KMZ Minitor. Review, characteristics, instruction

KMZ 012 tractor: Minitractor with diesel engine

tractor KMZ 012

In 2002 the KMZ 012 tractor was introduced by the designers of the Kurgan Machine Building Plant. The mini-tractor is notable for its reliability and quality of assembly.

The area of the machine

The KMZ 012 mini tractor is designed for use in agriculture, utilities and other areas. A characteristic feature of the Mini Actractor is a wide range of attachments. Depending on the attachment, the tractor performs work in the following areas:

KMZ tractor

  • Agriculture. The tractor is used in farms and small budgets. Plows, cultivators, potato diggers, harme, etc. are used for work;
  • Horticulture and vineyards. Due to its small size, the tractor moves between trees without damaging them. In orchards and vineyards, the mini-tractor is used for fertilizing, treating systems against pests, harvesting, etc.;
  • Cattle. The machine is used for transportation and cleaning.
  • Public facilities. With the connection of the mini-tractor debris and snow is removed from the limited space.

Note: The manufacturer has made 23 attachments. This made the machine multifunctional.

KMZ 012 mini-tractor: Technical features

Due to the high technical characteristics, the KMZ 012 mini-tractor has received a wide range of applications. The machine is reliable and easy to repair. No special training is required for troubleshooting.

Dimensions and weight parameters

  1. The length of the machine without the front attachments is 1.97 meters;
  2. Width along the outer edges of the wings – 96 cm;
  3. Height by the upper edge of the wing – 2,04 meters;
  4. Exit – 30 centimeters;
  5. Trail – adjustable (from 70 to 90) centimeters;
  6. Weight of the machine depending on the modification is 697 – 732 kilograms.

Due to its small dimensions, the machine has a high maneuverability.

KMZ 012 power engine

When releasing, the manufacturer has excluded the tractor KMZ 012 with four power units. They differ in power ratings, the type of fuel used and its consumption. The following is considered a mini – tractor KMZ 012 with a diesel engine of the Chelyabinsk system.

KMZ 012 with diesel engine

  • Type of power unit – four stroke diesel;
  • Number of cylinders – 2;
  • Location of the operating cylinder – vigorous;
  • The volume of the power unit – 0.8 liters;
  • Working cylinder diameter – 8.2 centimeters;
  • Piston stroke between dead points – 7,8 cm;
  • Maximum power – 12 hp;
  • Weight of the power plant – 85 kilograms.

The engine is air-cooled and runs in the temperature range from t-40 to 50 degrees. The engine is started by means of an electric starter. It is battery operated. The starter is controlled from the operator’s station.

The diesel engine is undemanding to operating conditions and fuel quality. It has high traction properties. Power ratings are sufficient for a variety of operations.


The tractor is equipped with a mechanical gearbox. In the production process, two types of transmissions are installed:

  1. With 4 forward gears and 2 reverse gears;
  2. with 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.

The transmission input shaft is connected to the engine flywheel via a single disc clutch. Dry clutch with disc with friction pads. The clutch is controlled by a pedal located on the operator’s workplace. Pressing the pedal disengages the clutch. By releasing the pedal, the operator engages the clutch.

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KMZ manual transmission

The tractor’s drive axle is in the rear. It is equipped with a limited slip differential. The lock is mechanically actuated and forced. The gearbox is equipped with two PTO shafts. This allows the simultaneous use of rear and front equipment. Read also about the Chuvashpiller mini-tractor: Overview of the model range.

ATTENTION: PTO shafts have a toothed drive. This is a disadvantage of the mini-tractor. The PTO shafts do not work when the clutch is off.


The KMZ 012 small tractor has a wheeled chassis with two axles. The front axle is equipped with steering knuckles, which are used to steer the machine. The front beam is articulated to the tractor frame. This allows the front wheels to move over uneven terrain regardless of the position of the rear axle.

The rear wheels are larger than the front wheels. The rear wheels are fitted with off-road tires. This improves the tractor’s performance on difficult terrain.

Adjustable front and rear axle track. The distance between wheels of one axle is 700 and 900 mm. Such a design allows the tractor to use the tractor in agricultural activities for cultivation of various crops.

operator’s seat

The tractor has been equipped by the manufacturer with an open control post. A tractor operator’s seat is located at the rear. Due to the height of the seat installation, the tractor driver has a large viewing angle. The angle of the backrest is adjustable, allowing the seat parameters to be adjusted for each person.

Under the steering wheel is a metal front panel. The control lamps and switches are located on it. The lamps are necessary for controlling the operation of the nodes and mechanisms of the machine during operation. Switches are needed to turn on exterior lights, traffic lights, etc.

KMZ 012 operator's post

On the floor are the clutch, brake and gas pedal pedals, as well as the shifter. The floor around the pedals is covered with rubber pads. This prevents your feet from slipping when wet.

hydraulic system and attachments

The manufacturer has equipped the minitractor with hydraulics for the use of rear and front attachments. The front and rear attachments are lifted and lowered with the help of hydraulic cylinders. The oil pressure in the system is supplied by a gear pump.

The KMZ 012 H mounted tractor, which allows the use of rear and front mechanisms, has a three-point hitch. It is controlled remotely from the driver’s seat.

IMPORTANT: The hydraulic system of the mini-tractor will not work with the clutch disengaged. This is because the gear pump is driven by the transmission.

Electrical equipment

The electrical circuit of the KMZ 012 tractor is built according to the single-wire principle. The machine body is a negative contact and is connected to the battery. The positive contact of the battery is connected to the consumers.

Feeding in winter

The engine is started by means of a starter. It is powered by a 12-volt battery. After starting, the load is supplied by the DC generator. It is connected to the circuit in parallel with the battery.

KMZ 012 with chains

The minitractor is equipped with external lighting, which allows the machine to be used at night. The lighting is in the form of two headlights located above the front bumper. The headlight lenses have a mesh, which scatters the light beam.

At the rear, the lights are installed to ensure the safe operation of the compact tractor on public roads. The lights are combined:

  • indicator;
  • brake lights;
  • clearance light.

machine modifications

The manufacturer has released several modifications of the KMZ 012 tractor:

  1. KMZ 012 Ch. tractor The machine is distinguished by the power plant of the Chelyabinsk plant. The maximum engine power is 12 hp. The feature of the machine is high efficiency. Consumption of diesel fuel is 190 g / hp per one hour of work;
  2. KMZ 012 B. The machine has a carburetor petrol engine. Power of the power plant is 14,5 hp. the engine has two working cylinders and air cooling;
  3. KMZ 012 N. American mini-tractor with an engine. Diesel power plant has one working cylinder and power of 13 hp. The engine is undemanding to operating conditions.

From the above it follows that the KMZ 012 small tractor is a machine designed for a wide range of works. The linkage design allows the simultaneous use of front and rear attachments. The mini-tractor is characterized by reliability and unpretentiousness to operating conditions.

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Recommended: 75%



Mini-tractor KMZ 012 is the brainchild of the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant. The model was introduced in 2002 among small agricultural machines. The Russian consumer had not previously encountered this plant and its products, but the debut model was approved and became very popular.

The device was presented as a multifunctional helper for agricultural work in medium and small farms. Due to the use of attachments, the tractor is also successfully used in municipal services.

KMZ 012

A significant advantage of the presented model is its price, which is a serious competition to the European equipment. At the same time, it is worth noting the reliability of design and ease of operation. The popularity of this model has increased, and the device was delivered to the CIS, Poland and Romania markets.

Description of the KMZ-012 minitractor

KMZ 012

The KMZ-012 mini-tractor is used in various farms, municipal enterprises and even on construction sites. Due to its small size and rugged construction, the tractor can perform such functions as plowing, cultivating the land, cleaning the yard, hilling seedlings and bushes and much more.

With the help of attachments, the tractor can be used for digging potatoes, mowing grass, mixing concrete, and transporting various loads. KMZ-012 is especially effective in areas up to 5 ha, where the use of large tractor implements is impractical, because it is associated with high costs, and small units such as cultivators can not cope.

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Minitractor KMZ 012 allows you to attach two attachments, which greatly increases its functionality. A wide range of attachments is available for the presented model, which allows farmers to choose a device suitable for their needs. In addition, the Kurgan plant does not stop there, adding various upgrades to the already available equipment.

The photos show how compact the size of the KMZ tractor is, and the appearance is more like a toy.

A significant advantage of the model is the lack of any difficulties in service and repair. Due to the possibility of using domestic spare parts and their large selection, repairs are inexpensive. The following technical features can be highlighted:

  • High maneuverability in a small space.
  • Wide range of attachments.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Profitability.
  • Increased comfort and safety while driving.

Technical Characteristics

The main advantage of the model is the engine capacity of 12 hp and fuel consumption of 3 liters/100 km. Since the fuel tank capacity is 20 liters, the owner can work for a long time without stopping for refueling.

A successful design solution is the adjustable track width, which varies from 70 to 90 cm, ground clearance of 30 cm, which allows the tractor to cope with off-road and easily leave the plowed area.

The KMZ-012 tractor is equipped with different engines, depending on the modification. Initially, the technique consisted of a 4-stroke carburetor engine, which was air-cooled. Later was released the model KMZ-012Ch with the same engine, but the arrangement of cylinders was changed to V-shaped and used diesel fuel. This model turned out to be more popular.

But the experiments were not over at this point, and KMZ 012B was equipped with the American Briggs & Stratton 14,5 hp gasoline engine. The next modification KMZ 012H had a diesel engine from Hatz engine plant, which was notable for its ease of maintenance and greatly reduced fuel consumption.

model KMZ-012 KMZ-012H KMZ-012B KMZ-012H
engine SK-12, Kazakhstan V2Ch 8.2/7.8 E, Russia VANGUARD 16HP 305447, 0117, E1, USA HATZ 1D81Z, USA
engine type carburetor, 4-stroke diesel carburetor, 4-stroke diesel
Number and arrangement of cylinders 2, in-line 2, V-shaped 2, V-shaped 1 vertical
Power, kW (hp) 8.82 (12) 8.83 (12) 10.66 (14.5) 10.5 (14.3)
Rated rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm 3000-3100 2800-3000 2950 – 3000 3000+150
Fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp) 335 (248) 258 (190) 381 (280) 255 (187.5)
fuel tank, l 20 20 20 20
traction class 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2
Rated pulling force, kN (kgf) 2.1 (205) 2.1 (205) 2.1 (205) 2.1 (205)
Ground clearance, mm 300 300 300 300
Dimensions, mm Length (with/without mounting) Width Height (without roof, with roof) 1972/2310 960 1975/2040
Weight, kg – with roof and front linkage – with roof without front linkage – without roof with front linkage – without roof and front linkage 745 709 733 697 775 739 763 727 745 709 733 697 780 744 768 732
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types of attachments

A wide range of attachments on the market of agricultural equipment allows the owners of the KMZ-012 mini-tractor to significantly expand the functionality of the device and facilitate work on the site. The most popular devices are:

  • Ego device, with the help of which the plowing of land is performed much more efficiently than with conventional grinders;
  • Trailers that allow you to transport loads weighing up to 500 kg;
  • Shovel for autonomous cleaning of the site of snow, leaves and dirt;
  • The plow is most in demand when the Soiline fails.
  • A lawn mower is used to mow ornamental and wild grass.
  • SoiloFors can easily handle dense soils;
  • The grass catcher box is good to use with the mower.
  • The spreader performs seed seeding or can sprinkle sidewalks and street roads in winter during frosty weather.
  • The redesigned snow thrower provides exceptional site cleanliness by throwing snow to a considerable height.
  • The brush is used to remove snow and debris. Widely used by public utilities.

Tillage with a tractor ministry

Maintenance of the KMZ mini tractor


Before you start operating it is necessary to conduct a running-in. This is a set of measures that can significantly improve the performance of the engine and ensure the operation of all major components. Watch the work of the engine during start-up. It should run smoothly, without interruptions and unnecessary noise. Make sure there is no oil or fuel.

The manufacturer recommends using SAE 10W30 oil, and change it according to the table in the owner’s manual.

The first step is to run the engine at low speed and without load. Such work lasts for 50-75 hours. After this period, you can use the tractor with a load. Throughout the run it is necessary to check all fasteners and body connections.

The power wave of current selection is carried out first at idle and then at low revolutions with slight deviations, for 5-10 minutes.

maintenance before preservation

  • Before operation, make sure the clutch, brake system, and steering are in good working order.
  • The engine oil should be changed every 50 hours of operation of the KM Z-Mini. Fresh oil should be used as M-10dm in summer and M-10V in winter. Before changing, the engine should be warmed up. This makes the oil more fluid and will leave the crankcase faster.
  • Transmission oil only needs to be changed once a year or 1000 mater. The instruction manual recommends the use of time-tested TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • If the KMZ mini-tractor is gasoline-powered, it is necessary to use AI-80 or AI-92 fuel. At the same time, the fuel must be fresh and free of impurities.
  • In order to properly “preserve” a mini – tractor for a long time, not a lot of time is needed. The room where the car is stored should be dry and well ventilated. Also, special covers are sold, in which the tractor is tightly hidden and stored. Try to keep the machine away from sources of fire.
  • Wash the tractor thoroughly before maintenance and pay close attention to the metal parts. All dirt and grass sticks should be thoroughly washed out. Remove all rust and wipe all parts with an oiled cloth. Drain oil and fuel to avoid condensation, cool fluid to prevent freezing, also remove the battery. It is necessary to reduce the tire pressure to 70% of the operating pressure.
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operating instructions

To avoid premature failure of large components, it is forbidden:
  1. Overload equipment.
  2. Perform unintended functions.
  3. Set engine to high rpm.
  4. Change oil and fuel to other types recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Maneuver with attachments lowered.
  6. Provide passengers.
To ensure proper operation, it is necessary to:
  1. Use only recommended lubricants.
  2. Change filters and oil regularly.
  3. Use replacement parts from the manufacturer.
  4. Correctly preserve the machine for the winter.
  5. Carry out a visual inspection before commissioning.
  6. Perform maintenance according to the schedule in the manual.

Frequent breakdowns

  1. Loss of performance.
  2. Increased fuel consumption.
  3. Black smoke during engine operation.
  4. Severe engine overheating.
  5. Extraneous noise.
  6. Sensation of increased vibration.
  7. Visual observation of leaks on oil or fuel tanks.
  8. Changes in the running gear.
  9. Disturbances in the operation of central systems.

Learn more about some of these.

Clutch not transferring torque:
  • There is no free play of the pedal (it has to be set);
  • Drive plates are worn or have oil spots (need to be replaced or cleaned);
  • The hitch splines are jammed (check the position and correct if necessary).
If the machine does not lift:
  • The oil level in the hydraulic system has dropped below the minimum mark (refill oil);
  • The hydraulic pump is switched off (switch it on);
  • The hydraulic bypass valve is jammed (disassemble and clean the valve).
Bad brakes:
  • Pedal play has increased (set position);
  • Brake disc or coating has deteriorated (replace appropriate parts).
Overheated gearbox:
  • Small gearbox or stock (adjust);
  • Insufficient or poor quality oil (top up with the correct amount of oil for the model);
Starter does not work:
  • Broken or poor wire contact (solder or mating);
  • Weak battery (charge the battery);
  • Short circuit (replace or clean manifold surface);
  • Bad contact of magnetic switch (turn the switch bushing 2-3 turns).

Timely detection of malfunction can avoid significant damage and, accordingly, reduce repair costs. To do this, the owner should be able to carry out diagnostic procedures. It is desirable to master the basic principles of functioning of the large nodes and mechanisms of the KMZ mini-tractor.

Feedback from the owners


I bought the tractor KMZ-012 10 years ago. I must admit that very unreliable and constantly breaking down the unit. There are several major problems:

1) unreliable engine, which failed after 100 hours of operation.

2) Can tip over on its back when heavily loaded.

3) Need to constantly tighten all the screws and nuts.

5) It is necessary to get used to the carburetor, because even a hot engine is difficult to start.

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