Kamaz 6560. Main engine parameters and general technical characteristics

Kamaz 6560. Main engine parameters and general technical characteristics

Kamaz 6560 (also known as 6560 m) is a semi-tractor truck made in 2005. The main purpose: transportation of missile and anti-aircraft systems, as well as officials and soldiers. Based on the KAMAZ 6550 chassis, the Tornado fighting vehicle was developed. This four-wheel drive vehicle belongs to the Mustang family. This model with 8×8 wheel configuration was successfully presented in 2005 at the military exhibition in the UAE. Developed by the Tula Design Bureau, this vehicle is designed for high payload, permanent loading and operation in difficult terrain, as well as for movement in difficult terrain. It can be used not only as a tractor, but also as a dump truck. Available in two modifications: Kamaz 6560-3198-43 (chassis) and Kamaz 6560-6610-43 (flatbed trucks).

Features of the Kamaz 6560:
  • There is a differential lock;
  • high stability;
  • horseradish stabilizer;
  • frame booster;
  • Stability of the support unit.

An interesting fact: based on this model of the chassis are produced self-weight mobile cranes KS-65713 (160 TM) and KS-65715 (170 TM).

Technical parameters

Main engine parameters and general technical characteristics of the Kamaz 6560:

  • Diesel engine, foot-type, turbocharged, eight cylinders;
  • KAMAZ-740.50-400 engine type (Euro-4 standard);
  • Power 400 hp;
  • Performance characteristics upgraded;
  • Hydromechanics gearbox, 16-speed, controlled automatically; Type of transfer case-Steyr VG 2000/300;
  • Electrical equipment: alternator 28V, 2000W; batteries 190Ah, voltage 24V;
  • Parameters of wheels: Pneumatic tires, disk wheels, rim size 11.25-20, tire type 16.00 R20;
  • The machine is equipped with a pneumatic braking system with a drum diameter of 400 mm, width 180 mm;
  • Flatbed platform is equipped with folding sides, has an awning and a removable frame (depending on configuration).
  • Dimensions of the platform: 6112 × 2470 × 730 mm;
  • Fuel consumption: up to 52 liters per 100 km;
  • Before the trip study the manual of the engine and the car.

What is a cabin?

The KAMAZ 6560 cabin is equipped with a sleeping compartment. There is an adjustable steering column and an upgraded driver’s seat. The location is classical – above the engine. Cab capacity: 3 seats. The new design. The design is improved, the interior is adapted to the needs of driver and front passenger. Cab height above the ground is 2 m. The cabin is heated with thermal insulation, so it is comfortable inside in winter. There is a tachograph and electric mirrors adjustment.

Electrical diagram of the Kamaz 6560

The main faults Kamaz 6560: what nodes often fail and require replacement?

If the car is operated according to the instructions, all nodes will work properly. Most often, the owners of Kamaz 6560 note such malfunctions as failure of the voltage regulator, loss of pressure in the lubrication system, clogging of the air cleaner and high temperature of the liquid in the engine cooling system.

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Where can he buy parts for the Kamaz 6560?

Options for buying parts: online store, car market, specialized points of sale and ordering from a dealer.

Photo gallery of KAMAZ 6560

Photo of KAMAZ model 6560:

The cost of a new car and a used counterpart at the same cost?

The cost of a new KAMAZ 6560 is 6.8 million rubles.

Used car can be purchased at a price of 1.5 times lower (depending on the condition and mileage, as well as the year of manufacture).

Video review of Kamaz 6560

Reviews about Kamaz 6560

“Did the test drive in 2014! Immediately had an impression of this vehicle, as it is very dimensional, the cab is very high, especially for those who are not used to such a scale. Easy to drive,

Advantages: Good maneuverability as for a truck of this size. Excellent cross-country mobility. Lawn like a tank in the truest sense of the word.

Disadvantages: Difficult to control the speed (for me personally). Shakes a lot in the cab. Need to constantly control the street.

Kamaz-6560: Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics of the Kamaz-6560

Kamaz-6560 is a heavy truck, which was first presented in 2005 by the Kama Automobile Plant at an exhibition in Moscow. At that time under this index they started to produce a versatile chassis for a wide range of applications for the army and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, oil and gas and mining industries. Kama z-6560 not only has a huge payload, but also has all the advantages of multi-purpose vehicles in cross-country ability. This vehicle with the wheel arrangement 8×8 and single-type wheels can move on all types of streets and natural landscapes.

This model owes much to the appearance of anti-aircraft missile system “Pampire-C1”. The chassis with wheels for which the Ministry of Defense needed. The prototypes of the Pantsir produced in 1994 were based on the Ural-5323-20 chassis with YAMZ-238B engines and Kamazov cabs. But for the modern modified version of the SAM, which was taken up in the early 2000s, another chassis was needed. The 14-ton chassis from KAMAZ “Mustang” was also not loaded enough for these purposes, so the Kama Automobile Plant was tasked to create a more powerful version of the truck body with increased cross-country capability.

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Kamaz-6560 with Papri-S SAM.

The four-axle Kamaz-6560 made its debut in 2005 at the IX International Motor Show in the capital and abroad at the International Exhibition and Military Equipment IDEX-2005 in Dubai. The Kamaz-6560 with the Papk-S air defense system was supposed to be exported to Arab countries, and the intention at the time partially achieved its purpose.

Design features of Kamaz-6560

The design of this model of heavy vehicle was completely original in the line of the Kamaz automobile plant, having no analogues. All main units, units and working systems of Kamaz-6560 (from the engine and gearbox to the axles and suspension), as well as the frame were designed with the most serious requirements for the use of heavy-duty trucks. All peculiarities of operating the truck in a harsh northern climate are also taken into account.

To ensure maximum stability in turns, the KAMAZ-6560 is equipped with a roll stabilizer. And to ensure the best capabilities when driving on rough terrain, interwheel lockable differentials. The truck is equipped with pneumatic brakes with a diameter of 420 mm brake drums. The powerful frame of KAMAZ-6560 with continuously extending longitudinal members was designed for extremely tough requirements to durability when using all the vehicle features in any, even extreme, conditions.

KAMAZ-6560 engine

KAMAZ-6560 is equipped with the so-called “long-leaf” diesel engine KAMAZ-740.50-400 with turbochargers and air-air-cooled medium power, with improved performance and torque of 160 kgsm. This is a four-stroke eight-cylinder diesel engine with a V-shaped 90° arrangement of the working cylinders; the engine is liquid cooled.

Fuel equipment used is Bosch, Mmonralel, with a two-stage injection of diesel fuel into the system through a fuel pump and injection through electronically controlled injectors.

Technical characteristics of the KAMAZ-740.50-400 engine in figures

  • displacement – 11,76 l;
  • Power – 400 hp or 294 kW, at 1900 rpm;
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm, stroke – 130 mm;
  • compression ratio – 16,5;
  • torque of 180 kgf*m (1764 nm) at 1200-1400 rpm;
  • Diesel consumption according to the manufacturer is 44 liters per 100 km;
  • Volume of fuel tanks is two 350 liters.

Transmission and axles of Kamaz-6560.

The truck is equipped with hydromechanical transmission with automatic control. The drive of gears is 16 (8×2). The transmission is made by ZF, model: ZF 6 PS 602. The clutch drive is hydraulic with pneumatic actuator. Its type is diaphragm, single disc, model: MFZ-430. This type of transmission facilitates heavy vehicles of large size. And two-stage practical Steir gearbox, model: Steyr VG2000/300 stably provides high traction-dynamic characteristics of the machine, especially in off-road or high-altitude conditions.

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By the way, the skeptical statements about the presence of imported components in the military vehicle are groundless: they have been assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny for more than ten years, and the degree of localization is gradually increasing.

The main program of KAMAZ-6560 is double, a pair of bevel and a pair of spur gears (6,88: 1). The drive of the front axles is constant, not solved. Drive of rear axles is constant, solved. The truck is equipped with ICB – inter-axle differential lock and mob – inter-axle differential lock. Tire size is 16.00 R20. As standard the truck is equipped with pneumatic chamber Michelin tires with increased treads. The type of wheels with rim size is 11.25-20.

All-wheel drive truck with GVW up to 37 tons can pass hard-to-reach crossings, climb up to a 60 percent grade and overcome vertical walls of 0.5 m height and water obstacles almost two meters deep. As additional equipment the truck is equipped with “Skovren Loop” TCU. winch with a block; power selection box.

brakes. Electrical equipment

Kamaz-6560 is equipped with pneumatic brakes. Brake pad size is 420 mm (diameter); Brake pad width is 180 mm (for front axles – 150 mm).

Electrical devices include two 12 volt /190 amp batteries. The generator is28 volts /3000 watts. On-board voltage – 24 volts.

Kamaz-6560 options. In service with the armed forces of the Russian Federation

The design of Kamaz-6560 all-wheel drive truck can be different. Especially equipped with a flatbed platform – metal with hinged sides with removable frame and awning. A significant part of the machines of this brand was produced as a universal chassis for installation of all types of structures, superstructures and mechanisms. In particular, hydraulic or cable types of craft manipulator units, self-lifting bodies.

In 2015, based on the 8×8-Kamaz-6560 chassis, a four-wheel drive recovery vehicle was produced for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It is designed to eliminate the consequences of emergencies and accidents involving heavy vehicles. In addition to standard equipment, this special vehicle “Recovery Vehicle” is also equipped with a crane-manipulator for wide unloading and loading area.

The four-axle Kamaz-6560 truck is supplied for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In particular, its chassis (from cycle vehicles) is used to mount the already mentioned Pantsir-S short-range airborne missile systems.

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This combat equipment is designed to protect air and military targets as well as troop targets in front of the airspace and to cover long-range aviation missile systems (S-300, S-400). Within a minute, Pantsir-S recognizes, captures and conducts ten targets. Its reaction time is only six seconds, and only a second and a half passes between capturing targets and launching missiles. The list of aerial targets that the unit works on includes airplanes and helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, and high-precision aerial bombs. The maximum target area is twenty kilometers and maximum altitude is fifteen kilometers.

An armored combined vehicle Kamaz-6560m Tornado is also built on the chassis of the KAMAZ-6560.

KAMAZ-6560 cab.

The KAMAZ-6560 has a unified, single-type 3-person KAMAZ cab, which is equipped with a sleeping compartment. Along with the reduction of Kamaz-6560 cabs on other models of the truck, the appearance and configuration of Kamaz-6560 cab has changed. But of course, the cabin on this truck is very high and it is not easy to get in, especially without a proper habit: the driver’s door is almost two meters high.

The interior is quite comfortable, especially for a truck of this class. The steering column and driver’s seat have the necessary adjustments. Heating of the cab has a great power and ability to create a comfortable microclimate quickly and efficiently. The standard equipment also includes electric adjustable and heated mirrors.

The KAMAZ-6560 cab is equipped with multi-layer thermal and acoustic insulation. In working position the cabin is firmly mounted on the chassis with the help of two hydraulic locks. To access the engine, the driver must tilt the cab forward. As standard, the vehicle is equipped with a Russian standard speedometer with SKZI unit.

Reviews of the driver of the Kamaz-6560

On the Internet you can find a small number of reviews of the Kamaz-6560 from drivers who have had experience driving these heavy trucks of high cross-country ability while working in the far north, in Siberia or military service.

On their basis, we can conclude that driving this machine initially has its own subtleties, which differ significantly from the features of driving another Kamaz, and it will be very difficult to cope with such a tall and large hulk. On the road the height of the cabin above the ground is very inconvenient: in front of the windshield there is a blind spot of three meters.

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In spite of the fact that the truck is equipped with thick stabilizers, with a high center of gravity, when they absorb a really “ship-like” roll, there are rolls. And every push on the brake pedal causes the car to be “clamped” forward. The undercarriage of a heavy machine makes the work much harder: the suspension is constantly piercing, and the high cab of the Kamaz-6560 is felt much stronger than in other KAMAZ trucks. A hard jolt causes even a relatively flat concrete or flooring.

“Civil” vehicle for towing heavy equipment on the Kamaz-6560 chassis.

In general, the steering wheel and seat in the cab is familiar, and a person can “fit between them” of almost any build. In addition, the steering wheel of Kamaz-6560 turns surprisingly easily, and only for such a massive machine. The truck also starts off very easily, and picks up speed with confidence and quickly for such weight. One can not relax completely in the street – one has to steal.

Despite the weather and rough terrain, Kamaz-6560 goes forward freely and confidently only when driving off-road. An impressive potential and “margin of safety” for off-road driving is felt. Great freedom on the road, a huge motorcycle with a terrain profile, painful engine, stability stabilizers and differential lock do their job. The interior is comfortable and warm, even in the bitterest cold outside.

Technical specifications in numbers

Technical specifications in numbers

  • Overall dimensions – length: 10.3 m, width: 2.5 m, height: 3.265 m;
  • Base radius – 2.6 + 3.64 + 1.44 m;
  • Width of space – 2.08 m;
  • Freedom of street – 400 mm;
  • External turning radius – 14 m;
  • Outer turning radius – no more than 16.2 m;
  • Curb weight – 14.85 tons;
  • Gross weight – 37.1 tonnes;
  • Rear bogie load – 6.02 t;
  • Load on the first and second axle – 8.83 tons;
  • Payload – 20.12 tons;
  • Mass of towed trailer – 12 tons on highway, 7,5 tons on floor;
  • Dimensions of the loading platform – length: 6,112 m, width: 2,47 m, side height: 0,75 m;
  • Overcoming elevation – 31 degrees;
  • Overcoming ford – 1,8 m.

Price of a new truck KAMAZ-6560

The price for a new truck chassis Kamaz 6560 starts from 8 500 000 rubles. There are no trucks of this brand on the secondary market.

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