KMZ-012 Minitor – description and characteristics

Minitor KMZ-012: technical characteristics

Mini-tractor KMZ-012: technical characteristics

Having appeared on the markets of Russia and the former Soviet Union, the small tractor KMZ-012 owes its appearance to the attempt of the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant to take a dominant position in the market of universal agricultural machinery for small subsidiary farms and farms.

It was presented to the general public in 2002. And despite serious competition from Chinese and European machine builders, the tractor found its niche in the market and gained admirers.

A serious set of rural and communal attachments played a huge role in this. At the same time the tractor itself was compact and economical. This made it attractive not only for utility companies and small farms, but also for ordinary villagers engaged in petty trade and keeping livestock in their backyards.

History of creation of tractor KMZ-012

As mentioned above, the KMZ-012 was produced at the Kurganmashzavod. This company is mainly famous for its military products. More precisely, BMP machines, which are in service in 23 countries around the world.

The plant began its activities as a manufacturer of heavy crane equipment, in 1950 and 1954 transferred to the production of tracked army tractors, which were also used for civilian purposes, such as geological prospecting.

In 1966, it was decided by the government to begin production of infantry fighting vehicles, or BMP-1. The major restructuring of the plant and the construction of new facilities began. In 1967, the first BMP left the assembly line. In 1983 was presented the new BMP-2, and since 1987 – the perfect BMP-3.

Today JSC Kurganmashzavod is a large machine-building center with the latest equipment, complete production cycle and testing facilities. In addition to military equipment, the plant also produces a number of civilian vehicles.

Among the latest civilian developments is the transport caterpillar vehicle TM-140, which can be equipped with various equipment. Multifunctional construction and utility vehicles with different couplings with carrying capacity of 1000 and 800 kg. trailers for cars.

Creation history of the KMZ-012 tractor

As for the hero of our review, the KMZ-012 tractor, its production was launched in 2002. It was included in the list of “100 best goods of Russia” in 2005. Unfortunately, the production of these machines has been discontinued.

Technical characteristics of the KMZ-012 tractor

Operational performance indicators:

  • class – 0,2;
  • tractive effort – 2,1 kN;
  • Number of forward/reverse gears – 5/1 or 4/2;

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length without front hitch – 1972 mm;
  • width – 960 mm;
  • Height with roof – 2040 mm, without roof – 1975 mm.
  • The track has two positions – 700 and 900 mm;
  • Agricultural lantern – 300 mm;
  • Depending on the installed engine, weight ranges from 697 to 732 kg.

KMZ-012 tractor engine


The KMZ-012 tractor was produced in four modifications with different power units. We propose to consider each of them in more detail.

SK-12 engine

This two-cylinder gasoline carburetor engine was installed on the base model of the tractor. It is air-cooled and has an in-line arrangement of cylinders. The domestic “SK-12”, the Kazakh company “Energomash”.

  • Efficiency of KW/PS is 8.82/12;
  • Torque – 24 Nm;
  • Gasoline consumption – 335 g/kW, 248 g/hour;
  • Engine speed – 3100 rpm;
  • Weight – 49 kg.

V2CH 8.2/7.8 engine

V2CH engine, an idea of ChTZ-Uraltrak plant. However, the difference from the SK-12 is a diesel engine, which gives it an advantage in traction and efficiency with the same performance. The engine is two-cylinder, V-shaped, air-cooled.

  • Efficiency of KW/PS is 8.82/12;
  • Nominal engine rpm is 3000 rpm;
  • Diesel fuel consumption – 258 g/kW, 190 g/Ps. per hour.

Vanguard 16nr 305447 Motor.

This is an American 4-stroke gasoline engine from the famous Briggs & Stratton brand. The two V-cylinders are air-cooled and have a gas fuel system.

  • KW / PS capacity is 10.66 / 14.5;
  • Nominal engine rpm is 3000 rpm;
  • Fuel consumption – 381 g / kW, 280 g / PS. per hour.

Hatz 1d81z engine

Like the previous engine, it is of American origin, but manufactured by a different company, the Hatz Motor Works. It was installed on the latest modification of the KMZ-012H. It is a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled diesel engine with vertical cylinder arrangement. It is notable for simplicity in operation and efficiency.

  • Efficiency KW / PS – 10,5 / 14,3;
  • Nominal engine rpm is 3000 rpm;
  • Consumption of diesel fuel – 255 g / kW, 187.5 g / hr.
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KMZ-012 tractor


The tractor was equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. Early versions had 5 forward and one reverse gear, later it had 4 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Transmission was manual with two-speed axle drive (spur and bevel).

  • Reverse – 4.49;
  • Front in the smallest, 1.42;
  • Maximum forward operation – 6.82;
  • Maximum forward travel – 15.18.

Failure and gearbox of the KMZ-012 tractor

The tractor is exclusively rear-wheel drive, there are no all-wheel drive modifications. Directional front wheels are mounted on a swivel balancer, which allows the front axle to copy the unevenness of the site. Depending on the task, both axles can be set in two positions – 70 and 90 cm.

Gearbox KMZ-012 is also mechanical with a single-type friction dry clutch. Brakes are spline brakes, determined in the presence of a downshift transmission.

The tractor is equipped with two cranes at the front and rear. This greatly extends the functionality of the tractor and allows the use of active attachments on the front hydraulic elevator.

Tractor with KMZ-012 cab

By default, our hero is supplied by the manufacturer without a cab. This option is quite suitable for summer work. If you want to work in the winter, for an additional fee you can install a heated metal cab with a reliable frame, guaranteeing safety.


The operator’s workplace is equipped with an adjustable cushioned driver’s seat. There is a control panel with all the necessary sensors directly in front of the driver. There is an adjustable steering column in the center of the panel. Fuel tank and batteries are located under the folding seat.

KMZ-012 tractor hydraulics and hitch

The disadvantage of this tractor’s hydraulic system is that the hydraulic pump is driven by the transmission. This means that the tractor hydraulics will not work when the clutch is engaged.


Therefore, controlling the lifting and lowering of the hitch on the KMZ-012 requires some skill. The hydraulic cylinders of both rear and front linkage are controlled by means of the control valve.

The tractor is equipped with two attachments at the front and rear. Both attachments have the classic three-point linkage for attachments and are hydraulically controlled.

KMZ-012 tractor operation

The KMZ-012 tractor has received a fairly good set of attachments from the manufacturer, namely, 23 items for municipal and agriculture. But the most widely used machine is in agriculture, or more precisely in homestead plots.

The best tractor has proven itself in the private farming with 20-50 hectares of land and 3-5 hectares of hayfields. It has become a reliable and economical assistant for people who live in rural areas and run their own small farm.

KMZ-012 has also proven itself in small livestock farms. Here, its compact size allows maneuvering in enclosures, manure removal or fodder distribution.

As always, we ask farmers, who know the strengths and weaknesses of this equipment best of all, about the application of the AGSM in practice:

  1. I’ve been using the KMZ-012 for 7 years now and I’m happy with the tractor. The only serious damage I had during operation was cutting off a valve on one of its cylinders, but I didn’t notice it myself. The piston was a pleasant discovery – it was identical to 30 hp Cossack. I plowed with plough body to the depth of 20 cm, it does not pull deeper – not enough weight. While mowing, I worked with the side rake GVK-6, and I used tractors to collect swaths.
  2. In the summer, I mostly work with a tractor. It is very helpful in the construction in the yard, where the blade levels the gravel, where you work with a towed homemade concrete mixer. All the transportation work is on it, too. Plowing, if without fanaticism, can handle 20 centimeters with one body. If it had an independent PTO and hydraulics, it would not be valuable.
  3. My veteran has been successfully working on the front of our small farm for 17 years. We plow on MTZ, and everything else – planting, row-spacing, spraying and harvesting 13 hectares of potatoes on it. It is easily repaired and rarely breaks down with proper care. First screened numerous oil stains from the box, after disassembly it turned out that the quality of casting leaves much to be desired and gaskets in some places just do not press through, planted everything on the sealant, now all clean.
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Based on our review and reviews of the owners of KMZ-012 you can make conclusions about its pros and cons:


  • The manufacturer represents 4 power plants from different manufacturers. There is a lot to choose from;
  • The machine is compact and maneuverable;
  • Ease of maintenance and maintainability;
  • Attachments for any work, 23 items.


  • The main disadvantage owners consider the dependence of the driveshaft and hydraulic pump on the clutch. This creates inconvenience during work and requires a certain skill in operating the attachment.
  • They also emphasize the low weight of the machine, which reduces its traction characteristics. This is partially solved by installing additional weights.
  • The low quality of casting of gearbox housing parts, causing numerous stains and increased oil consumption. Solved by replacing the seals with oil and heat resistant sealant.

Modernization of the KMZ-012 tractor

The owners of domestic agricultural machinery have always tried to minimize factory defects or just to increase productivity and comfort, making changes in the design. KMZ-012 was not an exception.

Replacement of the hydraulic wasp. Often craftsmen assemble or modify the hydrostatic equipment, which is not supplied by the manufacturer, for example: B. front loader. In this case the capacity of regular NCh-6 is usually not enough, NCh-10 is installed. No special design changes are required.

Installation of 3-section hydraulic manifold. As in the previous upgrade, it is necessary to work with hydrostatic equipment.


KMZ-012 with self-made loader and additionally installed hydraulic manifold.

Installation of two rear wheels. At high loads the tractor often starts to dig in with the rear wheels. In this case installation of twin rear wheels can help. This increases the traction surface, but the pressure on the ground is significantly reduced. The manufacturer does not provide such a retrofit, so you can’t do without turning.

These are the most popular modifications of KMZ-012. To describe them all, or at least stop at the presented ones, we need a separate article.

Buying a used KMZ-012 tractor: peculiarities of selection

The KMZ-012 tractor is a fairly reliable machine. Both the engine and the transmission can work flawlessly for years with proper care. Therefore, it is difficult to give specific recommendations when choosing a used KMZ.

Pay attention to the overall technical condition. Any extraneous noise from the engine and transmission. Check the operation of the PTO and hydraulics. Evaluate the condition of the rubber, it is far from cheap.


Prices for working KMZ-012 range from 60k to 250k, depending on condition and availability of attachments.

Pros and cons of the KMZ-012 mini-tractor

Universal mini-tractor

The development of the model KMAZ-012 mini-tractor was held in 2002 at the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant. Thus there were attempts to assimilate small-sized implements for agricultural works. Although at that time there was serious competition from Chinese agricultural units, the tractor managed to find its fans and won wide popularity.

A huge role in the success of KMAZ-012 was played by a variety of attachments designed for use in agriculture and utilities. The tractor was designed very compact, so it consumed little fuel. Due to these qualities, this model has become popular not only on farms, but simply in the countryside and gardens.

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Technical Specifications

Minitractor KMZ has the following features and characteristics:

Traction equipment class 0,2
pulling force, kN 2,1
number of forward gears 5 or 4
number of reverse gears 4 or 2
Body length without hook, m 1.97
Height with roof, m 2.04
Height without roof, m 1.98
track position, m 0,7 и 0,9
distance from road to support, m 0,3
mass (kg From 697 to 732

This version of the mini-tractor is equipped with 2 PTO shafts.

The delivery set includes the instruction manual of the device, which specifies all the transportation options and safety precautions at work.

Tank capacity and fuel consumption

The tank volume of the KMZ012 model mini-tractor is 20 liters. It can work for a long time without refueling, which is a major plus. The engine of the machine is quite powerful and retains heat in the cold season. Fuel consumption is 3 liters per estimated 100 kilometers. Specifications of the fuel equipment: B2H 8.2/7.8.

steering and brake system

The KMZ-012 has a brake system located in the gearbox. It must be lubricated with oil. When the pedal is depressed, the brake of the mini actuator is released. When the pedal is pressed and a special latch is actuated, the release process takes place. It is also possible to perform a separate type of braking.

In the standard configuration of the Mini actuator, the driver’s cab is not intended to be operated. They can, however, be installed at extra cost. The control post is equipped with a steering wheel and an adjustable seat. In front of the steering wheel is the control panel for the additional devices. In its center is a steering column that can be controlled.


Depending on the modification, the engine can be mounted on the mini-drive:

  1. SK-12. Carburetor type, consisting of two cylinders. Works on gasoline. Equipped with air cooling system.
  2. B2H 8.2/7.8 Diesel type with two cylinders and V-shaped cooling system.
  3. Vanguard 16hp 30547 four stroke engine. Has 2 air-cooled V-cylinders.
  4. Hatz 1D81Z. This model has 1 cylinder and air cooling system. Diesel fuel is used.

KMZ engine

Features SK-12 B2H 8.2/7.8 Vanguard 16hp 305447 Hatz 1D81Z
Power, kW / hp. 8.82/12 8.82/12 10.66/14.5 10.5/14.3
revolutions, speed 3100 3000 3000 3000
Flow rate g/hp. 248 190 280 187.5

The transmission has disc brakes.


KMZ-012 transmission has 6 speeds. The scheme is mechanical. The different speeds have the following driving formula:

  • The maximum speed when driving backwards is 4.49 km per hour.
  • Minimum when moving – 1.42 km per hour;
  • Maximum speed when working – 6.82 km per hour;
  • Maximum speed while carrying loads – 15.18 km per hour.

switching scheme

chassis and transmission

This is a rear-wheel drive model. The wheels for the KMZ are attached to an oscillating balance beam. Due to this the front axle can copy the unevenness of the terrain.

Transmission is manual, the clutch is single disc, friction and dry.

Transmission: Front 5 or 4, Rear 1 or 2.

The mini-transmission has a front clutch and reverse. They are controlled by a hydraulic coilover distributor.


You must have dexterity when climbing up or down the handicap, as the hydraulics do not work when you push it.

All handicaps have the classic three-point attachment system for mounting equipment and are hydraulically controlled.

Non-mounted equipment

The KMZ mini-drive is equipped with a front- and rear-mounted type with a problem, so equipment can be attached to either the front or the back.

With the unit you can:

  • dig potatoes;
  • mix concrete mass;
  • mow grass;
  • work out the county clerk;
  • Move loose and solid loads;
  • Grow and harvest a variety of vegetables.

Tractor with a trailer and cabin

Fantastic attachments you can use with this model:

  • Plow, discator, universal cultivator, different types of rakes are suitable for tillage in a small area.
  • Suspended liquid tank is used when applying liquid fertilizers and pest control.
  • A potato harvester is needed when harvesting crops grown by combing.
  • Public brushes for cleaning the area.
  • Landfill for filling holes and ditches.
  • Snowplow for land clearing in winter.
  • frontal mower.
  • milling cultivator.
  • ridge former.
  • concrete mixer.
  • Plough – harrow.
  • Coupling harrow.
  • rotary mower.
  • Hiller-cultivator.
  • cabin.
  • Wagon for transportation of different cargoes.
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In total, there are 23 types of attachments for KMZ.

Due to this mini-tractor can be used in construction, gardening and agriculture, for tillage, cultivation, harrowing the soil, dipping trees and bushes, cleaning the area in the off-season and snow clearing.

The equipment can be purchased from a retailer or you can make your own.

Basic modifications

Each modification of the mini-tractor differs from the previous one in terms of units that expand the list of features of the equipment. In terms of performance and other indicators, all KMZ variants are similar to each other, but differ in cost.

KMZ modification

The model range includes 3 variants:

  1. KMZ 012CH. Production of the model is located in Chelyabinsk. It is equipped with a V-shaped power plant V2Ch-01, a four-stroke diesel engine. The power of this engine is 12 hp, and the number of revolutions – from 2800 to 3000 rpm. There are 2 cylinders and air cooling system. The weight of the unit is 775 kg.
  2. 012B . The version is equipped with a four-stroke carburetor engine from the American manufacturer. In the manufacture of this version of the mini-tractor, a power plant was used. It is also equipped with air cooling. The maximum power is 14.5 hp, the number of revolutions per minute – from 2,950 to 3,000. This modification of the mini-tractor consumes more fuel (up to 280 g per hour of work) than a similar model. Weight of the tractor is 745 kg. Used in construction.
  3. 012H – here there is a single-cylinder American-made engine with a capacity of 13 liters. С. In 1 minute it makes 3,000 revolutions. It is a heavy model weighing 780 kg. The engine is air-cooled. It is notpretentious about the fuel quality, it is reliable and of good quality. The model is used in agriculture.

Strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of this transport:

  1. Multifunctionality, versatility in use. The tractor copes well with agricultural work, construction and municipal tasks.
  2. Easy operation of the KMZ tractor.
  3. Economical fuel consumption.
  4. Low weight and dimensions.
  5. No difficulties with repair of machinery and installation of additional equipment.
  6. All spare parts and attachments are easy to find in the public domain.
  7. Low cost as compared to similar models of mini-tractors.
  8. Convenience and comfort while driving.
  9. The tractor has good maneuverability, which allows using it in covered buildings.

Disadvantages of the KMZ 012 mini-tractor:

  1. The fuel tank is in an awkward position.
  2. The work of the gearbox depends on the hydraulic pump, i.e. when the mechanism is pushed out, the hydraulics stops working.
  3. Poor assembly of gearbox components. This defect can be eliminated by switching the sealing element to oil. It is recommended to do this with a sealant.

maintenance and repair

The Mini actionor recommendations state that a running-in period should be performed before use. This is an important point in maintenance, as running-in allows you to warm up all elements.

The engine should run without errors. Be sure to check the engine oil for leaks. The oil should be changed according to the schedule in the owner’s manual.

The first startup after purchase requires the engine to be used at low RPM. This should take 70 hours. After completion of the to-ing, the unit can be used with the engine fully primed. During the run-in, it is necessary to carefully check the strength of the fastening elements of the mini-tractor components.

Maintenance Before Servicing

The following must be done before servicing the Mini Tractor:

  • Check all parts and fasteners thoroughly before using the unit.
  • The engine oil should be changed every 50 km.
  • The engine must be well warmed up before changing the oil.
  • The oil in the gearbox should be changed annually;
  • The room in which the tractor will stand during maintenance should be dry.
  • It is recommended that the mini-tractor be placed in a special memory storage case.
  • The machine should be well washed before the maintenance procedure.
  • Be sure to give preference to oil.
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Operating Procedures

The operating manual says that to avoid breakage of some parts, you should not perform the following actions:

  • Exposing the machine to excessive loads;
  • Do not use the machine for anything other than its intended use;
  • To shut off the engine at high engine speeds;
  • Adding the wrong type of oil;
  • Do not perform;
  • Overload passengers.

The official safety and operation manual of the KMZ-012 can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

Causes of malfunctions and possibilities of their elimination

The most common malfunctions and information KMZ-012:

  • Decrease in engine power;
  • Significant increase in gasoline consumption;
  • Black smoke when starting the engine;
  • The engine overheats heavily;
  • There is a sound when starting;
  • Oil leaks;
  • Control system.

Consider the causes and solutions to the most common breakdowns.

The clutch does not suffer enough when the torque is strong:

  • The pedal is off (needs to be adapted);
  • The discs are seriously worn (they need to be replaced, this can be done independently);
  • Hard discs and fasteners are confiscated (brackets need to be checked and sharpened if necessary).

Attachment control is not available:

  • Not enough oil (needs to be topped up);
  • Lift pump is off (need to be switched on);
  • Hydraulic system not working (replace or repair).

Mini brake is not braking properly:

  • The pedal is in the wrong position (needs to be adjusted);
  • The pad is worn out (needs to be replaced).

Transmission is very hot:

  • Gauge of cams or gears is too small (parts must be replaced);
  • Not enough oil (top up).

Price and owner reviews

The average cost of equipment ranges from 115,000 to 300,000 rubles.

Sergey, 52, Krasnoyarsk: “This is a good and economical machine. I have been working on it for 10 years, in that time I have repaired only twice for minor reasons. I bought it for 112,000 rubles. It is well worth the money. It works just fine. Bought it for the potato storm and snow surface. “

Vladislav, 37 years old, Magnitogorsk: “I bought it in 2012 for auxiliary work. Good transport, but the carburetor does not always work properly. Starting a hot engine can be difficult. Of the attachments, I bought a utility brush and a mower. The unit is easy to install, no problems with it.”

farm set

Vitaly, 38, Taganrog: “I have been using the mini-tractor for 7 years. In all this time I have only changed the rear tires. In the process of operation there were problems with the electrics, but no repairs were required. Of the attachments, there is a potato harvester and a permanent cultivator, all did myself, there were no difficulties with the installation.

Grigory, 43, Volgograd: “I use KMZ for gardening works and for transporting small loads. The farm equipment works well. I bought a mini-tractor in 2010 for 175,000 rubles, I was satisfied with the purchase. I could not install the cab myself, the service center helped me”.

Roman, 48, Smolensk: “It’s a good vehicle with advantages and disadvantages. From the disadvantages I would mention the hydraulics, which stops working when the clutch is depressed. From the pluses – economical fuel consumption and ease of operation, installation of attachments”.

Bu model KMZ-012 is hard to buy now, because the model has been discontinued long ago. If you manage to find a variant on the secondary market, it will have too much mileage. Buying the kmz012h modification in Russia is also problematic. Even if you find a mini-tractor, the price will be about 60-100 thousand rubles in the secondary market.


Among models with similar characteristics and purpose, it is worth noting mini-tractors Xingtai-120 and Husqvarna CTH-126.

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