Komatsu WB97S – description and characteristics

Universal Komatsu WB97S backhoe loader


Japanese Komatsu WB97S series excavator belongs to the latest generation of surgical equipment. Komatsu WB97S features many improvements and upgrades in terms of operator comfort and technical equipment. The model appeared relatively recently.

Despite this, the backhoe-loader has managed to gain popularity due to its versatility, versatility and productivity.

area of application

The cart with a full-fledged cycle touring station is designed for construction. It copes with the tasks assigned to it with the help of the ground or chargers.

  • The former is necessary for digging holes, trenches and pits.
  • The vehicle can move around, load loose goods, plan the area, and lift large loads with a loading bucket.

In addition to these tools, additional equipment can be installed on the chassis. Instead of the loader, you can hang a rotary snowplow or a municipal brush. These mechanisms are useful for cleaning streets or industrial areas.

Instead of backhoes, hydraulic actuators are installed: a hammer, scissors, vibratory screwdriver. The tools are involved in the dismantling of reinforced concrete structures or the base for the foundation or the paved road surface.

Komatsu WB97S


The company produces only 2 modifications Komatsu: models with the indexes “S” and “R”. The first is a machine with a chassis on balanced tires. The peculiarity of this model are centers of rotation of all the wheels. The truck has enhanced maneuverability, which is important when working in confined areas.

The second version has different front and rear wheels. Only the first wheels are controlled. The model has a larger turning radius and is used mainly in excavation work.

key features

“Mosquito” WB97 5th generation fully meets the brand standards for safety, reliability of the elements and performance. The main units are made of wear-resistant materials, and the quality of workmanship of even a small part is unquestionable.

Table No.1. Technical Specifications

Name value
engine Komatsu SAA4D104E-1
Power, hp (kW) 101 (74)
Speed, km/h 40
Ground clearance with standard tires, mm 475
Steering radius without brakes, 4-wheel steering, m 4175 (outside wheel)
Noise level in the cabin, DBA 76

When designing the station wagon, special attention was paid to the needs of customers around the world. The chassis design was developed taking into account objective comments and criticism.

Komatsu WB97S

engine, fuel consumption

Under the hood of the Japanese is a four-cylinder diesel of its own production, but assembled together with Iveco. It is liquid cooled.

Fuel injection is implemented on the principle of “DI” – direct injection into the cylinders.

The torque increases by turbocharger with an intermediate heat exchanger. To operate the machine in cold regions, a preheating system is provided. Diesel parameters:

  • nominal speed – 2200 rpm;
  • number of cylinders – 4.485 liters;
  • Maximum torque (crankshaft rpm) – 420 Nm (1200 rpm);
  • Average fuel consumption – 9-12 liters per hour;
  • Cylinder diameter/piston line, mm – 104/132;
  • Compression ratio – 17.5: 1;
  • Exhaust emissions – 97/68 EC 2004/26/EC – EU Stadium IIIa.
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Transmission, chassis.

The engine is combined with a torque converter and gearbox. The gearbox is a full shift system, which controls the front and rear axles with the help of electronics. The gearbox works in semi-automatic mode and gives 4 steps for forward and reverse travel.

The front axle can be engaged automatically or manually. But it cannot be activated when driving at transport speed. The front axle can tilt from extreme to extreme position at an angle of 16° to give the chassis stability on uneven terrain. All bikes have been tested.

  • Three modes of operation are available to the operator: front steering only, all in one direction, front and rear in different directions. This solution increased maneuverability of the loader, it can move in “trails” or “crab motion”.
  • Brakes on the machine are discs immersed in an oil bath. The disc is divided for the right and left side. Two pedals are pressed simultaneously to activate the brakes on all bikes.


The actuators of the earth loaders are actuated by the pressure of the working fluid.

  • Oil is pumped into the hydraulic system by an axial-type piston pump.
  • Capacity is 165 l/min and pressure is 25 MPa.

The hydraulic system itself, called Syncrosystem, provides precise positioning of the working tool, while moving it in 3 planes. Two hydraulic control modes are available to the operator: powerful and economical.

  • In the first case, productivity is ensured with high fuel consumption.
  • Economy mode provides operation at those engine speeds at which the highest torque is achieved. The productivity of the unit decreases, but the fuel consumption decreases.

The operator also has the option of “Speed-Up” mode. It can be used when working with a forklift.

Komatsu WB97S

Design description

The WB97S loader does not differ from the previous models produced by the company.

  • Charging equipment is located in the front.
  • The cabin is moved closer to the rear to improve the visibility of the working area when digging.
  • In front of the work area is the power unit, enclosed by a shroud.
  • The boom is attached to a movable slide that moves the entire structure horizontally perpendicular to the excavator’s axis.
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Overall dimensions

Overall dimensions of Komatsu loader are not different from the typical parameters of the similar equipment.

Table No. 2. Overall dimensions

Name value
Normative operating mass, kg 8700
Gross weight, kg 9500
Lifting capacity of loader at maximum height, kg 3900
Transport length, mm 5895
Height over roof of cab, mm 3005
Overall width (with bucket), mm 2440
Radial base, mm 2215
Overall height, mm 3710
Footprint (front/rear), mm 1934/1800
tires 16,9 × 28 – 12 PR

Working place

The excavator is equipped with a comfortable cab with an electroframe, which protects the operator in case of rollover. All controls are located at an optimum distance from the operator, making it easy to operate the instruments and reducing the strain on the hands when operating the machine. Only heating is standard in the cab. Air conditioning is available on request.


The WB97S is created from an assembly conveyor with an earthquake and loader mounted on it. Bucket parameters:

  • Width – 2420 mm;
  • Weight – 450 kg;
  • Capacity – 1.1 m³;
  • Load capacity at maximum height – 3900 kg;
  • Discharge force – 6500 kg.

Earthmoving equipment is represented by an inverted shovel, which is identified by the handle and the boom. The latter has a design with increased strength, which allows for 180° rotation while maintaining torque. Characteristics of the earthmoving equipment:

  • Bucket width – 600 mm;
  • Capacity – 0.3 m³;
  • Breaking Force – 6100 kg;
  • Grab depth – 6465 mm;
  • Charging height – 6675.

In addition to the standard guns, the loader can be equipped with an articulated brush, rotary snail, dozer blade, hydraulic cutter and shears.

Komatsu WB97S

advantages and disadvantages

Equipment owners and maintenance personnel note the high reliability of the machine. It has a comfortable soundproof cabin, in which you can work tired for a long time. Of the disadvantages, you can point out the inflated price of the new model and expensive maintenance after the end of life.

Price of new, used, similar models

The manufacturer puts an excavator for sale, just off the assembly line for $100,000. The price may vary depending on the configuration. The used device is 25-40% cheaper. The JCB 5CX excavator has similar features.


Komatsu WB97S can be said to cope with its tasks on construction sites or in supply companies just as quickly. The starch-resistant design can work in harsh conditions. No matter where the machine is used, the operator is always safe.

Komatsu WB 97 Backhoe Loader

The Komatsu WB 97 backhoe loader is a versatile four-wheel drive machine with an attractive design and state-of-the-art safety features. It provides productivity when working on the ground and in the ground.

Features and benefits

All wheels of the equipment are tested, which increases the continuity of work even in difficult conditions. Experience from the previous design was taken into account and modern developments were used in the development, resulting in increased performance properties.

You can use the equipment in difficult conditions to perform:

  • Loading and unloading materials;
  • Transporting loads over short distances;
  • Digging ditches and excavating.

Komatsu 97 loader photo

Photo: Komatsu 97 loader

The excavator has several characteristic features:

  • The powerful and reliable Komatsu WB 97 P engine is turbocharged and has a large displacement.
  • Constant traction on the wheels is ensured by a gearbox with the ability to shift under load.
  • Durable axles and brakes;
  • Control of all 4 motorcycles;
  • Hydraulic system for precise and simultaneous movements;
  • Comfortable cab with large viewing angle;
  • Easy maintenance.

Specifications and dimensions

The most important technical features of the Komatsu WB97S are:

Standard/operating weight 8.7/9.5 t
Standard work fund volume 1.1 m3
Load capacity 3.9 t
Cutting depth 75 mm
Loading/discharging height 3.22/4.39 m
Trench radius 6.04 m
Trench depth 5.29 m

Backhoe and heavy-duty S-arms are fitted as standard. Trenching height, radius and depth of 5.15 m, 7.18 m or 6.47 m are standard with telescopic arm.

Komatsu WB97S-5 dimensions:

length 5.9 m
width 2.32 m
Height 3.71 m
Length of bike rack 2.22 m
Sight 0.475 m
Front/rear space 1.93/1.8 m



The excavator is equipped with a four-cylinder engine rated at 74 kW or 99 hp. The SAA4D104E-1 in-house model features a 4.5L displacement, vertical structure, turbocharger, water cooling system, direct injection, and charge air cooler. The corrugator speed is 2200 rpm and the torque is 420 Nm.

The Komatsu VB 97 C engine works with an automatic transmission with electric control and load shifting. It has four forward gears and four reverse gears. The engine is also coupled to an all-wheel drive transmission which has self-locking differentials on both axles.

Diesel consumption is 15.7 l/h, the tank holds 150 liters of fuel.

The power unit is started with an air starter and preheater. This allows the Komatsu WB97 to operate in minus temperatures. The engine compartment has dry filters with protective elements and a cooler.


The base is a reinforced frame made of a square section made of high-strength steel. This ensures durability and resistance to various loads. The axles are rigidly mounted and equipped with planetary drives in hubs and self-locking differentials.

The shovel is lowered and raised in parallel, eliminating spillage of materials.


Depending on the selected gear, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. A rotary lever is used to engage the full load, usually the scheme is automatic. The speed shift function is controlled by a button on the front panel and the display lights up.

Self-locking differentials are available for tough conditions and maneuverability. The Komatsu WB 97 is equipped as standard with self-locking, multidisc hydraulic brakes in an oil bath. Two pedals on both axles are used to activate them. The hand brake is pincer-type and is operated by a lever in the cab.

Hydraulic System

The loader is equipped with a hydrostatic steering system with feedback. It activates the four bikes in modes:

  • Default;
  • Speed – improving maneuverability and increasing travel speed;
  • “Crabbing” – operation in a small room.

The heart of the hydraulics is a closed-loop central load-tracking system. With its help, the performance is adapted depending on the effort required to perform the task. The operator can select powerful or economical mode depending on the task at hand.

Driver’s cab

In addition to the high performance of the Komatsu WB 97, the loader has a comfortable cab. This is certainly due to the installation of FOPS and ROPS protection systems. The cabin is voluminous, which does not cause difficulties when driving the equipment and getting out of the cabin. The wide windshield and windows on all sides provide comfort and safety.

There are air ducts for ventilation and air conditioning in the cab, they exclude misting and icing of glasses. The cab has a comfortable seat, a large number of indicators, clear dashboard, holders and storage compartments. Provision is made for a safety seat to isolate the machine controls in the event of an accident.

control system

The Komatsu WB 97 controller-carrier is operated via proportional controls. The joysticks are on two columns configured to the driver’s settings. They are used to control the bucket, clutch and increase machine speed. Rear controls are manipulated in the same way.

Depending on the operating mode selected, the wheels can be turned on one axle or in both axles. This provides versatility and maneuverability. Equally sized wheels are provided, allowing for even load distribution and improved grip on the base.

Steering mode is switched with two buttons on the dashboard.

Equipment not assembled

The Mosquito 97 is installed on the loader via a “reverse scoop” in the basic assembly. The rounded boom is designed to increase load capacity. With the long handle, you can increase digging power. When a telescopic or offset boom is installed, an extension of the scope is guaranteed. This also provides the ability to install additional devices:

  • Scythe (sharp knives) with variable blade height – for trimming vegetation, shredding material;
  • a brush with a hopper of different volume, side brush and water sprayer – for collecting debris;
  • SCHNEKOMOTO R-brush – clearing large areas of snow;
  • Repair and road work with the Mosquito 97 backhoe machine;
  • Four-in-one bucket – versatile equipment for a variety of jobs;
  • Trenching bucket – for digging narrow channels up to 0.4 m wide;
  • Planning shovel – for planning areas with limited access (canals, slopes, embankments);
  • Gra b-Bucket – for creation of hollows, wells in difficult conditions;
  • Strassenmühle – for partial repair of sidewalks and tramways;
  • Hydraulic shaft is used for breaking down asphalt, frozen ground, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, rocks, etc;

  • Vibratory rammer is used for planning areas, preparing for construction, compaction of materials;
  • Hydro drill is used to create holes to install fences, poles, etc. when planting vegetation in parks.
  • Pallet fork – for loading and unloading 97 pallets of different widths with Moski t-WB excavator;
  • Concrete mixer with installation instead of a standard bucket – for mixing concrete and applying it outside.


By default the machine is equipped with:

  • bucket leveling system;
  • windshield wipers;
  • heating and ventilation systems;
  • rearview mirror;
  • front and rear headlights;
  • air suspension seat;
  • diagnostic system.


Modified machines are the Moskito 97 S and R. The wheels are the same size, all-wheel steering. The first excavator will have several control modes. It is designed to work in confined spaces, symmetric control and the possibility of “crabbing”. The R modification is characterized by different-sized wheels.

Cost of new and used

Price of Komatsu WB97S-5 is not less than 6.1 million rubles in standard configuration. A used model costs 3.8-4.4 million rubles. If it will be released 13/14 promoter.

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