Kamaz 65801. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

Kamaz 65801. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

The KAMAZ 65801 is a high-capacity dump truck. Full name of the vehicle: 65801-J5. The four-axle truck is unique in that it is used to transport absolutely any cargo, including construction and industrial. After moving it is designed for urban and suburban intercity routes. Overcomes distances in the field or in bad weather conditions. The model made its debut in 2016 at the Russian exhibition of construction equipment and technology, and a few months later the Maldenkipper was mass-produced at the Kama plant.

The features of the truck are:

  • An improved Hyva or Binotto tipping platform;
  • high-quality and powerful German engine Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4 (Euro 5) or Cummins ISG12E5;
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin with an ergonomic layout of instruments on the dashboard;
  • 16 gears;
  • Convenient layout of six cylinders;
  • Excellent all-terrain mobility, high quality tires;
  • Good handling and maneuverability in spite of the weight of the truck;
  • Ability to overcome “steep” gradients.

Approximate cost of the Kamaz 65801 is 6 million rubles. Used cars can be bought cheaper.

Technical Specifications

Technical parameters and properties of the Kamaz 65801:

  • Fuel consumption: 32 liters per 100 km;
  • Engine, Euro 5 standard, engine type: Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4 or Cummins ISG12E5;
  • The dimensions of the vehicle: length 9300 mm, width 2550 mm, height 3450 mm;
  • Unladen weight 17 thous. kg;
  • Front axle, load 9 thousand kg;
  • Winter axle, load 8 thousand kg;
  • Load-carrying capacity 32 thousand kg;
  • Engine type: diesel, supercharged, air-cooled;
  • Engine power is 450 horses;
  • The car reaches a top speed of 70 km/h when laden;
  • Overcomes an angle of inclination of 30% when driving uphill.

What does the Kamaz 65801 cab and wiring diagram look like?

The Kamaz 65801 cab is on a four-point suspension. It is located above the engine. Equipped with everything you need for a comfortable ride on different types of streets. Soundproofed. No sleeping compartment and not included. The instrument panel is ergonomically shaped, with conveniently located gauges and switches. There is heating of the cabin, one-piece windshield, without central jumper. Cabin can be tilted forward, and there is enough space for comfortable accommodation of two people.

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KAMAZ 65801 reviews


“Bought this Kamaz in early 2017. Impressed by the engine and transmission, and in general a very spectacular car. How much information about it revised. And finally I bought it, I am the owner and my happiness knows no bounds! Now that some time has passed after the purchase, I can objectively describe both the advantages and disadvantages of this truck.

Advantages: excellent traction, strong springs, good body shape, and four out of five points for intoxication. My Kamaz has a Mercedes engine, Cummins Motors engines are available.

Disadvantages: No protection between bumper and cab, high risk of rust. “

Kamaz-65801. Description of the engine, gearbox, brakes and power system

This is a completely new model of the Kama Automobile Plant, KAMAZ-65801 made its debut in mid-2016 during the exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technology”. The vehicle is designed for transportation of industrial cargoes on public roads. It is adapted to work in different climatic zones: from subtropics to the far north.

Kamaz-65801 is a four-axle frame dump truck with an 8×4 axle arrangement. The engine is located in the front of the frame under the torn metal cab. An enclosed dump truck is mounted on the platform, which is unloaded through the rear end. The ground and side pages are heated with exhaust to avoid sticking and fruit from the load. A special ladder is provided for access to the body.

The chassis is equipped with a modern cab with two comfortable seats, there is no place to sleep. Drivers see a spacious cabin with an ergonomic three-section section. The cabin is characterized by good heat and sound insulation. Air conditioning is available as standard equipment.

The minimum cost of a new Kamaz-65801 is 6 100 000 rubles. This model is extremely rare in the market of used vehicles, so it is not possible to determine the price of the car with mileage.

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Technical features of Kamaz-65801

Dimensions and payload

  • Length of the truck: 9,300 millimeters.
  • Width: 2,550 millimeters (including the mirror – 2,900 millimeters);
  • Height: 3 450 millimeters;
  • Curb weight of the truck: 17,000 kilograms;
  • Maximum permissible payload of the vehicle: 33 000 kilograms;
  • Total weight of the truck: 50 tons;
  • Capacity of the platform: 20 m 3;
  • Maximum angle of inclination of body: 50;
  • Speed of travel of dump truck: 70 km.

Engine and fuel consumption

The truck is powered by a modern licensed engine Cummins ISG12E5 or a German Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4.

Cummins ISG12E5. According to its design, it is a co-single four-stroke diesel engine with a turbocharging system and intercooling of charge air. The engine is equipped with Common Rail injection system, the working volume of this unit is 11.8 liters, and rated power – 450 hp, at 1450 to 1800 rpm. According to environmental parameters Cummins ISG12E 5-MOTOR meets Euro 5 standard.

Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4. Six-cylinder turbodiesel with in-line cylinder arrangement, turbocharging technology and boiler air cooling system. The engine is equipped with a full fuel injection quantity screening system with solenoid valves and water cooling. The displacement of this unit is 11.9 liters and maximum power – 428 hp at 1,900 rpm. Due to the use of BlueTec technology and Telligent Engineering System, the engine meets Euro 5 requirements.

The KAMAZ-65801 reel dump truck comes standard with a 350 liter fuel tank. Fuel consumption when driving on asphalt road at 60 km/h is not more than 30 liters per 100 kilometers.

Transmission, brakes and power supply

The dump truck is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission ZF 16S2225 TO. The gearbox consists of a four speed pinion, a front splitter and a planetary demultiplier. The front speeds are engaged with the help of demultiplier, which is made in the form of a toothed clutch. According to the drivers, this “mechanics” provides a decent acceleration dynamics and smooth shifting.

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KAMAZ-65801 is equipped with a one-diaphragm drying clutch MFZ 430, which has a hydraulic booster and pneumatic actuator.

Each wheel is equipped with pneumatically actuated drum brakes. Brake drum diameter is 420 millimeters and brake pad width is 180 mm. In addition to the main brake, the truck is equipped with auxiliary, reserve and parking brakes. In addition, the engine of the Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4 is equipped with the Telligent® system, which offers maximum deceleration.

The truck’s electronic and electrical systems are powered by two batteries with a total capacity of 420 Ah. The machine is also equipped with a voltage regulator and a 3 kW generator.

A more complete description and detailed operating and technical characteristics of the Kamaz-65801 roll dump truck can be found here:

Carrying capacity of the vehicle, kg 32435
Gross vehicle weight, kg 50000
Rear bogie load, kg 32000
Load on the first and second axle, kg 18000
Curb weight in kg 17565
Rear bogie load, kg 8045
Load on the first and second axle, kg 9520
Engine model Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA.V/4
Max. Net torque, nm (KGSM) 2100 (214)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1100
Max. net useful power, kW (HP) 315 (428)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1900
Swept volume, L 11.97
Location and number of cylinders In-line, 6
Engine type Turbocharged diesel engine with charge air cooling
Control gear model ZF 16S225
Type Mechanical, 16-speed
control Mechanical, remote
Sender 5.262
Type Double, with wheel gear
version Without sleeper
suspension 4 types of springs
Cab type located above the engine
Edge size 8.5-24
Bicycle type disc
Tire type Pneumatic, chamber
tires 12.00 R24
Water equipment Binotto or Hyva
version Exhaust gas heating, canopy with torsion mechanism, additional ladder
Platform material Bottom 8 mm, page 5 mm; wear-resistant steel, hardness 450 HB
model BCM-291
Platform volume, cubic meter 20
Platform tilt angle, deg. 50
Capacity of tank with neutralizing liquid, l 70
Fuel tank capacity, l 350
Slewing radius of outward dimension, m 11.6
Maximal speed, not less, km/h 90
Slew angle at least % (deg.) 30 (18)
Batteries w/a – H 2×12/210
Voltage, V 24
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Sergey Siluanov, 37, Altai Territory:

Doing career development. Received six months ago the trough KAMAZ-65801 I evaluate only on the excellent. The cabin is equipped with everything I need, the seats are practical. There is air conditioning, merciful engine power is more than enough, even on long climbs, on the highway the truck also behaves perfectly: good acceleration dynamics and steering, it is calm in the cabin.

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