Kamaz-6580. Description, technical and operational properties

KAMAZ-6580: Technical Specifications

KAMAZ-6580: Specifications

Cars of the Kamsky automobile plant for many years have been the undisputed sales leaders in Russia in the drive segment. Therefore, it is very logical that soon after the start of production of the new generation of Kamaz-5490 semi-trailers, serial production of new tipper tippers was launched. The chassis of the 80 series (KAMAZ-6580 6×4, KAMAZ-65801 8×4 and KAMAZ-65802 6×6) are designed not only to install a tipping trough. They are versatile: suitable for installation of container trucks, crane and concrete mixers, special designs of the new generation.

Model Features

All KAMAZ trucks of the 80th range have a factory index of the European type “Mercedes” (or “Man”). The first two digits in it indicate the total mass of the machine in tons, and the second pair – the engine power (without the last zero). For example, Kamaz-6580 6×4 has an index K4141D. The machine has a two-year warranty (or 150,000 kilometers). The service interval is set at 60,000 kilometers – a very good indicator.

model specifications

Unlike the Kamaz-6520 dump truck, the Kamaz-6580 is a heavier version, which is suitable for transportation of large loads even in the most difficult street and climatic conditions. Series production of the Kamaz-6580 began in early 2016. The principle of assembly is the same as that of the Kamaz-5490 family. However, since it is a dump truck, not a tractor, there are fundamental changes in the design: Many brackets have been strengthened, for tightening particularly critical assemblies other devices have been selected. The Kamaz-6580 muldikipper does a pretty good job compared to its former “brothers” of the Kamaz truck. This model consists of imported parts by about 70 percent.

KAMAZ-6580 engine: at the initial stage and in the future

The KAMAZ-6580 is equipped with the Euro-5 engine, which is made in China. This is a Cummins ISG12 diesel engine, turbocharged: P6, 24 valves, displacement 11.8 liters, power 305 kW / 410 hp at 1900 rpm, and the maximum torque of 2100 Nm at 1100-1400 rpm. This engine is relatively light (860 kg) and quite compact. It has easily repairable wet collars, Common Rail fuel equipment, and the environmental class can be upgraded to Euro-6 (with SCR). There is a built-in engine compression brake.

These units are manufactured at the engine plant of Chinese company Foton (Gazel Cummins ISF 2.8 and ISF 3 engines are also produced there). There is another version of the engine, also imported, more expensive and respectable. KAMAZ-6580 and KAMAZ-5490 trucks can be equipped with German diesel engine Mercedes-Benz OM457 (11.94 liter, 428 hp and a maximum torque of 2100 Nm), which is known in European trucks.

Cummins diesel under the KAMAZ-6580 cab.

New diesel engines Kamaz-750.10 have been announced for the family of 6580 vehicles in the future. This variant is a deeply modernized engine of long-term use of Kamaz-740 50/60/70 families, implemented in accordance with Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards (the prospect of installing a particulate filter). The engine has equal-length blocks (four valves per cylinder).

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There is a further progressive development of joint development with Liebherr – a family of diesel engines Kamaz-910.10. This is a coaxial engine with a working volume of 11.95 liters and capacity of 380-550 hp.


Transmission is also imported: the European-made ZF 16S22220 and ZF 16S2225 gearboxes are used on Kamaz 6580 dump trucks (only ZF 16S151 and ZF 16S1820 are designed for torque of 1800 m). It is an eight-speed, where the dividers get 16 programs.


The clutch is single disc, diaphragm type, model MFZ-430, Sachs (Germany). Clutch actuator is pneumohydraulic, and pedal’s effort is moderate: it is not “empty”, but also it is not necessary to “trample” it with all your weight. The transfer gearbox is installed in two versions: from Kamaz or from Steyr. Main gear ratio is 5.262.

Running gear. Steering. brakes.

The design of KAMAZ-6580 dependent suspension uses new, more durable Chusovskoye springs. The front leaf springs are small, but they are equipped with coil springs, which improve drivability, with incompatible silent blocks. Tensioned rear ball joints are assembled on semi-elliptic leaf springs (16 tons load on each axle). Front axle, for the first time in the history of Kamazov trucks, is designed for a nine-ton load. But it also requires axles with hidden “Shkvornev ears”. The front axle has an anti-roll bar.

Running gear. Steering. brakes

Rear axles are also imported: they were bought in China (by GETE). According to the manufacturers, it is a temporary solution. At the moment the Kama Automobile Plant does not have its own axles with a capacity of 16 tons. But the company is preparing to release new axles with planetary reduction gears – especially for KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-6580 families. The frame is reinforced – double ((longitudinal member in a longitudinal member) of high-strength beam steel with the total thickness of 16 mm.

Steering is bolt-and-nut steering with hydraulic wiper. Three-axle trucks have ZF power steering plus an additional hydraulic cylinder on the right side because of the increased load on the front axle of the truck. Brakes are pneumatic, drum type, with ABS; Tires size is 315/80 R22.5 or 12.00 R24. Tires of this size (R24) instead of standard for Kamaz 22.5-inch wheels can withstand heavy loads and increase ground clearance by 50 mm. This is not superfluous to work in difficult conditions. Tires are Kama, but as an option “Continental” is available.

Diameter of the brake drum is 420 mm. The width of the brake pads – 180 mm.

Chassis. Steering. Brakes-01

Of course, the eightieth series vehicles have intermediate and intermediate differential locks. There is not only ABS, but also ESP stability control and ASR traction control. The design of the Kamaz-6580 includes a wet container, which prevents moisture from entering the braking system. To accelerate the reaction of brakes after pressing the pedal, the diameter of the line feeding the system has been increased.

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The last tipper platform

The main supplier of Malden is the Neftekamsk automobile plant. For KAMAZ-6580 bodies are produced in different variants, rectangular and U-shaped, with volume from 16 to 20 cubic meters, with floor heating and cladding. Thickness of the steel used for boards is 8 mm, and for bottom of the body – 10 mm. All versions of dump bodies are equipped with imported hydraulic mechanisms (hyva or binotto).

platform of a cargo dump truck

Since 2017 the 80-series chassis are also equipped with Duldic keepers by Becema (Krasnogorsk, Moscow region) – BCM-290 with 16 m3 for KAMAZ-6580; BCM-290.2 with 15 m3 for KAMAZ-65802 and BCM-291 with 20 m3 for KAMAZ-65801.

Additional technical specifications in numbers (for dump truck on the base of 6×4)

  • Overall dimensions: length – 8.04 m, width – 2.5 m, height – 3.56 m.
  • Unladen weight – 14,8 t.
  • Gross weight – 41 t.
  • Payload – 25.75 tons.
  • Volume of the body – 20 cubic meters.
  • Loading on the front axle – 9 tons, on the rear axle – 16+16 tons.
  • Outer radius of the converter – 11 meters.
  • Angle of elevation – at least 30 percent (18 degrees).
  • Maximum speed (with the limiter) – 90 km/h.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 350 liters.
  • Batteries – 2x12V / 210Ah.
  • Voltage of the electrical system – 24V.

Kamaz-6580 cab

Kamaz-6580 cab is actually a cabin of Mercedes Axor. It is made in Naberezhnye Chelny. It is welded and painted from imported perforated sheets. In the future KAMAZ plans to start producing the fourth generation of Mercedes Actros. The interior of the Kamaz-6580 cab is made from the same imported components as the Axor cab. Except the seats: they are also of good quality, under the license Grammer, they are made in Elabuga.

KAMAZ-6580 cab

In quality of workmanship and thoroughness of detailing the interior of the Kamaz-6580 cab is not inferior to the Mercedes Axor. As additional options for a fee it is possible to install air conditioning, autonomous power supply, power windows. There are 12 and 24 volt power outlets, lots of drawers, compartments, shelves and nets for small items. A sleeping place for the dumper cab is not provided. However, on request, you can order the cabin with a sleeping bag.

KAMAZ-6580-01 cab

Cabin feather (four-point suspension). It is quite high, so there is a flexible level at the bottom for easy boarding. This makes it easy to get in and out when riding off-road without breaking down. To access the engine, the cab is raised with a hydraulic elevator and tilted forward. It must be actuated manually (with the help of a mounting spatula it is necessary to pump up the pump).

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Reviews of Kamaz-6580 drivers

The first thing that was noticed by everyone who got the experience of driving the new KamAZ trucks: for the first time it became as quiet and comfortable in the cabin of a domestic truck as in the cabin of a European vehicle of the same class. The noise and vibration of the diesel engine is almost not felt in the cabin. Some people even compare KAMAZ-6580 with a diesel GAZelle, although the KAMAZ’s engine is four times bigger. The visibility from the cab is excellent due to high seating and large glass area.

You can start the car with an empty body, especially on a windy, icy surface, starting in third gear. In the first two speeds, the high power and torque will literally rip the rear wheels to a crawl. Gears are shifted smoothly, with minimal effort on the shift lever for a heavy truck. The ZF shifter operates on a “double-H” pattern. Since the vehicle is equipped with differential locks between the axles and wheels, it can be driven through muddy mud and deep snow. To get stuck on KAMAZ-6580 is not an easy task.

KAMAZ-6580 truck drivers' reviews

The truck is also comfortable in the cabin when driving on bumps. With ZF power steering you can easily make turns, almost like in a car. Powerful engine with high torque effortlessly accelerates the truck almost from idling speed. At the same time, the cab remains comfortably quiet and you can talk to your passenger without raising your voice. The brakes take some getting used to. The brake pedal has to be pressed gently and smoothly, and maximum deceleration is achieved in the middle of the pedal stroke.

Chinese-made axles force motorists to be careful. Though they haven’t yet had time to show themselves from any negative side on the new KamAZ-6580 trucks, there is a lot of information that these axles are the “weak link” (according to reviews of Chinese dump trucks Shaanxi and Shacman).

KAMAZ-6580 construction dump trucks are designed to work on the construction of large industrial or infrastructure facilities, or in quarries – as a cheaper alternative to dump trucks like BelAZ. In both cases, we are talking about objects, where the trucks drive on specially constructed temporary (technological) roads. High axle load limits or even eliminates the use of these heavy machines on public roads.

The cost of KamAZ-6580 dump trucks

The price of a new KAMAZ-6580 vehicle as of 2018 starts from 6,077,000 rubles (for the chassis) and from 6,359,000 rubles (for the dump truck). The market for used vehicles of this model has not yet formed.

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KAMAZ 6580 / KAMAZ 65802

KAMAZ-6580 (6x4) heavy dump truck in Krasnoyarsk from an authorized dealer

The latest range of three-axle heavy dump trucks with Mercedes EURO-5 engines and 6×4 (KAMAZ 6580) / 6×6 (KAMAZ 65802) wheel configuration with increased payload.

KAMAZ-6580 (and its all-wheel drive version KAMAZ-65802) is a development of a line of modern dump trucks started with KAMAZ-6520-Lux and designed to compete with the leading European manufacturers.

General description of the KAMAZ-6580 and KAMAZ-65802

Unlike KAMAZ-6520-Lux, along with a new reinforced frame and cab from Mercedes-Axor, the 6580 family uses:

Dump truck KAMAZ-65802 (6x6) in Krasnoyarsk from an official dealer

  • A Euro-5 Mercedes-Daimler OM457LA engine, which, compared to the KAMAZ engine, offers a larger torque band that starts at lower rpm.
  • Instead of 12-ton Kamaz-Ovo axles are used 16-ton drive axles (middle and rear) made by GETE (after Mann), which allowed to increase total capacity of dump bodies.
  • Instead of silent highway tires R22.5, chamber radial tires R24 are installed, which provides greater ground clearance, better lateral stability and less susceptibility to deformation.

Thus, the Kamaz-6580 and Kamaz-65802 are designed for more serious quarry work, ore transportation, backfilling of sites, industrial and road construction on technological roads of Siberia.

Dump truck chassis 6580 and 65802

The frame of the vehicle is made of high-strength steel, reinforced (one save in one seed) of S600mc steel. Rear balancer suspension with tandem manual drive axles with wheel reduction gears and intermediate differential locking for total load up to 32 tons.

Reinforced rear suspension of KAMAZ-65802 and KAMAZ-6580 trucks

Small front suspension with rubber-metal joints (RMSH, pin blocks) for loads up to 9 tons. In all-wheel drive Kamaz-65802 the front drive axle is used with HDZ-10 with maximum load up to 10 tons.

engine and chassis

Euro-5 dump trucks are now available with Mercedes-Benz OM457LA engine (401 hp, 2000 nm at 1100 rpm). As the gearbox is used time-proven 16-speed ZF16S 2220 with a splitter and demultiplier. All-wheel drive KAMAZ-65802 (6×6) is equipped with KAMAZ-6522 transfer case.

The new series solved the problem with the “thoughtful brake” of former KAMAZ trucks:

New brake system of KAMAZ-65802 and KAMAZ-6580 trucks

The trucks are equipped with a cab adapted for Russian conditions from the Mercedes-Benz Axor on a spring suspension with pneumatic seats and steering wheel control system. Sophisticated cab heating and ventilation system with air conditioning and additional air heating allows to operate these trucks in difficult climatic conditions of the Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and Siberia as a whole.

Steering wheel of KAMAZ-6580 series dump truck

Thus, the driver of KAMAZ-6580 and KAMAZ-65802 gets comfort of real European dump trucks.

The KAMAZ-6580/65802 dump trucks will be equipped with a heating system with exhaust gas, which allows to work effectively in winter conditions. The floor is made of quard 450 8 mm high steel, the walls of 5 mm S420. To prevent damage to the side of the charger, 6mm domex700 steel current leads were used.

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KAMAZ-65802 tipping platformKAMAZ 6580 tipping platform

As additional equipment will be installed an awning with power mechanism, a ladder and a spare wheel holder. Hydrothe n-Binotto or Hyva (your choice).

Warranty for Kamaz 6580 and 65802 is 150 000 km / 2 years

KAMAZ-6580 heavy dump truck in KrasnoyarskKAMAZ-6580 25-ton truck for sale in Krasnoyarsk

Kamaz-6580 for Krasnoyarsk region

Dump truck 6580 with 6×4 wheel arrangement and payload up to 25.8 tons is designed for the enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk region and Khakassia. The trucks are reasonably priced and have a developed network of high-tech service centers throughout Russia.

Basic dimensions and payload of KAMAZ-6580

Kamaz-65802 for Krasnoyarsk region

All-wheel drive dump truck KAMAZ-65802 6×6 with payload up to 24.8 tons can effectively operate in more difficult on-road conditions. It is suitable for Krasnoyarsk oil and gas, gold mining companies and other mines, as well as for companies servicing these industries (oil pipeline construction, complex and large-scale ground and road works in remote areas of Siberia, etc.).

KAMAZ-65802 main dimensions and payload

The cost of the new KAMAZ-6580 with the 6×4 wheel arrangement Euro-5 and the all-wheel drive KAMAZ-65802 depends on the configuration, additional options and terms of delivery. Please request the current price:

Available in Krasnoyarsk at a price of 5,950,000 rubles. STOCKAGE

Please call us during working hours by phone in Krasnoyarsk: 2-555-004 and we will consult you about the whole new model range of KAMAZ dump trucks. Or give us your contact information, and we will contact you.

General Technical Description KAMAZ 6580 and KAMAZ 65802

KAMAZ 6580 KAMAZ 65802
power tire: Dual tires, disc wheels, 8.5-24 rims, 12.00R24 radial chamber tires
number formula 6×4: rear drive axles 6×6: four-wheel drive
stability: 25,750 kg (25.8 tons) 24,800 kg (24.8 tons)
Self-tipping platform: Rectangular, V = 16 m3 , rear discharge Rectangular, V = 15 m3 , rear discharge
Engine: Mercedes-Daimler OM457LA: In-line six-cylinder, turbocharged, 12 hp, 401 hp, 2000 Nm. Euro 5, AdBlue.
Chassis / Transmission: Manual 16-speed ZF 16S 2220 TO transmission, double main gear, with gearbox, ratio 5.262. Mechanical drive axles, single disc diaphragm clutch with pneumatic booster MFZ 430.
Extras: Two-stage KAMAZ-6522 transfer case with lockable center differential.
Systems: Inter-wheel and inter-axle differential locks, engine brake, cruise control. Engine heater, body heater.
Transmission: Mercedes cab on 4-point hitch without a berth. Air conditioner, autonomous heater, audio system, tachograph, etc.

Detailed technical characteristics of KAMAZ 65802/6580.

Full technical characteristics of the KAMAZ-65802 and KAMAZ-6580

For more information about KAMAZ 6580 / KAMAZ 65802 and information about prices please contact KAMAZ managers in Krasnoyarsk by phone 8 (391) 2-555-004.

All information on this web-site is given for information only and is not a public offer in the meaning of the Civil Code of Russian Federation. All prices shown on this site are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time without notice. Contact us for more information.

Kamaz Center Krasnoyarsk st. Bryanskaya, 18a tel. (391) 2-555-228 KAMAZ2003@mail.ru

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