Komatsu D65 E-12 – description and properties

Komatsu D65E-12: technical properties

Komatsu D65E-12: technical specifications

Class 10-12 bulldozer equipment is often used in a variety of applications: business, construction, road building, industry, and mining.

Komatsu D65E-12 is indispensable for construction works of the zero cycle, as well as for use in various technological processes for industrial enterprises. The unit has established itself as a predictable in operation, easy to operate, equipped with modern power units and has a variety of options. All-season, designed for most climatic conditions. Komatsu D65E-12 will be a good choice for those involved in construction, industrial or farming activities.

Interesting about the Komatsu D65E-12 is the increased service life, based on the application of various innovative solutions using different composite materials. Thanks to the flexible and well-thought-out equipment system of the base model, you can choose exactly what you need. As an example, the unit is equipped with an additional primer. If it is installed on the base model, the driver’s cab is also reinforced for the new units.

Creation history

Komatsu is a well-known global brand of tractor equipment manufacturer. In fact, the company was founded in 1921 and was engaged in the repair of construction equipment. Most of the team founded the company in Europe and the United States. In the early 1930s, the company began producing its first prototypes of tracked equipment.

The history of the Komatsu bulldozer began in the postwar period. In 1947, the D50 was the first produced bulldozer. During the Soviet period, the residents of the Far East and northern regions of the Soviet Union became familiar with the machines of this class. Technique of this manufacturer was actively purchased in the early 1960s, ahead of similar technology of domestic production.

Subsequently, purchased special equipment, such as a class 4 bulldozer, which had just begun to be designed in the domestic construction offices, pipelines, wood trimmers, loaders, mining units, presses and more. Komatsu equipment was actively used in the construction of BAM, development of minerals in Yakutia and Siberia. They were used even today and are considered one of the world’s best manufacturers.


The only representative of Komatsu in the former Soviet Union is a subsidiary of this corporation in the CIS, headquartered in Moscow. The company confirmed its interest in the Russian market in 2010 and opened a factory “Komatsu Manufacturing Rus” in Yaroslavl.

In this article we will talk about the popular model of Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer tractor.

Technical characteristics

The Komatsu D65E-12 is in weight class 10-12. Weighing 16 tons, it can reach speeds up to 12 km/h. The unit is designed for construction site preparation and planning to prepare pavement surfaces. It can also be used in the mining industry for large bulk material stockpiles. The Komatsu D65E-12, equipped with a ripper, can be used on difficult soils.

The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer has a practical operator’s cab, the easiest control system. Japanese machinery is known for its automated fault finding system and working body resource management system. D65E-12 is able to perform work in different climatic conditions, which fully meet the requirements of our latitudes. It is worth noting the maximum visibility from the operator’s cabin.

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Komatsu D65E-12

Overall weight figures

Indicators of overall mass of Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer are as follows:

  • The blade capacity is 3.55-5.61 cubic meters.
  • Bulldozer weight 15,620 kg
  • Gauge 1,88 m wheelbase 2675 mm
  • overall dimensions 3165 x 3460 x 660 mm



The unit is equipped with a diesel four-stroke engine with direct water injection. The 6d125e, with a flywheel speed of 1,950 rpm at 180 g/kWh, is one of the most economical engines in the 10-12 class and has a maximum torque of 799 nm. Low noise level and compliance with all modern environmental requirements allows its use in urban areas.


The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer has a Komatsu Torqflow transmission. It is a three-stage, force-fed, single-stage, phased-hydrotransmission triple. The hydrodrive planetary gearbox with multi-disc clutch has no mechanical transmission defects. For longer life, the box has burly lubrication that dissipates excess heat. The box can be operated with three forward gears and three downshifts. It is controlled by joysticks. The unit is equipped with locking levers for safety.

The on-board transmission is designed as a planetary and direct transmission, which reduces the possibility of transmitting shock impacts to the active transmission. Taking into account the experience of the last few years, a segment gear has been developed with which damaged segments can be easily replaced in the field.


The bulldozer is controlled by means of a joystick. Easy movements in the right direction make it possible to control the 16-ton machine efficiently. This is achieved thanks to the advantages of using hydraulic clutch and brake systems. With its impressive size, the minimum turning radius is only 3.2 m.


The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer chassis consists of a pair of track clamps, trailers that support rollers and scooters mounted on the crawler frame. The suspension is oscillating with a compensating beam with rolling axles. The design is equipped with support rollers on each side, with 7 support rollers on each side between them. The track consists of 39 left links. The link joints are made with a unique technology that prevents sanding materials from getting into the joints.

The flat-ground frame is designed in such a way that it prevents the accumulation of dirt under the frame when working on sticky soils. The braking system is represented by plate brakes, which work in an oil bath.

Cabin. Bulldozer control

The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer keeps the driver as relaxed as possible, with a comfortable work seat, ventilation and air conditioning system, and a better view of the cab – all to make the driver’s work as easy as possible.

The bulldozer is easily controlled with a joystick specially designed by Kamatsu. The joystick clearly responds to the driver, and the bulldozer is easy to maneuver on the job site.


Good cushioning and low noise are some of the design advantages of this model. The control cabin is easy to adjust to the operator and includes active dust protection inside the cabin. The basic machine model can be equipped with a reinforced cab if additional driver protection is required.

Blade control is virtually invisible to the operator at different speeds and material quantities, allowing for precise material handling. This effect has been achieved through the use of CLSS technology in the production of the sheet hydraulic system. This is evident in the gentle compensation of the direct impact of the material on the polygon.

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A practical and well-designed electronic error detection system facilitates troubleshooting. This makes it possible to monitor the service life of the dozer as a whole and of its individual parts.

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The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer is manufactured by one of the world’s leading bulldozer manufacturers. All components are patented and developed by Komatsu. The assemblies are high-tech, expensive, but easy to replace and expected, and there is an error detection and monitoring system.

The operator is comfortable to work in a variety of climatic conditions. All the most critical units are well designed and protected from external influences. On the territory of Russian Federation, there are a number of service centers for Komatsu equipment.

Standard delivery

If we talk about the delivery of the unit, it is standard and includes the following items.

  1. air conditioner
  2. Acoustic warning for reversing
  3. Cabin:
    • Driver’s seat
    • cup holder
    • Lunch storage
    • Rearview mirror

  • Length 1,270 mm (4 feet 2 inches)
  • Width 1,490 mm (4 feet 11 inches)
  • Height from bottom of driver’s seat 1,705 mm (5 feet 7 inches)
  • Extra weight 285 kg (630 lbs)
  • All-weather printed cab
  • Dimensions: (length 1765 mm (5’9″) width 1720 mm (5’8″) height 1625 mm (5’4″)

Auxiliary equipment

Optional equipment used with the bulldozer includes:

  • Wear-resistant track (made of injury-repellent composite materials)
  • Optional refrigerated blower with reversing capability
  • Hook in the front
  • Dam
  • Cockpit heating and de-icing system
  • High level leg supports
  • Air purging system
  • Extra work lights per cabin
  • Lattice guard for coolers
  • Rigid tiller
  • High back rocking seat
  • Comfortable office chair with fabric cover
  • Full length security sign for roles
  • Rugged armored bottom sign
  • Vandal resistant dashboard protection
  • Multi-stitching eyelet


To summarize, you should choose this model if you need a reliable, modern dozer for the job. The D65E-12’s strongest points include compliance with most safety and environmental standards, low noise performance, excellent and comfortable handling, a computerized diagnostic system and quality parts, and the use of composite materials to enhance performance. It’s a no-compromise option, requiring maintenance by a manufacturer-certified service center when needed.

Komatsu D65E-12: Optional equipment

The high cost of maintenance and the cost of both the unit itself and the components can be stopped by purchasing a presented bulldozer. Long-term use of one of the gold mining companies in Russia can help. The closest and only significant competitor to the Komatsu in the world market can be considered as a crawler machine, Inc.

Komatsu D65e bulldozer

The Komatsu D65e bulldozer is designed for quarrying in large construction systems, it is equipped with a crawler engine and has a high load capacity. Widely used technology in construction for greenfield work, economic activities and industry, where various operations can be performed in connection with the technological process.

Caterpillar Komatsu D65E Bulldozer

Caterpillar Komatsu D65E bulldozer

The machine has qualities such as ease of operation, predictability, productivity and the ability to perform large amounts of work. The bulldozer is equipped with powerful electric units and has several configurations. The special equipment is ready to work in any climate and in any weather.

The main elements of Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer are made in accordance with the latest developments in mechanical engineering. The use of composite materials eliminates the risk of corrosion and increases durability and service life. Due to the possibility of choosing the necessary units in the set, each consumer gets technique, oriented according to his needs. When installing a power tiller, the operator’s cabin is equipped with additional controls, such as those that are aligned during this work.

Features and benefits

The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer belongs to class 10-12 in terms of tractive force. The minimum weight is 16 tons (depending on equipment) and the maximum travel speed is 12 km/h.

Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer

Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer

The technique can be used not only in the production of excavation works. Consumers also note the high efficiency of the bulldozer in road repair, canal laying, construction of building complexes, mining and landscaping. Thus, the machine is versatile and productive. Additional bodies are defined for extending the scope of activities: openings, excluding, loose, barrels, etc.

During construction, bulldozer can carry out not only the zero cycle of works, but also planning of areas and their landscaping after the completion of the system. High efficiency is achieved by using special devices in the loose weight bearings. The machine can develop contamination when the pulsation is set. The bulldozer is used to prepare the ground for laying new sidewalk (trees, bushes, etc.).

Technical specifications and dimensions

The high performance of the Komatsu D65E is due to the installation of powerful drive units. The weight of the machine also varies depending on the configuration. The minimum weight is 15.6 tonnes, and the maximum weight is 19.8 tonnes, with a base pressure of 56 kPa or 0.57 kgf/cm².

parameter value
machine weight 19,8 tons
Ground pressure 56 kpa
Stripe 510 mm
Stripe 1.88 m
Sound type SU, S
Blade volume 3.55-5.61 m 3
Top speed (forward) 13,4 km/h

Another technical feature of the Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer is a capacity of the working body (blade) – from 3.55 cubic meters to 5.61 cubic meters. Machine dimensions are 6.66 m x 3.46 m x 3.165 m. Width of the space – 1.88 m, the base length – 2.675 m.


This dozer is the most fuel-efficient dozer in its class thanks to the installation of a 135 kW, low-flow four-stroke engine. The 6D125E is a diesel-powered, direct-burn, water-cooled engine. The engine speed is 1950 rpm and the maximum torque is 800 Nm. The device has a forced lubrication system, reduced noise level and meets international standards of exhaust quality. These features allow you to use the device in the city.

parameter value
Engine manufacturer Comatsu
model 6d125e
Number of cylinders 4
output 135 kW / 183 hp
cooling type liquid
Torque 800 nm
fuel diesel
Fuel tank 406 l

Komatsu D65E fuel consumption is 180 g/kWh. The fuel tank has a capacity of 406 liters.


The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer’s main systems are fitted with in-house manufactured units to ensure reliability and durability. This applies to the power unit, gearboxes and hydraulic drives.

Thanks to installation of support structure made of chains, pendulum axle and flat floor, excellent maneuverability is achieved when driving on all types of soil, including waterlogged ones. This also has a positive effect on the absence of mud attachments on the rails. The power train has a block design, which ensures high speed of element rearrangement.

Straight frame of the frame consists of steel with increased thickness, which reduces the number of separate structures and increases the reliability of the equipment. Installation of an enlarged cross-section crawler frame and box-shaped rear carrier has resulted in maximum durability of these elements.


Torqflow’s in-house designed transformer is installed on the Moskitor D65E-12. It is a hydraulic transformer consisting of three elements which are equipped with obligatory liquid cooling system working in the same level and phase. The gearbox is designed as a planetary element, which is driven by a hydraulic actuator. The clutch is installed as a multi-disc clutch. Due to this design, the device moves smoothly and without idiosyncrasies, and there are no disadvantages of the mechanical box. In order to avoid overheating of the control point, a mandatory lubrication system is provided. It also increases the longevity of the system. With them, you can move in three forward and three reverse gears, which is provided by the joystick. The safety of operation is due to the installation of locking handles.

One on-board gear is a complex of straight and planetary gears, which eliminates the influence of dynamic loads on the transmission. Based on operator requests, the gearbox structure has been changed. It now consists of individual sectors that can be removed and replaced bit by bit. There is no need to transport the vehicle to the place of service. The operator can do the replacement with his own hands.

The operation of the jets is very precise and smooth. This is due to the advantages of a hydraulic braking system and clutch. Despite the significant size of the special equipment, it has a small turning radius – 3.2 m.


The Komatsu D65E bulldozer “chassis” consists of two tracks, a scooter, crawler bogie and supports and suspension struts. The latter is oscillating, with a balancing beam and a rolling axle attached to it. Each track is attached to two supports, which are mounted on different sides, and the seven supports contain 39 links. Thanks to the state-of-the-art linking system, there is no risk of foreign elements getting into the adhesive tape and the sediment sticking to each other.

In addition, the DIRT is not glued to the flat-floor frame due to the special design. Multi-disc brakes are permanently used in oil as a braking system. Thus, it is possible to increase operating time, reduce wear and tear and eliminate maintenance when using the device and configuration of brake boxes.

Operator’s cab

The Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer has an ergonomic and comfortable operator’s compartment. Clear controls allow for intuitive operation. The cab has a wide view angle to ensure safe operation.

The standard cab mountings include a comfortable operator’s seat that can be adapted to suit individual preferences. The climate and ventilation system creates the necessary microclimate in the cabin and prevents the penetration of dust, which reduces the fatigue of the operator and his concentration on the work process. The reduced noise level and less dynamic effects during operation are also a positive influence.

A more robust cab is available as an option for increased safety.

The control of the workplace becomes more relaxed. The force of the joystick is independent of the amount of material, the complexity of the job and the speed. This is due to the installation of the CLSS system, which is responsible for the hydraulics and reduces the effects of dynamics on the operator.

Ride control

The Komatsu 65 Joyast dozer controls are also in-house design. The sensitive controls respond quickly to any intervention, making the machine maneuverable and efficient.

Easy operation and maintenance

Komatsu D65E is designed in such a way that it can perform various types of work in climatic conditions, which allows to use productive devices in Russia.

The most important functional units of the machine are developed by the manufacturer and have the appropriate patents. They are high-tech and have a high cost. However, replacement of assemblies and maintenance is performed without the use of force. Thanks to the installation of a control system through the machine elements, all problems are displayed on the monitor.

The microcomputer on the bulldozer processes the information that comes from the sensors. Thus, the dashboard displays information that is understandable to the operator. Along with the use of the faulty system, the service life management system of the main elements is defined. The assemblies are protected from mechanical influences.

For access to the engine compartment there are side doors, which are opened by a cylinder with a gas spring.

Thanks to all the features of the machine, it is profitable and efficient, which is important for continuous technological processes. There is a company open in Russia where you can get service and original spare parts.

Auxiliary equipment

Komatsu D65e Bulldozer Blades

Komatsu D65e Bulldozer Blades

The price of the Komatsu D65E-12 depends on the options installed on the machine. These include:

  • Protective shields for various purposes;
  • Operator seats;
  • Air cleaning systems in two variants, additional air cooling system;
  • Crawler tracks, rigid traction beam for demanding applications;
  • Additional page lighting;
  • Hook, traction;
  • Cooling grille, etc.

Cost of new and used

Komatsu D65E-12-12 unedited materiel is sold at a starting price of 10 million rubles. This machine is very expensive, but has high profitability. Service work and individual elements also have a high cost. The price of a Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer with mileage is not less than 3 million rubles. On average, the cost of special equipment with mileage in normal condition is 4.3-4.5 million rubles.


Komatsu D65E-12 bulldozer has many analogues among domestic and foreign devices. In Russia, T-11 and TK B10 are produced, which can compare with the presented model on technical characteristics. Foreign analogues are Shantui SD22, Caterpillar D6RXL.

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