Kamaz-65117: specifications, description and reviews

Kamaz-65117: specifications

KAMAZ-65117: specifications

Kamaz-65117 is a modern Russian three-legged (6×4 wheel arrangement) heavy vehicle, produced by the Kamaz automobile plant since 2004 as a flatbed tractor and universal chassis for installation of various special structures. It is designed for cargo delivery on public roads, both independently and as a part of a road train. The truck is equipped as standard with a sleeper cab, and a 500-liter diesel tank provides a large amount of fuel.

A modern KAMAZ-651117 flatbed truck fully complies with the EU standards and can carry 18 Euro pallets. An awning is provided to protect the cargo from precipitation and bad weather conditions. For transportation of industrial goods and products, KAMAZ-651117 chassis is also equipped with an industrial and isothermal vans.

This model is widely used as a grain carrier to transport large amounts of grain and sunflower seeds. Also flatbed truck of these KAMAZ trucks is often equipped with crane-manipulator systems of different manufacturers.

Modifications of KAMAZ-65117.

The integrated KAMAZ-65117 is often used as a part of a road train with 14-ton Nefaz-8332 and SUZ-8357 trailers. On the KAMAZ-65117 chassis it is possible to install Zent-Rock on a flatbed truck. Isothermal and industrial woopers, crane-manipulators.

Modifications with the letter “U” are designed to work in regions with temperate climates. This vehicle must operate at temperatures from t-45 to +40 degrees C and relative humidity up to 75%. Modifications marked “T” are designed for regions with tropical, humid or dry climate. They are designed to operate at humidity up to 80% and in temperatures from t-10 to +45 degrees C.

KAMAZ-65117 modifications

Kamaz-65117 became very popular, when they started to be used as grain-carriers with trailers as part of road trains with nuclear flatbeds and unitary awnings. There are a lot of such trucks, their “caravans” can be seen on traditional grain trading routes. For example, on the road to Novorossiysk port. Many Kamaz-65117s deliver sunflower seeds from the fields to the oil mills.

“A special story” is the flatbed KAMAZ-65117s equipped with crack manipulation units. These trucks are also frequently and traditionally in demand in the russian and cis markets. Different types of these trucks are sold immediately with regularly installed telescopic extendable KAMAZ-65117 and presented as separate modifications on the official site of KAMA automobile plant.

KAMAZ-65117-02 modifications

  • Onboard truck with Crane Inman IM150n on the Kamaz-65117-3010-48 (A5) chassis has passed 659 000 km;
  • Onboard truck with Palfinger Inman es 150 kmu on Kamaz-65117-3010-50 chassis with the mileage of 659 000 km;
  • Soosan SCS746L Top 659000 flatbed truck on Kamaz-65117-3010-50 chassis

They are designed in such a way that they perform the widest range of loading, unloading, construction, assembly and transport work with various loads. The platform is flatbed and consists of a base in the form of a frame. Wooden floor signs are mounted on it, and metal hinged pages are placed on it. Side and rear boards are attached to the base.

KAMAZ-65117 with MSP reduce manual labor to a minimum; Reduce the number of workers to 1 person, and the used units of the device – to one; Allow the installation of cargo in hard-to-reach places and carry them under the assembled structures. Overload cargo into the body of a truck next to it or into a trailer. As well as loading and unloading work from behind obstacles (walls, fences, fences). Carrying capacity of these handling systems is up to seven tons; The maximum outreach of the crane is up to nineteen meters.

KAMAZ-65117 Engines

KAMAZ-65117 trucks in different years of production were equipped with several variants of diesel engines. KAMAZ 740.30-260 (Euro 2) and KAMAZ-740.62-280 (Euro 3). These are eight-cylinder diesel V-shaped engines with turbocharger. Nominal power is 260 and 280 hp at 2200 rpm. The displacement is 11.76 liters. Cylinder diameter and stroke – 120 mm or 130 mm. Compression ratio is 16.5 and 16.8.

KAMAZ-65117 Engines

Kamaz-740 engine is under the cab.

Then (in 2010) it has been replaced by an imported version of the diesel engine 6isbe 300, which was modified from Euro 3 to Euro 5 (at present). This is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with a displacement of 6.7 liters.

Diseases of garden plants

Maximum power output is 215 kW or 300 hp, at a crankshaft speed of 2500 rpm. The maximum usable torque is 1087 Nm or 111 kgf.m at a crankshaft speed of 1300 rpm. The single turbocharged engine is equipped with a medium boiler-air cooling system.

KAMAZ-65117 Engines

Cummins engine.

The fuel tank holds 500 liters of diesel fuel.


In the early years of production, the Kamaz-65117 trucks were equipped with a mechanical gearbox of Kamaz-154 model. This is a 10 high-speed gearbox, traditional in the past for the vast majority of Kamaz automobile plant vehicles.

After the modernization in 2010 the classic Kamaz transmission was replaced by a new, more modern ZF 9S1310 from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Production of these gearboxes with Nunglangsem mechanics was organized at a joint Russian-German plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. Transmission numbers of transmission ZF 9S1310: 1-9.48; 2-6.58; 3-4.68; 4-3.48; 5-2.62; 6-1.89; 7-1.35; 8-1.00; 9-0.75; ZX-8.97.


By 2010, KAMAZ-65117 was produced with an old-style tach.

The clutch is MZF430 diaphragm, single-plate friction. The clutch drive is hydraulic with pneumatic force. Gear ratio of the main gear is 5,94.

KAMAZ-65117 cargo platform

The KAMAZ-65117 base platform is flatbed with metal folding sheets. Depending on the configuration, it can be equipped with a frame or a tent. Internal dimensions of the flatbed truck are: length 7.8 m x width 2.47 m x x height 0.73 m.

Chassis and brakes

To facilitate driving, KAMAZ 65117 is equipped with power steering. More modern modifications produced after 2010 are equipped with e-RB steering. The front suspension of the vehicle is equipped with a roll stabilizer. To make the vehicle more stable and easier to handle, the front suspension is equipped with a roll stabilizer. It helps the vehicle to corner smoothly even when the load platform is fully loaded. The rear suspension has improved leaf springs and rubber-metal linkages.

Chassis and brakes

Brakes with all-liter calipers are installed on each wheel of the truck. The brakes are drum brakes with pneumatic actuator. Brake drum diameter is 400 mm and brake pad width is 140 mm. Brake pad working area is 6,300 square feet. The brakes are supplemented by an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The rear wheels are double-acting. Steel disc wheels with 7,5-20 (190-508) or 8,25-22,5 rim size are equipped with chamber or silent pneumatic tires 11,00 R20 (300 R508) or 11 R22,5.

Electrical equipment of KAMAZ-65117

KAMAZ-65117 is equipped with a single-wire electrical system with a nominal voltage of 24V. To charge and provide power to consumers, the vehicle is equipped with a three-phase generator with a capacity of 2,000W and nominal voltage of 28V.

Electric equipment of KAMAZ-65117

Other technical specifications in numbers

  • Weight parameters and loads
  • Payload is 11,575T / 14,5T.
  • Gross vehicle weight is 20 tons / 24 tons.
  • Rear bogie load – 15.6 T / 18 T.
  • Front axle load – 4.4 t / 6 t.
  • The total weight of the road train is 34 t / 38 t.
  • The total weight of the trailer is 14 t.
  • The equipped mass is 8.425 t / 9.425 t.
  • Rear bogie load – 4.95 t / 5.45 t.
  • Front axle load – 3,475 t / 3,975 t.
  • Dimensions
  • Length – 10.245 m.
  • Width – 2.44 m.
  • Height – 2.99 m.
  • Maximum speed specified by the manufacturer – up to 100 km/h.
  • The maximum angle of elevation – not less than 25% for a passenger car, not less than 18% for a road train.
  • Acceleration time to 60 km/h – 45 seconds.
  • Braking distance at 60 km/h – 36.7 m.
  • The turning radius of the vehicle is 10.7 m.

Other technical specifications in figures

KAMAZ-65117 cab

Kamaz-65117 trucks are equipped with a high hatch roof and sleeper compartment above the engine. In the 2000s it was a classical KAMAZ model of old design, but in 2010s it was replaced by a modern one, created in collaboration with Daimler from the previous generation Mercedes Aksor trucks.

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It is equipped with a four-point air suspension and modern design, almost indistinguishable from the “native Mercedes”. Compared to the old cabin the free space in the cabin is increased noticeably.

Ergonomics of the driver’s work zone has also improved significantly. The steering column is adjustable and the dashboard is equipped with a special anti-glare coating. The cabin received a folding table, more comfortable armchairs and a sleeping compartment of larger size. The list of additional options includes electric heated driver, armrests, power windows, radio and air conditioning.

KAMAZ-65117 cabin

The new cab was equipped with a two-stage footrest, which received a special anti-slip coating and a bumper made of impact-resistant plastic. And also – a modern halogen light, which effectively improves three-month operation of windshield wipers, sunshield. The cab evaluation is very good. A waterproof toolbox and the necessary plastic shelf with three lockers provide secure storage for all handy tools and personal items of the driver.

Reviews of drivers and owners of Kamaz-65117

On specialized sites and forums you can find many contradictory reviews of the Kamaz-65117. Almost all of them are due to the fact that they are inferior to the trucks of European manufacturers. This is a machine that requires tireless attention and professional attitude. Otherwise, problems will be ensured when the company is inattentive.

From the frequent problems of Kamaz-65117, which are often reported in ratings of drivers and owners: The rear lamp holders fall off; the fixing of the exhaust pipe to the turbine disappears; the expansion tank disappears; the generator melts from the hot exhaust fumes; the heater radiator often begins to leak quickly; the metal leaves much to be desired – quite quickly begins to rust, clearly “in advance”.

What are the reviews of drivers and owners of KAMAZ-65117?

The Cummins engine is generally praised as being quite powerful and not very loud. But – straight to the quality of diesel fuel. It is categorically impossible to fill it with “any” diesel fuel. Otherwise there is no expensive repair of fuel equipment. The gearbox ZF 9S1310 works significantly and reliably. True, it is not uncommon that its lever vibrates too much, and you have to “buckle” your hands to fix this annoying drawback. The real consumption of diesel fuel on the loaded automobile the drivers describe as 35 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

In general, the problems with the quality of assembly and reliability of individual units and parts are compensated by the cost of the vehicle. In fact, the price of Kamaz-65117 is even cheaper than its European-made “classmates”. And with your work, this machine is bought with a good setup “100%”.

The cost of the KAMAZ-65117 vehicle

Cost of a new KAMAZ-65117 chassis – from 3 200 000 rubles; grain carrier (without additional trailers) – from 3 900 000 rubles; a board with a crane-manipulator – from 4 500 000 rubles. In the secondary market a used Kamaz-65117 is sold from 1,100,000 rubles (vehicle of the mid-2000s) and higher. The price range is very large because the truck is popular, often found in most regions and a lot of ads can be found for its sale.

Kamaz-65117 flatbed truck pros and cons

The modern market of domestic trucks is most clearly represented by the products of the Kamsky Automobile Plant. In 2004, the first sample of Kamaz-65117 came off the assembly line. This is a three-legged heavy-duty transformer, which has several modifications (tractor or station wagon). The truck is designed to carry various loads on federal highways and common streets. The model feels great as an independent unit and in a street format. The basic package includes a spacious cab with a sleeper for comfort and an impressive fuel tank for long trips on the road.



First of all, it is necessary to make an initial acquaintance and clarify the technical parameters of the transport, which became a legend and an icon of domestic freight car construction.

Onboard 9350 kg
Maximum payload 14500 kg
Gross car weight 24000 kg
Total weight of the trailer 14000 kg
Total weight of the street 28000 kg
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model Cummins 6 ISBE 300
Type Turbocharged diesel engine
throughput 300 PS
Torque 1100 Nm
Number and arrangement of cylinders 6 in-line cylinders
Working volume 6.7 l

version ZF 9S 1310to
Type and number of transmissions 9 gears, manual
Administrative version Manual and long range

Type Single disc with diaphragm
Drive unit Hydraulics with pneumatic actuator

Drive unit Pneumatic
outlook Drum system

Total voltage 24 century
Power elements 2×12 volt batteries
generator 28th century

volume 500 L

Type of bikes disc
Tire type Pneumatic and soundless
Tire size 8.25-22.5
wheel size 11 R22.5

location on ice
variety Sleeper

length 7,800 mm
Width 2470 mm

Now let’s look at each element of the truck in more detail.


During its long life, the Kamaz-65117 model has experienced many changes. At the beginning of production, the vehicle was equipped with several engine variants. Initially, these were modifications based on the classic units of its own design – two and eight-cylinder turbodiesel:

  • KAMAZ 740.30-260 (Euro-2 standard) with 260 hp.
  • KAMAZ 740.62-280 (Euro-3 standard) with an output of 280 hp.

The working volume of both engines is 11.8 liters, and the L-line tour motorcycle is designed for 800,000 km of mileage.

The changes came in 2010, when the “pumped up” oldies were replaced by a foreign engine Cummins 6isbe 300 diesel. The power unit has constantly received technical improvements, which have brought the Euro-3 to the level of Euro-5. Now the heart of the vehicle is a 6.7 liter engine with a working volume of 300 hp. The nameplate with the VIN number is located on the Cummins engines on the cover. The unit is equipped with a turbocharger and a special intercooling system for the incoming airflow.

To prevent emergency situations, all engines are equipped with a preheating system, if the engine does not start. Thus, the engineers have solved the problem of heating the air in the manifold.

Fuel consumption

Under standard conditions, the fuel consumption rate for KAMAZ is 27 liters per hundred kilometers. Despite the high figures, these parameters for vehicles of this class are considered optimal. In addition, the appetite of the machine is reduced by almost a liter in the summer season – up to 26.1 liters.

The improved fuel system helps to save diesel fuel significantly. Compared with other models, the fuel consumption has been reduced by 20%. For example, Kamaz-6520 confidently drives up to 12 liters per 100 kilometers.

If the truck is equipped as a street, under heavy loads the consumption per 100 kilometers is increased by several liters.

The solid volume of the fuel tank is designed for 500 liters. Fuel, with which you can cover a distance of 1600 km without refueling. These characteristics indicate the specialization of the car, which is defined for long distances for freight transport.

Accelerated performance

The truck shows excellent results in its class. The car is able to reach a speed of 60 km/h in 45 seconds, and the braking distance from that 60 km/h to a full stop is 36.7 meters.

Kamaz-65117 does not belong to the racing cars, and the scope of its use is different. Optimal parameters for the chassis are usually in the range of 100 km/h, and for an integrated tractor the recommended speed is kept at 90 km/h.


In its early days, the vehicle was equipped with modified engines, with which the traditional “mechanics” worked at 10 speeds. It was included in all models produced by the plant in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

But the reforms that came in 2010 did not keep the manual transmission. The classic gearbox was replaced by a modern foreign analogue – ZF 9S1310, which was designed by German company ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The project was implemented as part of cooperation between the companies to develop components for KAMAZ trucks, and the production was launched at a plant in Russia.

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It is noteworthy that the gearshift mechanism was changed. If we are talking about a 9-speed manual gearbox. It is paired with a single-disc diaphragm grouping with a hydraulic drive.

The modernization of the transmission largely influenced the total cost of the car. But now the reliability of the unit has increased many times over its domestic counterparts. The novelty is greatly improved maneuverability of the truck, which positively affects its operation in urban areas.

Load capacity .

Nominal “net” mass of the Kamaz-65117 is 9350 kg, and the maximum payload is 14.5 tons. GVW of the invited vehicle brand is 24,000 kg.


Smoothness and good controllability of the vehicle is provided by power steering. Vehicles made after 2010 (restyled version) received control system from RBL.

The front axle suspension has a spring holder and is equipped with a system of stabilizing transverse stability for better behavior on the street. Thanks to the rich technical equipment, the vehicle is very stable and can also perform smooth maneuvers for limit values when loading the cargo platform.

The rear axle suspension uses improved springs and articulated reaction rods.

Electrical equipment

Basic 24-volt electrical system is fitted as standard. When the engine is off, the power source is provided by several 12-volt starter batteries, which are connected in a daisy chain.

A load bank and a three-phase 2,000-watt 28-volt generator are on board to charge the back-up energy storage batteries and to meet the needs of the electricians.

1 – relay behind the switch panel; 2 – safety unit (F2, F3, F4, F6); 3 – relay unit; 4 – F1 fuse; 5 – starter relay; 6 – alarm relay; 7 – wiper relay; 8 – ESC interruption relay.

Brake system

The braking system of the vehicle is a drum, which is pneumatically actuated. There are single brake calipers on each wheel. The diameter of the brake drum is 40 cm and the coverage is 14 cm. It takes a lot of force to stop a heavy truck. Therefore, in addition to the basic braking system, the ABS model is installed on the entire working surface area of the PADS 6300 cm to achieve greater efficiency.

Wheels and tires

There are 2 bikes on the front axle and twin tires on the rear axle, two wheels on each side. Steel disc wheels have a rim diameter of 7.5-20 or 8.25-22.5. At the owner’s request, the truck can be equipped with tubeless or tubeless pneumatic tires. The owner can choose one of two available sizes of tires: 11 R20 or 11 R22.5.


On the background of its analogues the model is distinguished by outstanding dimensions. The length of the truck is 10.14 m, while the width is 2.43 m and height is 2.99 m.

This is interesting! Because of its elongated dimensions the Kamaz-65117 model is popularly nicknamed as a “pike”.


Kamaz-65117 was built with 6×4 axle configuration (from 6 wheels – 4 leading), and the main role is given to rear dual axles.

The new loading platform is designed in accordance with the European standards and can hold up to 18 universal pallets of various designs. To ensure the safety of the cargo, the structure is covered with a tent on a frame base. The universal platform can also be used for installation of an isothermal chamber or installation of a crane.

The cabin of the vehicle is located directly above the internal combustion engine and has a spacious interior, and is supplemented with a sleeping place for the driver. From the beginning, the “zero” model was delivered to the consumer with the original cab of its own production. After a redesign in 2010, it was replaced by a new one. In cooperation with the Daimler company a new cab on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Axor has been developed.

The truck is an uncompromising option on the domestic market and is considered as the “golden mean” in price and quality. The cost of the basic package is estimated at 3.5 million rubles, and the “pumped up” version costs the owner 5.5 million. For a special edition with installed CMU have to pay 5 million rubles.

A novelty requires a solid financial investment, so drivers often stop at used copies. The price of such a car will be lower by an order – about 2.5 million rubles. At the same time, the technical condition is almost ideal.

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the modern model Kamaz-65117 usually include:

  • Modern and reliable Cummins engine.
  • The latest 9-speed ZF Friedrichshafen AG gearbox.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Standard ABS system.
  • Large and comfortable cab.
  • Universal and roomy loading platform-transformer.
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Many drivers note under disadvantages of the car:

  • Weak taillight holders, which often break.
  • Weak exhaust system clamps.
  • Overheating of the alternator due to high engine operating temperatures.
  • Regular heating radiator heats up quickly due to poorly sealed spigots.
  • Soft metal is too susceptible to corrosion in the early stages of operation.
  • The small sleeper bed is designed for people with a small complexion.

Features and Operation

Most often the “pike” is used as a grain truck. However, the standard size of the body is not designed to transport large-sized cargo-charges. That is why the drivers “inflate” the truck by themselves – they increase the height of the loading platform with wooden slats. As a result, the useful volume of the body increases several times compared with the original parameters. The car is used both as an independent work unit and as part of a street one.


Kamaz with a crane crane is a separate version of the truck. Special equipment eliminates the need for human resources when performing the work. Due to the successful design, 1 person can handle the loading and unloading activities. In addition, the unit with a crane is very convenient when working with obstacles (fences, fences or walls).


KAMAZ-65117 in flatbed version is most often involved in connection with supports, which are designed for 14,000 kg of cargo (NefAZ-8332 or SUZ-8357). In addition, a successful design of the truck chassis allows installing on its platform a tent frame or isothermal rack (so called “refrigerator”). The model can be also issued as a special equipment after being equipped with a TAP manipulator.

The special version of the trucks with the “U” mark is designed for use in temperate climates. The temperature range, in which the vehicle operates in normal mode, is in the range from t-45 to +40 degrees. At the same time, the air humidity should not exceed the threshold of 75%.

The “T” model has been specifically designed to operate in tropical climates, areas with high humidity, or regions that are too dry. Your service life is designed for temperatures a t-10 -+45 degrees and humidity up to 80%.

Despite this, it is worth to tell about a modification of the Kamaz-65117 with an installed crane-manipulator. Despite its “exotic” nature, such units are in great demand on the domestic market and in neighboring countries. That is why the official website of the company offers several models, which are equipped directly from the factory with a complex MSP. The range of their use is incredibly wide. This is loading and unloading measures, working with construction and assembly materials, as well as transportation of complex and fragile cargo.

The maximum payload of the MSP is 7 tons, and the boom “unfolds” at a distance of 12 meters.


Kamaz-65117 is a technological vehicle with a great enterprise resource and huge potential. The design is designed for continuous operation for several years. Kamaz has become a well-known name, because the quality of Kamaz automobile plant products has been tested by time. As a timeless classic that remains relevant, despite the moods of modern fashion.

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