KAMAZ 6540 – description of the vehicle, characteristics, purpose

KamAZ-6540: technical characteristics. power unit and fuel consumption. video ratings

Domestic economy has always felt the need for a powerful dump truck for transportation of construction, domestic and industrial loads. Since the founding of the Kama Automobile Plant, attempts to create a truck that would meet all modern requirements have not ceased.

The development of KamAZ-6540 began in the mid 90’s, and the first production trucks went on sale in 2001. It should be noted that the 6540 chassis is equipped not only with dump bodies, but also with flatbed bodies, autocranes, concrete mixers are mounted on it, and used to create fire trucks.

KAMAZ-6540 is a four-axle frame truck with a front-mounted engine and a folding all-metal cab. The vehicle is characterized by twin tires with the arrangement of the wheels eight by four.

In the early years the vehicle was equipped with a standard KAMAZ cabin, which has undergone some changes after the appearance of a restyled version of this model in 2010. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with three seats, the driver’s and front passenger’s seats are adjustable in distance from the dashboard and the tilt of the back. The seats are equipped with spring suspension, which absorbs vibrations when driving on rough terrain and rough roads.

The price of the new chassis KAMAZ-6540 starts from 3 400 000 rubles, and the machine with additional equipment will cost more. The dump truck of 2006-07 model year can be bought for 600 – 900 thousand rubles.

Technical characteristics of the KAMAZ-6540

dimensions and payload

  • The length of the chassis: 7670 mm (long version – 8150 mm);
  • Height: 2550 mm;
  • Width: 2900 mm;
  • External turning radius: 10,5 m;
  • Platform volume: 11 m³;
  • Maximum angle of elevation: 55 ;
  • Weight of equipped loader: 13 350 kg;
  • Load capacity: 18 500 kg;
  • Max speed: 85 km/h;
  • Maximum angle of elevation: 25%.
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power unit and fuel consumption

The truck is equipped with two types of engines: the domestic Kamaz-740.62-280 and licensed Cummins engine.

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KAMAZ-740.62-280. V-type eight-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharging and air aftercooling. The important difference of this unit is that it is equipped with a modern fuel system made by Bosh 0402698818.The engine has a volume of 11.76 liters, and develops a nominal power of 280 hp at a speed of 1,900 rpm. According to environmental parameters this turbodiesel meets Euro-3 standards.

Cummins ISB6.7e4 300. It is a straight through diesel engine. The power plant is equipped with Common Rail injection system and the fuel system of the German company Bosch. The supercharged diesel engine is equipped with intercooling function, and has an ECM electronic control unit. With an operating volume of 6.7 liters, this engine develops 300 hp and Euro-4 emissions grade.

Kamaz-6540 is equipped with two tanks with a total capacity of 420 liters. Fuel consumption in summer is about 34 liters, and in winter this value increases by 3-4 liters.

Gears, brakes and power

The dump truck is equipped with two types of manual transmissions: Kamaz-154 and ZF 9S1310.

Kamaz-154. Ten-speed manual transmission with remote control is characterized by soft gear shifting and good dynamics during acceleration. The gearbox is equipped with a manual gear divider and a doubling mechanism.

ZF 9S1310. This 9-speed manual transmission is installed on vehicles of moderate class, the unit is equipped with a backup steering pump, which ensures normal operation of the power steering in case of failure of the main pump. The gearbox is equipped with a demultiplier and a shift mechanism with a horizontal rotating shaft.

KAMAZ-6540 engine interacts with the gearbox through a dry single clutch, which is equipped with a hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster.

Like other heavy trucks, the KAMAZ-6540 is equipped with several braking systems, which ensure safe driving. The dump truck also has a pneumatic starting system. The main brakes are drum, all wheels are equipped with them, diameter of the trombone is 400 mm and width of the brake pad is 140 millimeters.

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Two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah each are responsible for powering the vehicle’s electrical system. In addition, the truck is equipped with a voltage converter and alternator 28 volt-2 kW.

Detailed technical characteristics of the Kamaz-6540 can be found here:

Permissible curb weight with charge, kg 22000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 31000
Rear bogie load, kg 18800
Deformation on first and second axle, kg 12200
Mass of empty chassis, kg 8925
Rear bogie load, kg 3650
Deformation on first and second axle, kg 5275
Engine model Cummins ISB6.7E5 300
Max. Usable torque, nm (KGCM) 1087 (111)
At crankshaft speed, beats per minute 1300
Maximum Net Power, kW (PS) 215 (300)
At crankshaft speed, beats per minute 2500
Working volume, L 6,7
Location and number of cylinders row, 6
compression ratio 17.3
Engine type Diesel, turbocharged, vacuum-air
KP model ZF 9S1315
Transmission ratios in gears 1-9.48; 2-6.58; 3-4.68; 4-3.48; 5-2.62; 6-1.89; 7-1.35; 8-1.00; 9-0.75; ZX-8.97
Type Mechanical, 9-speed
control manual, remote control
Number of gears 9
rim 7.5-20 or 8.25-22.5 (7.5-22.5) (depending on set)
Type of bicycle disk
Tire type pneumatic, closed cell or tubeless (depending on equipment)
tires 11.00 R20 or 11.00 R22.5 (depending on configuration)
Volume of tank with neutralizing liquid, l 35
Type Silk shocks combined with torque converter
Drive unit pneumatic
Diameters of trombone pump, mm 400
Brake pad width, mm 140
Transducer outer radius, m 10.5
Maximal speed, not less km/h 85
Lift angle, not less than % (degrees) 25
Batteries, v/v/h 2х12/190
Alternator, w/w 28/2000
Tension, V 24
Auxiliary equipment Auxiliary drive (PTO)

Video review of Kamaz-6540 on YouTube

Kamaz-6540 Muldenkipper review:

A concrete mixer based on the Kamaz-6540 chassis:

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What they say on the forums: Reviews of Kamaz-6540 owners and drivers

Sergey Uspensky, 41. Altai Territory:

Worked for a while with a home engine on the Kamaz-6540 “Mouldenkipper”. Pretty good machine, the engine is really good, good transverse cab, in the cab, of course, not much fun. The biggest disadvantage is the fuel consumption: about 45 liters per 100 km.

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KAMAZ 6540 – description of the vehicle, characteristics, purpose

Kamaz 6540 is a technical vehicle, which is currently used as a cargo on board the Mulde Truck. It can also be used as a concrete mixer truck. It is operated as a truck crane when a certain device is installed. It has a good capacity (18500 kg) and high performance. It is available in a standard configuration – chassis.

This truck is designed for transportation of loose goods, sand, sandstone and other industrial mixtures. It can also be used as an auxiliary transport for transportation of water in cisterns as a part of fire line. The truck has a welded platform with sloping rear and front sides. There is a canopy between the cab and the platform.

Model features:

  • platform lifting mechanism;
  • pneumatic elevator;
  • The lifting mechanism is controlled from the driver’s cabin.
  • Equipped with an engine in accordance with Euro-2 standard.

The truck has an average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers: 29.2 liters.

Technical features of the Maldikiper 6540

The most important technical parameters of the Kamaz 6540:

  • Engine model 740.62.280 (in newer models the beginning of the Euro-3 standard – EUR2);
  • Turbocharged diesel engine, intercooled intermediate air;
  • Engine power – 206 hp;
  • Torque of 1177 Nm;
  • The volume of the engine cylinders – 11.76 liters;
  • Number of cylinders – 8;
  • V arrangement;
  • Fuel tanks – 210 and 210 liters;
  • The electrical system has a voltage of 24 V, battery capacity – 190 V;
  • Depending on the shift 9 or 10 gears, the gearbox is manual;
  • Cup type, diaphragm;
  • Drive is hydraulic;
  • Brakes – pneumatic.

To maintain the quality of all engine components, do not make repairs yourself, if we are talking about a new car. Use a service center, professional truck service centers and competent mechanics. Get the original engine manual. Timely technical inspection of all important KAMAZ units.

Cab Description

The cab of the Kamaz 654 0-Muldenkippers is not equipped for sleeping in the standard configuration. Cab capacity: 2 persons, passenger + driver. Roof high or low (this option can be selected when ordering in production). Location of the cabin: over the engine.

The cost of a new vehicle is 4 million rubles, the old can be bought at a price of 2 million rubles.

Electrical diagram of KAMAZ 6540

A sample wiring diagram of KAMAZ 6540:

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KAMAZ photo gallery

KAMAZ 6540 photo:

KAMAZ 6540 video review

Reviews of KAMAZ 6540


“In my opinion, the vehicle is legendary. One of the most comfortable, but at the same time simple model. Of the tangible minuses: No sleeping compartment in the cabin.

Advantages: It fulfills its functions well, after cleaning the drilling mud I transport the sonic booth. Of the pluses I can note – electricity, good traction and payload, not too high consumption of diesel, although on such a colossus, I guess, you can not save. “

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