Kamaz 65221. Characteristics of the car, properties

Kamaz 65221 (Batyr). Characteristics of the car, properties

Kamaz Batyr or Kamaz 65221 is an off-road vehicle, which is also called a wooden charge or tractor unit. It is used as a military vehicle with excellent technical characteristics. It can be used as a dump truck. It has imposing sizes and powerful 400 hp Euro-4 engine. It is produced since 2008.

Main purpose: transportation of solid bulky loads, loose improvised materials, tree trunks, planks, timber raw materials. Can be operated with a trailer as a part of a road train or as a car. Delivered from production as a chassis, but on customer’s request can be equipped with various designs.

The KAMAZ Batyr 65221 features:

  • fuel heating;
  • is adapted to work in difficult conditions;
  • a fuel tank of 350 liters;
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to the fuel pump model.

Technical characteristics

Changes were made to the design of the truck, which improved its driving performance and comfort. The cab has an aerodynamic bumper with integrated optics. Side cladding protects the handles and mirrors from moisture and dirt. Single tires help reduce fuel consumption, and additional tanks allow you to increase mileage without having to change on the road.

Technical features of the tractor:

  • Curb weight – 11.15 tons;
  • Length – 570 cm;
  • Height – 350 cm;
  • Width – 240 cm;
  • Exit – 37 cm.
  • Maximum speed – 85 km/h;
  • Climbing overcoming – 30%;
  • Turning radius – 11,8 m;
  • Clutch load – 22,000 kg;
  • Maximum weight – 38 500 kg.

KAMAZ with cargo

  • Engine – Cummins Isle 375;
  • Eco-class Euro IV;
  • Number of rolled rollers per minute – 2200;
  • Engine capacity – 11.75 liters;
  • Torque – 1460 Nm;
  • The diameter of the cylinder – 140 mm;
  • Power – 365 PS;
  • Service life – 1000,000 km;
  • Cooling – water with forced circulation;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 500 liters;
  • Additional tanks – 250 liters;
  • Fuel Consumption – 28 liters per 100 km.
  • Cup – diaphragm disc;
  • Gears – mechanical;
  • Shift actuator – hydraulic with pneumatic booster;
  • Transfer case – mechanical, two-stage with blocked inter-unit differential.
  • Wheels – single 12.00 R20 (320 R508);
  • Brakes – pneumatic drum type;
  • Tires – chamber, pneumatic;
  • RIM – 8.5-20 (216-508).

Chassis 65221

The cab is located directly above the engine. The driver can access the cylinder block without leaving the cab.

The cabin is equipped with a spacious sleeper, tempting seat, heating and digital radio.

The on-board computer display shows information about driving parameters, engine and auxiliary systems operation. In the event of a malfunction, the emergency display turns on.

How does the cabin and electrical equipment of Kamaz 65221 look like?

The cabin of Kamaz 65221: two-seater, standard, with adjustable seats, there is a heating system. Good visibility thanks to the windshield without a lintel. There is no place for sleeping.

Electrical diagram of KAMAZ 65221:

Vehicle controls: front and side views:

Get ready for spring and choose cordless devices!

Batyr KAMAZ-65221: Overhead tractor

The first information about the Kamaz-65221 tractor appeared in 2008, and at the same time the production of this truck was launched. The tractor is designed to transport heavy loads on roads with poor pavement and on the move. The truck can be used both with a single trailer, and as a part of a road train. The KAMAZ-65221 chassis can be equipped with container trucks, logging trucks, dump trucks, semi-trailers-separators, it can be used as a military tractor. By its design, it is a three-axle truck frame (with 6*6 wheels) with the front engine and all-metal underbody cabin. In 2014, the car was restored and got a new modern cab. Two or three air-suspended seats with many adjustments, the cabin also got a mechanism to adjust the steering column. Depending on the modification, the cabin can be equipped with a comfortable sleeper. The basic package includes a radio and an autonomous heater, the instrument panel became more informative and ergonomic.

The manufacturer offers a medium-duty KAMAZ-65221 Kaper tractor at a price of 5.25 million rubles. Utility vehicles, 2010 – 2012 years of manufacture can be purchased at a price of 1,800,000 rubles.

Reviews about the KAMAZ 65221

Stanislav Sergeyevich:

“I have been working on such a timber truck for two years. I’m very satisfied with it. To be objective, I will write about the pros and cons. This truck is not cheap, no one will buy it every year, after all, it is bought for 10 to 15 years, and then you are lucky. I should say at once: I work in the North region, the roads are bad but the car overcomes them with flying colours!

Advantages: The quality of parts and components is high, the engine is powerful. It is heated up so that the fuel does not freeze in the tank, which is a tangible advantage for our latitudes. The power of the engine is 400 horses.

Cons: Checked all major components before use, found many bugs – changed and drove it myself. “

The main operational and technical characteristics of the Kamaz-65221

dimensions and payload

  • Length of the chassis: 7,360 millimeters;
  • Height of the upgraded model: 3 220 mm;
  • width: 2 540 mm;
  • Ground clearance (release): 396 mm;
  • Curb weight of the vehicle: 11 550 kg;
  • GVW: 27,150 kg;
  • Maximum load on the saddle: 17,000 kg;
  • Weight of a tractor as a train: 62,7 tons;
  • Cruising speed: 90 km/h.

engine and fuel consumption

The KAMAZ-65221 before-restyling model is equipped with a diesel engine KAMAZ 740.50-360. The engine is turbocharged and equipped with a boiler cooling system. A high-pressure Common Rail fuel system is responsible for direct fuel injection, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. Working volume of Kamaz 740.50-360 is 11.76 liters, while its rated power does not exceed 360 hp, and according to environmental standards it meets Euro-2 standards.

After refinancing the truck in general received a more powerful unit KAMAZ 740.63-400. This eight-cylinder turbodiesel with V-shaped cylinders develops power of 400 hp with a working volume of 11.76 liters. The power unit has a turbocharging function and intercooling of charge air. It is also equipped with the Common Rail fuel system, which contributes to a more complete fuel combustion. The engine meets the requirements of Euro 4 standards.

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The tractor Kamaz-65221 Batyr is equipped by default with a fuel tank of 350 liters. Fuel consumption in mixed mode does not exceed 32 liters per 100 kilometers.

Transmission, brakes and electrical equipment

The truck is equipped with a licensed gearbox ZF 16S1820T. This 16-speed manual (gear ratio 6.88) provides good acceleration dynamics and smooth shifting of the vehicle. The ZF 16S1820T Ecosplit shift mechanism consists of a four-speed gearbox, a demultiplier and a front splitter. The gearbox is controlled remotely, shifting must take place when the clutch pedal is fully traveled.

Advantages of the Batyr supporters

Before we disclose a number of advantages of Batyr backstops, we would like to answer the real differences from the backstops of other manufacturers.

First, the trailer frame is absolutely welded, using materials up to 4 mm thick. Frames of side walls consist of angle bars with 3 mm wall thickness, the sides themselves are made of 0,8 – 1,2 mm thick galvanized steel, they have a profile, which gives additional rigidity. The side wall frames are “rigidly” connected to the frame, giving the body extra rigidity. Its rigidity is excellent both for fracture (the side walls design as a “bearing”) and torsion (the frame is reinforced with 5 longitudinal tubes and 3 transverse tubes). The frame of the trailer consists of pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm. Secondly, the front and rear parts are also based on a welded frame made of metal sheets with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The side walls themselves are also made of galvanized steel. The hinges for opening are M10 screws made by Blebeyevsky.

Third: Batyr’s supporters use hardware (bolts, nuts, base splines, screws), which are exclusively produced by JSC “BelZAN” (today almost all domestic cars, KAMAZ, UAZ, GAZ are among the consumers of products of JSC “BelZAN” AvtoVAZ, “Amo ZIL”, “Izh-AVTO” and others, whose enterprises are subcontractors, as well as GUS companies).

Fourth: The suspension of the trailer is extremely reliable, because the steel is up to 8 mm thick. The leaf springs are 6-leaf, unlike many other manufacturers. Manufactured to a special order from the Chusovoy Metallurgical Company (a fie of the Russian market of feathers for trucks and public transport, founded in 1879). Load capacity (according to the passport) 615 kg, loads up to 1500 kg (verified by many owners of supporters Batyr). Fifth: An important element of the design of the trailer is its V-shaped drawbar made of 60×40 profile pipe with a wall thickness of 3 mm, withstanding a huge breaking load. Finally, I’d like to mention a few small but practical advantages of our bases: – The floor consists of 1.2mm thick galvanized steel, which, together with the longitudinal reinforcement of the structure, gives it maximum durability and resistance to wear. – Powder coating of the trailer with metal pre-treatment in a ball rolling machine gives the trailer a beautiful appearance and resistance to corrosion. – Almost all chassis components and some body parts are galvanized. Make the right choice, choose practicality, reliability and quality. Good luck in your choice and always have a good trip.

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Advantages of Batyr supporters:

  • The simplicity and functionality of the technological solutions used in the manufacture of followers;
  • Interchangeability of many parts and units with domestic cars (Niva, Gazelle, Moskvich, Vaz);
  • All the O1 category supports (total curb weight up to 750 kg) allow the driver to drive the trailer and have a driver’s license category “B” (passenger car).
  • high level of safety when using supports;
  • Remarkable stability of the trailer “Batyr” is achieved by using a V-shaped drawbar, an excellent “balance”;
  • The trailer’s frame is reinforced;
  • The sides and the bottom of the trailer are made of galvanized steel.
  • All “Batyr” supports are equipped with the function – “hollow car”. With the help of sulphate body you can unload loose materials (sand, gravel, crushed stone) with higher speed and less labor costs. In addition, the function – “tipper trough” allows you to load heavy cargo into the trailer with a “crane”.

The “Batyr” is equipped with lighting products of European and domestic manufacturers. Electrical wiring meets modern European quality standards. Also powder coating of followers (electrostatic spraying) is carried out, with the help of which two tasks can be solved at once: – high anti-corrosion protection of the trailer surface – and additional decorative properties (all colors according to the RAL scale). At the customer’s request the trailer pages can be painted in any color.

Advantages of “Batyr” spring cushioning walls

Very often when choosing a car trailer people are faced with the problem of choosing the type of suspension. We will try to explain the fundamental difference between the 3 types of the most common suspensions:

-E a Spring suspension is the simplest type.

Advantages: The spring is good for its softness;

Disadvantages: The strength is much inferior to the other types.

If you do not need the trailer for transportation, this suspension is a good choice!

-The “rubber hat” suspension is the only type of suspension for underwear.

The principle of this suspension: In the profile tube is another hollow or full tube. Between them, in the corners that do not pass the inner tube, elastic rubber strikers are placed. The inner tube, in turn, is connected to the arms to which the wheels are attached.

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Advantages: The only advantages are that it is waiting and all moving elements are hidden.

Disadvantages: very short suspension travel. Shock absorbers are not installed in this suspension, which means that the trailer on a bad road jumps like a grasshopper and everything he likes. In severe frosts, typical for Russia, the rubber in the “cylinder” is the only shock absorber for trailer wheels at all. It is not uncommon for the suspension to slip at the most unnecessary moment. If an axle in such suspension breaks off, the trailer is left without wheels and transportation at its speed is no longer possible!

The shock-absorbed suspension used for the Batyr trailer is the most acceptable type of suspension for the trailer.

This type of suspension is the most stable of all suspension types. Not surprisingly, all heavy trucks are equipped with this type of suspension. The disadvantages of the feathers are only in the size and not much softness compared to the leaf spring. However, with the design features of the “Batyr” trailer, it is possible to create a spring suspension to the detriment of the usable space. And also the problem of softness of spring suspension can be solved by installing a 6-leaf leaf spring with a suspension. With an incomplete load 3 leaf springs work on the trailer, and if the trailer is loaded, 3 more leaf springs are connected to work, which considerably increases resiliency and loading capacity of “Batyr”.

Even from the pluses of the shock absorber rubber harness suspension, if, God forbid, the leaf spring (mainly because of the strong overload), then you can certainly get to the place of repair.

Have a safe trip, make the right choice.


Kamaz 65225 is sometimes considered as part of the Kamaz 6520 series. At the same time, the vehicle is produced in several modifications. The most common modifications:

New off-road tractor KAMAZ 65221

KAMAZ 65221 (updated) Technical specifications and prices. Review “6×6 tractor truck” with photos.

The upgraded KAMAZ-65221 is still the same three-legged heavy tractor with all-wheel drive, but now with an improved cabin (with a high roof and sleeper compartment). The cabin of “Restyled” KAMAZ “65221” is wrinkled, all-metal, located above the engine and differs from the “Restyled” by more modern aerodynamic design and upgraded interior (offers even more comfort for the driver).

The updated truck completely inherited from its predecessor the off-road capability, but at the same time it lost a little in carrying capacity.

KAMAZ-65221 (updated)

KAMAZ-65221 KAPS is available only with one wheelbase, which length is 3515 mm. The total length is 7360 mm (which is 80 mm longer than before the upgrade). It should be added that the front overhang is now 1480 mm and the distance between rear bogie axles is now 1440 mm. The height of the cast seat, which has 3 degrees of freedom and 2-inch wren SHK, is 1965 mm. The total height of the tractor unit does not exceed 3220 mm. Width of the tractor “without mirror” is 2540 mm. Height of the road release is 396 mm.

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Overall dimensions of the updated Kamaz 65221

Curb weight of the restyled Kamaz 65221 is 11 550 kg. Payload is 15 450 kg. Gross weight of the truck does not exceed 27 150 kg, and payload is 7 150 kg on the front axle and 20 000 kg – on the rear of two-axle vehicles. At the same time, we found out that increasing the payload (load on the fifth-wheel) is allowed on city streets by 130 kN (13 cwt). The total weight must not exceed 28,700 kg, the front axle load 7,200 kg and the rear axle load 21,500 kg.

The upgraded Kamaz-65221 can pull semi-trucks with a weight not exceeding 50 100 kg (on the streets with a permissible axle load of 130 kN (13 centigrade) – 51,000 kg). At the same time the total mass of the street tractor must not exceed 61 800 kg (62 700 kg).

The updated tractor is powered by an upgraded V8 engine “740.63-400” with a working volume of 11.76 liters, equipped with direct injection and turbocharging with intercooled charge air. Maximum engine power is specified by the manufacturer at 400 hp and reached at 1900 rpm. Its peak torque, in turn, is in the range of 1250-1350 rpm and 1766 nm. The engine is aggregated with 16-speed “manual” ZF – “16S1820”, where the gear ratio of the main gear is 6.88. Used transmission received classical mechanical control and interact with the engine through the membrane single disc clutch brand MFZ-430, which has a hydraulic drive, supplemented with pneumatic suspension.

The all-wheel drive tractor KAMAZ-65221 “The Cave” is built on a platform of a three-axle frame with front and rear suspension springs. The wheel formula is 6×6. The tractor is equipped with a 2-speed transfer gearbox, an intentionally locked differential and interwheel lock.

All wheels of the tractor are equipped with pneumatic drum brakes. Brake drum diameter is 420 mm, brake pad width is 180 mm and total brake pad working area is 7200 cm².

This car “in full mass” on paved roads is able to accelerate to at least 90 km/h, and without much difficulty to overcome slopes with an angle of not less than 10 degrees.

The list of basic equipment of the restyled Kamaz “65221” shown by the manufacturer includes: two-stage dodger with anti-slip device, fog bar, autonomous cab heater, adjustable driver, R20 chamber tires, two 190 ah batteries, power selection box and a fuel tank of 350 liters.

The average cost of the basic configuration of the KAMAZ-65221 truck tractor in the Russian market in 2017 is about 5.15 million rubles.

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