can simply be removed;
  • Folding handle for compact storage and easy transportation;
  • Row bikes have larger diameter than front wheels;
  • The mower is equipped with a special nozzle for throwing grass to the side.
  • Handle for control of devices with quick fixation of position (similar handle is available for mower models 4000В, 2000н, 1600н from manufacturer Elitech);
  • The body of the device is made of metal and covered with corrosion-resistant paint (even simple models with medium and low performance, such as elitech 100k or 1000n, have the same type of housing illumination).
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Basic configuration

The elitech 5000V package includes:

  • 4 wheels;
  • control knob;
  • Part of the mower with the engine;
  • The grass catcher box;
  • Tank collector for mowed grass;
  • Mulching nozzle;
  • Instructions;
  • Kit for fasteners;
  • Tool for the correct assembly of the mower.

Technical Data

The most important technical parameters of this mower model:

  • Dimensions 870 x 570 x 450 (mm);
  • Steel body;
  • 51 cm cutting width;
  • The cutting part is a knife;
  • Diameter of the rear wheel 250 mm, diameter of the front wheel 200 mm;
  • Power 4400W or 6HP;
  • Height-adjustable folding handle;
  • 7 working positions – cutting height 30 mm to 75 mm;
  • Average fuel consumption of 1.2 liters per hour;
  • Gas tank 1.6 liters;
  • Weight of the assembled device – 34,2 kg.

Operating characteristics

Rules of operation, maintenance:

  • If you use the gasoline mower only for its intended purpose, do not work during rain or immediately afterwards, wait until the grass is dry;
  • When operating the machine, wear closed-toe shoes and pants, and clothing with a sleeve.
  • Only the owner may operate the mower; it is forbidden to give control to children.
  • Do not allow gas-powered mowers to be filled with gasoline near sources of fire.
  • Regularly clean the grass catcher box, the floor, and the sides of the machine of grass after completing work.
  • Do not carry out complicated repair work yourself and entrust such actions to specialists of the service center.
  • To fuel the mower, use AI 92 or AI 95 gasoline and four-stroke engine oil, semi-synthetic or mineral;
  • Let the engine cool down, take short breaks and turn off the machine.

advantages and disadvantages

Reviews on the merits of the Elitech 5000V:

  • powerful, productive;
  • Convenient adjustment of the cutting mode;
  • easy operation;
  • Compactness;
  • Detailed instructions;
  • Three modes of operation – the device is functional and can be used for several tasks, including mulching.
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Disadvantage reviews:

  • Noise during operation;
  • The need to work with protective gloves to minimize the vibration of the device.

Video review

Video about a lawn mower similar in design and features, but with less performance – the 3000V model. Links to videos and reviews of the Elitech 5000V lawnmower you can leave to this article in the comments.


EGOR, Rostov:

“I have a field of about a hectare, I think. Plus the lawn under the country house itself. With Elitk I mow the whole lawn and my hands are asking for work. Reliable equipment, I like it very much. Assembled according to the instructions, it is anything but new, bought in 2014, but still pulls like a horse, pulls and pulls. During that time there was only a problem with the ignition. Took it out of warranty at the service and it’s been running perfect ever since. I recommend to anyone with a large lot, this unit can definitely handle it! “

Elitech K 5000B lawn mower

Photo of the elitech K 5000b lawn mower

The color in the picture may differ from the real one.

Rating is based on the opinions of 3 buyers

Manufacturer Elite
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
performance 6 PS
Number of bikes Four wheeler

The average price in stores has not been determined.

Technical features of the Elitech K 5000B lawn mower

General properties
Additional information

For complete information about the product, manufacturer, configuration, specifications and functions, please refer to the technical documentation.


3 reviews about the elitech K 5000b lawn mower

Experience: Less than a month.

Advantages mowing on an uneven lawn does not even disturb the soil,

disadvantages did not reveal

The comment compared to the 4-hour trimmer “Heaven and earth” for 2 hours at low speed grass height of 20 cm. (Football field) 20×70 was satisfied

Experience: a few months

Advantages: very powerful motor and sturdy blade – you can imagine that this mower crushed a red brick and the blade not only was not damaged but even crumpled! -Cable pulls only 15-20 cm and always the first time. -Metal guys! This mower has metal everywhere! It really is very sturdy! -Long tank. It takes less than 6 liters of fuel to mow a 20 acre lawn. This is a great value! A four-stroke engine with separate lubrication system and a huge power reserve ensures a long service life.

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The disadvantages are the plastic clips on the folding handle. They have not broken yet, but are not optimistic about their durability; – wiring cables. Their trajectories are not defined, which led to unfortunate consequences – one of the cables caught on the plastic retainer of the folding handle. I didn’t notice this and pushed on this bar with force, resulting in a broken cable sheath. Had there been loops on the body of the mower to hold the cables in place, this would not have happened. However, I am not ruling out that my mower was simply not assembled correctly and these clips were not installed. -Instruction. The instructions are total crap. Also, the pictures are printed in very low quality, with so much detail that it’s impossible to see anything. But most importantly, my engine start procedure was described for a different modification of the mower. This means that the control units described in the manual did not fit my mower at all. For that reason, I started it incorrectly. And it didn’t work the first time. I had to pull the ignition magnet many times, blow out the spark plug, and dance with tambourine. And after I learned the proper starting process (see below), the mower starts half-heartedly. – Clogged with grass. It doesn’t matter whether you’re mowing with grass collection in the grass catcher box, with a mulching nozzle (which, in my opinion, makes no sense) or with side discharge. Nevertheless, you will have to turn it off regularly and pull the grass out by hand.

First of all, change the candle first! On a good Chinese candle from a hundred and twenty rubles. Gasoline 92, oil Huter for four-stroke engines. Consumption of about 100 ml for 3-5 hours. Order of starting the engine: 1. We bring the yellow handle of a throttle in a “turtle” position (closed position). 2. Push the carburetor fuel knob (upper metal frame on the knob). 3. Very gently and smoothly pull the ignition magnet 3-4 times, never to the stop. The cylinders are now filled with fuel-air mist. 4. Move the yellow plastic choke knob to the “bunny” (open) position. Do not release the carburetor fuel knob while doing so. 5. Pull on the magnet. 6. If the first time did not start, then another 1-2 times, but more vigorously.

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Experience: over a year

The advantages are that it performs its function, does not break.

Disadvantages: Not detected.

The commentary does its job. It is made qualitatively, “visual quality” at the level. no complaints.

Number of reviews: 3

Your evaluation will help someone in choosing. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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