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The best table tennis racquets for 2022

People can’t go out and discover more and more sports, including table tennis. Give it a try, and you’re sure to get help choosing the best racket.

Best Table Tennis Rackets 2022.

Table tennis or ping pong is definitely a useful sport. It helps to train the skill and reaction of players not only to experts, but also to beginners.

However, the large selection of this product on the market can be confusing to the beginner. Different materials, labeling and everything else – how not to get confused and at the same time choose the most appropriate equipment?

Artem Samsonov, a sales consultant of a sporting goods company, helped us to get acquainted with our evaluation of the best 2022 rockets according to all the characteristics.

Editor’s Choice

Donic Waldner 700.

Donic Waldner 700. Photo: Donic

This racket with a five-layer base will suit all connoisseurs of the fast game. The use of wood as the material and the two-millimeter padding allows the player to control the movement of the ball and provides good return speed.

Another plus of this model can also be considered a development of Stiga’s ideas – which complements the design of the hollow handle with a cell with a weight. The company allows the player to adjust the impact of the racket themselves. This means that you can easily adjust this model to your playing style by only changing the position of the weight in the handle.

advantages and disadvantages

Top 9 Rating by KP

Torres Profi 5


This racquet is the best choice for the versatile specialist. 7 layers of wood in the base, which allow the player to constantly attack tactics from the defense.

The 2mm thick sponge also gives the owner of the Torres Profi 5 the ability to spin the ball effectively on impact and its speed.

advantages and disadvantages

2. Breathable 300.

Atemi 300. Photo: Atemi

The most unusual position of our evaluation is the Breathing 300 racquet. At a fairly low price, it definitely won’t impress with its production materials. This five-layer model with extremely average playability will surprise you with the degree of control it gives you while playing.

The Breathing 300 is designed for those new to the world of table tennis, so you can buy it to learn the basics of the game or give it to a child who has decided to learn to play table tennis. If you are a beginner and are looking for the most economical racket option for practice, the Breathing is the one for you.

advantages and disadvantages

Easy to handle, suitable for beginners, light weight, good quality material for such a low price

3. the Torneo Champion.

Torneo Champion. Photo: Torneo

A good option for amateurs and professionals in table tennis. A blend of African acacia and graphite fibers creates the necessary stiffness and perfect balance, which allows you to play comfortably on defense and offense, which is also facilitated by the small weight of the racket – only 175 grams.

The addition of graphite also creates high ball sensitivity, which allows for increased speed, and the spin speed overlays allow you to change your game tactics and alternate between speed and difficult ball rotation.

advantages and disadvantages

Balance of quality and price, the ability to play in a variety of styles and sizes, which is convenient for both child and adult

Not very durable in constant use, sometimes customers talk about fast wear and tear of the lining

4. XIOM 5.5S Zeta


Another model for recreational players, the XIOM 5.5S Zeta. Certified by the International Table Tennis Federation, this racket was deemed a good choice for anyone currently familiar with the world of ping-pong. Like the previous two participants in our evaluation, the XIOM 5.5s Zeta was based on regular wood, which was effectively complemented by the Xiom hypin muwet.

By using a special 1.3 millimeter thick sponge in the racket, each stroke gives extra acceleration to the ball, which can make it more difficult for your opponent to play. Despite its weight of 200 grams, the handle of this model was specially designed to make it easier for the player to play and to reduce stress on the joints.

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advantages and disadvantages

5. HAWK ST12602 “Giant Dragon”.

Another budget option with good features and certified by the International Table Tennis Federation. The giant dragon is not only designed for amateur play, but also approved for tournaments.

A special rubber with symmetrical honeycomb, which is used in the racquets, helps to give the ball additional rotation, and the model itself has an international marking of 6 stars.

advantages and disadvantages

6th round Torneo.

Torneo Tour. Photo by: Torneo

This racket is in the mid-price segment, which does not reflect in any way on its impressive properties. Seven-layer base is more suitable for the attacking style of play, and the relatively low weight of the Torneo tour (only 190 grams) allows its owner to easily perform even the most complex attacks. If you use this model correctly during the game, it is easy to impose a rapid pace of play on your opponent, which is due to the racket’s rigid base.

advantages and disadvantages

7. Stiga Force Wrb.

STIGA Force WRB. Photo by: STIGA

A racquet from an advanced Swiss brand. Unlike the first two positions, the base of the Stiga Force WRB is a seven-layer balsam and abaca plywood. This combination allows the player to make strong attacks and win through the pressure of the most serious opponent. The Top 5-Stwer is designed to attack even the most difficult opponent reliably and flawlessly.

At the same time, the weight of the racket itself is maximally reduced due to the hollow handle, which creates a perfect balance. It is also worth mentioning that the model was developed together with Chinese table tennis team, so all important aspects of the game were taken into account. The most advantageous racket reveals the potential of a confident player with attacking skills.

advantages and disadvantages

Point ball control, maximum impact enhancement, small overlap that causes the ball to spin, lightness, improved ball speed.

8. Dobest BR01/2.

Dobest BR01/2. Photo: Dobest

A good model for amateur play, but also suitable for professional table tennis players. The wooden base provides the necessary properties for normal play, and the presence of 2 millimeters of density ensures optimal ball rotation and the ability to perform various techniques during the game.

advantages and disadvantages

Low price, good serve speed, sponge seal in design suitable for amateur and professional

9. Butterfly Viscaria Fl + Tenergy 05

Butterfly FL + Tenergy 05. Photo: Butterfly

Butterfly Viscaria FL is the best choice for professional table tennis players. The small size of the handle – only 100x25x34 mm ensures its practical positioning in your hand. Combination of arilat and carbon materials in a racket, as well as in wood, gives them such characteristics as absence of vibration, great durability and elasticity.

As a result, butterly viscaria fl racket with a blade size of 157×150 mm and weighing only 90 grams is ideal for a variety of attacks, in which the main emphasis is on rotation.

The Tenergy 05 pad, which gives a unique ball feel thanks to its high-voltage technology and its resilient surface, allows this racket to unleash its potential. And it is the combination of Butterfly Viscaria Fl and Tenergy 05, which can be used to maximize the spin part of the game with all the variety of vertices (from bottom to top).

advantages and disadvantages

How to choose a table tennis racket

Table tennis rackets have a lot of properties, each of which determines the necessary abilities of the player, the possible tactics and techniques of the game, as well as many other, no less important points. Let’s deal with one of the most important – classification of rackets according to a player’s possession and used materials.


The level of skill a player needs depends on the number of stars assigned to a particular racquet. Thus, five and four stars are identified with bandits for professionals and one for beginners.

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The best choice for those already able to play at a non-professional level within this classification is two or three stars. This marking means that non-professional players are free to use a tactic or technique within the game. If you have been playing table tennis for at least a year, this option is just for you.


Particular attention should be paid to the base when choosing a racket, as it makes up 85% of the racket’s construction.

However, the most common material for this part is wood for increased hardness and elasticity. Some manufacturers use other materials as well, including polymers or even pressed paper. The ratio of these materials affects how the impact feels during play and how much they can affect ball movement.

Much more important to a player’s tactics, however, is the number of layers in the base. So, if you are an experienced table tennis player and want to play defense, it is better to take a racquet with 3-4 layers at the base, and if you are an attack player, a model with 3-5 layers is good.

For beginners and those who want to change tactics all the time, racquets with 5 layers at the base are the best option. Each model is marked with the following tactics: defense (DEF), attack (off) and all-purpose (all).


The most practical is an anatomic handle that adjusts to the peculiarities of the hand. However, such racquets are more expensive than their analogs. Here we should focus on the interrelation of all properties.

The straight handle is more suitable for the advanced amateur – you can quickly change the working page, which means that both sides of the racket work effectively.

The Konkaver Abbey is considered a much more professional and good racquet grip. However, with this handle it is extremely difficult to change the handle and maintain fast turns while playing.

A rather rare Rowwall, a compromise to the other handle types, may be the tapered shape of the handle.


The presence of overlaps is also important for the course of the game. Here, however, it is worth focusing on the intended tactics of the game and concentrating on the aforementioned DEF, OFF and os marks.

Each individual racket model requires a certain care, which depends on its original configuration. Here we will mention the basic rules on how you can keep your instrument in good condition for a long time.

The Best Table Tennis Rackets

The comfort and efficiency of your ping game depends on the sports bowl you use. Therefore, it is important to choose the best table tennis racquets, which come in professional and amateur. In this evaluation, experts choose an expert who analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of both types. After studying the features, it will be much easier to buy the right set.

best table tennis rackets

This evaluation includes products from Butterfly, Breathi, Stiga, Dobstest, and Joorex. All of these companies make high-quality products in different price ranges, from budget to premium.

  • Butterfly is a Japanese company that was founded in 1950. It was the first company that started producing professional equipment for table tennis. The manufacturer has its own research center, which is constantly working to improve the quality of equipment. The company offers different variants of shells that are suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • Breathing is a French company that entered the market in the mid-1990s. The company produces great inventory without inflating costs. It was this principle that made the brand popular among both professional players and beginners. Russian businessmen bought it in ’96, but it still remains true to its ideals.
  • Stiga is a Swedish manufacturer that has been producing professional tennis equipment for almost 100 years. The company was founded in 1934 and is still one of the leading manufacturers of ping pong equipment. It uses high quality materials and constantly improves the technological process. This allows it to maintain its leading position in the production of devices.
  • Dobest is a relatively young company from China. Products manufactured by IT, have a good price-performance ratio and are available to almost all categories of athletes. Despite the fact that the company is Chinese, its products are popular among beginners and professionals. Its table tennis rackets will be an excellent choice for those who decided to try themselves in this sport.
  • Joorex is another Japanese company in our rating. The products of this company are sold in more than 65 countries and are very popular. The products of this manufacturer are approved by the international association ITTF. The company produces products of budget and premium price segment.
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Evaluation of the best table tennis rackets

Based on the reviews of professional athletes, the expert made a comparative analysis of several dozen models of table tennis rackets. When creating the evaluation we relied on many factors: comfort, safety, versatility and “price-quality” ratio.

Specific models were selected with support in mind:

  • Quality of the base and covering;
  • Specified on the product;
  • Dimensions of the game;
  • Number of layers;
  • Speed;
  • Rotation and rotation indicators;
  • liner thickness;
  • Availability of cover.

An important factor is the category of players for which the racket is intended – professional or amateur.

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The best table tennis rackets for professionals

Professional rackets differ from ordinary ones in the fact that they are delivered to the consumer without the rubber bands glued in. To compile the rating we analyzed 10 variants and selected 3 models with the most successful combination of quality, reliability, durability and comfort.

Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon + Tenergy 05 Butterfly

The Zhang Jike Zl base is a good choice for professional and amateur ping pong players. It has a good combination of flexible fibers and durable carbon. This option is perfect for a well-loaded game of both offense and defense. The comfortable grip and excellent ergonomics allow you to practice for long periods of time. High quality of carbon and other materials used by the manufacturer guarantees a long life and a high level of comfort when using the product.

The Tenergy 05 table tennis racket case provides a clear feel for the ball. A unique high-voltage technology was used in its production. The surface here is very resistant, which gives the ball a strong spin and gives a clear direction of flight. It is quite “hard” and the player does not have to change it often, which is advantageous. The spike configuration is N 05, which is particularly effective for creating maximum spin.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon + Tenergy 05

benefits of

  • ease of use;
  • excellent combination of lightness and flexibility;
  • versatility of the product;
  • Strength and durability of the product;
  • Wide range of available attacks and topspins.


This coating option opens up a wide range of topspin options for ping pong players.

Atemi Pro 4000 CV.

The Atemi Pro 4000 CV pro racquet is positioned by the manufacturer as a small catapult. This effect was achieved through the use of a resilient sponge (2.2 mm) in the design, which springs up during impact. Since balsam, which is 7-8 times lighter than the Olha, is used as the basis, the product is lighter than 200 g. The center of gravity is shifted to the center of the playing area. This structure allows you to send good, twisting balls to the back edge of the table and perform quality topspins.

The “competitive rubber-a-Off+” serve has good persistence and allows you to control the attack well, send “rifled serves” and sharply sharpen bullets. An unusual design solution is a small section at the base of the grip, which makes use of the Chinese pin twist punch technique. However, it is relevant mostly only for the attacking style of play.

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Atemi PRO 4000CV

benefits of

  • High efficiency in attacking;
  • Spring action;
  • Good punch control;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Ability to use different styles of play.


  • Requirements for athlete experience;
  • High price.

According to reviews, this is the best racket for athletes with a lot of experience playing table tennis. Low enough price, durability of components and good performance make it a worthy choice for a player of any level.

benefits of

  • High-tech packages that are resistant to damage;
  • Low weight;
  • High pitching speed;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Versatility.


  • Requirements for proper athlete technique.

Many users note the high quality of the racket and its versatility. Even prolonged use is not able to damage the design or reduce the contact properties of the coating.

Best table tennis rackets for amateurs

Unlike professional models, amateur devices come ready-made and usually inexpensive. Materials are much simpler than the professional counterparts. Carbon or sponge are rarely used, more often veneer, thin plywood or solid wood is used. The same applies to overlays. Based on the testing of athletes, the quality of materials and the price-quality ratio, 4 models were chosen from several dozens of options.

Dobest BR01/5.

Table tennis plays the role of a transitional link between professional and amateur tennis equipment “Dobest BR01/5”. The racket does not boast the presence of carbon or thin veneer on the base and is glued by a special technological method. It is made of durable wood, with which you can use the product for a long time without replacing it after a few games. A nice and very effective addition is the presence of a layer of 2 mm. This gives the construction elasticity and increases the speed of the ball when attacking.

The table tennis racquet’s pad consists of high-quality rubber, not as soft as professional models, but meeting all amateur game requirements. The coating allows you to serve curved balls, topspins, and blocks. Combined with the sponge, it provides a comfortable feel. The classically shaped exposed handle allows for a variety of grip and techniques. This racket can be used frequently in sports clubs, on training grounds, and for personal use.

Dobest BR01/5

benefits of

  • Low price;
  • Good serve speed;
  • Presence of sponge poetry in the design;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Versatility.


According to reviews, the racket in question is particularly suitable for amateur training and competition. It is also well suited for professional athletes who want to buy training equipment. A good combination of materials and a low price have made it one of the most popular on the market.

Breathing 300 CV.

The Breathing 300 CV product was created for beginners and amateurs. It can be referred to as a transition from the professional class to the amateur class. The base is five-ply, consisting of Scandinavian poplar, 5.8 mm thick. Classic, exposed shape of the handle allows you to use another handle, which is very good for amateurs who care about their table tennis skills. The democratic price makes it possible to buy this racket to equip sports schools and use it personally.

Before choosing a racquet for table tennis, you should consider that its “opening” pads have a good degree of responsibility and provide excellent ball control when using a defensive style, which is inherent only to beginners. The 1.2 mm layer of sponge gives the ball relatively good speed and greatly improves control while attacking. It also increases comfort during long games. An important plus is the ITTF endorsement by the International Table Tennis Association.

Atemi 300CV

benefits of

  • High-strength base;
  • Sponge layer for better ball control;
  • High quality coating;
  • Affordable price segment;
  • Large handle variation.


  • A fairly rigid base won’t allow the ball to develop high speed.

The Atemi 300 CV racquet is popular because of its prevalence and high quality. It can be safely recommended to almost all beginner players.

Donic Persson 600

This model of sports equipment is probably the most interesting for beginners. To lighten the weight, engineers made the base from cork and wood, which allowed to reduce the weight of the product without losing strength and significantly increasing the price. The low weight of the design is a plus for beginners, whose hands are not yet prepared for heavy loads and require training with a lightweight body.

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Innovations also influenced the handle, which is made of jam and includes a layer of sponge with AVS technology (Anti-Vibe System). This is a unique development of the company, aimed at wiping out shocks and vibrations. This step is aimed at increasing comfort. Making the grip out of cork also had a positive effect on the weight of the projectile approaching the playing part. This made it easier to control the attack, and the clarity of the blocking increased.

Donic Persson 600

benefits of

  • Very small weight with 15 kg;
  • Good weight;
  • Reasonable price;
  • High durability;
  • Excellent ergonomics.


The pads are based on high quality rubber with a lob thickness of 1.8 mm and are usually thinner than on professional table tennis racquets. They have fairly good durability, and the pads have good featherless properties. These characteristics provide high serve speeds and fairly clear block placement.

Joorex J601.

This racket model is not bad for personal use and sports fields. Sturdy base made of 5 layers of stiff plywood with 2mm thick sponge allows the athlete to play in a protective style, but does not deprive it of the opportunity to make a good gift. The coating is highly durable, which is especially important in the initial stages of learning table tennis.

The pads here are made of high quality rubber with good elasticity. This gives a very good control over the ball – an athlete can twist it when serving, make a good block or topspin. Special attention should be paid to the elongated handle with anatomic cutouts, which allows for holding them with the big hand of quality athletes. Such a move implies an increase in the number of available grips, which greatly expands the player’s skills.

Joerex J601

benefits of

  • Anatomical shape of the handle;
  • low weight;
  • sturdy base;
  • Stable sponge;
  • Thick layer of sponge.


  • A rather rigid base somewhat limits the athlete’s style of play;
  • Not suitable for people with small hands.

This racket is appreciated by athletes with a wide palm or who prefer a defensive style of play.

Best tennis tables

What are the best table tennis rackets to buy?

Tennis rackets are divided into amateur and professional, the last, of course, cost more and have more stars 5-6 pcs. They are also quite different in the style of play 3-4 tiers for amateur defenders.

Before choosing a racket for table tennis, you should consider your level and style of play:

  • Professional athletes who have extensive experience in table tennis and want a quality tool that meets all international standards, it is recommended to buy a butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZL Carbon + Tenergy
  • Those who prefer an aggressive style with a predominance of attacking tactics should opt for a small catapult Atemi PRO 4000 CV.
  • Players who excel in both offense and defense need the Stiga Technic model, which is equally good for strong blocks and fast spin attacks.
  • For those athletes who already have serious table tennis experience and prefer to combine both styles, but are still on a budget, the Dobest BR01/5 is the ideal solution.
  • Experienced players who prefer an attacking style of play and high quality equipment for a small budget may prefer the Atemi 300 CV, approved by the International Table Tennis Association.
  • Beginners, who need serious wrist training, proper skills and technique, need a light and reliable racquet, for which Donic Persson is ideal
  • Athletes with quite a wide palm and defensive style can rely on Joerex J601 with its combination of hard and soft rubber.

To choose the right tennis racket, you need to consider your level and style of play first, and only then your budget.

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