Lavender – a piece of Provence in your garden

Ideas for using lavender in landscape design – combination with plants and unified planting

Ideas for using lavender in landscaping - in combination with plants and single plantings

Lavender in landscape design – a spectacular beautifully flowering plant, which can be the culmination of the entire composition. As far as the clavender family is concerned, it combines half a species, more than 40 species. Depending on the species, lavender flowers can have different shade. There are frost-resistant varieties, under varieties that do not die even at and-25 ° se. On this site we will find out how you can use lavender, what it can be combined with and how to care for it.

For use in landscaping

The dense crown in the half-breast and the light coloring of the shields makes lavender a profitable participant in spectacular compositions in personal action. Introducing this plant into landscape compositions has several advantages:

  • Versatility;
  • dense crown;
  • Frost resistance of many varieties;
  • beautiful flowering;
  • Pleasant persistent fragrance.

Alpine lavender: The basis of organization.

In its natural habitat, the Mediterranean lavender grows not only in meadows but also on mountain slopes. The root system adapted to such conditions allows half of the bush to be used to form a bunting and alpine film. In this arrangement, a flowering shrub is placed between the stones, which plays on the contrast with the sensitive inflorescences and large stones.

Decorating a border.

With the help of lavender alone, garden paths can be spectacularly decorated. For such a decoration to have a well-groomed appearance, you need to keep an eye on the shrub, including proper mowing.

Mixboard: The best options

One of the conditions for good growth of the plant and its flowering is a sufficient amount of sunlight color. Thus, you can mix lavender with other plants. The requirements that are placed on the “neighbors” in the flower bed – do not block the sun and do not give dense shade.

A flower bed in the garden - with your own hands!

The best combinations in the composition are preserved with flowers of such colors:

Choosing the best companion.

A beautiful contrasting duo is planted on a site with lavender and roses. Pink rose heads and light purple flowers of the lavender semi-bush look very effective in one composition.

Please note! It is believed that such a mixture for external perception and fragrance is optimal.

How to arrange a self-supporting plant

Lavender is good because it is not necessary to pick up accompanying flowers and create complex compositions. Shrubs grow well with proper care, and also look beautiful against the background of ordinary lawn grass or as a stand-alone design.

Tip: If there is space on the plot you can plant it completely with lavender.

When space is limited: Eccentricity is welcome.

For small plots where every square meter is literally in the balance, you can look at low-growing dwarf varieties. An option is to plant lavender in containers rather than in the open ground.

An unusual choice of container gives a special charm to the construction. It can be an old jug, an old garden gas or other equally colorful object.

Tip ! Container-grown plants can be used for landscaping balconies, porches and window sills.

Finishing off slopes: practicality and attractiveness

Difficult terrain is not a reason to refuse to decorate it with flowering plants. Use lavender in the same way as in the creation of alpine slopes, and get a beautiful decoration of the slope or hill.

For this purpose, you can use the plant on its own or together with others:

  • violet;
  • rhododendron;
  • Juniper; juniper; and others.

Lavender hedge: Recommendations for organization

For the organization of a hedge, large varieties reaching 0,8-1,5 m are suitable. Such bushes look beautiful when planted:

  • along the framework of the arrangement;
  • along the fence;
  • directly under the house.

Pay attention! In addition to the original appearance, lavender bushes have the ability to repel unwanted insects.

Herbs: A friendly neighbourhood.

In addition to mixing with light-blooded plants, lavender can be combined in a composition with spicy herbs. Such a bed not only has an unusual appearance, but also spreads a pleasant spicy fragrance.

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For lavender is suitable company:

Video description

In the video, see how to organize a landscape design with lavender:

How to find “friends” to lavender and the garden

Planting a fragrant shrub in the garden serves not only a decorative, but also a practical function. This is due to its special properties. The fragrance exuded by the flowers prevents the spread of pests to garden plants.

Tip: The close proximity of lavender to potatoes prevents Colorado potato beetles.

What you should know about this plant

The birthplace of this plant is a country with a warm climate. In order for the bush to flower beautifully and survive the winter well, you need to choose frost-resistant varieties, as Mediterranean flowers may not survive the cold winter.

Pay attention to the following points:

  1. Adaptation of the chosen variety to the climate of the region.
  2. Among the large number of varieties of lavender there are both large-fruited and low-growing. This makes it possible to choose and combine different types and to use them for many different purposes, from decorating paths to creating hedges.
  3. It flowers in the second half of summer.
  4. Not all types of lavender are very useful.
  5. A shrub grows well in sandy soil.
  6. It can be propagated by clippings and seeds. The latter method is very complicated and time consuming.
  7. Cuttings for propagation can only be cut from a bush that is at least 3 years old.

Important! Only high care will help to get a beautiful plant for landscape design.

Video description

See examples of beautiful flower beds with lavender in the video:


Consistent high quality maintenance involves a number of chores, including:

Loosening and mulching requirements are due to the nature of the root system, which needs good air circulation when the soil is loose. It is also necessary to water young bushes especially abundantly. It is important not to flood the lavender with water so that the roots do not rot and the leaves do not turn yellow.

Fytoverm on potatoes. Signs of the disease and treatment methods

Fertilizer should be used at the beginning of the flowering period. In late summer, it is better not to use fertilizer, so that the system is better prepared for winter. And with a good mulch in a thick layer, fertilizing the shrub with fertilizer is not necessary.

Pruning is another important stage in the care of the ornamental plant. It is carried out after the end of flowering. It not only allows them to form a bush of a beautiful shape, but also contributes to a better wintering.

Tip! If winter frosts lower than e-25 ° C are possible, bushes (including frost-resistant varieties) should be prepared – to cover with pine needles.

Video description

See the secrets of lavender care in the video:


Lavender in the landscape is a spectacular plant that is impossible to care for. At the same time you can create very beautiful, charming compositions. The creative design of the field with bright flowers strikes with originality and Mediterranean casualness.

Lavender – a piece of Provence in your garden

Lavender, breathtakingly beautiful and scented, is the pride and symbol of Provence.


The charm of this French province and the style of Provence is indissolubly tied to this flower. From July to the end of August, blooming lavender and chic lavender fields bloom to the horizon and fill the air with an unforgettable aroma.

Over 80% of the lavender used worldwide is grown in Provence!


Provence has a lot to do with this special flower: there are stores here and there where you can buy lavender products, there are special festivals in honor of this plant (lavender festival), and in the city called Custel there is even a lavender museum 1991 Founded, where you can learn all about the structure, processing and application process. More than eighty percent of the lavender used worldwide is grown here in Provence.

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Most of it, of course, is exported abroad, even in its pure form. In addition, 3% of the total crop is harvested by hand, the rest – the flowers of a special variety of lavender – with the help of machines. Once the harvest is processed in factories – the processing methods have not changed for over a century – it is pressed into an oil that is used as an ingredient in many medicines and cosmetics.


Lavender is also used in interior design. In addition,lavender is also used in Provence, which is a very cozy and charming style. Lavender curtains and bed linens, lavender branches carved on kitchen cupboards and chests doors, embroidered on living room napkins, bouquets of dried and fresh lavender which welcome home with a light scent, lavender patterns on ceramic tiles and dishes, nice and refined, simple, unpretentious, light – all are an essential element of French Provence. Of course, you should not use lavender in excess if you want to furnish your home in this style.


The rich lavender light dilutes the light, natural tones of the Provence interior. However, a few charming accessories will only embellish the interior and give it a touch of sophistication and refinement. For example, a jug with a lavender pattern is sure to fit into every kitchen or dining room in the Provencal style and will become an integral part of it, it can also be decorated window sills: Even without fresh flowers, such an accessory in itself is a decoration.


In addition to the jug, a mascot can be placed on the windowsillCeramic chicken.You can also place a lavender mascot “Ceramic Chicken” on your windowsill, decorated with a lavender pattern: This elegant accessory will bring a touch of home comfort and harmony to your interior. And for florists we recommend to indulge your flowers by transplanting them into flower-bag pots, whose unusual craftsmanship and pattern are in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of French Provence. Do not forget about the aromatic properties of lavender: stunning decorative soap with its fragrance can be a great gift – or make you happy, you just place it in the bathroom, which immediately will be filled with the aroma of the Provencal summer.

Home remedies against snails

In our decor store You can find these and many otherdecorative items that will fill your home with lavender freshness and can decorate not only your life but also your free time!


Always with best wishes, Kristy Home Team!

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