Lawn care in early autumn: 5 steps

Lawn maintenance in autumn: what you have to do

Nowadays, most owners choose a lawn as a decoration element when designing the territory. Because of its versatility, it fits into every landscape and sometimes becomes its main decoration.

Lawn maintenance in autumn

Lawn maintenance in autumn

A wel l-kept lawn helps to set up a recreational area in the best way, gives the surrounding space a feeling of cosiness and comfort and offers aesthetic pleasure from early spring to late autumn. However, beginners should be aware that lawn grass is a rather delicate culture that requires increased attention throughout the season.

In addition, autumn care is of particular importance for the green lawn. During this time, it is necessary to carry out a number of mandatory activities that help the lawn grass to survive all the strain of winter and to appear again in spring in spring.


In autumn, dry weather often begins and in order to prevent yellowing and withering the green “spread”, it is necessary to continue to moisten the lawn regularly. In the absence of precipitation, irrigated every 5-7 days, the irrigation method is used and a waterlogging of the soil is avoided that can damage the lawn by fungal diseases.

In dry weather the lawn must be irrigated

In dry weather the lawn must be irrigated

But already in the first October decade, irrigation is completely set to prevent the grass root system weakening with high humidity and ever lower temperatures. This can adapt to changing conditions and is better prepared for winter.


It is no secret that the normal development of each plant requires sufficient oxygen supply to your root system. Gardeners achieve this by loosening the soil in the corridors of vegetable beds and regular circles of trees and shrubs.

Lawn grass is no exception, especially since it is exposed to constant tramplings throughout the season and the floor underneath is heavily compressed. With regard to a thick lawn, however, another technology is used, which is referred to as ventilation and the core of which is to drill the soil up to a certain depth.

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This event carried out in autumn improves the air permeability of the soil, which has a positive effect on the development of the root plant of this mult i-year vegetation. In addition, the ventilation creates additional protection against freezing the grass in winter because the air has low thermal conductivity. In the case of persistent autumn rain, this technology eliminates the stagnation of water on the lawn surface and protects it from damage caused by root rot.

You can ventilate the lawn with a pitchfork

You can ventilate the lawn with a pitchfork

For this purpose you can use ordinary garden hay forks. You have to bury the ground in the ground halfway length and are made as many of these holes as possible on the construction site.

However, since such a process appeared to many gardeners as extremely tedious, the manufacturers went even further and invented a more comfortable device to replace the hay fork – ventilation sandals.

Lawn ventilation sandals. Photo by

Lawn ventilation sandals. Photo by

These miracle boots no longer require methodological work with your hands, but enable you to simply go over the green lawn and immerse yourself the sharp spines on your soles up to the full depth.

You can find such sandals or other devices for ventilation on our market where goods from various online shops are presented. See a selection of tools for the lawn.

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An alternative to such sandals can be mechanical lawn ventilation that is a manual gurney that is equipped with occupied inserts. With the task and without significant efforts by the gardener, this device helps to increase air permeability, and at the same time the water resistance of the soil in the area specially grass.

Mechanical ventilation. Photo by

Mechanical ventilation. Photo of the website

The abov e-mentioned budget models are better suited for owners of a small lawn. In order to carry out the huge territory, it is more appropriate to use special mechanized devices that can have both an electrical and a petrol engine. Such units that are presented in many specialized shops in a wide range will be more expensive.

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It is worth noting that this procedure should be carried out after rain or irrigation (on the ground supplied with moisture). In the next 2-3 days it is important not to go along the “perforated” position so as not to fill the opening in advance.

Top dressing

Multiply haircuts for your restoration a large amount of nutrients. In autumn it is necessary to compensate for the lack of nutritional elements in the soil. Nitrogen stimulates the active growth of the ground part of plants and its use during this period is minimized. The focus is on phosphorus and potassium top dressing, which help to strengthen the grass root system, which serves as the key to its successful wintering.

In autumn, the fertility of the soil must be restored under the lawn

In autumn it is necessary to restore soil fertility under the lawn

It is possible to use monocomponent medication dopple superphosphate and potassium sulfate by inserting it in a dry form of 50-60 g or 30-40 g for every m² of lawn. Or the use of mixed mixtures, for example the manufacturer Fertika “Bastard Autumn”, by the company “Russian lawn” means “for the preparation of the lawn for the winter”, which are carried out according to the instructions for the selected drugs.

In addition, it will be useful every 2 years to fertilize the lawn with organic by 4-5 kg ​​after a big sieve on every m² pre-war forms or compost. An alternative to these fertilizers can be complex organmeral preparations from the business – rope “for the autumn turf”, violent fertilizers for the lawn “autumn”, “monocalythosphate” and others.

Lawn grass also reacts perfectly to the introduction of bone flour and wooden ash in autumn, which, in addition to phosphorus and potassium, contains a complex of important trace elements. These natural fertilizers can act as an alternative to phosphorus-potium-chemical production products. The consumption rate is 150 to 200 g bone flour or ash for every m² green meadow.

We fertilize the lawn every two years with organic material.

Every 2 years we pledged the lawn with organic

It is better to get a fertilizer after rain or watering, and if no rainfall is expected in the coming days, it makes sense immediately after this process to water the lawn again with water from sprinkler systems. In order for the nutrients to be absorbed and their positive effects on the grass, you should not delay the autumn feeding – it will be carried out in the first week of October at the latest.

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You can also select a suitable preparation for feeding a green lawn through the market. Take a look at our selection of lawn caregivers for autumn and compare the offers of different online shops.

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In addition, when planning a lawn care in autumn, it is advisable to fertilize the lawn soil a few days after ventilation. In this approach, the preparations introduced penetrate the deeper soil layers and are fully available to the root system of the lawn grass.

A haircut

In autumn the lawn must continue to be mowed regularly, but now it is worth concentrating on the weather forecast and trying to carry out the last haircut 12-14 days before the frost is inserted. During this time, the grass has time to recover from damage and grow to 6-7 cm – in this form it can withstand a cold slump better.

Shorter sprouts can freeze and cause longer sprouts if they are withered, unnecessary felt on the lawn, which can lead to bald spots. In addition, the overgrown green mass is heavily stressed by the grass root system, which makes it weaker and more susceptible to winter stress.

Autumn mowing is an important process to make the lawn winte r-proof.

Autumn mowing is an important process to make the lawn winte r-proof.

Use a fan at the end of the last haircut to calculate all debris (fallen leaves) from the lawn and leave it alone. After such interventions that are carried out in time in autumn, the green lawn will easily survive the strain of winter and the next spring will become the main decoration of the back yard.

This is how you maintain your lawn in autumn so that you don’t have to sow it in spring

A lawn is a universal solution for a suburban area, since it can be planted once and will give joy for several years. In order for a lawn to be beautiful, it has to be maintained all year round: watering, cutting and fertilizing. In autumn you have to take care of making the lawn winte r-proof.

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This is how you maintain your lawn in autumn so that you don't have to sow it in spring

Many summer residents try to create a lawn on their property. It makes the place modern and decorates the landscape. To make the lawn like, however, you should remember the basic recommendations for autumn care.

Lawn owners know that lawn care is a tedious and constant business, they have to work from early spring to the end of summer. The lawn must be irrigated, mowed, fertilized, repaired.

But now September is coming to an end and it seems that they can already relax. No matter how! The lawn also demands constant attention in autumn.

Water the lawn in autumn

When autumn was dry, you have to moisturize the lawn regularly.

If it doesn’t rain, this should be done every week or more often. As in summer, it is better to use the stray method.

At the beginning of October, watering should be completely set to get an optimal water balance. Then the root system is not afraid of frost.

Mowing lawns in autumn

In September they continue to mow the lawn as in summer.

The last haircut should take place 2 weeks before the frost. During this time the grass grows by 6 cm and is therefore more fros t-resistant.

If the last cut takes place later, the short grass freezes. And if you do not mow the lawn in autumn, the long grass withered on the construction site and bare spots appear.

Finding fertilization in autumn

By regularly mowing, lawn grass absorbs more nutrients. To make the lawn visually appealing for next year, you have to fertilize in autumn.

Cali and phosphorus-top dressings are relevant in autumn. You can use finished mixtures to prepare the lawn for the winter.

A good alternative to bought mixtures is ash. In addition to phosphorus and potassium, it contains the necessary trace elements.

Every few years it is recommended to make organic fertilizers – compost or humus. They must first be shredded and sieved by a sieve.

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Lawn ventilation in autumn

The air supply to the roots is one of the most important prerequisites for a lush green lawn.

Gardeners constantly loosen beds with vegetables, but that is not possible with a lawn. In order to supply lawn grass with air, another technology was invented – drilling the floor up to a low depth or ventilation.

If you ventilate in autumn, the root system is strong and in winter the grass is protected from freezing. In the case of autumn showers, the ventilation prevents water from stagnating in the ground.

The saturation of the lawn with air can be done with different devices:

  • Hay fork for the garden;
  • Ventilation sandals;
  • Mechanical ventilation.

In a small room you can get by with a view or sandals. For a large area, you need a mechanical device that is operated with battery or mains current.

  • If only forks are available, they must be deepened around half the length of the tooth and the entire area must be processed.
  • Sandal ventilation do this work with little or without human intervention: they only have to run in it on the entire construction site, and the spines on the sole make all holes.
  • Mechanical devices quickly master large areas. They improve the air and water permeability of the soil.

The ventilation takes place after rain on wet soil. After that, you cannot run on the lawn for a few days so as not to compress the holes.

Autumn lawn care is not difficult. Depending on the surface and availability of the necessary devices, fertilization and ventilation takes some time, but will pay off in the next spring when a sa d-green lawn grows.

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