Kamaz 65222. Specifications of the vehicle: engine, clutch, brakes

Kamaz 65222. Specifications of the vehicle: engine, clutch, brakes

The all-wheel drive Kamaz 65222 is considered a worthy representative of the line of heavy trucks, created by designers of the Kamaz plant. Due to the 6×6 wheel formula the vehicle, regardless of the degree of loading, can overcome slightly difficult terrain. In order to reduce the likelihood of lifting the load out of bounds, the model is equipped with an extended body and lower dimensions with a lower height. These features reduce the focus of the vehicle and significantly increase its stability.

Purpose of the KAMAZ 65222: Model Modifications, Area of Application

KAMAZ 65222 is a unique vehicle, a dump truck, an all-terrain vehicle, the predecessor of the 6522 model. Heavy self – samples with the rear type of unloading, i.e. with a hinged rear wall. The side boards are defined. The main purpose of this trough model is to transport loose goods, materials for construction.

The characteristics of this truck model:
  • extended body;
  • slightly lowered pages (to minimize tipping);
  • The ability to install a body volume of up to 16 cubic meters;
  • Can be used in regions with a harsh climate (there is a strong heating of the cab);
  • Reduced tailgate, which increases stability even when loaded;
  • Reinforced frame;
  • the upgraded hydraulic system;
  • Year of production – from 2003 up to now.

sphere of application

The scope of the vehicle includes construction, agriculture, logging, mining and street industry. The heavy Kamaz-6522-6010-43 is designed so that it can carry lorries and piece loads due to the increase of the body.

The technique is used for transportation of such loads:

  • Construction mixes – cement, sand, crushed stone, gravel, sift, paving stones;
  • Fuel – coal, firewood, briquettes;
  • Steel products and structures – fittings, angles, channels, pipes, machinery and equipment;
  • Plants from the fields – muesli, potatoes, beets, carrots;
  • Small construction equipment – bulldozer, lift slots, forklifts and other devices;
  • Mobile modules – huts, control rooms, trailers, canteen, bathroom and sanitary complexes.

Transporting loads on KAMAZ

Due to a well thought-out design of the Kamaz-6522-6012-43 chassis, it is equally good on a level highway and off-road.

Technical features

The most important technical and operational features of the Kamaz 65222:

  • Payload 19.575 tons;
  • GVW is 34,000 kg;
  • The load on the front axle and rear axle is 8 000 kg and 26 000 kg;
  • Rear axle load 8,000 kg, front axle load 6,425 kg;
  • Engine parameters: Model 735-400 (Euro-5), 120 mm cylinder, 130 mm piston;
  • Torque – 1766 Nm;
  • Engine cylinder capacity of 11.7 liters;
  • Eight cylinders, V arrangement;
  • Fuel supply – Common Rail system; Compression Ratio 18.0;
  • The engine is diesel, air-cooled, has turbulence;
  • Transmission model ZF 16S1820TO, 16-speed, manual;
  • The main row is double;
  • Cabin: Without sleeper, with air suspension, roof type – high above the engine.
  • Wheels: Disc, pneumatic, chamber, rim size 11.25-20, tire type 00 R20;
  • Platform self-supporting, volume 16 cubic meters;
  • fuel tank capacity of 350 liters;
  • fuel consumption up to 40 liters per 100 km;
  • Single disc clutch, ZF & Sachs MFZ 430 model;
  • Pneumatic actuator, brake belt 180 mm,
  • 12 m radius;
  • Maximum speed of the vehicle is 90 km/h;
  • Electrical equipment: battery 2×12/190 V/Ah;
  • alternator: 28 V, 3000 W, voltage 24 V;
  • There is a current selection unit.
Transmission diagram:

Engine exterior:

Transmission and braking system parameters

Drive axle traction is provided by a 16-speed ZF 16S1820 manual transmission with a gear ratio of 6.88 and a mechanical distance control system. Functional linkage of the transmission to the engine is provided by a dry, hydraulically driven single-diaphragm traction unit.

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Transmission design also includes:


  • ZF Passauvg 2000/300 two-speed mechanical control box;
  • pneumatic remote control of the box;
  • Inter-axle differential locking system.

The KAMAZ-65222 6×6 dump truck is based on a three-axle platform with a spring suspension and a lockable center differential.

The truck is equipped with a drum-type brake system, which includes pneumatic actuator on all wheels. Brake drum diameter is 420 mm and pad width is 180 mm. The combined braking surface area is 7,200 sq. cm.

The driver’s workplace: what does it look like?

Extended-height cab with comfortable, adjustable seats. Isolated, with high temperature. Work on such a vehicle is suitable in harsh conditions in regions with large minus in winter. The entrance to the cab is heavily positioned because of the large wheels. However, this is compensated by excellent insulation from dust, noise and dirt from the street. There are steps for the driver’s feet. The seat is adjustable, as well as the steering column. Type of cab: RESTORAN, tilting type. There is a flat dashboard, steering wheel, switches and instruments in the front. In case of an engine error, it is displayed in the form of a code on the dashboard (see engine manual for the meaning of the code).

The platform of the truck is all-metal, the position of the rear side to the road: at right angles. There is a protective visor. Fertilization in winter is excluded: the load is heated by exhaust gases.

For a complete utilization of the vehicle we recommend to get acquainted with the control of the engine and the vehicle itself.


The body of the truck is equipped with a protective visor. The rear panel is located at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the road. In the previous models the angle of this element was more important. Thanks to the depleted gas heating, the unloading in winter is not a problem.

Kamsky automobile plant in Kama offers 2 basic modifications of such a dump truck. The main difference is the volume of the body, which can be 12 or 16 cubic meters. The lift of the platform to the maximum value is made within 30 seconds. The return to the starting position takes 40 seconds.

Important: All units and assemblies have a high level of reliability. However, it should be understood that non-compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, such as

dimensions and payload

The main parameters of the Kamaz-65222-53 are presented in the table:

index value
Body length 8470 mm
Body width 2550 mm
Body height 3390 mm
Carrying capacity 1,575 kg
maximal mass 34000kg

cabin and design

The design of the updated dump truck with the index 65222 almost completely repeats the features inherent to other representatives of the family. The same applies to the interior design. As for the question about how to enlarge the cab, the answer is the same. This manipulation is done with the help of a pump, the handle of which is on the outside.

On the cover of the mechanism there is a diagram of what you need to do to raise the front. The only thing the owner needs to remember is to keep an eye on the fluid level in the system, as this is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the pump.

Kamaz-65222 cabinet, inside view

As for the changes that have occurred with the cab of the Kamaz-65222, the discomfort when driving on rough roads is noted. Among other things, the sound insulation of the cabin was significantly improved, which automatically increases the comfort for the customer.

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photo gallery

Photos of Kamaz 65222 of different years of manufacture. On the photo you can see the approximate dimensions of the vehicle:

Wheels and tires of the dump truck

Kamaz-65222 is equipped with disk wheels with a rim size of 11,25-20 and improved design pneumatic chamber tires 16,00 R20 with improved bottoms. Through the use of a single tire tread, increasing the height of tire tread, as well as increasing the diameter and width of the wheels, it was possible to increase the clearance of the dump body, improve its cross-country ability and carrying capacity.

KAMAZ-65222 wheels

Wheels of the Kamaz-65222

Reviews of Kamaz 5325


“Working on something like this for over 6 years, unfortunately, not the owner of the tractor, but only the driver. I can tell you right away that the capacity on the datasheet is up to 20 tons, but there were cases when they loaded 27. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, it’s not a cheap truck, and neither are repairs. But mine was pulling fine!

Carried everything: brudelstein, sand, dry mixes. Worked in two shifts, loads were heavy, not all machines could do it. On the motion: Moves well, but the engine power is sometimes not enough. Taking into account the specific character of the vehicle (in spite of the fact that it is a dump truck) the dynamics is evidently not its strong point. Maneuverability is not the main thing here.

Pluses: a full-fledged drive, good cross-country ability, comfortable seats even for a tall driver. Dimensions and dimensions are impressive. The wheel formula is six by six.

Cons: the Bulgarian axles are not designed for the Russian roads. There is no place to stay overnight. “

Engine. How to calculate correctly

Due to the presence of a mechanical control system, simplified its repair and maintenance, the car became less demanding to the quality of diesel fuel and without problems to start in cold weather. On the one hand, it can be considered a minus, on the other hand, it significantly reduces the cost of the car, and not to the detriment of overall functionality.

KAMAZ-65222: Technical Specifications

KamAZ-65222: Specifications

Kamaz-65222 is one of the representatives of the series of heavy-duty button killers. It is built on a three-axle chassis with 6×6 wheel configuration, which means that it is also easy to load difficult road conditions. To minimize the risk of tipping the loaded vehicle on field trips, it features an extended body with slightly lowered pages. This design reduces the loader’s focus and makes it more stable.

Model 65222 is most often used in the construction industry. This powerful and rugged hollow dump truck is designed to transport loose loads up to 19.5 tons. It has an extended platform on which a structure with a maximum volume of 16 meters can be installed. This vehicle is also designed to operate in cold climates, so it is widespread in the regions of the Far North of Russia.

History of the model Kamaz-65222

Production of heavy-duty dump trucks started at KAMAZ in 1996. At that time, the company produced 13-ton campaign 55111 and 15-ton Kamaz-65115. But the domestic automotive market was constantly growing demand for reliable and unpretentious machines with a much higher capacity than existing models at that time.

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The lack of really heavy trucks could not be solved by upgrading of existing trucks, so Kamaz began to work on a fundamentally new range of vehicles.

Firstborn in this family was Kamaz-6520 with a payload of 20 tons and 6×4 wheel configuration, designed for quarry, agricultural and construction works. It appeared in 2003.

From the old models, this dump truck received only one standard cabin, and all components and units providing payload, productivity and efficiency were new, for example, enlarged frame, hydraulic system, 320 hp engine, corresponding to Euro 2 environmental standard, etc.

The first in a series of heavy trucks Kamaz-6520 with 6×4 axle configuration

The all-wheel drive 17-ton dump truck Kamaz-6522 with the body of 12 m was created on the basis of this model. It was able to prove itself well both in field conditions and at relatively low temperatures. Due to the presence of a mechanical control system of the fuel system, its repair and maintenance were simplified, the machine has less demands to the quality of diesel fuel and had no problems starting in cold weather.

This model received a heated body with exhaust gas, front axle from Bulgarian company Madara with double crankcase, 16-speed gearbox ZF-GREED and transfer gearbox ZF-Steyer, as well as an updated cab with a hydraulic elevator and easy “grown” loading platform.

KAMAZ-65222 Specifications

In 2010 a new version of the model 65222 was developed with the index 65222. One of the interesting innovations used in this version was a retired bicycle wheel arrangement and tires with powerful tunnels. The single-sided tire differs from the double-sided one in that the rear axle is not fitted with two wheels (inner and outer), but with one.

This configuration helped solve three important problems at once:

  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Increase the angle of approach and departure. Therefore, the car can overcome more serious obstacles.
  • Specific pressure of wheels on the ground is reduced, therefore, the loaded dump truck can move confidently on viscous soils, snow and sand.

On the one hand, there is no problem with filling internal and external slopes with mud. In addition, driving on technological points is greatly facilitated because there is no shock weighing down the rear outer wheels, because the track width between the front and rear wheels is the same.

Of course, single-sided tires are not the only difference between the KAMAZ-65222 and previous versions. Many things have changed here, from the size, exterior and interior of the vehicle to technical and operational characteristics. For example, the resource of their work has increased by 15%, and productivity – by 8%. In terms of fuel consumption the car became 10% more economical, and the frequency of the recommended maintenance was almost halved.

Weight and dimensions of the Kamaz-65222

Compared with the basic model the KAMAZ-65222 frame was lengthened even more, increasing the overall length of the vehicle up to 8,480 mm (this includes the rear bogie with a removable lens of 1,440 mm and front overhang of 1,420 mm). The overall width of the dump truck is 2,540 mm and the height is 3,290 mm.

The vehicle is equipped with an all-metal 12- or 16-blade shifting bucket for unloading and a front guard. It is equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism.

A flue gas heating system is provided on the bottom of the platform to prevent fading of the load. The maximum lifting angle of the platform is 52°.

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Overall and mass dimensions of KamAZ-65222

Equipped weight of the Kamaz-65222 model is 14 350 kg, gross weight – 34 000 kg, payload – 19 500 kg. Maximum permissible load is 8,000 kg (front axle) and 26,000 kg (rear).

The external radius of the truck does not exceed 12 m, and the angle of elevation, which it can overcome, is not less than 14 ° (25%).

The crane KS-65719-5K (boom 31 m), mounted on the KAMAZ-65222 chassis.

point of force

The traction dynamics of the KAMAZ-65222 heavy-duty model is provided by a KAMAZ proprietary 11.76-liter diesel engine (modification 740.632.400) with eight V-shaped cylinders, which meets Euro environmental standards. Rated power is 400 hp (294 kW), the maximum torque is 1 766 Nm at 1 250 rpm. Maximum speed of a loaded dump truck is 90 km/h.

The engine has a fuel injection system. The engine is turbocharged and the turbocharger is cooled by the oncoming airflow.

Despite the impressive performance, this power unit does not suffer from “voracity” – in winter it consumes an average of 39.2 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, and in summer this indicator is reduced to 35.6 liters. The car is equipped with a fuel tank volume of 350 liters.

Transmission and brake system

Drive axle traction is provided by a 16-speed ZF 16S1820 manual transmission with a gear ratio of 6.88 and a mechanical distance control system. Functional linkage of the transmission to the engine is provided by a dry, hydraulically driven single-diaphragm traction unit.

The transmission also includes a two-stage mechanical gearbox ZF Passauvg 2000/300 with pneumatic remote control and a central differential locking system. KAMAZ-65222 6×6 dump truck is built on a three-axle platform with spring suspension and function of inter-axle lockup.

The truck is equipped with a drum-type brake system, which includes pneumatic actuator on all wheels. Brake drum diameter is 420 mm and pad width is 180 mm. The combined braking surface area is 7,200 sq. cm.

wheels and tires

KAMAZ-65222 is equipped with 11.25-20 rim size disc wheels and 16.00 R20 pneumatic chamber tires with improved bottoms.

Due to the use of single tires, increased tire tread height, as well as the diameter and width of the wheels, it was possible to increase the clearance of the dump body, increase its cross-country capability and payload.

KAMAZ-65222 cabin: a view of the workplace

The first production KAMAZ-65222 dump trucks, released in 2009, were equipped with the DriseDsaid model. All models are new.

The use of pneumatic suspension made it possible to reduce the level of vibration and oscillation while driving. In addition, this mechanism provides the ability to adjust and maintain the cab at the desired height, regardless of the load on the vehicle.

Due to the increased size of the wheels, the car has increased significantly in height, so wiping the windshield has become even more difficult – here you can certainly not do without a trunk.


With the appearance of KAMAZ-65222 there are some vulnerable changes. The truck received a whole windshield and new panels on the sides and roof of the cab, which not only greatly improved its aerodynamic characteristics, but also made it more stylish.

Design of the handles was changed and they received a new shape and made of plastic. The bumper is made of durable plastic, painted the same color as the cab and differs by its complex and beautiful shape from the old metal bumper.

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Completely redesigned new look of the truck was a completely redesigned optics, which was built in the bumper: headlights, parking lights and turnover lights were placed in a single unit. Hagelen headlights and fog lights through a “full-time” configuration provided good visibility at night and in cloudy weather.

Driving safety was improved by the addition of roll and edge mirrors, as well as side spherical mirrors to provide blind spot visibility.


The interior design of the KAMAZ-65222 RESTYLED cab has also become much more attractive and better. There is no sleeping compartment in the cabin of this model, so there is enough space, but thanks to the new design of the dashboard and seats the cabin became even more spacious.

As a result of the use of modern technologies and high quality materials for noise and heat insulation, as well as the manufacture of elements and finishing of the cabin, the level of comfort has increased significantly.

The dashboard has been completely redesigned and received anti-glare coating. The graphic display and numerous control and monitoring instruments are arranged very intelligently and ergonomically, so that the driver does not have to be distracted from the road in search of the necessary function.

The steering system includes hydraulic power steering, and the steering column is adjustable in two directions – height and tilt.

Comfortable and padded seats provide additional comfort for the driver and passengers when driving on poor-quality roads. The driver’s seat is adjustable in four steps and is equipped with GRAMMER air suspension.

However, it has a significant disadvantage, namely the lack of lateral support, so it is quite difficult to keep in place when driving over rough terrain.

The cabin is equipped with improved ventilation system and a more powerful Webasto heater, which ensures rapid heating of the cabin in cold weather.

Pros and cons of the KAMAZ-65222 heavy-duty truck

This model has been on the market for a long time, so consumers have a certain opinion about it. The undeniable advantages of KAMAZ-65222 include single-sided tires with 16.00R20 off-road profile.

This wheel configuration, combined with the MOB and IBC systems, provides the truck with increased load capacity and unmatched off-road capability. For this reason, this model is most often purchased with the aim to operate in areas where there are no normal road conditions.

However, this car was not deprived of shortcomings. First of all, consumers complain about the high cost. For example, at the moment, depending on the configuration, the price of a new car ranges from 5.5 to 5.8 million rubles, which is quite a lot compared to other KAMAZ models.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative feedback from the owners of the model 65222 about the failure of electrical equipment in harsh climatic conditions. Another problem is the insufficient power of the dump truck when driving on the road with a load, despite the fact that there are inter-axle and inter-axle locking systems.

Among the unpleasant features of KamAZ-65222 is the absence of tire inflation system during driving. This truck is deprived of this important function by the special design of Bulgarian Madara axle, which does not allow to implement this system. For this reason, special off-road tires can not play on its unique abilities.

Despite all these disadvantages, KamAZ-65222 was and still is one of the most popular off-road and heavy-duty dump trucks, not only in Russia, but also abroad.

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