KAMAZ-65225: Description, technical and performance characteristics

KAMAZ-65225: Description, technical and performance characteristics

For the first time in 2004, the Kamaz-65225 truck was shown to the general public at the Moscow International Motor Show. According to the designers and manufacturers, the truck was designed for transportation of high-capacity cargo on public roads and in street conditions. The design of the KAMAZ-65225 chassis allows to install on its base different manipulators and skimmers. The truck is often used as a toilet when servicing oil and gas fields for the transportation and towing of serious civil and military equipment.

Structurally, the Kamaz-65225 is a three-legged frame vehicle with a front mounted engine. Wheel arrangement of the truck is 6*6, the rear and middle axles are not solved, the front one is connected to the gearbox. The truck is equipped with a transfer gearbox with three degrees of freedom, which facilitates driving in off-road conditions and reduces the load on the suspension and gearbox. Most of the time the truck is used in conjunction with the ChMAZ-5247 three-axle semi-trailer.

Exterior, interior appearance and cost of the Kamaz-65225 tractor truck

Most of the Kamaz-65225, which can be found on the streets of Russia, were produced after 2010, when the model was restyled. The chassis received an updated cab with smooth lines, one-piece windshield, cooler, painted in the color of the cab and exterior mirror with different viewing angles. In the driver’s estimation, the paint job is much improved, and symptoms of the car’s poor aerodynamics have diminished.

The interior of the cab has changed. It received upgraded air-suspended seats with adjustment mechanisms in several planes, a comfortable berth, new doors and the entire cabin. The dashboard is made of high quality plastic, it consists of three sections, which improved the ergonomics of placement of indicators and controls. The steering column is equipped with hydraulics. With some changes, it is possible to adjust the height and distance of the steering wheel. In addition, it is possible to install air conditioning, power windows and heated seats in the rest of the cabin. Standalone heating is available in basic version.

For a new KAMAZ-65225 today, depending on the configuration, they ask from 4,160,000 to 5,300,000 rubles. The cost of cars with different designs can be up to 8 million rubles. There are many offers for the sale of used vehicles.

You can buy a truck from 2010-2014 for a price of 1,500,000 to 3,200,000 rubles.

Overall dimensions and payload

  • Chassis length: 7 230 millimeters;
  • Filled height of the vehicle: 3 060 mm;
  • Width without mirrors / with mirrors: 2,500/2,900 mm;
  • Axle spacing (front and middle axles): 3,600 mm;
  • Seat height: 1,490 mm;
  • Street freedom (release): 308 m:
  • Outer radius of general rotation: 11 m;
  • Curb weight of kamaz-65225: 11,285 kg;
  • Load capacity (saddle load): 11,000 kg;
  • Total weight of the truck: 22,400 kg;
  • Maximum weight of the towed semitrailer: 26 700 kg;
  • Weight of Kamaz-65225 as part of a street truck: 38 tons;
  • Maximum speed of the tractor: 80 km;
  • Maximum angle of climbing: 18 0.
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KAMAZ-65225 engine and fuel consumption

During production, KAMAZ-65225 was equipped with home-built diesel engines. Most trucks of this model are equipped with one of three engines:

  • Kamaz 740.60-360
  • KAMAZ 740.63-400
  • KAMAZ 740.37-400

Kamaz 740.60-360. The youngest engine in the family of tractors. By its design, it is an eight-cylinder diesel engine with V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. The engine has a turbocharging system and forced cooling mechanism Booster Air. With a displacement of 11.76 liters, it has a rated power of 360 hp at a crankshaft speed of 1,900 rpm. The engine is equipped with electronic control unit, its use saves fuel and reduces harmful emissions. Turbo diesel KAMAZ 740.60-360 is certified to meet Euro 2 standards.

KAMAZ 740.63-400. By most properties this turbodiesel is in no way inferior to the previous engine. However, due to the modified settings, the power has increased to 400 hp, which significantly expanded the business qualities of the Kamaz-65225.

Kamaz 740.37-400 (Euro-2). Most of the updated models are powered by this special four-stroke V-eight with a 90 0 angle of camber. The engine has a standard displacement of 11.76 liters and develops a rated power of 400 hp, if the crankshaft is appreciated. This figure is achieved thanks to the Turbo charging system, the main components of which are two turbochargers and a gas turbine. The stated life of this turbodiesel is 800,000 kilometers.

Fuel consumption of Kamaz-65225 depends mainly on operating conditions: in summer, a charged vehicle consumes up to 37 liters at speeds of 70-80 km/h. In winter, this figure can increase to 42 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Transmission and power plant of Kamaz-65225

In most cases, the engine of the tractor truck is aggregated with a sixteen-speed. This manual transmission is hydraulically driven and pneumatically actuated. It is controlled by a lever from a distance, swivel type. Like any all-wheel drive truck, the Kamaz-65225 is equipped with a locking inter-axle differential with a two-speed ZF Steyr VG 2000/300. Interaction of gearbox and engine is carried out by a dry diaphragm gearbox ZF-MFZ-430. The unit is equipped with hydraulic drive and pneumatic capacity. As additional equipment, the tractor can be equipped with a power selection box.

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Clutch mechanism MF Z-Mod – 430: 1 – drive wave; 2 – flywheel; 3 – LED; 4 – pressure plate; 5 – thrust ring; 6 – diaphragm; 7 – clutch cover; 8 – clutch switch; 9 – flap plugs; 10 – connecting shaft; 11 – limiting ring; 12 – gear; 13 – pneumatic hydrogen performance “Wabco”.

Voltage in individual network of KAMAZ-65225 is 24 volt, all devices of the vehicle are powered by accumulator batteries, the total capacity of 380 A/h. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an inverter and a two-kilowatt generator.

Brakes and suspension of KamAZ-65225

Each wheel is equipped with a drum brake mechanism with a drum diameter of 420 mm, brake pad thickness of 180 mm and a total area of 7,200 cm3. In addition to the main brake, the truck is equipped with a parking brake, an auxiliary brake and a back brake. All brake systems can operate independently, despite the presence of common units and parts.

The suspension of the vehicle is spring-loaded, the front and rear bogies are equipped with an anti-roll bar, which protects the vehicle from dangerous tilts and rollovers. Two telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers are used in the front suspension to ensure smooth running. Riveted chassis frame is reinforced by longitudinal beams and crossbars.

Detailed technical and performance characteristics of KamAZ-65225 can be found here:

Video review of KamAZ-65225

KAMAZ-65225 – a short overview of the KAMAZ-65225:

KAMAZ-65225 tractor in overhaul:

KAMAZ-65225 – interior, exterior, engine:

What they say on the forums: Reviews of owners and drivers

Nikolai Shevelev, 41, Chelyabinsk region:

I have been driving a KAMAZ-65225 tractor for a year and a half now. I bought a new truck and hoped for a quiet and comfortable life, but it did not work out. My requirements were not so much to the quality of parts and units, as to the assembly. The first breakdown happened after a month – a leaky radiator. Then it was worse: the nuts on left hubs have unscrewed, because clever people at the plant did not install lock nuts. It’s lucky, it happened on country road, not on freeway. In general, breakdowns happen every month, and it is good that the engine has not broken down yet.

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KAMAZ-65225. General characteristics, main advantages and disadvantages

At the beginning of the 21st century, the designers of the Kama Automobile Plant were tasked to create a four-wheel drive truck with a semi-trailer to transport civilian and military cargo. KAMAZ-65225 was presented in 2004 at the Moscow International Exhibition, and in 2006 serial production of this model in several modifications began. The vehicle quickly became popular in the army and became the main vehicle for transportation of heavy military equipment.

KAMAZ-65225 is a 6×6 frame front-drive truck with an alcove cabin. The engine is located in the front end of the frame, and an air-suspended cabin with hydraulic elevators is placed above it. In the early years of production KAMAZ-65225 was equipped with an outdated cab, but in 2010 the truck was restyled, which received an updated cab. The interior design was improved, new seats were installed, a comfortable bed was added, and the truck received modern ergonomic interior with anti-glare coating. Some tractors, designed for military use, can be equipped with winches and other special equipment.

Production of KAMAZ-65225 continues to this day. The price of a new vehicle in the simplest configuration starts from 4.9 million rubles. The cost of the previous models (actually without a trunk, removed from the army preservation) is 2.7 – 3.5 million rubles depending on the configuration. On the used trucks market the civilian version of KamAZ-65225 can be purchased for 900,000 – 1,200,000 rubles.

dimensions and payload

The base model for the production of the Kamaz-65225 was the Kamaz 6520. Therefore, the basic dimensions of the truck do not differ much from the dimensions of other heavy KAMAZ trucks. The only differences can be increased ground clearance and payload.

  • Length – 7,320 mm;
  • Height – 2900 mm;
  • Width – 3100 mm;
  • Distance (ground clearance) – 310 millimeters;
  • Outer turning radius – 11,5 meters;
  • Unladen weight – 11 150 kilograms;
  • Gross weight – 33.3 tons;
  • Gross weight of cargo – 75 tons.

KAMAZ-65225 is equipped with a universal coupling device, which allows using the vehicle with heavy trucks of different types. Also this tractor is actively used to transport tanks and other military equipment.

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Engine and fuel consumption

Until 2010, the truck was equipped with two types of power plants:

Kamaz 740.60-360. Eight-cylinder V-type engine with a working volume of 11.76 liters and a rated power of 360 hp. According to the manufacturer, this engine has an inter-repairs life of 1,000,000 km and meets Euro-3 requirements.

KAMAZ 740.63-400. By its design and parameters this power unit is similar to the previous engine, the only significant difference is its power: 400 hp.

Engine KAMAZ 740.60-360 Engine KAMAZ 740.63-400

The main engine for the updated model is four-stroke diesel Kamaz 740.37-400. The engine is turbocharged and air-cooled. The engine is also equipped with a number of electronic systems, including Common Rail – technology that increases power train capacity and reduces fuel consumption. The power of this engine is 400 hp, its displacement is 11.8 liters, and it meets the Euro-3 standard in terms of environmentally friendly parameters.

The tractor is equipped with a fuel tank of 500 liters, and the average fuel consumption is from 33 to 37 liters per 100 kilometers on the paved highway.

Transmission, brakes and electrical equipment of Kamaz-65225

The upgraded Kamaz-65225 model is equipped with a German manual sixteenth gearbox ZF 16S1820. This gearbox is very reliable and provides a comfortable driving in different conditions. It is controlled remotely – the speeds are switched by a lever in the cab. The gearbox is equipped with a splitter and multiplier. Commercial vehicles can be equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission by Allison.

Distribution of torque on Kamaz-65225 is made through a two-speed ZF Steyr VG 2000/300 with an intermediate lockup and a middle differential.

The truck is equipped with a ZF Sachs MFZ-430 single-acting diaphragm tumbler, which is equipped with a hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster. The automatic transmission is equipped with a classical torque converter.

KAMAZ-65225 is equipped with traditional for this type of trucks drum brakes with pneumatic actuator. Each axle is equipped with Abc sensors. There is also an adsorptive air flow uberstator, which releases condensate and maintains the necessary pressure of compressed air in the system. Overall, the main brakes are very reliable and effective. To ensure greater safety, KAMAZ-65225 is equipped with three more braking systems: parking, auxiliary and backup.

The main elements of the KAMAZ-65225 electrical system are two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah and a 2-kilowatt 28-volt generator. Negative inspections by drivers about improper operation of the electrical system are extremely rare.

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A more detailed description, technical and performance specifications are given in the table:

Saddle slots load, kg 22000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 33360
Rear axle load, kg 25860
Front axle load, kg 7500
Gross vehicle weight, kg 75360
Gross weight of semitrailer, kg 64000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 11285
Rear axle load, kg 5890
Front axle load, kg 5395
Engine model 740.735-400
Cylinder diameter and stroke, mm 120/130
Max. Usable torque, nm (KGSM) 1766 (180)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1300
Max. net useful power, kW (HP) 294 (400)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1900
Working volume, L 11.76
Location and number of cylinders V-shaped, 8
Fuel system common rail
compression ratio 18.0
Engine type Turbocharged and intercooled charge air diesel
Model KP ZF 16S1820
Equipment in programs 1-13.8-12.92; 2-11.54-9.49; 3-7.93-6.53; 4-5.46-4.57; 5-3.82-3.02; 6-2.53-2.08; 7-1.74-1.43; 8-1.00-0.84; ZX-12.92-10.80
Type Mechanical sixteen
control Mechanical, remote control
Number of gears 8
Sender 5.11 or 5.143 (depending on configuration)
Drive unit Hydraulics with pneumatic capacity
Type Splined, single disc, mod. ZF Sachs MF Z-430
Maximal speed, not less, km/h 80
Override angle at least % (deg.) 18 (10 °)
Batteries w/a – H 2×12/190
Generator, V/W 28/2000
Voltage, B 24

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Main advantages and disadvantages


  • Reliable, powerful engine;
  • High load capacity;
  • Adaptation to work with different types of semi-trailers.


  • Lack of quality with high assembly;
  • Very high fuel consumption when the vehicle is fully loaded.

Kamaz-65225: Video overview of the vehicle

Interior, exterior, full view of the Kamaz-65225:

Executed version of the Kamaz-65225 tractor:

Kamaz-65225 Batyr – Vehicle Rating:

What the Drive forums write: Kamaz-65225 reviews

Ivan Evteev, 26, Siberian Federal District:

I drove a Kamaz-65225 in the army. The car is relatively new, so there were no special breakdowns. Axles, clutch, gearbox, interior – all imported. The engine with 400 horses goes well on asphalt, but if we put a tank on the platform it would be very difficult to overcome slopes. What they write in the documents about the consumption of 35-37 liters is not true. When transporting tanks, my truck “eats” up to 100 liters per a hundred kilometers. And this is not the maximum figure I have heard about.

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