Kamaz-6520: the device of electrical equipment and fuel consumption. Transmission, power supply. reviews.

Kamaz-6520: the device of electrical equipment and fuel consumption. Transmission, power supply. reviews.

Due to the rapid development of the construction industry, the need for heavy-duty dump trucks has increased. The Kama Automobile Plant began developing of such a vehicle, and the first copies rolled off the assembly line in 2003. Since then, the Kamaz-6520 remains a leader in the segment of heavy trucks, the machine was in demand and is being manufactured nowadays. In addition to the construction industry, the truck is often used as a wooden charger, grain carriers, KDM (combined street machines), the chassis is fitted with auto mixers, crane and other manipulators.

By design, the Kamaz-6520 is a three-axle chassis with 6×4 wheel configuration and front mounted engine. A characteristic feature of this model is an all-welded platform, which can withstand heavy loads. Because of the impressive size of the body and payload the Kamaz-6520 was given a nickname mammoth.

Despite the fact that the production of Kamaz-6520 began in 2003, when the factory had already mastered the production of new cabs, the dump truck was still equipped with an outdated cab, which had been designed in the late 1970s. However, in 2004 the truck was restored and received a more modern and more comfortable cab with a modified bumper and headlights. Two comfortable seats were installed in the cabin (the driver’s seat is adjustable in several planes), the driver received side mirrors with improved visibility and an adjustable steering column with power steering (GUR). The cabin is now equipped with air conditioning and there is a modern dashboard with three sections with anti-glare coating. Some cars are equipped with a sleeping place.

Today it is possible to buy a new Kamaz 6520 autozap at a price of 4,800,000 rubles. On the used market, the price of the truck depends on the technical condition, year of manufacture and mileage. It is possible to buy a car in operation at a price of 1.5 to 3 million rubles.

Technical and operational features of the Kamaz-6520

Dimensions and payload

  • Length: 7,800 millimeters;
  • Width: 2,500 millimeters (without mirror);
  • Height: 3 110 – 3 160 millimeters;
  • Clearance (ground clearance): 190 mm;
  • Minimum overall dimensions: 9 300 mm;
  • Curb weight of the vehicle: 12,950 kg;
  • Volume of body: without superstructures – 12 cub.m., with superstructures – 18 cub.m. Measuring devices, KAMAZ-6520-23072-63 (grain carrier) modification – 33 cubic meters;
  • The maximum permissible payload: 20 000 kilograms;
  • Maximum angle of elevation of dump truck level: 50 0;
  • The maximum angle of elevation: 25%;
  • Maximum speed of dump truck: 90 km/h.

Power unit and fuel consumption of the Kamaz-6520 high-loading truck

The debut modifications of the truck were powered by a V-shaped diesel engine Kamaz-740.51-320 (Euro-2), equipped with a turbocharger and central air cooling system. The engine had a displacement of 11.76 liters and rated power of 320 hp. At that time most of KAMAZ trucks were equipped with this engine. However, the engine was not notable for its efficiency, and it was replaced by more modern turbodiesels.

Cummins Isle +350. It is a modern six-cylinder in-line turbodiesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 8.9 liters and a rated power of 334 hp. The engine is equipped with the Common Rail fuel system and HX40 turbocharger with controllable exhaust. It also features intercooling technology that reduces emissions. The engine Cummins Isle +350 meets Euro-4 standards.

KAMAZ 740.63-400. This power unit meets Euro-3 standards, has a displacement of 11.76 liters and develops power rated at 400 hp, with a crankshaft speed of 1,900 rpm. Structurally, the engine is a V-shaped “eight” with a turbocharger and medium boiler air cooling system.

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The dump truck is equipped with a fuel tank of 500 liters, sometimes equipped with an additional tank with a filling station of 350 liters. Fuel consumption depends on operating conditions and the engine. KAMAZ-6520 with a domestic engine in summer consumes up to 45 liters of fuel, and in winter the consumption rate rises by 7-10 liters. Cummins Isle +350 engines are more efficient and consume 12-15% less diesel fuel than domestic equivalents.

Transmission, power plant KAMAZ-6520.

Pre-restyled versions of KAMAZ-6520 dump trucks were equipped with a modern ZF-8S1820 gearbox made by Zavod Tschestvennye. This eight-speed manual gearbox provided comfortable driving and was very reliable.

Today the majority of KAMAZ-6520 vehicles are equipped with the ZF 16S1820 16-speed manual gearbox. The gearbox consists of a main gearbox with a splitter and a demultiplier. The advantages of this box are low noise level, easy gear shifting and the possibility of using the IF intrauder (secondary decelerator). Interaction of the engine with the gearbox is carried out by means of a single-disc diaphragm clutch with a hydraulic booster and a pneumatic actuator.

The electronic and electrical systems of the vehicle are powered by two 12-volt batteries, with a capacity of 190 Ah. There is a voltage regulator in the driver’s cab. The truck is also equipped with a powerful alternator of 28 kV.

Brakes and suspension of KamAZ-6520

Like the majority of KAMAZ-6520 trucks, KAMAZ-6520 is equipped with drum brakes with energy accumulators, which provide an acceptable safety when driving on public roads. The diameter of the brake drum is 400 millimeters and the width of the brake pads is 180 mm. In addition to the main brake system the truck is equipped with backup, parking and auxiliary brakes. The first versions of Kamaz-6520 were already equipped with ABC, which eliminates blocking of the wheels during emergency braking.

The front suspension is made as a combination of semi-linear longitudinal springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. In addition, there is a reptilian stability stabilizer, which prevents the dangerous roll of the car. The rear suspension is designed in a similar style, with semi-elliptical feathers also used here. A transverse stabilizer is installed to improve angular stability.

Here are detailed technical and operational characteristics of the Kamaz-6520 mulch dump truck:

Technical Specifications
Weight parameters and loads
Weight of the truck, kg. 12950
Load on front axle, kg 5230
Rear axle load, kg 7720
Carrying capacity of the vehicle, kg 14400 (20,000*)
Gross vehicle weight, kg 27500 (33100*)
Front axle load, kg 7500
Rear axle load, kg 20,000 (25600)
Engine model 740.63-400 (Euro-3)
Engine type Turbocharged diesel engine with intermediate charge air cooling
Maximum useful power, kW (hp) 294 (400)
At rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm 1900 ± 50
Maximum Net Net Net Torque (KGSM) 1766 (180)
At rated crankshaft speed, rpm 1300 ± 50
Location and number of cylinders V-shaped, 8
Working volume, L 11.76
Cylinder diameter and stroke, mm 120/130
compression ratio 16.8
Power System
Fuel tank capacity, l 350
Electrical equipment
Voltage, V 24
Batteries, v/n 2×12/190
alternator, V/W 28/2000
Тип >KAMAZ 6520 capacities Diaphragm, single-disc
Drive unit Hydraulics with pneumatic tank
model ZF 16S 1820
Type Mechanical sixteen
control Mechanical, remote
Drive unit pneumatic
Type drum
Wheels and tires
Bicycle type disk
Tire type Pneumatic, chamber
Tire size 8.5-20
Tire size 12.00 R20
Type located above the engine
version Without sleeper
Self-lifting platform
Volume of the platform, M 3 16
Platform tilt angle, deg 50
Direction of unloading Return
Characteristics of the gross weight of the A / M
Maximal speed, not less, km/h 90
Not less % of overcoming buoyancy 25
Outer clearance turning radius, m 9.3
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A video review of Kamaz-6520 on YouTube

Advantages and disadvantages of Kamaz-6520 Driver’s Check:

Kamaz-6520 Luxury with Cummins engine:

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What they say on the forums: Reviews from owners and drivers of the Kamaz-6520 killer dump truck

Alexei Nikonov, 50, Smolensk region:

Today our company operates three Kamaz-6520s. We bought them new, now they are a little more than two years old, the mileage is 80-95 thousand. In general, the truck is not bad, but not very cross-country – it is better not to go to the laundry. In the cab is quite comfortable, has everything you need to drive a truck. Without information, of course, did not do without, on my dump truck had to change the longitudinal function of the steering. Another nuisance (and not only this Kamaz) radiator – sometimes it seems that they are made of foil, soldering is also useless – also had to replace.

KAMAZ-6520 (Muldikiper): Technical features

Kamaz-6520 (dump truck): technical specifications

Kamaz-6520 trucks are the fundamental model of the promising family of heavy trucks of the Kama automobile plant. They represent a dump truck with 6×4 wheel arrangement and rear unloading loading platform. The purpose of this truck is to transport on the streets of the city the entire range of cargo and building materials.

About the history of the Kamaz 6520

KAMAZ-6520 dump trucks are one of the main families of the Kama Automobile Plant, which allows the company to maintain its leading position on the CIS truck market. Designed for transportation of construction, agricultural and industrial goods on roads with a maximum axle load of 10-13 tons, this special vehicle was the very first heavy class dump truck in the KAMAZ product line more than ten years ago.

Until the early 2000s, the most powerful dump trucks produced at the Kama Automobile Plant were KAMAZ-55111 with carrying capacity of 13 tons, and heavier KAMAZ-65115 with carrying capacity of 15 tons. But at the beginning of the new century there was a really great “construction boom” in the country, and the capacity of these machines was not always sufficient to meet the growing needs of the fledgling construction industry.

About the history of the Kamaz 6520 model

That is why only a few years later, a new dump truck model of 20-ton capacity was rapidly developed. This truck with the factory index “KAMAZ-6520”, designed for large-scale construction, quarry and agricultural works (grain-carriers) with carrying capacity up to 20 tons, became the most powerful dump truck in the model range of KAMAZ truck plant. Series production began in 2003.

Important point: KAMAZ-6520 was not an upgrade of dump trucks, previously produced by the company, or a copy of any truck of other manufacturers. This is a brand new model, designed from scratch.

Characteristic that in 2003 many KamAZ trucks were restyled and received a more comfortable cab of new model: with more comfortable seats, redesigned dashboards, with climate and sound systems. But the new dump truck KAMAZ-6520 got the old cabin, designed under Tsar Gorokh, and was equipped with it until 2007. Then it was replaced by an upgraded one anyway. But not only KAMAZ, but many other automakers traditionally did not consider it necessary to make the work of the dump truck drivers comfortable. But now the KAMAZ-6520 cab is in no way inferior to other company’s vehicles in terms of comfort.

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What is under the cabin?

KAMAZ-6520 engines

Dump trucks KAMAZ-6520 of the first years of production were equipped with diesel engines KAMAZ-740.51-320 with turbocharger. This version of the classic KAMAZ engine was developed in the early 1990s and also used on other families of KAMAZ trucks. Power of this engine is 320 hp and meets environmental standard “Euro-2”.

Since 2009, the company is equipping KAMAZ-6520 dump trucks with a new KAMAZ-740.63-400 engine, which already meets Euro-3 environmental standard. This V8 engine has more power than its predecessor. Its characteristics are as follows: displacement – 11.76 liters, nominal power – 400 hp, maximum torque – 1766 Nm, compression ratio – 16.5. There is also a turbocharging system.

Since 2008, some KAMAZ-6520 trucks are also equipped with the Cummins ISLe +350 engine. The Cummins power unit generally shows better performance than the KAMAZ-740 engine. The engine features Cummins ISLe +350: displacement – 8.9 liters, rated power – 334 hp, maximum torque – 2738 Nm, environmental class – Euro-3.

KAMAZ-6520 Engines

KAMAZ-740.73-400″ engine is under the driver’s cab.

Currently the new Kamaz-740.73-400 (Euro-4) is installed on the Kamaz-6520 Mullwagens. This is an 8-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooled charge air, which is equipped with an advanced common rail fuel system. Maximum power of the Kamaz-740.73-400 is 294 kW (400 hp) at a crankshaft speed of 1900 rpm.

The maximum usable torque is 1766 Nm (180 kgcm) at crankshaft speeds from 125 0-1350 rpm. The working volume corresponds to the previous version and 11.76 liters. Cylinder diameter is 120 mm, stroke – 130 mm Compression Ratio 17.9. The engine is marked with “TFF 15.8106-01”. Capacity of Kamaz-6520 fuel tanks is 350 liters. The traction-dynamic parameters of the engine and the trough itself allows the truck to freely overcome 25% of climbs when fully loaded.

Transmission KAMAZ-6520

The clutch is diaphragm-type. The drive is hydraulic with pneumatic capacity. Gearbox currently installed on the Kamaz-6520 is mechanical “ZF-16S1820”, sixteen speeds. Gear ratio of the main double gearbox is 5.11.

By the way, the “Pre-restyling” vehicles were also equipped with a modern imported gearbox, including a COMPACT, only eight-speed: “ZF-8S1820”. But now these switches are already imported “only half”, as they are made at the factory in Naberezhnye Chelny under the license from the German company.

Transmission KAMAZ 6520 provides high truck traction and dynamic performance at a relatively low fuel consumption: 40-55 liters per 100 kilometers (depending on engine type and operating conditions). In addition, this model is equipped with lockable differentials and ABS.

Steering and braking, electrical equipment

The steering mechanism of Kamaz-6520 is equipped with power steering and a swiveling hydraulic limiter, which prevents damage to the steering rack. This dump truck is also equipped with an injury-free steering wheel.

The brakes are pneumatically actuated. Dimensions: drum diameter – 420 mm; width of brake lines – 180 mm.

Steering, braking, electrical equipment

Kamaz-6520 with U-shaped body.

Internal power supply voltage is 24 volts. There are two batteries, 12 volts / 190 amps each. Generator – 28 IV / 2000 watts.

The frame, cargo platform, suspension and chassis “Kamaz-6520”.

In order to achieve better performance, power and efficiency than its predecessors, the “Kamaz-6520” received a completely new modern hydraulics, improved frame and a number of units not only of domestic, but also foreign production. For example, many trucks were produced with Hungarian “Madara” driving axles.

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KAMAZ’s 20-tonner is equipped with a hydraulic tipping device with PTO drive, a powerful partial frame and body stop. The loading platform increases the hydraulic cylinder of the front structure, which increases the stability during unloading.

The heavy-duty dump truck has an all-metal reinforced welded platform that tilts. At first, the body did not have a heating system, but in 2007 this technical solution was implemented. The platform is controlled directly from the driver’s cab. The body is protected by a canopy, which covers the space between it and the cab.

KAMAZ-6520 is equipped with driving axles with a single-stage main gear and wheel reduction gears. This design not only increases the axle clearance, but also greatly increases the reliability and durability of the axles, which is especially important when the truck is overloaded.

The strength of the load-bearing structure is provided by the straight-section frame spaces equipped with reinforcements. The rear axle and front axle are fitted with anti-roll bars, which contribute to greater stability of the heavy truck when cornering and maneuvering. Differential locking mechanism gives a significant increase of transverse strength, which makes it suitable for off-road use.

Suspension is on leaf springs. The wheels are mounted with pneumatic tires. Rim size – 9.00-22.5. Tire size – 315/80 R22.5.

Technical specifications in numbers

  • Overall length – 7710 … Width – 2500 mm; height – 3010 mm;
  • wheelbase – 3600 mm;
  • front overhang – 1320 mm;
  • Distance between the axles of the rear vehicle – 1440 mm;
  • Curb weight – 13025 … 14500 kg;
  • Load on the front axle – 5305 … 6300 kg; Rear bogie load – 7720 … 8200 kg;
  • load-carrying capacity – 20000 kg;
  • Maximum weight of the trailer – 20,000 kg;
  • gross vehicle weight – 33100 kg;
  • Front axle load – 7500 kg; Rear bogie load – 25600 kg;
  • Maximum weight of the trailer – 20,000 kg;
  • Total weight of a road-train – 53100 kg;
  • Volume of the cargo platform – 12 … 16 … 20 cubic meters; The modification “Kamaz-6520-23072-63” (“Grain wagon”) has the largest volume: 33 cu.m. of cargo.
  • Angle of elevation of the cargo platform is 50 degrees.

Technical Specifications in Figures

New modifications on the KAMAZ-6520 chassis

The KAMAZ-6520 dump truck became the base for the whole family of heavy-duty trucks. The new design ensured the fulfillment of all current requirements of domestic and foreign legislation. The overhaul resource of the vehicle is 500 thousand kilometers. The first one is to be made after 5500 km, the second one – after 16500 km.

During production, about half a dozen modifications of KAMAZ-6520 were designed, which differed by minor design features and equipment variants. Nowadays, there are nine versions of KAMAZ-6520-73 in serial production, and each of them has its own factory index. But the engines of all brands are the same – “Kamaz-740.73-400” (Euro-4) with “common rale” OM; and manual transmission is the same – “ZF-16S1820”. In addition to rectangular and enlarged “granular” body, the “Kamaz-6520” chassis also installs U-shaped (or “trough” in Russian).

New KAMAZ-6520-based modifications

“Kamaz-6520-23072-63” grain carrier with trailer.

Since the KAMAZ-6520 was the first for a long time model, which was practically “developed from scratch”, it was soon the basis for new specialized trucks. In addition to the Korn modification KAMAZ-6520-23072-63 with 33-cbm body, the first four and back were built on the basis of the KAMAZ-6520 chassis. This is a KAMAZ-6540 dump truck with an additional steering axle (8×4 drive), which can carry up to 18.5 tons of various loads. This is a four-axle heavy hauler (also 8×4) KAMAZ-65201, which can carry up to 25 tons of cargo.

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These specialized vehicles are in demand wherever there are restrictions on the axle load. And for the most difficult road conditions in off-road conditions, the all-wheel drive modification with three axles (“6×6”) of Kamaz-6522 was designed, with a maximum payload of 19 tons.

KAMAZ-6520 cab

Type of cab, as on all Kamazes Ah – above the engine with a high roof, three-sensor, all-metal. The design is “purely homemade”: without a berth. Although on some extended cabs there is a berth. The KAMAZ-6520 cab has an air suspension.

KAMAZ-6520 Cabin

As said before, the new KAMAZ-6520 cab received a more modern design only after 2007. Now the interior of the vehicle looks quite decent and has the necessary options for a comfortable driver. Namely – normally adjustable driver’s seat and steering column, air conditioning, heating, audio system, steering wheel, new ergonomic dashboard and side mirror with improved visibility.

Reviews of the Kamaz-6520

In general, the Kamaz-6520 was able to become a decent alternative, but much more expensive if you buy and maintain an imported self-made. It can work, as a rule, in domestic conditions, such as poor roads or lack of them; Not the highest quality fuel; Low maintenance in most regions. In terms of price, only the “Belarusian analogue” is cheaper. 20-ton MAZ-5516.

Owners and drivers believe that the welding of the body of “Kamaz 6520” is clearly superior to “MAZ-5516” and similar Chinese trucks. According to many people, the design of disc wheels with a spoke knot on the hubs is more reliable in comparison with the former non-spoke wheels with a wedge clamp. With this design, there are no problems with bicycle misalignment when installed incorrectly.

The price of the new KAMAZ-6520 starts at KAMAZ-6520 dealers from 4 million 800 thousand rubles. The secondary automobile market in the regions is very saturated with offers to sell various modifications of these trucks. The prices vary from 1.5 to 3.5 million rubles, depending on the year of manufacture and technical condition of each particular machine.” width=”500″ height=”361″ />

After the repair, the dump truck got a new rehearsal cab.

ZF – the gear lever and the work of the manual transmission itself is very different from the previous Kamazovskaya box. In general, the cabin of the new model is much more comfortable.

On the Internet you can find a lot of annoyed drivers about the low quality of Kamaz 6520 components, negligent assembling and insufficient reliability of many units and assemblies. According to one of the drivers, “you can go on and on endlessly writing about the constant small and large breakdowns and keep on writing about the trains, welding, welding work and much more.” The conclusion is, yes, you can drive it, the price is small, but in terms of breakdowns, the price becomes much more than that of a foreign car.” “It is noted that “Kamaz-6520” is more expensive and more difficult to repair and maintain than the three-legged 20-tonner “MAZ-5516”.

The cost of KAMAZ-6520

The price of a new Kamaz-6520 starts from 4 mln 800 thousand roubles at Kamaz-6520 dealers. The regional secondary market is flooded with offers to sell various modifications of these trucks. The prices range from 1.5 to 3.5 million rubles, depending on the year of modeling and technical condition of each vehicle.

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