Komatsu D155 A-5 bulldozer – description and properties

Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer

Komatsu D155A-5 is a popular Japanese bulldozer from the Advance series. The model combines reliability, quality and ease of operation. At the moment Komatsu takes a leading position on the machinery market, and its products are distinguished by a high level of performance and efficiency. The manufacturer uses its own dimensional base (transmission, hydraulic drives, engines and large components), which ensures perfect compatibility of elements and increases quality.

The main purpose of the Komatsu D155A-5 model is to move significant volumes of soil. The bulldozer is also used for leveling places, performing background and removing layers of earth. The model is used in organizations involved in the construction of dams and dikes, embankment construction, storage of trees and stumps, delineation of streets and other activities in the construction zone. Actively used by companies that extract natural resources from the bowels of the earth.

Area of use and productivity of devices can be expanded with additional equipment of layers: bumps, samples, loosening and removal.

Komatsu D155A-5 is rated for reliability and high quality. The model’s design is time-tested and withstands serious loads. The bulldozer is ideal for work where downtime is impossible or undesirable.



The predecessor of Komatsu D155A-5 was the Komatsu D155A-3 which was very popular. After the next generation of devices was released, it has been removed from production, but some technologies have been saved in the new model.

The Komatsu D155A family includes several models:

  • Komatsu D155A-2E;
  • Komatsu D155A-5;
  • Komatsu D1555AX-3;
  • Komatsu D1555AX-3E;
  • Komatsu D1555AX-6.

Modifications created by a similar scheme and have slight differences in technical characteristics (engine power, weight, blade and payload).

Benefits of Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer:

  • The stock frame is made flat, which had a positive effect on maneuverability;
  • Multi-disc brakes ensure safe driving and do not require adaptation.
  • Thoughtful location of the center of gravity increases the stability of the machine;
  • Key components of the bulldozer are manufactured by Modal.
  • Oil is filled in the same place for all components;
  • Powerful and economical in-house manufactured engine;
  • The power plant compartment has a lifting rock tirp and simplifies maintenance.
  • The modular design of the power transmission units minimizes downtime.
  • Dump truck hoses are an extra layer of protection;
  • The torque converter provides reduced shock loads and smooth traction.
  • Balanced chassis and elastic suspension improve traction and reduce vibration in the cab.

The bulldozer comes standard with the following equipment:

  • Cooler tank;
  • Muffler cover protects against rain;
  • Air cleaner with indicator;
  • Klaxon;
  • blower;
  • Guardrail to protect the support rollers;
  • Chair with elastic base.
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Technical specifications


  • Length – 8155 mm;
  • Width – 3955 mm;
  • Height – 3500 mm;
  • Crawler base – 3210 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius – 3700 mm;
  • Street Freedom – 485 mm;
  • Front bar – 2100 mm;
  • Rear lane – 2100 mm;
  • Track width – 560, 610, 660, 710 mm.

The weight of the equipment depends on the configuration. The basic dry weight is 27,900 kg, with air conditioner, rock shoes and side doors this figure increases to 28,600 kg. The operating weight of the bulldozer is 38700 kg. At the same time, the floor pressure remains relatively low – 105.9 kPa. Maximum speed is 13.9 km/h.

Equipment features:

  • Type of main blade – hemispherical with unilateral adjustable slope;
  • Length – 3955 mm;
  • Height – 1720 mm;
  • Weight (including valve body) – 4900 kg;
  • Maximum height of shaft lifting – 1250 mm;
  • maximum tilt angle setting area – 1000 mm;
  • Maximum value of the depth of the blade in the ground – 590 mm;
  • The volume of the blade – 11.8 cubic meters.

Also available is a spherical wing with a capacity of 8.8 cubic meters.

Komatsu D155 A-5 can operate in areas with temperatures from t-30 to +40 degrees.

Design and operation features

The Komatsu D155A-5 has been on the market for a long time. During this time it has established itself as a highly cost-effective bulldozer in all applications. The excellent technical properties and reliability of the machine are due to the features of its design.

The model is based on a sturdy frame to which the basic units are attached. The flat-floor frame reduces the risk of the equipment getting stuck on boulders and tree stumps, as well as facilitating movement over rough and marshy terrain. Handles prevent the formation of layers of dirt.

The Komatsu D155A-5 in-house chassis has an advanced design. It is built on an elastic suspension supplemented by a cross-member method. The chassis makes independent oscillatory movements and the floor plates smoothly follow the ground contours, which improves traction. The bottom cross-shaped bracket has a special rubber damper to reduce vibrations. At the same time, the rubber pad and sled show their damping in different ways depending on the type of ground. On level ground, the chassis behaves like a rigid standard chassis. On uneven terrain, the damping properties show up, making for a pleasant ride and less wear and tear on the bulldozer.

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The Komatsu D155A-5 uses the CLSS closed-center hydraulic system, which is load-sensitive. Properties of hydraulic cylinders-pistons with 2-way effect. Hydraulic system capacity is 60 liters.

Komatsu D155A-5 has hydromechanical 6-speed transmission with smooth shifting under load (3 forward and 3 reverse gears). Speed shifting in manual mode and change of driving direction is carried out with the help of multifunctional joystick. Turning is done by braking the track.

The braking system uses maintenance-free, long-life wet slat brakes. Adjustment of the system is not necessary as its functions ensure maximum performance. The side brakes act as a brake and service brake. Neutral lock switch and hand switch make machine operation safer and prevent accidental machine movement.

The Komatsu D155A-5 is equipped with a pressurized pressurized cab air filter. This keeps dust levels to a minimum. The new design provides visibility in all directions. The operator’s working conditions remain comfortable by maintaining a constant temperature and low vibration in the cab.

Convenient operation and diagnostics are guaranteed by the electronic current control body, which publishes information on malfunctions and eliminates the appearance of serious errors. The microcomputer evaluates the operation of the machinery and shows a wide list of readings (oil temperature, coolant temperature, battery charge level, fuel level, number of motorcycles and other indicators).

The main body of the bulldozer is controlled by a joystick, which is excellent in the hand.

Komatsu D155A-5 Maintenance is simplified by the following solutions:

  • Cooling system expansion tank;
  • Inspected disc brakes;
  • Power unit side doors with upward opening;
  • Track ligatures with dusters that prevent external materials from entering the bushing-to-pin gaps;
  • Single oil pressure control group.


The Komatsu D155A-5 is powered by a SA6D140E-2 4-stroke diesel unit (manufacturer-comsu). The engine is liquid-cooled, turbocharged and has Boost air cooling. The unit meets the EPA requirements.

The modular design makes it easy to disassemble the engine components. Side covers and rubber pads eliminate noise and vibration, making the operator more comfortable. The PRE theater makes it easy to start the engine in cold weather (warm-up time is automatically selected).

The SA6D140E-2 unit has the following functions:

  • electric starter;
  • air cleaner with the function of self-cleaning of accumulation and dust in the third batch;
  • Mechanical speed regulator;
  • Oil filter.
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Engine Properties SA6D140E-2:

  • Working volume – 15.24 liters;
  • Rated power – 225 (302) kW (hp);
  • Rated Speed – 1900 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1600 Nm;
  • Maximum tractive power – 612 KN;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder diameter – 140 mm.

Fuel consumption depending on operation modes:

  • Light-12-18 l/hour;
  • Medium-22-28 liters/hour;
  • Heavy-34-45 l/hour.

Volume of the fuel tank is 500 liters.

Cost of used Komatsu D155A-5 options:

  • 2006-2008-8.7-10.2 million;
  • 2011-2012-16,5-20 million rubles.

It is currently difficult to buy a new bulldozer of this model on the Russian market.

Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer

The main purpose of this machine is to move a large country over short distances. In addition, the bulldozer can remove layers of soil, compensate for places and make returns. Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer can be used in the construction of dams and dikes to create the shape of future roads, embankments, etc.

This model is indispensable for companies specializing in road and repair-construction works, as well as in laying channels and extraction of natural resources from the bowels of the earth.

Komatsu D 155 Bulldozer

Komatsu D 155 Bulldozer

The Komatsu D155 is characterized by high quality indicators, high productivity and long service life without the need for repair and maintenance. The scope of such a machine can be expanded by using interchangeable equipment as well as performance indicators. Comacea 155 includes layering equipment: Bosses, Hoppers, Holes and Soda. Works where technological downtime is certainly not possible can be entrusted to this very machine. The main advantages in this case are the comfort of the cab, the wide viewing angle and the easy feeding of the equipment.

The previous model from the Japanese manufacturer (155A-3) was also popular, but was discontinued with the appearance of a new generation of bulldozers. Many structural elements are manufactured directly by Komatsu, for which special technologies have been developed. This has led to all the positive qualities of the technology.

The standard Komatsu bulldozer assembly includes parts made in-house:

  • The chassis, whose suspension is elastic, and the carriage, which is a cross member. This increases the off-road capability of the machine;
  • A torque converter that allows you to feel less dynamic loads;
  • A pointer on the hydraulic fluid tank, which makes it easy to control the indicator;
  • Hydromechanical transmission, which allows you to switch gears with a single lever.

Advantages of this equipment include:

  • A squat frame that is flattened, making maneuvers easier;
  • The main elements are made modal;
  • The safety and ease of maintenance of the multi-disc brakes;
  • Oil is poured in one place, regardless of what the part is for;
  • Availability of a temperature sensor in the heating system;
  • Quality and reliability, as well as the correct center of gravity;
  • The engine combines two indicators: high power and low fuel consumption.
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Technical specifications

Komatsu D155 main dimensions
length 8.155m
width 3.955m
height 3.5m
Radius of curve 3,7м
Dump volume 11.8m?
Depth of excavation 0.6m
Equipment pressure per 1 cm? 0.78 kgf (76.5 kPa).

At the same time, the weight of the machine itself is 38.7 tons.

fuel consumption

It is 12-18 liters at 1 hour of light duty, 22-28 liters at medium duty and 34-45 liters at heavy duty. At the same time, the fuel tank has a capacity of 500 liters.


Will be installed six-cylinder, four-stroke, running on diesel fuel. The engine SA6D14OE-2 is also made directly by the manufacturer. The equipment includes air-cooled turbochargers, as well as liquid cooling.

Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer

Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer

Characteristics of SA6D14OE-2 engine

The torque for the Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer must be big enough for the equipment to freely perform its tasks. The maximum value is 1600 nm, the power in force is 302. At the same time, the engine speed of 1900 rpm remains within the norm. The engine volume is 15 liters, and the cylinder has a diameter of 140 mm.

In addition, the powertrain includes:

  • An air cleaner that can clean itself of dust and build-up, and an indicator is also provided for monitoring.
  • The starter is electrically powered;
  • Oil filters that clean the oil to lubricate the parts;
  • Mechanical regulator to control engine speed.

Rubber engine mounts and side covers dampen noise, as does the radiator protection. This creates a favorable environment for the operator.

In winter you don’t have to worry about starting the engine. The preheater is specially designed for such conditions.


The undercarriage of this model has been improved and designed with the machine’s operating functions in mind. Developers have achieved a continuous connection between the roller and the track and improved stability by installing K-bogies. This version of the walking mechanism is used to work with heavy equipment. The elastic suspension minimizes vibration when traveling over uneven terrain, and when it’s flat, it’s no different than a hard surface. You can also reduce vibration with a rubber shock absorber that is located on the skids. The K-shaped slide and the shock absorber itself allow you to ride comfortably on any road and in any condition.

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Komatsu D155AX-5 bulldozer

Komatsu D155AX-5 Bulldozer

The track lengthening and the large contact area prevent the shoes from slipping, which increases the traction power of the Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer. Developers have focused on low height for dynamic stability.

You can shift gears even when the machine is performing its direct function. The reliability and safety of this interaction is due to the new Torqflow transmission. With the joystick you can not only change gears, but also change the direction of travel. Soft cornering is guaranteed by the brake-clutch system. This method consists in slowing down the chains while the transmission and engine are on. The brake system does not need to be readjusted. Their functionality already guarantees reliability and performance.

Komatsu D155A Bulldozer

Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer

Modular power units allow you to freely replace individual elements, which greatly facilitates the repair of the machine.

As with all construction machines, the cab is equipped with air filters that prevent dust and overpressure from entering. The operator has a 360-degree field of view and the cushioning system prevents excessive vibration.

The control system displays any problems on the panel, preventing major breakdowns. The onboard computer processes the data and displays it in human-readable form.

The right lever is designed to control the blade. You can use the joystick to select the direction of the machine and change gears. It’s easy and comfortable.

Standard equipment of Komatsu D155A-5 bulldozer:

  • A fan that cools the air and pressurizes the cab;
  • cooling system tank;
  • a seat with an elastic base;
  • muffler nozzle (as rain protection);
  • Klaxon;
  • guardrail to prevent damage to the wheels of the road;
  • Air purifier (2 elements) with display.

Price of new and used Komatsu D155A-5

Renting a machine costs 35-38 thousand rubles per shift or 2500-2800 rubles per hour. Buying a machine from 2006-2008 will cost 11.5-12 million rubles. Buying a new model requires a lot more money.


There are some analogues of this model. For example, Shantui PD32OY and Shantui SD-32. When buying a model, it is necessary to carefully assess all the characteristics, look at the reviews and consult with experts. It is also worth paying attention to the models Shantui SD32 and Zoomlion ZD320-3.

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