Lawn mower and power tillers from the Caiman brand. Model Overview

Caiman lawn mower review

Manufacturer Caiman is the youngest in the market of agricultural equipment. He appeared in 2004. It has produced good models with a minimum of flaws. Consider the different high grass mower options and features when choosing.


This technique is equipped with a Japanese Subaru engine. Such power and strength is much needed in agriculture. This position is next to Pubert and creates a compact technique on which you can work in the garden and in the garden. It turns out that the Caiman brand has combined French progressive technology from the leading brand, and the power and strength of the Japanese engine. It is a sensation in the field of agriculture: the use of innovative technology, quality, style – these are the features that do not leave indifferent even the most selective buyers.

Caiman offers a wide range of products. The company also produces power tillers, which help to cultivate the soil and mow the grass on the plot. Such units are equipped with rotary mowers, which always do a great job. Caiman has a significant line of robotic equipment. In particular, this applies to mowing, because such equipment has a number of advantages. The main thing is that you don’t have to mow the grass yourself, the device itself can do it.

Models of gasoline units

The segment of such mowers is quite large. Mitch has quality technical characteristics and a pleasant design. Take a look at the most popular Caiman models.

  • Xplorer 60S has a large motorized mower and a side discharge of grass, which the device cuts. This machine weighs 55 kg, but thanks to the comfortable handle you can make an effort to work with this device. The mower has manual controls, so you can easily control the operation of the machine. It handles fifty acres without interruption. The modern Subaru engine consumes little fuel, few exhaust fumes. The aerodynamic blade cuts the grass within a radius of 50 cm.

Maneuverability is achieved due to the fact that the construction on three bikes.

  • The Athena 60s can be camouflaged and its grass catcher box can collect up to seventy liters of grass. The grass from the device is ejected to the side or back, these values are easily adjustable. The grass can be mowed a little at a time. The main advantages: a powerful engine, a knife with aerodynamics and the maneuverability of four bikes. The rear wheels have a larger diameter than the front wheels. This leads to additional stability of the construction. In addition, the unit comes with a set aimed at mulching.
  • LM5361SXA-Pro is a self-propelled model designed to cut long grass. The main feature of the device is the speed controller, which reaches a speed of up to 6 km/h and works smoothly and very gently. The system makes it easy to start the machine, as it is equipped with a safety start system. Its peculiarity is that it starts the machine only without a blade, so this technique is easy to transport. Buyers have appreciated this model, but the disadvantages are the high cost of the unit and the material for the grass catcher box must be hard.
  • The King Line 17K and 20k are considered premium lawn mowers. These units are designed for professional use. They are powered by a Kawasaki FJ100 four-stroke engine. The grass catcher box is located at the front. Fuel consumption is about 1.6 l/h at maximum speed.
  • For the most comfortable work in the grass, the company prepared the Caiman Comodo model. This device has all-wheel drive and can work in different conditions. The machine has halogen headlights. The mulching wedge is located in the device itself. This saves a lot of time in preparing these machines. The device can mow in three ways: collect in the grass box, mulch and throw the grass back. The model can even mow one meter of grass.
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The wonder machine

To virtually eliminate the involvement of the consumer in mowing the lawn, Caiman Robot has developed machines adapted to any surface. Outwardly, this technique resembles a small beetle. Robots are characterized by smooth lines, beautiful design and attractive appearance.

For the quality work of the miracle machine, you need to limit the mowing surface with an electromagnetic cable, then install the program at the station to the machine and the machine begins to work. Ambrogio model is quiet, environmentally friendly and ergonomic. Charging such a device takes three hours, the lawnmower is controlled via a smartphone.

To start the robotic lawnmower, it is necessary to perform a number of actions:

  • Install and connect the charging station, it is electric;
  • Identify the mowing area and separate it with the cable that comes with the machine;
  • As soon as the battery is discharged, the robot sends itself to the charging station, the device is charged and starts working again.

Such models are so progressive that they can clean even swimming pools alone.

So, Caiman is a professional equipment for gardening, which is of high quality. This is evident in the innovative developments of the company. To the disadvantages can be attributed only a high cost, possible breakdowns. However, they can be avoided if the devices are properly operated.

Lawn mower and power tillers from the Caiman brand. Model Overview

Caiman brand is considered one of the youngest, as it appeared on the market of agricultural equipment recently, and more precisely in 2004.

The main advantage of the produced equipment is the equipment with Japanese Subaru engines.

The company’s representatives expressed a desire to demonstrate the power and strength of Japanese engines in the agricultural sector. This position was actively supported by Pubert, manufacturer of compact devices for land and garden cultivation.

The French company Pubert is the market leader in agricultural machinery, so the creation of advanced units with a Japanese engine under the Caiman brand was a real sensation.

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Stylish design, the use of advanced technology and excellent quality are the main characteristics of the products.

Kaiman catalog offers consumers a wide range of products, which is focused on the work with lawns, bushes, cleaning and the like.

Many MotoBlocks Vario models help to grow the plot.

The MotoBlocks are equipped with the modern Vario automatic gearbox, which is available in 5 variants. Use a rotary mower that perfectly shovels the grass according to the task at hand.

A wide range of robotic grass mowing equipment offers many benefits to its owners, in particular, it eliminates the need to participate in mowing the lawn.

Gasoline lawn mower

Different versions of the gasoline lawn mower are specifically designed for a variety of consumers. In addition, you have to pay tribute to the designer – the mowers differ not only in technical characteristics, but also in appearance.

    • Professional mower Xplorer 60s is equipped with large biceps and side discharge of mowed grass. It has a weight of 54 kg and is easy to operate, thanks to its comfortable handle. The mower is designed. It can easily handle about 50 acres. The high-tech Subaru EA 190V engine features low fuel consumption and low emissions. Aerodynamic blade edging radius.
    • The Athena 60s is capable of mulching, has a 70-litre grass catcher box and the ability to change the grass discharge to either side or rear. The Athena is also very easy to mow tall grass. Among the advantages of this model are the powerful engine, the aerodynamic blade with its special configuration and the four-wheel configuration, where the rear wheels have a larger diameter, which increases the transverse walkability.
      • The LM5361SXA-Pro is designed to mow tall grass. The peculiarity of the model is the speed variator, with which you can smoothly and evenly develop a speed of up to 6 km/h. The quick start system provides easy starting. The device is equipped with a safety start system, which starts the engine, but does not turn on the knife. This feature is useful when transporting the mower.
      • King Line 17K and 20K mowers are assigned to the Premium class and are designed for professional use. The model is equipped with a four-stroke engine Kawasak i-FJ100. Unlike previous models, the grass catcher box is located at the front, so it does not interfere with the operator at all. Fuel consumption is about 1.6 liters per hour at maximum speed.

      For all those who like comfortable work Caiman brand has prepared a gift in the form of Caiman Comodo lawnmowers, which are high-tech units. Thanks to the one-piece wheel arch, you can work in any conditions. The machines are equipped with halogen headlights. An innovative solution was the use of a mulching plug directly in the unit, so you do not have to spend time installing it. The devices have three mowing options, depending on which grass can be collected in the grass catcher box, emulated or replenished. The following models are available in the catalog:

      • Comodo 2WD HD
      • Comodo 2wd
      • Comodo 4wd

      The grass catcher box has a capacity of 320 liters, which allows you to cultivate up to 100 hectares of land. The Kawasaki FS600V engine is powerful and reliable. Cutting height can reach 1 m. Model range of benzocos with Kayman


      In the work on the site is especially valuable mobility and maneuverability. That is why the kaiman benzocos, represented in a wide range, are popular. They fully perform their functions of mowing the grass, are compact in size and easy to maneuver with them. Japanese engineers have installed special gearboxes, which are of high quality. Correct balancing system provides convenience and comfort in work, as the whole structure is fully balanced. The following trimmer models are on the market:

      • Caiman WX21 promo
      • Caiman WX24 promo
      • Caiman WX24
      • Caiman SXP26
      • Caiman WX26
      • Caiman WX26 Catan
      • Caiman WX30
      • Caiman WX33
      • Cayman VS430
      • Caiman WX43.

      Gasoline engines are economical. Depending on the model, you can cultivate from 25 hectares up to 100 hectares. Accordingly, the technical characteristics of the units vary. Based on the task at hand, you can choose the most suitable model for you.

      Robotic lawnmowers

      For those who want to minimize their involvement in mowing the grass, Kaiman brand presents a wide range of Rayman Ambrogio mowers, adapted to different sites. The appearance of some models resembles small imperfections, and some units are fancy car campaigns. Smooth lines, attractive appearance and stylish design are not all that the robots can boast. You limit the mowing area with an electromagnetic cable, set the desired program at the charging station and admire a well-formed lawn. The features of these Saiman Ambrogio robots are quiet, environmentally friendly as they run on batteries, and low operating costs. Such a model is designed to last about 3.5 hours, and you can monitor the mower’s operation using your smartphone.

      Rotary mower for walk-behinds k-Tractor

      A rotary type that can be attached to a walk-behind tractor is suitable for handling a large area. The design can easily handle lawn grass, cereal crops and small shrubs. The rotational speed of the stepping cutting elements reaches 6 km/h, which contributes to a quality cut. The weight of the engine unit with the mower is only 33 kg. The height and width of the cut is adjustable.

      Which models are the top models?

      Kaiman Basyman, WX30, WX24 and WX26 are the most popular due to the successful combination of technical characteristics. The Kaiman WX24 is the smallest and correspondingly lightest. It weighs only 4.7 kg and is designed to work a plot of land up to 30 acres. The SXP26 is the lightest and covers 40 hectares. The WX26 and WX30 are rated at 50 and 60 hectares respectively.


      The engine comes on sale without engine oil, so the first thing to do is to pour the required amount of it. It is recommended to use car oil for 4-bell engines of grade SE API or higher. The viscosity should be chosen according to the seasonality of the work. Usually 10W-30 oil is used. The vehicle uses unhealthy gasoline as fuel. The following should be performed as daily maintenance: Check the condition of all fasteners and air filters; Make sure there is no extraneous noise or excessive vibration. Check that there is no leakage of fuel and lubricants. The first oil change is made after 20 hours of operation. Subsequent oil changes are made every 50 hours. Recommended spark plug: E7RTC (Torch). The gap between the electrodes should be about 0.7-0.8 mm. Cleanliness of the spark plug should be monitored regularly.

      Main malfunctions

      The following malfunctions may occur: The engine will not start. Check spark plug, fuel or carburetor fuel supply. Check settings. Engine malfunctions at idle. Adjust carburetor, check gasket on crankshaft. loss of power. Clean air filter, replace spark plug, adjust carburetor, check for primer on muffler. Wrong settings. Overheated engine. Change the mixture to a quality one. Replace spark plug, adjust carburetor.

      Video review

      Below is a video review of the Kaiman WX26 chain saw with a description of all its advantages

      Video reviews provide a description of the Kaiman WX24.


      Anastasia: “We bought Kaiman WX33 and didn’t regret the money spent. It works great in the heat and when you need to shake out the big grass. We have 80 acres to mow, so we did it fast. Reliable 1.7 hp Japanese engine. It starts up from the first shot, even when it is cold. The cutting disc is made of high-quality steel and easily cuts down even the bushes. “

      Kirill: “I have been using the Kaiman WX24 mower for 2 years now. I really like it in work, as a lightweight it starts quickly and mows well. The engine power is only 1 hp, but it’s enough for a small area. The prongs are adjustable, so my wife and I each adjust it to suit ourselves. “

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