Komatsu D65EX bulldozer – description and characteristics

Komatsu D65EX bulldozer

The machine is designed for mining, quarrying, road construction and construction of objects, buildings and constructions. The Komatsu D65EX bulldozer easily copes with planning, clearing and cleaning of territory, and also with earth works of any size and type – trenches, pits, ditches. In addition, the equipment shows high efficiency when working with soil, coal, crushed stone, gravel and other materials. The Komatsu D65EX is capable of excavating, transporting and embanking all types of soil when working on construction sites, mines, mines or quarries.

Komatsu d65ex bulldozer

Komatsu D65EX bulldozer

Construction special machines are characterized by such qualities as reliability, versatility, productivity, ability to work in harsh climates, with a minimum ambient temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius.

features and benefits

The Komatsu D65EX-12 model became the ancestor of this series of equipment. Over the years it has been improved and now the Komatsu D65EX-18 is in production – the latest and most advanced development of the company. The range includes the following machines: Komatsu D65EX-12, Komatsu D65EX-15, Komatsu D65EX-16, Komatsu D65EX-18.

Komatsu d65ex-16 bulldozer

Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozer

The main characteristics of the Komatsu D65EX bulldozer:

  • To reduce fuel consumption, the developers have provided for the installation of a modern transmission with increased efficiency.
  • Installation of a standard tool, the Sigma dozer blade, and automatic transmission with a hydraulic transformer lockup clutch has given the machine high performance, improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Thanks to the unique shape of the blade, which has been specifically designed for excavation, productivity has increased many times over. In addition, the machine can be equipped with PAT shield which can change the swing and tilt angle;
  • The bulldozer is easy to operate, with a hydrostatic system;
  • Advanced Komtrax system, hydraulically driven fan to reduce engine temperature with reversing capability, easy and intuitive operation.

specs and dimensions

The high technical characteristics of the Komatsu D65 bulldozer are due to the installation of modern, powerful devices, which allows the machine to develop high traction. Specifications of Komatsu D65EX-16:

parameters value
machine weight 19.5t
ground pressure 55,2 kPa
pressure gauge 510 mm
track 1.88 m
blade type SU, S, straight
blade volume 5.61m3
Top speed (forward) 13.4 km/h


The Komatsu D65EX is equipped with a 115 kW or 207 hp in-house engine. The SAA6D114E is economical and environmentally friendly (Tier 3 and Stage 3A standards), equipped with a supercharger temperature reduction system, a fuel mixture supply directly into the engine compartment, and a turbocharger. The engine speed is 1950 rpm. Thanks to these characteristics, the device perfectly copes with loosening and development of soils of categories 1 – 4 and other tasks. The impact of exhaust gases on the environment is minimal and complies with international standards, which allows using the devices in urban areas. A positive feature of the power plant is a reduced noise and vibration level, which can be attributed to the attachment of the unit with rubber pads on the supporting frame.

parameters value
engine manufacturer komatsu
model SAA6D114E
number of cylinders 6
output 115 kW / 207 hp
displacement 8.27L
cooling type liquid
torque 800 Nm
fuel diesel
fuel tank 415L

The Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozer has reduced fuel consumption and improved transmission efficiency due to the installation of a modern, high-performance automatic transmission with hydraulic transformer lockup. The gearbox is designed to optimize travel speed depending on the degree of load and working conditions. The ability to lock the hydraulic transformer reduces power loss by 10%. Electronic engine management ensures lower fuel consumption with high power output and efficient operation of the equipment.

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Electronics are also responsible for the operation of the radiator fan. The temperature of the liquid in the cooling system and oil in the hydraulic system is taken into account. Thanks to this system, the manufacturer was able to reduce the noise level of the unit, reduce diesel fuel consumption and energy consumption for the operation of the system itself.

The average fuel consumption for the special machine is 20.3 liters per hour. At the same time, depending on the mode of operation, consumption can vary from 7 liters to 31 liters in the same period:

  • light – from 7 liters to 15 liters;
  • medium – from 15 liters to 23 liters;
  • Heavy – from 23 liters to 31 liters.


The high technical characteristics of the Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozer are due to the fact that the manufacturer has designed and manufactured the main elements of the machine. Therefore, the engine, electronics and hydraulics correspond exactly to the purpose of the device and contribute to its efficiency.

The carrier frame is reliable, strong and rigid. Stresses in the frame components are reduced, which contributes to the bulldozer’s long service life. To improve durability, the Komatsu D65EX-15 and other line models have a kingpin, and the crawler frame has a larger cross section.


The Komatsu D65 bulldozer has an improved chassis. It has self-developed parallel linkage and rotating bushings, providing increased wear resistance and durability regardless of operating conditions. This effect is achieved through the possibility of free rotation of the bushings, which doubles the service life compared to the standard “undercarriage”.

Also the drive wheel support with automatic adjustment is defined, which guarantees the stability of the load on the spring mechanism. Installation of this element in the absence of counteraction when driving, noise and vibration reduction, longer service life of wear plate is favorable.

The new Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozers are equipped with an extended crawler belt for increased stability and the ability to easily traverse sloped terrain.

Wet disc brakes have the advantage that no mechanism needs to be installed. They also offer high wear resistance and long periods of non-productive use.

Hydraulic system

The Komatsu D65EX hydraulic system includes serpentine valves that are close to the hydraulic tank. The piston hydraulic pump has a capacity of 248 liters per minute of operation under powerplant conditions at 1,950 rpm. In addition, the hydraulic system includes flat rings that act as seals, prevent the hydraulic hoses from running, and are o-ring shaped.

Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanisms

The tilt cylinder of the standard Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozer working stock is located in the push-pull housing. This guarantees its safety and eliminates mechanical damage.

Operator’s cab

Excellent technical characteristics of Komatsu D65EX as well as comfortable and ergonomic operator cabin make the bulldozer an indispensable help at any workplace.

The standard equipment includes installation of ROP safety system designed by 3D-modeling method. The cabin is characterized by increased strength and tightness, as well as intoxication in the cabin and fatigue of the operator. Thanks to the powerful and high-quality filters for air purification, dust does not penetrate into the cabin. The bulldozer is easy to operate, increasing the operator’s concentration on the work process. With the improved design of the safety system without frames and external grilles, it is possible to better see the work area and increase the viewing angle.

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The cab has a large-diagonal LCD monitor. The basic information about the condition of the machine is displayed on it in different languages. This ensures high precision, smooth and safe working processes. The high quality picture is visible from all points in the cab, as the monitor is equipped with thin fiber-optic resistors. The degree of light does not matter.

The Komatsu D65EX-16 cab is equipped with switches that are operated at an intuitive level. They are used for multi-purpose tasks.

When driving, all dynamic effects and vibrations are reduced by installing a dam in the cab body assembly. Movement over a non-uniform base causes less vibration and oscillation than a standard rubber dam assembly. The spring mechanism eliminates direct contact between the cab and the support structure and absorbs dynamics, while reducing stress on the operator.

Optionally, a blade with adjustable angle of rotation and tilt can be installed. A box-shaped, torsion-resistant frame is assembled with it. The entire line of Komatsu D65 dozers can be equipped with this operating unit. It’s hydraulically operated, increasing functionality and productivity. Tilt angle is set manually by the operator.

control system

The D65EX-16 bulldozer, like other models in the line, has a joystick control. The control regulates the following functions:

  • direction and speed of movement (using the joystick and electronics);
  • position and movement of the working body (joystick control);
  • operating mode and fuel supply;
  • setting the manual or automatic mode of transmission control;
  • principle of gear shifting;
  • Transmission sensors (via ECMV valve).

A hydraulic system is provided for precise and high-quality control of the working body, thanks to which manipulation is carried out without additional effort. The same applies to direction and speed of the Komatsu D65EX-16, the gears are switched with buttons.

Hydrostatic steering ensures smooth, quick turns by directing engine power to both tracks without interrupting flow to the inner track. Counter-rotation with an extremely small turning radius has been designed for high maneuverability.

Easy operation and maintenance

To keep the Komatsu D65EX dozer working for a long time, timely maintenance and inspection is essential. This is made possible by convenient entry points to quickly perform all major inspections.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, all relevant information is displayed on the monitor located in the driver’s cab. The tracking system includes many sensors and controllers that transmit data to the display. A buzzer and lamp are used to alert the operator to machine malfunctions, which will stop the machine’s engine in time. The display also shows an error code, which can be deciphered either by yourself or by the service center. The special equipment is accompanied by a passport and instruction, in which the codes and their causes are described in detail. Information about oil and filter change dates is displayed on the monitor.

The hydraulic drive of the reversible fan allows fast cleaning of the device from impurities. Rotation direction and speed of the rotor blades are controlled directly from the cab.

The first model Komatsu D65EX-12 and all following models are equipped with oil pressure control valves in the main functional units of the equipment. They are grouped in a modular design to reduce downtime for inspections.

Access to the engine compartment is provided by doors that can be opened by means of gas-filled stoppers. The doors open wider than on the first version, providing more comfortable access.

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The electrical system has improved safety and reliability due to the installation of sealed connectors that prevent moisture and dust from entering the connectors.

Transmission is designed in a block design, which allows you to change the oil without leakage in the shortest possible time.


Komatsu D65EX-16 (12, 15, 18 series) price depends on the working equipment that comes with the technique. The standard equipment includes the installation of modern and high-tech blades “Sigma”. It is positioned as a productive and efficient organization of labor in a series of earthworks. The peculiarity of the design is the device of the central part, which cuts and moves the floor. This allowed to increase the capacity of the body and reduce the dispersion of soil on the sides of the blade. A positive effect is also the reduction of soil resistance, which resulted in an increased working volume with reduced energy costs.

The width of such an implement is 3.41 m, and the volume depends on the model purchased. For example, the standard waste dome contains 5.6 cubic meters. The maximum height of the relief – 1,13 m, the depth of the grave – 0,5 m. The diagonal cannot be more than 0,87 m.

Optional dozer with rotary or unpredictable blade with controlled tilt. Optional equipment also includes:

  • Mult i-Post parallelogram loose;
  • Manual blade with angle setting;
  • Hemispherical blade;
  • In-house produced ripper;
  • Straight blade.

Depending on the shape of the blade, the range of application changes. At the same time, all working tools are characterized by high-quality work with any type of material, have excellent penetration into the thickness and low rolling resistance.

Komatsu D65EX front blade

Komatsu D65ex front blade


There are several lines of special equipment. Before you buy a Komatsu D65EX-16 dozer, you need to consider the features and benefits of other modifications of the equipment. The D65EX series contains a line of 12, 15, 16 and 18 models. Line 15 of all series is the most popular.

A characteristic feature of the e x-bulldozers is an increased length of the crawler belt, which increases stability and allows you to overcome large risks. The Standard Ex includes a rotary blade with adjustable tilt.

Cost of new and use

The cost of a new Komatsu D65EX-16 bulldozer is at least 9 million rubles. And it depends on the configuration. Buy Komatsu D65EX-16 BU can be purchased for 4.5 million rubles. And more worried about the condition of the machine, the exhaust material, years of manufacture, equipment, etc. price.

Komatsu D65: A brief description, features


Komatsu brand from Japanese manufacturers is known all over the world. Komatsu D65 bulldozer belongs to the medium weight category of such special equipment.

Japanese machines are of high quality manufacturing and assembly, which leads to their reliable, trouble-free operation throughout the warranty period, and after its completion.

range of application

D65EX-16 bulldozer is a self-propelled earthmoving machine. It is designed mainly for laying, leveling and moving floors and materials over short distances. There is a loose part at the rear of the device, which is necessary for digging rocks of higher hardness. Broken materials subsequently irritate the front can.

You will use the equipment for placer mining, restoration or as an auxiliary machine in the quarry when working in the mining industry. The bulldozer is also used in construction, road repair, or as a baler, such as in dumping and moving scrap material.

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Komatsu D65

Performance parameters

Productivity and reliability of Komatsu D65EX-16 is due to the use of hardened steel grades with subsequent heat treatment.

Innovative computer-aided design systems identify and amplify weak points and stress points.

As a result, hydraulics, electronics, chassis, and engine are adapted to the purpose of the machine, which increases their efficiency.

Table No. 1. Technical data

parameters value
engine Komatsu Saa6d114E-3
Power, PS (kW) 209 (153)
Speed, km/h forward 3,6-11,2; backward 4,4-13,4
Ground clearance, mm 410
Noise level in cabin, DBA 93
Max. tractive force, kN 400
Fuel tank capacity, l 415
Minimum user radius, m 1,9

Komatsu D65


The bulldozer is equipped with a diesel engine of its own production.

  • It is a six-cylinder water-cooled engine.
  • To increase the output, a turbine and an intermediate heat exchanger are fitted, which lowers the temperature of the intake air.
  • Fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber.
  • Electronics control this process. Thus, the developers achieve a reduction of toxicity of flue gases.

Table No. 2. Engine properties

Name value
Speed, rpm 1950
Volume, l 8.27
Cylinder diameter / stroke, mm 114/135
Torque, nm 800
Fuel consumption at medium speed, l/h 15-23
environmental friendliness Tier 3, Tier 3a

The basic version of the engine is equipped with a hydraulically-driven fan. Electronics automatically regulate the rotor speed depending on the degree of heating of the coolant or oil.

Komatsu D65


Torque is transmitted to the axle drives by a Torqflow power unit. It consists of:

  • A single-stage, two-phase torque converter with three liquid-cooled elements;
  • A deaf clutch;
  • Planetary gear.

Pitch adjustment is made through a hydraulic actuator by installing plate couplings. When the machine moves spontaneously, the shifting actuator is lowered.

The undercarriage consists of oscillating compensating suspension, track frame, wheel drive chains, track rollers and recirculation. Since these elements are working in conditions of high abrasion, the developers tried to make the friction pairs as dense and wear-resistant as possible.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic layers are pressurized by the working fluid pressure.

  • Oil in the closed central system is supplied by a piston pump with a capacity of 258 l/min at rated crank speed.
  • Pressure in the pressure line is limited to 27.9 MPa by a bypass valve.
  • For efficient operation, the hydraulic system is equipped with CLSS load-sensing technology, which is designed for quick and precise control of the implement.
  • Oil flow ring distributors are located next to the hydraulic tank. Switching is performed by a servo drive.


The Komatsu D65 is hard to call elegant, but at first glance it seems strong. The straight, chopped shape indicates that the machine is designed to work under tough conditions.

  • All components and mechanisms are mounted on a solid frame.
  • The standard bulldozer design has a blade at the front and a ripper at the rear.
  • The engine is installed in front of the cab.



The Komatsu D65 has the usual size and weight for its class. But even without analogues in these parameters, the bulldozer perfectly copes with its tasks.

Table 3. Dimensions

Name value
Maximum operating weight, kg 22200
Cab roof height, mm 3160
Width by edge of track screen, mm 2390
Overall length, mm 5490
Trade width, mm 1880
Distance between the axes of rollers, mm 2980
Specific pressure on the floor, CPA 55.2

To reduce the vibration effect on the operator, the engine was mounted on damping plates. In addition, the cabin was not mounted on slow-moving blocks, but on special spring-loaded hydraulic shock absorbers.

Cabin, control

Due to the large freedom, the operator’s workplace was spacious.

  1. Access to the cabin is possible both from the right and from the left side.
  2. For the operator’s convenience, all operating parameters are displayed on a color-LCD monitor.
  3. The cab has a ROPS compliant protective frame that prevents the structure from collapsing in case of a rollover.
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Komatsu 65

The Komatsu D65 on the assembly line is equipped with an air conditioning system with air filter. Also available: sun screen, mug, 12-volt power socket. Optional AM/FM range and response system is installed.

  • It is controlled with a joystick. Control technology PCCS provides smooth, but clear submission of the drive to the operator’s commands.
  • Multi-function switches, compactly grouped on the dashboard, simplify the implementation of multi-purpose processes.


The main equipment that is installed on the bulldozer is a dozer blade and a ripper. The former cuts the floor layer and then moves the mass in the direction of the machine’s movement. The basic equipment on the Komatsu has a 3,410-mm-wide, 1,425-mm-high Sigma blade that holds 5.61 m³ of material to be moved.

Behind the machine is a multi-stroke parallelogram blade. The mechanism is used to break up dense soils. In addition to the standard bulldozer tools are installed:

  • Blade with manual angle setting;
  • hemispherical blade;
  • In-house produced ripper;
  • Straight blade.


The range of Caterpillar dozers was developed on the base model D65E 12. In addition to the above mentioned, the company produced 15, 16, 18 series. All of them were similar, but had slight differences in design, power plant and running gear. Bulldozers also had different tools.

Depending on which dozer blade is installed, the name is assigned to indices “ex”, “px”, “WX”.

Operating Characteristics

In order to operate the bulldozer, the developers have provided an accessible removal of grease points from the ground.

  • This is mainly done without the use of transfers and elevators.
  • Sensors located on the main unit of the machine monitor the condition of mechanisms in real time, and in case of failure the information is promptly displayed on the operator’s display.

The cooler is cleaned without mechanical action. The operator only needs to switch the hydraulic drive of the fan to reverse, so that the dust is interrupted by the counter air exchanger.

Periodic pressure regulation in the hydraulic system is performed by means of remote fittings, which are compactly located next to the available working fluid. For ease of maintenance, the process doors have been equipped with gas-filled struts that securely hold the panel open.

Price, analog

Official dealers offer the D65EX-16 for $150,000, but in Russia it is almost impossible to buy a model without mileage. The amount depends on the equipment of the machine and the complexity of the delivery.

Bulldozers with developed power tillers cost about 2 times less. In this case, it is necessary to look at the year of manufacture, the degree of wear.

Of similar machines can be called the domestic T-11, CHTZ B10 and foreign Shantui SD22, Caterpillar D6rxl.


Komatsu bulldozers are demanding machines in construction and mining industries around the world. Optimal number of transmissions, traction engine, reliable gears and chassis ensure high productivity even in difficult working conditions.

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