Komatsu D375A bulldozer – description and features

Komatsu D375A-5 track planer

Komatsu is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of construction equipment. After a comprehensive modernization of the old bulldozer series, the brand introduced a new generation of machines. One of the first machines was Komatsu D375A series, which falls under the weight category of 70 tons. The family received many improved elements: tax system, cab brackets, improved work tools, chassis, and engine. Production of the series continued until 2009.

Komatsu D375A-5 is used for various tasks:

  • Moving large loads over short distances;
  • Profiling embankments, unpaved roads and soil removal;
  • Construction of dams and isolation;
  • Fencing the soil surface and filling in trenches;
  • Roadway preparation (uprooting stumps, digging up rocks, trimming trees);
  • Extraction of minerals in quarries;
  • Performing work on the construction of canals, buildings and structures;
  • Street repair.

Large selection of interchangeable equipment makes Komatsu D375A-5 a versatile machine with a high level of efficiency. The bulldozer has excellent quality components, smart ergonomics, and reliability, because most of the elements used in the machine design are developed and manufactured by Komatsu itself (hydraulic drives, engines, gearboxes).

Although production of Komatsu D375A 5 bulldozers was discontinued in 2009, they are still actively used in many countries. In Russia (especially in the Northeast), this model was used the most often among the countries of the former Soviet Union.


Modifications and features

Komatsu D375A is a series of tracked planners that can be used on rough terrain or off-road.

The family includes several modifications:

  • Komatsu D375A-2;
  • Komatsu D375a-3;
  • Komatsu D375A-5;
  • Komatsu D375A-6;
  • Komatsu D375a-8.

They have a similar design, but differ in power plant capacity, weight, shovel volume and some other characteristics.

All models of the series are characterized by a relatively small Wenderadius, which increases maneuverability, and high ground clearance. Wide track chains with heavy-duty tunnels increase the maneuverability of the units. The Komatsu D375A family has a padded cab with double glazing, driver protection, sun visor and powerful headlights.

Features of the Komatsu D375A-5 model:

  • Low profile for maximum stability;
  • Excellent traction thanks to the use of K-slides;
  • economical and powerful SA6D170E engine;
  • Maintenance-free disc brake system;
  • Variable-pitch attachment;
  • spacious moldboard;
  • Simplified maintenance due to grouping of main assemblies and additional protection of separate elements.



  • Length – 10330 mm;
  • Width – 4695 mm;
  • Height – 4230 mm;
  • Crawler base – 3840 mm;
  • Floor clearance – 610 mm;
  • Minimum fender radius – 4200 mm;
  • Width of front wheels – 2500 mm;
  • Rear wheel track – 2500 mm;
  • Width of space – 610, 710 or 810 mm.

The weight of the bulldozer is 49,800 kg, and the operating weight is 66985 kg. Machinery can accelerate up to 15.8 km/h. Floor pressure is 140 kpa (1.42 kg/m²).

Blade properties:

  • Blade type-U-shaped blade with one-sided curvature;
  • Blade height – 2265 mm;
  • Blade width – 4695 or 5140 mm;
  • Maximum ripping depth – 1435 mm;
  • Maximum increase of the blade – 1660 mm;
  • Maximum burial depth – 715 mm;
  • Maximum setting angle area – 1165 mm;
  • Blade capacity – 18,5-22 cubic meters;
  • Weight (including hydraulics) – 11790 kg.
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Design and functions

The Komatsu D375A-5 is designed for maximum versatility, reliability and productivity. Large, in-house manufactured components ensure optimum compatibility.

The track frame supporting structure is equipped with SH K-Vortnem, which increases the strength of the machine.

The chassis features seven track rollers on each side, a low drive and long crawler belts. The Komatsu D375A-5 uses an oscillating suspension with a balance beam. The steel frame of the track rollers has a cylindrical shape.

Undercarriage properties:

  • The number of shoes on each side is 39;
  • Shoe width (base) – 610 mm;
  • Total footprint – 4.68 m²;
  • Ground height – 93 mm.

The chassis is equipped with K-shaped rollers with new features:

  • Control of the track-belt roller combination has been improved, which has a positive effect on chassis reliability.
  • Vertical offset of the sticky belt support rollers has been increased, and their constant contact with the sticky belt has reduced shock loads.
  • Reduced shock and reduced vibration increased operator comfort.

Improved crawler belt joint design reduces maintenance costs through easy pin rotation and reuse skills.

The Moskito D375A-5 is equipped with a “Torkflow” type hydromechanical transmission with load transfer function. Speed and direction are controlled by a multi-function joystick. Modular transmission design makes it easy to repair and replace components without losing hydraulic fluid. Transmission and torque converter filter maintenance is simplified by convenient location (next to oil level indicator).

Properties of the hydraulic system:

  • Maximum current – 405 l/min;
  • Type of hydraulic cylinders – piston (double-slot).

Capacity of the hydraulic system:

  • Drill control – 120 liters;
  • Single-rod drill control – 70 l;
  • Control of fixed-angle multi-post loop a-44 l;
  • Multi-post loop control with adjustable tilt angle – 70 liters.

The Komatsu D375A-5 is equipped with a sealed, low-noise cab. Cab features:

  • spacious interior;
  • Excellent visibility thanks to large windows with tinted glass;
  • Availability of high-performance air conditioning system (optional);
  • Armchair with adjustable left armrest;
  • Dust-free thanks to the use of new air filters and the formation of excess air pressure in the cabin. The new design of the filters makes them easy to clean and replace.

The cab is mounted on improved viscous damping supports.

The bulldozer has a large-diagonal, self-diagnostic, high-precision color display. It shows the image at different angles thanks to the use of thin deposits. Information on the screen is displayed in 10 languages (Russian is available). Basic operations are done with the help of a joystick and multifunction buttons.

Komatsu D375A-5 is used with the following equipment:

  • Toothless ripper with the ability to adjust the ripping angle;
  • Multi-wheel hinge with 3 struts and parallelogram-type hydraulic lever-type actuator;
  • Bulldozer blades of different capacities and types (spherical and hemispherical).

Peculiarities of maintenance:

  • grouping of services;
  • Modular system of power transmission elements;
  • Protection of hydraulic hoses installed in the pushing jet (reduces the risk of damage during operation);
  • Oil pressure control points are in one place;
  • Wet disc brakes reduce maintenance costs.
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The bulldozer is equipped with a liquid-cooled 4-stroke diesel engine model SA6D170E (manufacturer-Mosquito). The engine is equipped with turbocharging, direct fuel injection and air cooling systems. The unit is mounted with rubber parts on the main frame. This technology reduces vibration and noise level in the cab. Another feature of the SA6D170E engine is its unpretentiousness. Changing the operating altitude does not require changing the fuel system settings. Changing the unit of measurement and temperature does not affect the operation of the unit.

Characteristics of SA6D170E engine:

  • displacement – 23.15 liters;
  • Rated power – 391 (525) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 170 mm.

Volume of the fuel tank is 1050 liters. The fuel tank is equipped with a special pressure regulating valve and a high-cleaning filter-sapon, which provides additional engine protection against contamination.

Komatsu D375A-5 was removed from production 8 years ago, as it is no longer possible to buy this bulldozer without kilometers.

There are many used versions on the domestic market. The 2002-2003 models cost 16 to 18 million rubles, the 2007-2008 models cost 22 to 23 million rubles. The final cost will be determined based on the operating time, condition and equipment.

The review of the Komatsu D375A bulldozer of the sixth generation Caterpillar

Komatsu D375A is a heavy bulldozer, which is often used in quarrying and mining operations. For these industries, the machine even has a separate specification D375A-6R, which immediately includes additional options, de-energizing box and manual emergency stop system. The D375A is also used on large construction sites.

D375A-6 Bulldozer

The sixth generation of D375A has been producing for about 10 years. Also popular is the model D375A-5. We will tell you about their main differences to make it easier for you to decide: is it worth to renew the fleet, and is it worth overpaying for a younger generation of machines?

Komatsu D375A-5 Specifications

performance characteristics
Weight*, kg 61590
overall length, mm 8000
Overall width, mm 5140
Overall height, mm 4035
Ground pressure, kg/cm2 1.31
dozer equipment
blade type U-shaped blade with one-sided adjustable skew
mass (including hydroblock), kg 11790
length, mm 5140
height, mm 2265
Maximum height of moldboard lifting, mm 1660
Maximum blade indentation into the ground, mm 715
Maximum range of tilt angles adjustment, mm 1165
Blade capacity, m3 LH 26.3
SAE 22.0
Manufacturer komatsu

– Includes weight of mounted dozer blade and weight of tractor without ROPS and cab.

General characteristics of Komatsu D375A-5

Designed by Komatsu

Engineered for maximum productivity, reliability, and versatility. Komatsu designed hydraulic system, transmission, frame, and other key components. You’re buying a machine designed to work together for more productivity, reliability, and versatility.

Based on the technology and experience Komatsu has accumulated

over the last 80 years, a new brand was born, giving machines the innovative design and outstanding performance typical of Komatsu equipment offered to customers around the world. The name of the new brand is GALEO. High productivity, environmental friendliness, safety and efficiency of GALEO brand earthmoving machines are our contribution to the world of the 21st century.

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Practical solutions for better environmental management

Exceptionally low profile of the machine

Provides excellent stability and low center of gravity.

preventive maintenance

  • Grouped service units
  • Damage-free hydraulic lines
  • Modular transmission design
  • Conveniently located oil pressure test points

Simple supporting frame

The simple design of the machine frame and the load-bearing structure of the track frame with pins increases the reliability of the machine.

Significant unloading capacity:

18.5 m3 (24.2 cubic yards) hemispherical and 22.0 m3 (28.8 cubic yards) spherical.

New Track Design

Reduces maintenance costs by making tines easier to rotate and reuse.

New Cab

  • Spacious inside.
  • Provides ride comfort thanks to K-carriage undercarriage
  • Great visibility
  • Can be equipped (on request) with high-efficiency air conditioning
  • Can be ordered hermetically sealed
  • Equipped with adjustable left armrest

Turbocharged and cooled engine

The supercharger develops a high output of 391 kW (525 hp).

Ripper (optional)

  • Single tine with adjustable ripping angle
  • Multilevel tine

Low-drive undercarriage with long tracks and seven track wheels

Long tracks and seven track wheels (each side) provide excellent stability and climbing ability.

The chassis is equipped with K-carriages,

improving traction, extending component life and increasing operator comfort.

Performance-impacting features


SA6D170E Engine

Komatsu produces a net power output of 391 kW (525 hp) at an engine speed of 1800 rpm. This fuel-efficient engine, combined with the heavy weight of the machine, makes the D375A-5 a first-class tool for ripping and grading hard rock.

The engine is equipped with direct injection, turbocharging and intercooling to maximize fuel efficiency.

The engine is mounted on a rubber lug main frame, which reduces noise and vibration. For simplicity, it is determined that no change in fuel system settings is necessary when changing operating altitude.


The new K-bogie chassis offers new advantages that retain the benefits of the previous design.

The properties of the previous chassis design:

  • Caterpillar belts have sufficient wing length. Shoe slippage is minimized because the secure handle reaches to the floor.
  • The bicycle wheel does not wobble under load, ensuring excellent machine stability. The forces around lumps of debris and loose material remain unchanged, which contributes to increased productivity.

New K-carriage chassis features:

  • The K-carriage vibrates on two supports, and the vertical displacement of the track belt’s locking rollers has been greatly increased. Because of the constant contact between the support rollers and the track belt, shock loads on all chassis components are reduced and therefore their service life is reduced.
  • Chassis durability has been increased with improved control of the track-belt combination with support rollers.
  • Operator comfort while driving has been increased by reducing vibration and softening shocks when traveling over rough terrain.

Komatsu D375A-5 Caterpillar bulldozer

To view an enlarged image of the layout, follow this link.

High-capacity trash specimen

Bulldozer blade capacity of 18.5 m3

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or 24.2 cubic meters (hemispherical) and 22.0 m3 or 28.8 cubic meters (spherical) determine the excellent performance of the machine. The blade front and side jaws are made of high-strength steel for strength and durability.


  • A loose looseness loop with adjustable angle is mounted a considerable distance from the drive wheel axle, making it easy to use, improving loosening efficiency, while maintaining high loosening force.
  • The adjustable loosening angle single-tooth loop, which is a parallelogram lever-type loop, is the ideal tool for loosening hard rock. The loosening angle is variable and the loosening depth is set in three steps using a hydraulic pin.
  • The multi-post hinge is a three-post hinge with a parallelogram hydraulic drive mechanism.

Komatsu D375A-5 Caterpillar bulldozer


The transmission of the Caterpillar Komatsu D375A-5-Torqflow bulldozer is self-made. It is equipped with a gear lock lever and neutral disengage function.

In this bulldozer Caterpillar model, in comparison with its predecessors, the vertical offset of the track rollers is increased, which has made the chassis more resistant to shock loads, and the service life is significantly increased.

Creeps have a special type of track (left). The classic track holder with pin and bushing is augmented with a fastening ring, which has virtually nullified the chance of accidental track failure, but made it easier to separate the tracks when rebuilding the system for repair.

Komatsu D375A-5 cherry picker

Cherry Komatsu D375A-5

Operator Workplace

Comfortable operator environment

Creating a comfortable environment for the operator is the key to safe and productive work. The D375A-5 features a low-concept cabin design that provides a calm, comfortable environment for the operator to concentrate on the work at hand.

Newly designed pressurized cab

(to be specified on request).

  • The new cab design and large tinted glass windows ensure excellent visibility in all directions.
  • The use of air filters and overpressure in the cab prevents dust from entering the cab.

New viscose-cushioned cabs and K-carriage chassis improve operator comfort when moving the machine

The D375A-5 bulldozer cab installation uses viscose dampening mounts to improve damping and effectively absorb shock and vibration loads. The cab dampening mounts and new K-bogie chassis cushion shocks and vibrations when traveling over rough terrain that are impossible with a conventional cab.

Fresh air on the rear of the hood

The opening for the fresh air to the air conditioner has been moved to the rear of the hood, where the concentration of dust is minimal. As a result, the air in the cabin is always clean. The time interval until the next filter cleaning is significantly extended, and the use of a newly designed filter element makes it easier to clean and replace.

Komatsu D375A-5 Caterpillar bulldozer

Description and application

Komatsu D375A-5 is a heavy crawler dozer that combines rugged construction, comfortable cab, and excellent performance. The model belongs to the weight category of “70 tons”. Production of Komatsu D375A-5 lasted from 1993 to 2009. This bulldozer is widely available on the Russian market. The Komatsu D375A-5 offers a wide range of optional equipment, which allows the machine to be used all year round. For this reason, high profitability is achieved. Japanese elements of high quality and well thought-out construction ensure long service life.

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Komatsu D375A-5 is used for a variety of tasks in agriculture and industry:

  • Moving large volumes of material, soil with small lengths;
  • Removing soil;
  • Turning trees and stumps;
  • Returning inclined and construction of dams and insulation;
  • Surface orientation;
  • Creating floor roads;
  • Creating a bank profile.

Technical characteristics of the Komatsu D375A-5 bulldozer

Bulldozer is used in a variety of temperature ranges (from t-40 to +40 degrees).

Simple maintenance

preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the only sure way to ensure equipment longevity. That’s where the D375A-5 bulldozer comes in.

Komatsu’s D375A-5 bulldozer is designed with conveniently located maintenance points, as well as easy and fast access to all your control and maintenance needs.

Grouped Service Points

Transmission and torque converter oil filters are located in addition to the oil consumption gauge blade for easy maintenance.

Protected hydraulic system piping

Hydraulic control hoses to the trash cylinder are completely mounted in the pressure beam, protecting them from material damage.

Modular design of powertrain components

Powertrain components in modular design are sealed for removal and installation, avoiding oil drift and ease of maintenance.

Oil Pressure Check Points

Oil pressure test points for power transmission components are grouped together, facilitating quick and easy diagnosis.

Research-engineered disc brakes

Nass disc brakes require less maintenance.

Lower operating costs

New Track Design

New D375A-5 caterpillar belt joints keep the tines in the bushing by tightly seating the tine and having a wedge-shaped attachment ring. On a conventional track, the pins are held in the bushing only by a tight fit, which results in a high press force. In the new joints, this force is divided by the retention forces of the fastener ring and the strength. At the same time, the retention of joints and pin damage is facilitated by making it easier to separate the pins and bushings. The result is increased chassis life and lower operating costs by reducing connection levels, reducing the possibility of using fingers and reducing the labor required to install fingers and sleeves.

Komatsu D375A-5 Caterpillar bulldozer

To view an enlarged image of the layout, follow this link.


Komatsu D375A-5 hydraulic cylinder

Caterpillar Komatsu bulldozer hydraulics of this modification has a maximum river level of 405 liters per minute. The hydraulic cylinder is a double-acting piston cylinder.

The front blade has a 120-liter fluid capacity for controlling the blade. For different variants Mult i-Toot h-von from 44 to 70 liters. The fixed tilt mechanism requires a smaller volume of special fluid. A hydraulic finger system is used to change the switch angle. The multi-line (multi-support) version is controlled by a parallelogram hydraulic actuator using a lever system.

The torque converter is located next to the main gearbox components for easy access to both mechanisms.

The total weight of the hydro-tabulator without fluid is 11.79 tons. All elements of the system were designed and built alone at Komatsu.

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