Kamaz-65116. Engine lineup and fuel consumption. Detailed description, technical and operational features

KAMAZ 65116: Technical Specifications

The vehicle called Kama z-65116 (6×4) is a truck from the updated series of the Kama plant. Tractor of the new generation appeared on sale relatively recently, but has already entered the list of the best domestic vehicles in the segment of heavy commercial vehicles.

The properties of the Kamaz 65116 allow to use the truck on the streets up to 38 tons. To perform certain tasks. On the platform itself, the cargo in terms of volume can accommodate up to 72 cubic meters.


Today, the Kamaz 65116 has several modifications. They differ slightly from the basic version. This applies to the unit of power used and the capacity of the machines.

  1. 65116-62. This modification is equipped with Kamaz 740.62-280 engine and transmission ZF-9S1310. The engine (Euro 3) has increased power, and the gearbox has a number of improvements.
  2. 65116-A4. The machine has a 300-horsepower ISB6.7E4 (Euro-4) engine and integrated exhaust gas neutralization system.
  3. 65116-60-10. The machine with 300 “horses” cummins, projector in the engine and 2-disc diaphragm. This technique is equipped with stable cab and ABS system.

KAMAZ 65116 chassis.

Table: Technical Specifications of the Kamaz 65116

Formula of the motorcycle 6 × 4
Load on the saddle mechanism 15 t
Maximum weight of the trailer 30 t
Engine brand Kamaz-740.51-260 (E-3)
Type diesel
output 191 kW, 260 hp
Cylinder arrangement V-shaped, 8 cylinders
transmission 10 gears
Type Manual
layout Above engine
roof High
Sleeper With/without sleeper
tires Pneumatic
Maximal speed 90 km/h
Lifting Eighteen percent
Outer turning radius 10.7 m
Average fuel consumption per 100 km 38 l


The new truck is equipped with an improved frame, which is designed to withstand higher loads. Improved design of the tractor unit gives the opportunity to equip the vehicle with a tent or container.

The design of the car frame provides the use of two fifth wheels with crossbars. Structurally it was possible to strengthen this element through the use of special pads on the outside and inside. Thus, the strengths of the design of the car have increased significantly.


The cabin was completely renewed. Aerodynamics has been significantly improved, which influenced the quality indicators of the vehicle. In particular, the developers paid attention to the interior space, which was completely redesigned to provide a comfortable environment for the driver.

Kamaz 65116 cab.

The innovations in the external part of the truck consists of side spacers, a wide aerodynamic bumper, and “shower” inserts that protect the body from rocks and dirt. These design inserts minimize air turbulence that causes noise and also help eliminate air currents on the sides of the truck.

The access to the cabin, as well as the ergonomics of the new vehicle’s cabin, are perfectly realized. The driver can easily reach his workplace, which allows him to spend long hours at the wheel without any discomfort.

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The air suspension of KAMAZ-65116 has also been improved. Now it is a structural element with adjustable stiffness, able to provide a very comfortable ride even on difficult roads.

The front suspension design uses telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, it is mounted on springs, and the rear suspension is sliding. For the rear suspension setup, 10-leaf springs with reaction bars are used. This design is balanced and is reliable and efficient.

KAMAZ 65116 tractor

clutch and brakes

The truck comes standard with a single-disc clutch, which has a 9-speed manual transmission with remote control and hydraulic actuation. Today the foreign made gearbox ZF 9 S1310 is installed on the truck. The drive mechanism is equipped with a pneumatic booster.

The braking system of the tractor is implemented by pneumatic drum brakes. This solution has proven itself well when used on heavy vehicles.

operational characteristics

The new generation vehicles are equipped with pneumatic disc wheels with tubeless and/or tubular tires (R22.5 and R20). Other technical characteristics of the KamAZ-65116 tractor are as follows.

  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H) – 7300 x 2900 x 2975 mm.
  • Weight of a fully equipped truck – 7,700 kg.
  • Wheelbase – 5010 mm.
  • Axle load – 3700 / 4000 kg (front / rear).
  • GVW – 30 / 38 tons (semi-trailer / truck).
  • Maximum speed – 90 km/h.
  • Turning radius – 10.7 m.
  • Braking distance – 38.5 m (at 80 km/h).
  • Ability to climb – 18 degrees.

Overall dimensions of the KAMAZ 65116


KamAZ-65116 can be equipped with different engines, including two Russian engines KAMAZ-740.51 280 and 260 and two imported diesel engines Cummins L325 and 6 ISB 300.

The engines are V-shaped and intercooled. These are four-stroke eight-cylinder diesel engines that meet Euro-3 environmental standards. The engines have a displacement of 10.8 liters and torque of 1078 Nm with 280 and 280 hp.

Cummins engines are used extensively at Kamsky Automobile Plant, but unlike domestic engines they require special care and place high demands on oil and fuel quality. Even “foreigners” are in dire need of timely maintenance and service. If they follow the manufacturer’s instructions, their mileage is guaranteed to exceed 1 million kilometers.

KAMAZ 740.51 engine

The most common KAMAZ-65116 is equipped with Cummins L325 (“Euro-3”) engine with a working volume of 8.85 liters and power up to 300 hp and a torque of 1300 Nm.

All these engines are used together with 10-speed manual transmissions ZF 9. These transmissions have a hydraulic drive and single-plate clutch. They are also equipped with remote control.

The gear ratios of the axles associated with the gearbox are 5.94 and 6.53. The first value is typical for cars with a lower exhaust, while the second is for models that have the exhaust from the top. The rear axles also have an inter-axle locking function.

Cummins L325 engine photo

fuel consumption

One of the most important technical characteristics of any vehicle, including the KAMAZ-65116, is the fuel consumption in various modes of operation.

Feeding hungry plants after winter!

A novelty of the Kama automobile plant in summer and winter requires 36.5 brs. 40.5 liters of diesel fuel to cover a hundred kilometers in the combined cycle.

The standard fuel tank, which is installed in the 65116 model, can hold 350 liters of diesel fuel. Such fuel reserve allows to speak about an appropriate autonomy of the truck.

The price of the truck

Unique technical and operational properties of the domestic trucks of the new generation make it very popular in the market of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. This fact has led to the high market price of the Kamaz-65116, the price of which starts from 1.8 million rubles (for the basic configuration).

The availability of specialized additional equipment can double the price of the truck, while used trucks are not so much loss in price – machines of the early 2000s are sold on the secondary market for 1.2 million rubles.

KAMAZ 65116: Technical Specifications

KAMAZ 65116: Specifications

Kamaz-65116-Kap tractor with 6×4 wheel arrangement is a representative of the new generation of Kamaz automobile plant, which has already gained the title of one of the best Russian trucks in the segment of heavy commercial vehicles.

This model is designed for use as part of truck trains with a total weight of 37.8 tons. The truck can be equipped with containers, tippers, dump trailers and trailers up to 30 tons. On its platform base it can carry loads up to 72 m².

History of the Kamaz-65116 model

Kamaz-65116 represents the last generation of 6×4 tractor trucks, the development of which began in the 1980s. The first model of this series was the Kamaz-5410, designed to work with tractors and trailers with a total weight of up to 25 tons.

It was replaced by an improved version with the index 54112, which differed from its predecessor by increased capacity, longer driver’s cab, larger fuel tanks, spring construction and location of units in the rear of the cab.

In the early 2000s, Kamsky Automobile Plant planned a series of three-axle tractor trucks with the KAMAZ-54115 model. It received a high cab, new wheels and tires, powerful 240-horsepower turbodiesel engine, which meets Euro-2 environmental standards, and 10-speed manual gearbox.

Production of this model was continued until 2008. They proved to be reliable and unpretentious heavy trucks, which are effective for short and long distances.

The predecessor, Kamaz-54115 with a “Tonar” trailer

The new Kamaz-65116 since 2009 is a worthy successor of the 54115. Despite the number “5” in the model catalog, it is a tractor truck. Due to a number of innovative design developments, this truck became even more reliable, more comfortable, more economical and safer. And in terms of maneuverability and traction it is in no way inferior to foreign counterparts.

Technical Specifications of the KAMAZ-65116

The Kamaz-65116 has changed not only optically, but also significantly changed in design and equipment. Although it has retained some of the characteristics of its predecessors, in fact it is a completely new vehicle with all the features and functions, which a modern heavy-duty truck should have.

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KAMAZ 65116 engine

Motorbaum KAMAZ 65116.


The Kamaz 65116 is available in several configurations, depending on how it is equipped with different power units.

The range of engines includes self-developed KAMAZ diesel 740.051-260 with 260 hp (Euro 2) and 740.51-280 with 280 hp (Eur o3), and foreign versions of 300 Pierkraft “Cummins 6isbe 300”, produced by KAMAZ under license.

The Russian four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine has a displacement of 10.85 l and includes 8 cylinders with a V-shape in its design, and intercooling system.

KAMAZ-65116 engine

Foreign turbodiesels have a 6-cylinder design, have a smaller displacement (8.85 liters), but greater power. One of the modifications meets Euro 3 ecological standard, and the other Euro 4.

Cummins engines are undoubtedly more economical than domestic units, but they have several features that should not be ignored. First, the engines require good maintenance. Secondly, scheduled maintenance must be carried out exactly as prescribed by the manufacturer. And third, only the recommended brand should be used for oil changes. With proper operation and maintenance the service life of Cummins engines is 1,000,000 km!

The average fuel consumption of KAMAZ-65116 with Cummins engines is about 24 liters per 100 km, and 30 liters in winter. The “appetite” of domestic engines is higher – 37 and 41 liters. But these figures refer to vehicles without load, and with a full load they increase significantly. The maximum speed of the trucks is 90 km/h.


The engines are equipped with 10-speed manual transmissions ZF 9 with a single clutch, which have a hydraulic drive and remote control.

Gear ratio of the two rear axles, connected to the gearbox is 5.94 (on truck tractors with bottom exhaust and aerodynamic visor) or 6.53 (on versions with top exhaust). In both modifications, the interlocking function is provided on the rear axles, and the second one is also a gearbox selector.

The ZF 9 GPZ gives a dual impression of the operation. On the one hand, its accurate work pleases, on the other hand – it disturbs the necessity to apply considerable efforts when switching gears. For a lack of habit such “weight training” causes pain and fatigue in hands.

running gear and brake system

The design of the front suspension of Kamaz-65116 includes disc springs and telescopic booster. A buffer is responsible for the limitations of the springs. The suspension is connected to the front axle, which is fitted with knuckles and brakes.

Smooth rear balancer suspension travel is provided by two ten-sided springs with reaction rods and sliding ends. The rear bogie with two drive axles is attached to the suspension.

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The designers paid special attention to brakes, because in the presence of a trailer with a full load (and it is about 40 tons!), the car quickly slows down or stops completely. Pneumatic drum brakes were chosen as the most effective option. At a speed of 80 km per hour and the maximum weight of the truck the braking distance is 38.5 meters, which is comparable to the indicators of passenger cars.

The frame of Kamaz-65116

The KAMAZ-65116 is based on a solid and reliable frame, whose design includes two cross bars.

A significant increase in the load capacity of this model was made possible by the use of elements in the form of internal and external pads. The frame is equipped with a molded saddle device with two degrees of freedom.

KAMAZ-65116 frame

The well-designed layout and excellent technical characteristics of the fifth wheel have expanded its functionality, making it possible to transport tents and container semitrailers weighing up to 30 tons.

The fifth wheel mechanism (cast with 2 degrees of freedom) must be covered with a thin layer of grease.

KAMAZ-65116 model dimensions

KAMAZ-65116 dimensions

  • Length – 6.52 m;
  • Height – 2.975 m;
  • Width – 2.975 m;
  • Outer turning radius – 10.7 m;
  • Angle of overcoming turn – 18°;
  • Equipped weight – 7.7 tons;
  • Max. Last on the saddle – 15 tons;
  • Max. Weight of semi-trailer – 30 tons;
  • Max. Street weight – 37.85 tons;
  • Max. Rear axle load – 3,7 tons;
  • Max. Front axle load – 4 t;
  • Wheels – cargo;
  • Tires – chamber tires (11.00 R20), pneumatic tires (11.00 R22);
  • Fuel tank capacity – 350 l.

KAMAZ-65116 Cab: Workplace Overview

Designers and designers have worked well over the cabin of the updated truck. The main focus was to improve aerodynamic properties of the truck and make it easy to operate.

Driver's seat in KAMAZ-65116

The driver’s seat of the Kamaz-65116

New exterior elements are presented in the form of an upgraded front fascia, which is complemented by side struts, a wide bumper of optimized shape and convex top material. This architecture helps to minimize loud spines and divert oncoming air flows, which greatly improves the aerodynamics of the truck. The top also performs a protective function and protects the elements of the cab from dirt flying from under the front wheels.

The access to the cabin of KAMAZ-65116 is much more convenient comparing to previous versions of this truck. Getting on it the driver, holding the handrail, slightly climbs into the cab and immediately finds himself in a comfortable seat. By the way, this interior element deserves special attention.

The seat manufactured by Grammer has a number of adjustments, which are designed to ensure the comfort of the driver on long trips. The main feature is the ability to adapt lumbar support function to each driver’s individual anatomy, regardless of his height and build.

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Interior of the KAMAZ-65116 cab

Interior of the KAMAZ-65116 cab

The ergonomics and dashboard have been improved. The new design provides the most comfortable access to the controls of the vehicle. The design of the steering column, which can be set to reach, includes a built-in hydraulic cylinder, which can be easily maneuvered.

The updated cabin is well soundproofed, spacious and comfortable. Additional interior volume is achieved by raising the ceiling. Over the panoramic windshields there are spacious storage compartments and behind the seats there is a comfortable sleeping place for a retired driver.

Modifications of the KAMAZ-65116

  • Kamaz-65116.019 is similar to the basic version, but the engine is weaker (241 hp) and meets Euro-2 environmental standards. This engine is powerful enough to “service” 39.7 tons of cargo.
  • Kamaz-65116.62 is equipped with domestic 280 hp Euro-5 engine and ZF transmission. There is a spoiler on the roof of the cab, which not only adds to the attractiveness of the vehicle, but also improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption by 15% on average.


KAMAZ-65116 A4

KAMAZ-65116 A4 (with a redesigned cabin)

Driver reviews on KAMAZ-65116

Pavel, 38, Ryazan

I work on the tractor KAMAZ-65116 since 2011. In principle, I like everything, but there are some negative aspects. First of all, it is the shaking motion on bad roads. The pneumatic system does not help, either.

Secondly, the steering is weak and heavy; the maneuverability is obviously insufficient. Connection with a trailer has its disadvantages – it cannot stand abrupt maneuvers (hoses are torn). In other things I am satisfied with the truck.

KAMAZ-65116 in operation

KAMAZ-65116 in action

Eugene, 45, Rostov-on-Don

I bought my 65116 Kamaz tractor with a Cummins engine in 2010. To date, has covered almost 330,000 kilometers. During this time had to deal with minor problems with the engine and gearbox. The engine: changed the plastic idlers for steel, replaced the drain pipe with a turbine.

As for the box: The rocker is worn out and quietly rattles, but I still drive it. What do I want to say: the car is reliable and unpretentious, you can work.

The cost of new and used KAMAZ-65116

Excellent technical characteristics determine the high cost of all modifications of KAMAZ-65116 tractor units, not only new, but also used. Thus, the price of new versions can reach 4,000,000 rubles. On the secondary market the models of 13 to 16 years old are asking for 1,000,000-2,500,000 rubles.


During its existence, the Kamsky automobile plant has produced a lot of really successful machines, which have become a real pride of the Russian automobile industry. Your card tractor Kamaz 65116 can certainly be included in this number.

And let him still retain some of the features of his “ancestors”, obvious progress both technically and in design terms. Today, despite the high cost, this model has attracted the attention of consumers and became a priority for sales among vehicles of this class.

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