Komatsu PC3000 Excavator – description and features

Komatsu PC300 Excavator

Komatsu PC300 is a product of famous Japanese company which is recognized on the world market. Unpretentious and reliable machine attracts consumers with its reasonable price, convenient control system and economical fuel consumption. The crawler excavator is one of the most popular in its class and is distinguished by its ability and capability to function in difficult climatic conditions. “Komatsu RS 300” also has excellent performance indicators when used on loose soils. The equipment moves fairly accurately while maintaining the integrity of the road surface.

The Komatsu PC300 belongs to the middle class and is considered a versatile machine capable of various tasks. The model combines optimal performance characteristics and excellent build quality. Excavators Komatsu Rs 300 are assembled on automated conveyor lines with minimum use of manual labor and high-tech materials.

intended purpose

Komatsu PC300 excavator

Komatsu PC300 is a versatile machine, which belongs to the medium class of specialized machines. It combines excellent performance with outstanding productivity. With the proper use of features, you can effectively use the machine in the following applications:

  • excavation of pits for installation of monolithic foundations;
  • digging trenches for oil and gas pipelines
  • open pit operations;
  • excavation of waves and slopes;
  • digging artificial ponds and pools;
  • Mining operations;
  • Construction site planning;
  • Loading and unloading of various types of materials;
  • Moving heavy loads over short distances.

Technical Specifications

Reach of the Komatsu PC300 excavator boom

Komatsu PC300 – a bright representative of the line of modern excavators, which represent the average segment of the market. It has the following technical characteristics:

  • operating weight – 31.9 tons;
  • Maximum speed of movement – 5.5 km/h;
  • Ground pressure – 46.1 kPa;
  • Maximum height of the trench – 9.58 m;
  • Maximum depth of excavation – 6.35 m;
  • Maximum digging radius – 10.1 m;
  • tractive force – 26,9 kN;
  • ground clearance – 0,5 m;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 605 l;
  • Hydraulic tank volume – 188 l;
  • Dimensions: length – 6.98 m, width – 3.19 m and height – 3.40 m.


Komatsu SAA6D114E engine

The machine is equipped with a Komatsu SAA6D114E four-stroke six-cylinder diesel engine. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled turbocharging system. Rated power of the power plant reaches 245 hp. At the same time, depending on load level, fuel consumption can range from 18 to 28 liters per hour. The main characteristics of the engine are as follows:

  • displacement – 8.4 liters;
  • cylinder diameter is 11.4 cm;
  • Shaft speed – 1900 rpm.
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fuel consumption

The equipment fuel tank holds 605 liters of fuel. The Komatsu 300 RS has an average fuel consumption of 18-28 liters per hour.

Komatsu SAA6D114E shovel

  • The bucket installed has a capacity of 1.4 cubic meters.
  • The number of tines on the bottom cut is 5.
  • The maximum height of the trench is 10200 millimeters.
  • Trench boundary depth is 7380 millimeters.
  • Maximum bucket height – 6600 millimeters.
  • Maximum bucket capacity is 26,400 kilograms per square centimeter.


Dimensions Komatsu SAA6D114E

  • The structural length of the excavator is 11,300 millimeters.
  • The width of the crawler platform is 3200 millimeters.
  • The full height in the cab is 3100 millimeters.
  • The smallest turning radius of the platform is 3500 millimeters.
  • Boom length – 6470 millimeters.
  • Length of handle – 2200 millimeters.
  • The smallest tracked reach – 500 millimeters.


The structure of the mosquito excavator is based on a frame made of high-strength steel alloys. All working mechanisms and devices are ergonomically located throughout the frame. The machine’s boom and bucket arm have an improved design that can withstand impressive loads. The power unit, fuel system, and hydraulic system are all developed in-house at Komatsu. All technological elements are highly wear-resistant and reliable. Cylinders of operating mechanisms are equipped with protective rings, which increase their service life and protect them from premature failure. Through the use of advanced Japanese technology, electronic systems have an increased level of reliability and can be safely used in harsh conditions of Russian climate.


Komatsu SAA6D114E cab

The design of the cabin in the excavator is given special attention, because the work in the machine is comfortable and convenient. The pressurized cabin is equipped with an air conditioner by request. Together with the built-in air filter and increased internal pressure, it blocks dust during active work. High-quality soundproofing minimizes engine and instrumentation noise. Thanks to the refined damper with additional spring and long stub, minimal vibration advantage is achieved. The right and left wings have a reinforced design that also reduces vibration and sound from surgical landings.

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The multi-position control lever with proportional pressure provides easy and comfortable operation. The movable levers and dual sliding mechanism allow for maximum ergonomic organization.

Komatsu SAA6D114E cab

The Komatsu PC300’s safety features have also been improved:

  • The cab has been given additional protection against falling objects. In addition, the design of the equipment includes the possibility of installing additional guards on top.
  • Changing the shape of the rear window and removing the right window shelf allowed to increase the view from the working cabin by 34%;
  • There is a heat shield near the heated areas of the engine and fan drive.
  • Baffles were installed between the pump compartment and the electric unit to block oil splashes from entering the engine if the hydraulic hose was ruptured.
  • An anti-slip layer was applied to the unit steps, providing a secure footing along with large handrails.

Optional Equipment

The Komatsu RS 300 packer is a multi-purpose machine and can be equipped with the following optional attachments:

  • Various bucket capacities;
  • A bucket with extra strength and wear resistance;
  • Vibratory plates;
  • Hydraulic hammers and hooks;
  • derricks;
  • Equipment for concrete demolition.


Over the entire period of serial production, the manufacturer has provided the consumer with a fairly large number of modified versions, the differences in which lie mainly in performance characteristics.

The following modifications were produced:

  1. Komatsu PC300-2
  2. Komatsu PC300-3
  3. Komatsu PC300-4
  4. Komatsu PC300-5
  5. Komatsu PC300-6
  6. Komatsu PC300-7
  7. Komatsu PC300-8
  8. Komatsu PC300-8MO

advantages and disadvantages

Komatsu PC300

The Komatsu PC300 excavator is one of the most popular excavators in its series, and it’s all due to a number of features:

  • impressive power;
  • high reliability;
  • good cross-country ability and maneuverability;
  • low ground pressure;
  • easy operation;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • high level of safety;
  • affordable cost.

The only disadvantage of the machine may be its inability to move to the target by itself, which requires the use of a transport tractor to bring it to the work area.

The main direction of activity of Komatsu concern is satisfaction of needs of each user in high-quality and reliable machines. In today’s Russian market, this company occupies a leading position in the number of proposals for high-quality special equipment. After all, excavators are manufactured on innovative assembly lines using high-tech tools and materials.

When properly using the model PC300 can achieve high quality work of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Komatsu PC3000 Excavator


The Komatsu PC3000 crawler excavator is specialized mining equipment designed for exploration, loading rocks and minerals on a landfill or vehicle in open pits in the coal and metallurgical industries. Again, the Komatsu 3000 model is used extensively in the construction industry to develop significant amounts of excavation work. The main feature of the machine is its exceptional productivity.

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The excavator is ideal for a wide range of tasks:

  • excavation work in quarries;
  • trenching and excavation;
  • loading and repair work.


Komatsu PC3000 is a modern hydraulic excavator, manufactured using advanced world technologies. The model is equipped with everything necessary for productive and uninterrupted work:

  • a turntable and crawler made of high-quality materials, designed for work of increased complexity;
  • transmission with three speeds;
  • comfortable seat with multiple adjustments;
  • economical, low-noise and powerful engine;
  • modified cooling system of the power unit;
  • ARS system, which automatically maintains the optimum engine operating mode taking into account the operating conditions;
  • automatic travel and rotation of parking brake.

The Komatsu 3000 is equipped with the HydrauMind electronically controlled closed-center hydraulic system with two variable displacement pumps, which ensures the most efficient use of the machine’s power. This system also reduces hydraulic losses during operation.


The Komatsu PC3000 features perfect weight distribution. This reduces the likelihood of accidents during operation and increases the service life of the device.

The excavator “Komatsu 3000” is offered in several modifications, which have small differences in power indicators and designs. Moreover, the model is aggregated by a significant number of specialized additions, so the front of work performed with the help of this equipment can be significantly expanded.

Technical Specifications

The volume of the standard bucket of the comatu PC3000 excavator is 1.4 cubic meters. The special equipment has a maximum ditch depth of 8200 mm, the maximum dumping height is 7490 mm. The compression of the arm is 112,000 kg, the soil separator is 102,000 kg.

The overall dimensions of the model:

  • Length – 11300 mm;
  • Width – 3290 mm;
  • Height – 3145 mm;
  • Boom length – 8150 mm;
  • Boom length – 4250 mm;
  • Track width – 800 mm.

Total weight of the excavator – 31600 kg, specific pressure on the floor – 0.60 kg/m². The special equipment can move at a speed of 2.4 km/h and does not move on public roads. Maximum rotation speed of Komatsu 3000 platform is 4.6 rpm.

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2002 Excavator Komatsu PC3000

fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of the Komatsu PC3000 is very modest for its specifications. For simple work, this figure is about 62-68 liters per hour, for heavy work 112-145 liters per hour. The excavator’s fuel tank holds 4,500 liters of fuel.


The special equipment is equipped with an advanced power plant model Komatsu SSA12V159. The 12-cylinder water-cooled unit with direct fuel injection is distinguished by incredible power and performance. With the Komatsu 3000 engine, it can do work that most excavators can’t do. Under the most important features of the engine is the electronic control, which optimizes fuel consumption. Compared to its predecessor, this indicator has been reduced by 10 liters.

Properties of Komatsu SSA12V159 power plant:

  • Working volume – 37.5 liters;
  • Rated power – 940 (1,260) kW (hp);
  • Speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Cylinder diameter – 159 mm.

Access to the hydraulic pumps, which are separated in the Komatsu 3000 model, is greatly facilitated by large internal openings. Multiple passageways and optimal location of the power pack provide maximum access for maintenance and inspection.


The Komatsu PC3000 has an original design that features high quality components and superior reliability. All components are engineered for maximum productivity. Regular analysis of excavator operation has led to significant changes in the design of the COMATSU 3000. It should minimize the number of components that require maintenance. The inspection and repair process itself is made extremely easy and fast, reducing downtime and significantly increasing the useful operating time of the unit. The Komatsu PC3000 Hydraulic excavators have already been operated more than 7,000 times, which is an excellent basis for examining performance and reliability.

The operator’s cabin deserves special attention. It has been enlarged and has huge windows for good visibility. A well-designed layout of homemade bridges and handrails increases operator safety. The operator’s cab itself is protected and tipped from falling objects.

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PC3000-6 Appendix 5454 1

The excavator is equipped with convenient controls. The operator’s efficiency has been improved due to the visual display of instruments, proper placement of levers and joysticks. The driver’s cab has a seat made in accordance with the latest technologies in the field of comfort. Thanks to special mountings, additional soundproofing of the driver’s cab and elastic suspension of the engine, the noise level in the cab is significantly reduced. At the same time, the operator receives comprehensive information about the operating status of the system from the ETM / ECS monitoring system at all times. The information thus obtained, in turn, is used for service/technical analysis.

The Komatsu PC3000 is used with various standby equipment. If you aggregate the units with the direct blade, the functionality is expanded. In this case, the excavator can perform excavation work from the parking level and above. Such devices are used in the development of quarries and pits with work on the ground. Often “Komatsu 3000” is used together with an excavator. At the same time, the range of operations performed differs significantly.

The powerful boom and stick help to increase the productivity of the model. The walls of the Komatsu PC3000 buckets are made of highly durable materials, and the mechanical wear parts are replaced rather quickly.

The Komatsu 3000 is the benchmark for outstanding productivity and serviceability.

Price of new and used Komatsu PC3000

The Komatsu PC3000 excavator will not come cheap because of its specific features and high performance. So, even the 2008-2009 models cost about 100-120 million rubles. More “fresh” versions of 2013-2014 years are offered on the market for 160-170 million rubles.

The replacement cost of the Komatsu 3000 model, depending on the installed equipment, is from 50,000 to 55,000 rubles.


Excavator Komatsu PC3000 has almost no analogues. With a big gap to them are JCB 330 and WK-35 models.

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