Kruger chainsaws: a review of popular models, technical characteristics and descriptions

Review of the chainsaw Kruger. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

Kruger is represented on the territory of the GIS for more than 9 years. And during that time he has built up a competent base of customers and dealers. Kruger offers its customers a variety of garden and electrical equipment. The priority area of their production is chainsaws.

Kruger chain saws – it’s high quality build and the ability to withstand heavy loads. Currently, the production of Kruger chainsaws is actively developing. The most popular model is the mighty Kruger chainsaw GCSK 35-45.

Review of the Kruger GCSK 35-45 chainsaw

This gasoline chainsaw is ideal for a variety of cutting and felling jobs. It is successfully used both in the professional sphere and in the private sector, which contributes to the high power of the engine 4.5 hp. This enables the saw to withstand heavy loads and produce a perfectly smooth cut.

The Kruger chainsaw is factory-equipped with:

  1. Engine.
  2. Guide bar (2 pieces) (Its length is 45 cm and is able to ensure a long life, and in addition to epoxy coating, this element has protection against scratches and rust).
  3. Chain (2 pieces) (Composed of high-alloyed chrome steel and can withstand heavy loads).
  4. Busbar cover (used for safe transport of the chain with a hook).
  5. Fuel mixture preparation container (thanks to the compartments, preparation of fuel mixture is not difficult).
  6. Basic tool (serves for minor repairs, maintenance and sharpening of the chainsaw).
  7. Warranty card for 1 year.
  8. Detailed operating instructions.

Depending on the season, the cost of the hook engine reaches 10,000 rubles, but dealers often arrange sales and such a beast can be bought for 7-8 thousand rubles

To facilitate the process of starting at sub-zero temperatures, the Kruger GCSK 35-45 chain saw is equipped with the proprietary Ergo Start system, which makes this process fast and trouble-free in all weather conditions.

The hook gas ignition system also has a thermal protector that cools the element. Automatic chain lubrication reduces friction during sawing and reduces the rate of chain wear.

It takes less than 0.5 seconds for the hook chain saw bar to come to a complete stop. This is very important in terms of operator safety.

The Kruger GCSK 35-45 anti-vibration system reduces stress on the operator and increases the possibility of continuous work. The body is made of high quality metal and plastic, which protect the engine from external mechanical damage.

Technical characteristics of the Kruger GCSK 35-45 chainsaw

  • Engine type – gasoline
  • Engine capacity – 52 cc.
  • Maximum power – 4.5 hp (3500w).
  • Fuel tank capacity – 550 ml.
  • Oil tank capacity – 260 ml.
  • Busbar – 45 cm
  • Chain pitch – 0.325″.
  • Metal crank/motor starter
  • Inertia starter
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Adjustable carburetor
  • Weight 6 lbs.
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Kruger Saw instruction manual

Before you start working with your German Krüger chainsaw you should study the operating instructions. This will help you to understand the operation and construction of the chain saw and prevent possible breakdowns and damage to the operator.

  1. The Krüger chain saw runs on a mixture of oil and fuel. It is recommended to use synthetic or synthetic 2T grade lubricants and gasoline should meet the AI 92 standard. It is not recommended to use fuel with a higher octane number, low-quality fuel or if it has been in the garage for a long time. The recommended ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:25 (25 grams of oil to 1 liter of gasoline).

Make sure that the Kruger chain is a saw before you start. There should be no cracks or other damage, the chain should be securely tensioned on the bar, and the fuel tank should be at least 1/4 full.

Care must be taken when working. Consider where you fall when rolling out trees or stumps from branches so that you do not harm others around you. When cutting a log cabin, start at the base and move toward the crown.

If you are doing the job in the winter, don’t point the engine immediately, but wait 2-3 minutes for it to warm up.

When working with the Kruger chain, the operator must wear protective rush gear: goggles, overalls, and boots.

Kruger Maintenance

To maximize the life of the Kruger, regular maintenance should be performed in accordance with the recommendations in the Operator’s Manual.

Make sure the fuel mixture is available and of good quality before starting the plant. If the belt has not been used for 1 month or more, drain the remaining fuel and refill with fresh fuel.

When performing sawing, the tire maker is responsible for rotating the chain, and after receiving loads tends to wash on one or the other. To evenly distribute the clothes over the entire length, he should turn 180 degrees once a week.

When working with a chainsaw Krüger (Germany), the main load is on the chain. That is why it is important to check its condition and to have it checked regularly. The first signs that the chain is blunt are:

  1. Strong vibration when sawing.
  2. Too much chain oil consumption.
  3. Uneven sawing.
  4. Heavy sawing forces.

The rules for properly sharpening the teeth on your Kruger gasoline-powered saw are in the instruction manual. You will need a round and rectangular file and a template for the deep stop. All of these are included in the factory kit.

Description of the basic irregularities

Despite the fact that Kruger chainsaws are made in Germany and are of high quality, they are prone to fail regularly, and the rules of correction, the most common errors, every owner of this tool should know.

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If the engine does not start on its own during operation:

  1. Improper starting processes.
  2. Formed fouling or uneven gap in the ignition light.
  3. Clogged air filter.
  4. Missing fuel spark plug.

When the engine starts but does not produce the required output:

  1. Clogged air filter.
  2. Improper carburetor operation.
  3. Wrong proportion of fuel mixture.

Mighty Krüger Chainsaw Owner Reviews:

Here’s what owners say about Kruger chainsaws, their owners, on special thematic forums:

Artem, 56 years old, Rostov region:

“For me a chainsaw is not a luxury, but a way to make money in the countryside. Now I don’t have much work, so I decided to make some money somehow. Then I bought a Kruger chainsaw and work in the village half a day at a time. At least there is some dime. In the end, I am satisfied with your work. Maintenance is simple, fill up the oil and go to work. Starts up no problem in any weather. Sits everything. And I work on it quite often: at least twice a week for three or four hours for three years. And when I’m not working, I’ve watched them.”

Maxim, 51, Tver:

“I start the saw since the second season, but it always starts with a half-turn, as the first time. I like the quality of the workmanship and the low fuel and oil consumption. When I called the service center for advice on setting the RPM, I got a detailed answer to my question. I am satisfied, now I want to buy a new Krüger trimmer. “

Advantages: creates an even cut in all conditions.

Disadvantages: have not yet found

There are dozens of official Kruger dealers in the Russian Federation, which have the GCSK 35-45 chain saw in stock. Here are some of them:

Basil Kruger GCSK 35-45. Specifications. Operation, reviews ratings of owners

The Krüger chainsaw is produced by the German brand Krüger, which specializes in gardening, electric and gasoline tools, electrical and construction equipment. In the last 5-10 years, despite the strong growth of the euro, the manufacturer managed to defend its position on the market of tools in the Russian Federation and even to increase its influence. This happened due to competent price policy, which allows producing high-quality tools Kruger at a price affordable to the general public.

Germans are known for their pedantry, so the quality control of products is carried out with great care at all stages of production. Appliances produced by the company comply with European standards and have the appropriate certificates.

Description Krüger GCSK 35-45

Kruger chainsaw is a semi-professional tool, which is indispensable both in private sector and at home, as well as in production. Purpose of the saw: felling trees, crowning, gardening, vegetable gardening, preparation of fuel, construction work (outdoors). Kruger GCSK 35-45 chain saws have a very rugged plastic housing, which houses a powerful two-stroke internal combustion engine rated at 4.5 liters. С. The engine is started by means of a starter rope with an easy start system Ergo Start. The manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the device owner by equipping the Kruger chainsaw with a chain brake with a shield. The brake is triggered in the event of a reverse impact, the moment the hand touches the protective shield. Check the brake before operating the tool and do not operate unless the chain has stopped.

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The Kruger chainsaw is also equipped with an effective vibration damping system. The dampers and rubberized grips on the engine and handles do their job of protecting the chainsaw operator from the harmful effects of vibration. The Kruger chainsaw chain and guide bar are particularly stressed, as these are the main working organs of the power tool. A lubrication system is provided for longer service life. The chainsaw body has a 0.260 liter oil tank and a pump that moves the lubricant through the oil channels to the bar. The chain is lubricated automatically when the chain is rotating and is no longer fed when the chain is idling. The amount of oil can be set with the supplied tool. The manufacturer has equipped its chainsaw with a 45 cm long sword and a low-profile chain with a division of 0.325. Two guide bars and two chains are included at once for the operator’s convenience. The guide bars are double-sided, which further increases their service life.

Precise cutting is ensured by the toothed stop (included), which prevents the saw from jumping when sawing. The chain clamping system is instrumental and the chain tensioner is located on the side of the chainsaw.

Technical characteristics :
  • Engine type – gasoline
  • Engine capacity – 52 cc.
  • Maximum power – 4.5 hp (3500w).
  • Fuel tank capacity – 550 ml.
  • Oil tank capacity – 260 ml.
  • Busbar – 45 cm
  • Chain division – 0.325 cm.
  • Metal crank/motor starter
  • Inertia starter
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Adjustable carburetor
  • Weight 6 lbs.

Features of Kruger chain saw

  • Weight – 6 kg;
  • Two-stroke internal combustion engine with a working volume of 4.5 liters. С..;
  • precision cutting;
  • adjustable oil pump;
  • adjustable carburetor;
  • Manual inertia drive;
  • Vibration dampers and cushions;
  • Power supply independent;
  • Set of 2 poles and chains;
  • Mobility;
  • Extended Offer.

instruction manual

Every chainsaw manufactured by Krüger comes with a manual that introduces the new owner to the tool, as well as explaining how to handle the saw and more. The manual is clearly structured and divided into sections:

  1. Krüger chain saw, assembly.
  2. Table of technical properties of the model.
  3. Measures for safe operation and maintenance.
  4. Parts and accessories for the chain saw.
  5. How to put it into operation.
  6. Time for putting into service.
  7. Maintenance of your Kruger chain saw.
  8. Troubleshooting.
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Safety precautions

  • All work outdoors;
  • Use personal protective equipment (goggles, gloves, earmuffs) and protective clothing;
  • Do not allow chainsaw to be operated by weight or indoors;
  • Do not cut with the end of the bar – this causes a hiccup that can impair the saw operator’s performance;
  • Make sure there are no bystanders in the provider’s work area;
  • Do not operate a defective tool (no chain brake, no lubrication, no idle speed setting);
  • Sharpen the chain in a timely manner, turn the saw blade;
  • Clean the tool of impurities in due time;
  • Do not smoke near the chain saw, gasoline fumes can cause ignition.

The Krüger GCSK 35-45 chain saw comes with

  • Gasoline saw;
  • Supplied with: 2 chains + 2 saw blades;
  • Protective cover for the bar;
  • STUI for a chain made of plastic;
  • Skin protection;
  • A number of tools (screwdriver, wrench, nozzles);
  • Container with measures for making the fuel mixture;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Package.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. Assemble the chainsaw, mount the equipment, tighten the chain mechanism.
  2. Prepare fuel mixture (unleaded gasoline AI-92 + engine oil 2T).
  3. Fill your Kruger chain saw with operating fluids.
  4. Perform cold loading by following the clear instructions in the manual.
  5. Check the operation of the brake system.
  6. Check idle speed (adjust carburetor if necessary).
  7. Check oil flow to chain (adjustment if necessary).
  1. Preparing the fuel mixture takes some time. The fuel mix consists of unleaded gasoline AI-92 and engine oil 2T in the ratio 1/40. Do not add fuel mixture which has been stored for more than one month – it will lose its properties.

running-in period

The running-in period starts right after the first start and lasts about 20 hours, 20 hours is about 8 fills of a burnt tank. During the running-in period, the chainsaw is used sparingly, the loads should not exceed 50% of the engine power. The running-in period is the time of grinding, breaking-in of all moving parts of the engine, transmission, etc. With increased loads, the piston can jam, intake and exhaust valves can knock, etc. All this can lead to complete and irreversible failure of the power plant.

Important: the fuel mixture during the running-in period is prepared differently, the ratio of gasoline to engine oil is not 40/1, but 25/1!


The Kruger chainsaw requires the following periodic maintenance:

  1. Clean sawdust and oil/gasoline stains from the body, headset, drive pinion, and guide holes.
  2. Lubricate rotating parts.
  3. filter cleaning.
  4. Cleaning of spark plugs, timely replacement (after 100-150 hours of operation).
  5. Adjustment work (carburetor, oil pump).
  6. chain sharpening.
  7. Tire tilting.
  8. Gasoline refueling devices.
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Determining the causes and troubleshooting of the Kruger chainsaw

  1. Kruger chain saw does not start:
    • no fuel mixture in gasoline tank;
    • poor mixture quality;
    • filters are clogged (air and/or fuel filter);
    • there is no spark on the spark plug;
    • spark plug is wet, the tip is soaked, burned out;
    • breakage of high-voltage wire;
    • ignition system does not work properly;
    • cable does not work;
    • mixture fill up;
    • no compression;
    • piston wear;
    • carburetor not adjusted.
  2. Chainsaw stalls; engine runs irregularly:
    • air filter is clogged;
    • problems with spark plugs;
    • Poor fuel mixture;
    • The carburetor needs to be adjusted.
  3. Krüger chain saw vibrates heavily:
    • The fasteners are loose.
  4. Chain overheating:
    • No oil supply to the chain (clogged ducts, empty tank).
  5. The chain is rotating with difficulty
    • severe constriction;
    • Chain is loose, slips, may break.
  6. Uneven cutting; operation slows down:
    • The chain is dull.

owners’ reviews

Eugene, 51 years old:

Good afternoon. Bought a Kruger a year ago, happy with the purchase, the performance is excellent and the assembly is decent. I had a Kalibr before that, pure torture! Has chopped firewood for two cars, cut down the bathhouse, and tidied up the garden. The chains last a long time, there are even two of them in the set. Till now, I use all of my family.

The advantages of the Kruger saw: performance, reliability, price.

Disadvantages: Not found yet.

Maxim, 27 years old:

I bought the Kruger saw through the Internet, it came neatly packed, the package is updated, everything is just right. I have used it for a short time and it works great. I will use it to the max before my all-season break.

Advantages: Good quality of material and workmanship.

Cons: I haven’t found any yet.

There are dozens of official Kruger dealers in the Russian Federation, which have the GCSK 35-45 chain saw in stock. Here are some of them:

On our site you can also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline-powered) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Sturm, Parma , Zubr, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl, as well as reviews of chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of build and if you have experience operating certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

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