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Champion LM5345bs

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Disadvantages: the engine has no bearings, all the load on the shaft. The crankcase cracked when the blade hit the pin.

Comments: The mower has been running for 3 years, starting up with a half a minute, but the difficulties arose unexpectedly when it hit a hard object under the mower and the crankcase broke from the impact. On disassembling it I was just shocked at how the engine could have been made. The most stressed part is the shaft ramp that carries the blade – it had to be reinforced or rotated with a gear. Shame on the designers! I think the Japanese will take the mower and not this De*** Ezo.

Pros: power and self-goal, and the price of such a unit. As turned around with a year and a half – payback.

Cons: stopped in the second year of life. The construction does not fix the brake mechanism, after which your lawnmower is already broken. I’m sure it’s already being torn down The question is how long the ignition has sailed.

So issue 3 of my “favorite” lawn mower review:

Below is the rating (2016) where I gave it a 5+. , I changed to a “1-“, but now I will still put “3”, because you can do yourself thanks to the services provided by the Repair more than the cost of the lawnmower broke, subdue yourself.

In general, in the second year of life (fall 2017, after falling off only a total of hundreds of 50-x-15 times and now 9 hundreds to put the garage in the garage, after checking the plug, the oil started so from the 20th to the 20th century) . . got out, pulled the arm on the hell out.

Didn’t think this miracle would ask for service so quickly. In general, the first service after diagnosis, the cost more than the lawnmower itself, in the second ad, did not announce the agreement to repair within 10 km and did not diagnose. I had to deal with myself.

It turned out to be a “floating ignition timing” due to torn and not very good gasoline, which for this reason did not want to work.

But when I got to the correct sequence of repairing my errors, it turned out that the key was in the tightest spot. Because of the gap not aligned at first, I simply pulled the key out with my hands and started the lawnmower through the starter with no luck. And the second time, the lawnmower started like new with half a turn, good thing it already cut the venarium after all 4-5 standard brakes, i.e. H. All the kinetic energy of the 53x caliber goes into the bad 3.5*5mm aluminum plywood. I ended up getting to the end very smoothly and as wild as it sounds oiled :)))

Comment: And this is a review of the positive :) Took a long time to decide based on the reviews because. Last time the trimmer was green like Shrek, tired, bitten and mowed only 6-7 acres of 10 for the day. While I have used it only two times, but what. The first trip to the country, the grass above the knee, the grass catcher box was completely clogged after 20 meters of passage, everything was cut: both clumps of grass and wormwood and willow roots. Wheel Drive is just a song, it takes you away when you suddenly get confused, and when you drive by hand, of course, it’s just day and night. Ten mornings in three hours with breaks. Second trip out to the countryside, it goes horribly there. Grass on the shoulders, in general, driving often did not help to break the grass, and rested on it, rowing wheels, had to do in two steps, the first forward, the second to pull it back hands, on the next Stripes to cut not to hammer the cut grass, of course about the grass catcher that day was out of the question. In total on 5-6 hours, 12 hectares of grass on our shoulders and 2 full tanks of petrol. I stalled 10-15 times, of course, after the third time I did not start immediately. But what the lawnmower did, I would not make a trimmer without a chance. It is a little uncomfortable to disassemble it, I have to unscrew the screws from the handles in order to fold/unfold it, but you can get used to it, and the main thing is not to lose it, and the winglets allow to do it without tools – also a plus. As for noise (as compared to a trimmer), it is very quiet, probably, you can mow in the morning, without fear of disturbing the neighbors :)

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Of the minuses – it is very large, which I did not expect at all, fits well in the trunk of a crossover. If stalled, it does not start at the first time, but if it stalls itself, with a pinch.

All in all I am very happy with the purchase, thanks to everyone who left feedback and “did not disappoint” my hopes.

PS apparently still a little cheating. but good for you P.S.S. and it is, after all, a lawn mower, not a multi-tractor with the function of cutting stumps and chervonets.

Pros: Doesn’t start, but it turns on. No suction. Starts with a stall :) Mows even branches. My electric trimmer takes almost a day (8 hectares of grass, 20 … 30 cm thick, wet right after the rain), mowed in an hour, taking into account trees and other flower beds (see comments). Overgrown wet grass mows almost without problems, when it starts to jam (the niche in which the knife rotates) – just let go of the knob “Move”, wait a few seconds, it clears and the mower continues to trample. If anyone has ridden a rental go-kart, the sound is similar, only quieter. This one. doesn’t bother with noise at all, where two-strokes go. I didn’t notice the exhaust smell either.

Cons: For fragile girls, I think it will be a little heavy. The manual is in English, but the Russian version is just as bad for the mower.

Comment: It is designed for large areas. I have 6 acres of clear lawn and a couple – figure skating on the lawnmower :), which took probably half the time. I deliberately chose big, I hate monotonous work, and exercise never hurt anyone. Don’t forget to fill up the oil, I had it drained. 400 ml went in. Total crankcase volume is 600 ml. You won’t find that in the manual. I bought regular car 10w40. Grass catcher will break my brain the first time, the manual does not say how to put it in – in fact it is elementary. Unfolded the cover and put it on top, so to speak, for this on the manifold stick out the horns :) And don’t forget to remove the plug before installing, otherwise nothing inside will fly. If someone doesn’t turn on the first time, squeeze the throttle 3 times – it starts right away.

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Cons: Machine is just fine, mows grass on our shoulders (open all the holes to throw the grass out violently) and oh wonder it doesn’t stop!

Disadvantages: Not a big price compared to other manufacturers

Comments: If you disassemble the handle and transport the machine, it will be more than a rope.

Pros: power and self-priming and price for such a unit.

Disadvantages: Difficult, impractical to load one in the trunk, very large. Didn’t expect this from it. Too bad there is no rear package :)

Comment: Took a long time to decide on a review because last time was green as a tripe, tired, bitten and only 6-7 sots out of 10 a day. Only used 2 times so far, but what a lot. The first outcome for the dacha, the grass above the knee, the grass box was completely clogged 20 meters of the pass, cut everything: and the grass saw, ro t-wortlings and roots, which remained from the IW. Wheeling is just a song, it also pulls you when it suddenly slows down, and if you steer by hand, of course, only during the day and night. I had 10 hectares in 3 hours, with breaks for a smoke break. The second trip to the countryside, everything works horribly there. Grass up to my shoulders, in general, often the trip did not help to dislodge the grass, and it rested on it, paddled the wheels, had to two beaders, the first in front, the second to take away with his hands, just so as not to score the next lane for the belt over the grass in the grass. But that was not about that day. In general 12 hectares of grass over my shoulders and 2 full gas tanks in 5-6 hours. I mowed 10-15 times, from the third, of course, it did not start. But what the lawnmower did, I would not even do a trimmer without a chance. It is a little impractical, it is necessary to fold/unfold the screws from the handles, but you can get used to it, the main thing is not to lose them, and the thumbs allow to do it without doing – also a plus. As to noise (as compared to a trimmer), it is simply silent, probably you can mow in the morning without fear of disturbing the neighbors :) Of the minuses – it is very large, as not at all expected what will be, what will be, what will be. It crawls into the trunk of the crossover, but I just can’t get it in the trunk to find something I can use to load/unload in the muzzle. If it stalls, it doesn’t start the first time, and when it stalls, it starts half a peep. All in all I am very happy with my purchase, thanks to everyone who left feedback and didn’t disappoint my hopes.

Advantages: great machine, modern big engine, central height adjustment, comfortable grass catcher.

Disadvantages: None so far.

Comment: Picked up a third gasoline mower at the end of the season to bring the price down. And for 13 years now, they have been out of the knife and knife keeper in case of a sloppy case. The mower is wide, the grass catcher fills it pretty tight, the engine starts like clockwork, I haven’t looked for service kits for this engine yet, but I don’t think it would be difficult, considering the manufacturer. All in all, it’s unrealistic to find something reliable and more productive for the money.

Pros: My first lawn mower. Used a trimmer for many years. A plot of 14 acres, not flat, with drops, 9 acres of grass I long hesitated – I wanted a self-propelled with mulching. I was bribed by the characteristics and manufacturer of the engine, the working width and, of course, the price. In another store branded table (eg, U.S. assembly). All the same, but almost 7 thousand more expensive. I do not know, maybe it will come back later, but I chose the Chinese one. I started the engine – song! The engine rumbled like an Ural. At first I set the height of the grassy slope very low and got stuck on the bumps: I had to push. Then I increased the distance by 1 position, and it really stomped like a tank. Took about 1.5 hours of taking it slow, which took almost a day with the chainsaw without being splattered with grass clippings from head to toe, and my head is not buzzing!

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Cons: The assembly instructions are not very good. I put it together, of course, but whatever it was, it didn’t work without a “scientific” twist. The grass catcher barely stuck (I understand that I should “wave my hand”, but no way!). Mowed with the grass catcher box, took it off – and it was empty! Apparently I hooked something up wrong. Will have to figure it out next weekend.

Comment: Ask the salesman more questions about assembly and use when buying. Use quality oil. By the way, oil is filled separately from gasoline.

Advantages: Powerful, starts up with a half turn, also mows wet grass, has a flush valve.

Cons: No idle speed. (Perhaps this is not a disadvantage, just solved in an unusual way, by making a special mount or, at worst, with a piece of electrical tape).

Comment: The item is on the level of world brands, but it’s cheaper due to the assembly. The main thing is to use only the B&S motor, I have not tried others, but they say this one is eternal. Yes, this unit is too big for small areas, better to use something smaller.

Pros: I own this miracle. I want to say right away that even though this is pure China, the engine on this mower is Briggs & Stratton made and assembled in the USA, very reliable, before that my old mower with the 35 Classic engine of the same company worked for over 10 years. Only the frame is Chinese, but also quite high quality, the engine is a purebred B&S 675EX, 190 cc, with 6 liters. С. – The strongest and coolest in this company’s lineup. The Ready & Start feature lets you start right away without having to fill up the carburetor or fear of a spark plug. Doesn’t smell, meets strict U.S. environmental standards. Runs on 92 petrol. Starts on the first try, like an injector. The rpm of this motor is a little lower than my old 35 Classic – but as a result you can hardly hear them. The drive rear wheels are normal size, which rushes like a tractor, and above all at normal speed. Any kind of grass is no problem for this mower. The mower blade and the engine itself are perfectly balanced and vibrations are hardly transferred to the handle. In this case there is no point in overpaying for more expensive brands.

Pros: My first. I feel sorry for overpaying for a brand. Mows like a tank, mows grass height, a plot of 30 acres + 5 in front of the plot, 4 hours with only 15 in the grass catcher box, the rest through the side discharge.

Cons: The cap flew off the wheel, treated with superglue.

Comments: I will say for beginners like me, mow through the side discharge so that the discharge went to an already mowed area, otherwise it clogs and gets up. Good luck in the garden.

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Strengths: The engine is one of the best, starts with a pinch, very powerful 6 hp. С.

Disadvantages: The only drawback – the role of driving wheels jammed, but this is not fatal, repairable.

Comment: I have been using for 3 years, the price corresponds to the quality. Transmission forward 3 km / h. Bought for 15,000 rubles, if you want to buy, I recommend this model.

It has lots of advantages: easy to use, does its job, no complaints.

Disadvantages: No knives on sale, bought in May 2016, in June 2017 the knife had to be replaced, but they are no longer available, they produce others, with other holes, etc. Official dealers briefly do not answer “collection, out of print” and look good. The official website links to the same business. Industrial Terrorism.

Pros: great engine, metal housing.

Disadvantages: little comment :)

Comment: great engine. Cold start from the first train. Warmed up sometimes (rarely) – from the second. Statistics on fuel consumption so far is rare. Tank lasts about 2 times for 30-40 minutes with small stops. Hasn’t mowed very long or wet grass yet. For usual grass up to 20 cm in height, the grass catcher box is usually completely filled up. The housing is made of metal. It is not difficult to clean after work. The speed is constant and quite pleasant. Small disadvantage (maybe only for me): If I just let go of the clutch, it does not stop immediately (apparently, it is weakly spring-loaded), i.e. the mower may not stop immediately. (I’m referring to the clutch, which is responsible for moving the mower. The clutch, which is responsible for operating the blade (and the motor in general) works immediately when released). It has adapted to “help” when the clutch pulls out. It doesn’t bother me. If I think about where I can increase the spring capacity, I’ll increase it, and maybe it will start :) The page isn’t even everywhere, but it works well. Because of its weight and size it can not be called very maneuverable, but that’s already: to whom – for what purposes. If the site has a lot of web links, it is better to look for something more compact. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

Advantages: wide, powerful, self-moving.

Disadvantages: the reliability of the BS. To be more specific: the small cotter pin on the flywheel, which got loose after 5 months of use.

Comments: I am happy with everything except for the key, which came off after 5 months. The symptom is not starting on the first time, sometimes 3-4 times. When starting the noise became louder (as if the valves are knocking). As a result of the disassembly, the key was sheared off and the flywheel was turning the width of the key. I sawed a new wedge out of aluminum (which would shear off and not disturb the fit in the flywheel), oiled the slipping clutch, let it stall a little longer, but did not cut the bracket. The whole problem lies in that brake). Otherwise no problem, what used to take a day is now done in 2 hours.

Lawn mower Champion LM5345. Review, instructions, reviews

This mower is a productive device, which is designed to work on large lawns. Such an effect is achieved by installing an engine with a capacity of 8 hp.

Champion LM5345 lawnmower

The LM 5345 can be operated in three standard modes: collection of vegetation in the grass catcher box, side discharge and mulching for further shredding. The height of the chamber is set with a single lever and can be set in 7 positions from 25 to 75 mm.

Advantages of Champion LM5345 Self-Propelled Lawnmower
  • Excellent grass grip;
  • Quality motor;
  • 3 mowing modes;
  • Easy operation.
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Disadvantages of Champion LM5345 self-propelled lawnmower
  • There is an open area on the drive belt that is easily damaged by rocks;
  • Weak throttle.


The drive on the gasoline lawnmower is mounted on large-diameter rear wheels, which provides not only increased passability, but also excellent maneuverability of the device. The handlebar is foldable and allows to reduce the space required for transportation and storage.

Champion LM5345

The Master LM5345 December petrol tiller is made of strong, hardened steel, which can withstand intensive use for a long time and not a single drop.

The installed easy-start system provides the fastest and easiest start.


power type petrol
Power, kW / hp. 4.4/6
Engine capacity, CM3 196
Fuel tank capacity, l 1.25
spring height, mm 25-75
Mowing width, mm 530
Grass box capacity, l 75
mulching да
weight (kg 39.6

Owner’s Manual

Contains detailed information on all aspects of mower handling – independently approved by Champion. Below is an electronic version of the owner’s manual so that your browser can download the Gampion LM4622, LM4840 lawn mower manual. LM5345.

When mowing your lawn with a Champion lawn mower, it is recommended that you do so from the bottom up. This helps to fully control the history of the device and prevent it from breaking.

When working with the LM5345 Champion lawn mower, you must wear protective clothing for safety reasons: goggles, coveralls, rubberized gloves and closed-toe shoes.

Wear protective gloves with plastic goggles when operating the lawnmower

If you are the first owner of an LM5345 Legislator, fill up with oil, gas, and start the engine. During the first 3 to 4 hours of operation, do not put a heavy load on the engine.


The mah gasoline LM5345 gasoline gas cutting decor is very sharp. When repairing this part, be sure to wrap it in a soft cloth to prevent cuts.

Hampion lawn mower device

When you are finished, clean the lawn mower of any remaining dust, dirt and fallen leaves. Manual or hose adjustment can be used for this procedure.

SAE SAE 30 engine oil SAE 10W30 engine oil

The LM5345 gasoline lawnmower runs on high-octane AI-92 or AI-95 fuel. The crankcase contains 0.6 liters of oil. The owner’s manual recommends using SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 rated lubricants.

Video review

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Owners reviews

Below are reviews of owners of Champion lawn mowers, which they left on thematic forums:


“Bought before the summer season, right after the trimmer failed. Assembly is elementary and starts right away. At first it seems to go very fast, but then you get used to it. It needs grass up to 20 cm in height. But the bag is not enough, I often have to clean it. Every two weeks I grind the page to the minimum level. Everything goes in 3 hours minus. No problems with wet grass either, works well. The mulching certainly came out cool, but then the grass comes off twice as fast as the last time. “


“The speed is perfect, not slow, but also not fast. The result exceeded all expectations. The lawn is as smooth as a Persian carpet. The side discharge is extremely uncomfortable, it gets clogged very quickly and bulges out. Startup always goes smoothly the first time. The grass box is quite roomy, depending on the weeds I clean it every 2-3 hours. The only nuance is that the belt broke, and there were problems with finding a new one, as there are many similar models. There is a wedge with belts Z 10x 750 Li at the car market for 250 p in the service centers 850”.

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