Lawn mower Bosch Rotak 40. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Reviews Bosch Rotak 40 (0.600.881.C00)

It costs decently, the assembly is English, I mowed it twice, with an interval of 2 hours a week, and that’s it, for the third time the engine hums, but the blade does not spin, I tried to close it with my hand turn if the grass had dried up, but no. I was under warranty with it, they did it right away, supposedly it was a bearing problem, but they didn’t really explain it, after the repair I mowed it a few times, before the repair and afterwards it still had a kind of smell it after melted plastic roofing felt or something like that, they fixed it, but as they say, the sediment remained, i’ll see what more sing!

I’ve mowed it twice, a week apart for 2 hours and that’s it, the third time the motor hums but the blade doesn’t spin.

The knife is made of “raw” steel, which dulls quickly. Plastic clips on the handle are weak, the season did not last, broke

If you take it, immediately harden the knife at the forge or buy a spare knife. Anyone who has a flat lawn and no pebbles in the ground, which is sufficient for several seasons, can correct it with a file directly on the lawn mower. Pleased with the lawn mower I recommend taking

We bought this model three seasons ago. The site had been ennobled by this point: no waist-high super weeds. No pit holes. Everything is pretty even. Not exactly a super lawn, but such a pleasant herb. The first breakdown – the bolt that fixes the knife turned out to be defective and fell in half when working. Thank God nobody and nothing was injured. An obvious factory defect, in the body of the bolt there was a rather large cavity (shell) with a diameter of almost half the diameter of the bolt. We fixed it ourselves. My appeal to BOSCH to ask if they have any methods of non-destructive testing on such important nodes was ignored. However. One day the switch stopped working. As it turned out, the contact group was wildly oxidized. To fix this, I decided to disassemble the mower and at the same time carry out a targeted cleaning of the grass debris, which really clogs wherever possible, since the developers “intended” an unimaginable number of hidden places for this. But after a year of operation, it is very difficult to disassemble this product! All mounting screws are rusted and the metal is so weak the slots are crumbling like plasticine. And finally, this year, during the first mowing of overgrown grass (about 50 cm.) Despite the fact that the mower received a “rest” every 10 minutes, the lower plastic pan on which the engine rests simply melted and the engine almost fell to the ground. Conclusion: I don’t know which model I’m going to buy, but I don’t want to spend a decent amount of money on plastic garbage twisted with Chinese sheet metal screws.

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The first mower was Rotak 32 – worked 7 years without problems and complaints. When she ordered for a long time to live in old age – there was no doubt – only Bosch. They only took wider Rotak 40. I have worked for 2 years – at the same time – I am rarely – I am rarely – a maximum of five times a season. I have trained 2 seasons – that is, they only mowed 10 times. The device was transferred to the house for winter. As a result, the device simply did not start this spring. The engine broke. I would like to believe that the marriage is single, but judge according to the reviews – I see that this is a common trend – the quality of Bosc h-Mowels has fallen. I will give a new one. I will pick up another brand.

Low performance, all cavities and cracks in the grass, do not complete the grass collector and its unsuccessful design, set the height of the mowing, a soft metal knife and generally a very bad design of the braid itself. Price

I not only swear that, but compared to the old mow and the nonyamovsky China. Very convenient setting of the height of the mowing – you press the handle and change the height, but this is only when it is new. After the second mowing, it turns out that the height only shakes 15 and then not as soon as they do not shake them.

Performance, it seems 1.6 kW, is thick, 10 cm it mows difficult, the engine significantly reduces the speed. In Old Honda a force of 1.4 kW at 36 cm knife width and tedious without problems. The grass collector is generally a hotel song. Interestingly, have the designers experienced it at least once? First of all, when I say, I don’t know because of what, but the whole grass accumulates near the hole, whereupon the mower and the knives begin to vibrate. Okay, we continue to sharpen it through the hatch. Second, it really takes it out. The hole is small, the floor is with a step, you have to shake it on your hands on stretched out for 20 seconds to water everything. Honda has a rag grass collector, she stuffed it with a little bit of herself and it is easy to pour it out. When overcrowded, the blades are clogged and it is impossible to understand that it has been filled in any way. It was only when I was stupid and vibrated that everything has been turned over and the grass is taken out. Honda Kosi at least with a closed hole – the grass just doesn’t work. Such a feeling that the Germans didn’t really test them. Grass is poured everywhere. A number of procurements, closed rooms in which it implemented. It is impossible to clean the ventilation grille at the front, as it is closed by another grille. Very soft blade. I sharpened Honda 2-3 times a season. This is a time. He flew into the stone – received a dent on the blade, which he upgraded with a hammer, which once again said as a softness. I gave the price, I gave Honda to my parents and decided to buy a device for 2 class above. I bought a German brand and a German price. I don’t scold Bosch, many other devices in the house of workers are perfect, but this craft is more nonyamovsky China.

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Lawn mower Bosch Rotak 40. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommend: 50%


Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmowers

The Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmowers complements the area of ​​the electrical units and is a classic model that is equipped with a motor with a capacity of 1700 watts.

Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmowers

The rotary cutting system and a blade knife do a great job with mowing the lawn, thick vegetation and weeds. In order for the engine to overheat during operation, the device offers a protection system that is automatically shut down when the temperature becomes critical.

Bosch knife

The Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmowers is designed in such a way that the location is processed up to 500 m². In a pass it pumps a strip of 40 cm wide. On the housing, a handle to regulate the amount of the mow is intended. Depending on the wishes of the operator, you can install the cutting of 20 to 70 mm. The low weight of the unit, which is 12.6 kg, enables you to transport a mower without difficulty. If you have to transfer it to another location, a pen is provided in the case.

Grass collector

The release takes place in a pocket that is attached from behind. The grass collector itself is made of dense plastic and has a volume of 50 liters. Comfortable handles for checking the lawn mower are adjustable and folded for comfortable storage if necessary.

Bosch Rotak 40 Gen Lawn

An alternative modification of the model presented is Bosch Rotak 40 Gen. All technical features collapse completely with Bosch Rotak 40.

Advantages of the electrical model Bosch Rotak 40:
  • Calm work;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Spacious grass collector;
  • Convenience of transport;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The ability to set the height of the haircut;
  • Increased ergonomics;
  • Small weight.
Bosch Rotak 40 basic equipment:
  • A lawnmower with handles;
  • Engine;
  • Wheels;
  • Grass collector;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Instructions.


Surname Bosch Rotak 40 Bosch Rotak 40 genes
Engine type electrical electrical
Power, W. 1700 1700
Sel f-covered no no
Hairdryer rotation rotation
Gras s-Collector, L 50 50
Cutting height, mm 20-70 20-70
Advance width, see 40 40
Weight (KG 12.6 12.6
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User Guide

The recommended air temperature for the operation of the Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Gas Mow is an range of 0 to +40 degrees. Thanks to the increased insulation of the device, it is not necessary to earth.

Electric lawn mower diagram

So that the work on the electrical shock is safe, it is advisable to use an extension cable type H50VV for H05RN f. The operating voltage is 230 V and for countries that do not belong to the EU: 220 V or 240 V. Repair work can only be carried out under the condition of the rules of technical security, namely in gloves and with a technology separated from the network.

The maintenance is the following processes:

  • Implementation of a periodic inspection to identify visible defects;
  • Checking the cutting tool and in the case of its information, replacement;
  • Checking the reliability of fasteners and the tightness of all covers;
  • Execute regular cleaning tools.

All details on maintenance and other operational functions can be examined in the instructions: Your browser does not support any frames that download the Bosch Rotak 34, 37.40.43 lawn mower.

Video review

Overview of the operation of the Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Gas Mow

Overview of Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmowers

Reviews of the owners

Most of Bosch Rotak 40’s owners are positive and indicate that the electromose is reliable and effective at work.


“Share a worthy unit for working on 10 hundred. I have enough of it and everything suits him. Mow both dry and wet grass. I have been working for more than a year and there were no breakdowns. I deliberately chose an electrical model on the wire because it is more reliable than the battery. As a lack, it was possible to identify only a strong constipation of all cracks in the grass. It is quite difficult to clean these particles. “

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