Kamaz-6460: Description and technical properties. Video reviews and reviews of drivers

Kamaz 6460

Kamaz 6460

Great Kamaz. There are serious shortcomings, but I decided them all and very simple. The main reason is the constant expulsion of the frost protection, and therefore the constant overheating of the upper part of the engine, ie the heads, and there are nozzles. The nozzles start to pour after the first overheating, and after the third they simply die. I wear a semi trailer 12.5 m Lima. I go to the Divasions. Labyrinths and foreign cars simply die there, or they will simply fade the front in the gorge, and that’s all the end. Say Kamaz 6460 hard? Yes, but that is also solved, not easy (you have to drill and twist your nuts), but with minimal costs. For comparison, you were lost in my rear mirrors in 2010.

Advantages: traction. Hardy.

Disadvantages: hard. Uncomfortable. Many small diseases, but everything is decided.

Kamaz 6460, 2008

Kamaz 6460, Euro-4, the car was bought in winter 2014, the car is a very comfortable, pleasant cabin. But after a few months, problems with the brakes started. At first the car is not ended. There is a drainage system through a filter, every morning you have to climb under a car with a flashlight for about an hour and heat the valve. You have to do this extremely carefully because everything is made of plastic. At night there was a case in the taiga, took to the street, put the car on the parking brake, tried to move five minutes later, Kamaz 6460 got up with a stake, it could not be blurred, the heater did not lead to anything. They started, the rattling manually diluted, the staff of the Energy accumulator, until they pulled the wedges and removed the battery, did not happen. We lost about five o’clock. Frozen like Bobics. By contacting the Kamaz Center in Krasnoyarsk to get help, what can we do and how we can help, the boys answered us: drive the car to Krasnoyarsk (600 km). The car had no brakes.

Advantages: comfortable. Written.

Disadvantages: problems with brakes.

Kamaz 6460, 2010

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In the Kamaz factory, they try to modernize their equipment in every possible way. Kamaz 6460 in this regard stepped a little forward. A pleasant cabin, comfortable inside. The steering wheel is better and softer than with some foreign tractors. I don’t flatter Kamaz 6460, I have 6460-63 400, he drank a lot of blood, but his life was poor, Ivo hadn’t had enough. The ZF transmission is simply excellent, you will always find the right gear (you have to add hydraulics, as with MAN TGA with a comfortable boxing function). The taxi had to be put in the air for a long time. The security guard trembles – the Manov Springs do not save in three leaves. The back of the Raba man bridges called Kamaz is an excellent solution for the problem of simple KAMA gear for one year. Incidentally, three fears with amplifiers on the car are also humans. The fan’s cervix drive is the class. Carefully disassemble and when a normal appropriate person understands how simple and reliable, but expensive.

Advantages: price quality. Work of the checkpoint.

Disadvantages: shaking the cabin.

Kamaz 6460, 2013

Good day. During the operation, Kamaz was in principle good 6460, but many sick places because the operation takes place in Yakutia. I would like to list exactly these places: ICE of the generator tensioner has to be renewed because the breakdown over time is breaking out the voltage screw over time. From drivers. The warehouse is also weak and does not work for a long time. The belt also requires an improvement, a small motorcycl e-line tour. Either wider or somehow it generally increases to increase its resource. The gel coupling is also not suitable in the north because it loses its purpose with heavy frosts. It works in constant mode and cools down the engine, a very low temperature in the internet engine. There is only an electrical fact of redemption.

Advantages: endurance. Cros s-land ability. Perfomance.

Disadvantages: generator tensioner. Belt. Gel coupling.

Oleg, Nizhny Novgorod

Kamaz 6460, 2015

I work on the Kamaz 6460 Kamaz tractor with the UNIC SMU. I drive the Mazov o n-Boar d-Semi trailer. Motor 740. (400 hp). Box ZF. What can I say? There were no problems with the car for the first month. Then the agony started. Half of the working hours must be repaired. The heads burst. 8 pieces were replaced last year. I can’t say what is connected with. But there is a problem and it has to be solved somehow. Boshevsky TNVD is a separate topic. The screws are regularly unscrewed, whereupon they cancel the “Boshka”. We change the screws, tighten them at the maximum, but there is no point. A friend travels to the same Kamaz 6460, so he generally tears. And the frame leaves a lot to be desired. It is weak and unreliable. The trusses cannot stand for a long time. The fuel consumption depends on how much the trailer is loaded. In the best case, I fit out in 40-45 liters and sometimes to 50. The cabin had to be put up in the air for a long time to scream at least a “security guard”. In general, it is morally out of date. It is uncomfortable to be in it to express it easily. The only thing I have no complaints is the manipulator. Serves loyal. It doesn’t break, don’t bend. Cracks contradict. But for that they have to thank the Japanese. Kamaz 6460 has nothing to do with it.

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Kamaz-6460: Description and technical properties. Video reviews and reviews of drivers

One of the problems of the Russian automotive industry is the absence in the line of the manufactured models, a saddle tractor that meets today’s requirements. An additional confirmation of the Kamaz-6460, which was designed at the end of the last century, but is still asked on the domestic market.

Series production of the car began in 2003. Its main purpose is transportation, the configuration with a semi dailer, the freight over average and large distances. On the basis of the Kamaz-6460 chassis, however, tankers are manufactured that work not only on streets with a hard surface, but also under the conditions of the off-road. The machine has been manufactured to this day. Several modifications to this saddle tractor are available on the market.

Outdoor and interior Kamaz-6460

In its design, the Kamaz-6460 is a frame with three axes with two leading rear bridges (Formula six by four). On the front of the riveted frame there is a motor with a branded, hidden cabin.

The car changed its appearance several times due to the modernization of the cabin. On the first modifications, a standard cabin with a canal Kamazov with angular shapes without a sleeping place was installed on the first modifications. However, the situation soon changed. The factory developed a more modern and comfortable cabin, characterized by a plastic bumper, exterior mirrors with different viewing angles and a full windshield with three wipers. Three chairs are installed in the air suspension in the cabin, all of them are regulated in several planes. Depending on the modification, the machine is equipped with one or two sleeping places.

The manufacturer and the modification of the dashboard took care of. The devices’ old metal shield has been replaced with a modern, three-level, ergonomic panel with an anti-reflective coating. The steering column is equipped with a hydraulic wrap, an autonomous heater is installed in the cabin. Some changes are equipped with options such as air conditioning, radio, power windows and driver’s seat heating. A high level of sound isolation was carried out in the cabin, and good driver visibility should also be specified.

Today, on its website, the manufacturer offers the new Kamaz-6460 at a price of 3,090,000 rubles.

There are enough advertisements for the sale of used cars. You can buy a CAMAZ-6460 CAMAZ-6460 tractor in good technical condition, released in 2011-2013 at a price of 2,200,000-2,300,000 rubles. Models 2007-2008 are offered for 800-900 thousand rubles.

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Kamaz-6460: description and technical characteristics

Dimensional dimensions and weight characteristics

  • Chassis length: 6,000 millimeters;
  • Height in the cabin: 2 900 mm;
  • Width excluding external mirrors: 2 550 mm;
  • Crose Height (Saddle Lord): 1,410 mm;
  • The total weight of the equipped car: 9 350 kg;
  • The maximum load on the saddle (CCO): 16,500 kilograms;
  • The maximum weight of the semi-trailer: 36 500 kg;
  • The maximum mass of Kamaz-6460 as part of a road train: 46 tons;
  • Type of Wheels: Disk:
  • Tire type and size: pneumatic, radial, 315/80 R22.5;
  • Cruiser speed: 90 km/h.

Engine and fuel consumption KAMAZ-6460

The main engine for the car, which is 2009 from 2009, is the household turbodiesel Kamaz-740.63-400. This four-stroke eight-cylinder engine with the V-shaped cylinder location meets the international standards of Euro 3 and has a motor resource of 800 thousand kilometers. With a volume of 11.76 liters of power unit, it develops a rated power of 400 hp. This is greatly facilitated by the Turbo charging system with two turbochargers and the technology of the forced intermediate boiler of the air.

The engine is equipped with an electronic control unit and a modern fuel system with an HTNVD (high pressure fuel pump).

Cars used for international transport are equipped with a more modern Cummins L360 engine. This six-cylinder diesel diesel with an in-line cylinder location is characterized by high rated power (365 hp at a speed of 2,200 rpm), while its working volume is only 8.9 liters. The diesel engine has a turbocharging system and the mechanism of mandatory cooling of the room air.

To reduce the noise, the cylinder block is designed in the flagistic version. Cummins L360 is equipped with a common rail fuel system with which you can improve the traction qualities and reduce fuel consumption. In order to facilitate the start in the cold season, the turbodiesel is equipped with an electrical heating of intake air. The Cummins L360 engine was certified for compliance with the Euro 3.

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In recent years, Camaz-6460-truck tractors have diesel engines in the Kama Automobile plant with EUR 5 and euros 6. There are not many such cars on the streets. at high costs.

The fuel consumption rate of the Kamaz-6460 chassis is only 27.5 liters per hundred kilometers. It should be taken into account that the consumption of fuel increases sharply in the event of a strong half-beam and often reaches 50-60 liters of fuel per 100 km with the Kamaz-740.63-400 engine. Cars that are equipped with the Cummins L360 turbodiesel consume 45-48 liters of fuel. Kamaz-6460 is equipped with a spacious tank with a volume of 600 liters, which means that they can come by without refueling of more than 1,000 kilometers.

Gears and electrical devices KAMAZ-6460

The car is equipped with a reliable and lon g-term mechanical sixteen speed gear. The knot consists of the main speed gear, the demultiplitor and the tw o-stage divider. The box is controlled with a swing lever remote. The front speeds are switched on by a synchronizer with a gear.

The interaction of the speed and engine switching box is carried out by conveying diaphragm, dry type with a hydraulic drive and a pneumatic subsiliary.

The power of electrical devices and electrical circuits KAMAZ-6460 is produced with two 12-volt batteries, a capacity of 190 A/hours each. A 24-voltable one-term cabling is implemented in the car system, which implies the presence of a voltage converter. The machine is also equipped with a tw o-kilobat generator of 28 volts.

Camaz-6460 brake system and suspension

All bikes of the Kamaz-6460-truck tractor are equipped with pneumatic drum brakes (brake drum diameter-420 mm, brake brake-180 millimeters). To increase traffic safety, the car is equipped with several brake systems: main, backup, parking and auxiliary. All systems have common details, but act autonomously, and in the event of breakdown of one of them, the other is duplicated. The car is also equipped with a pneumatic system, the emergency degree of the bikes.

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When designing the car, a suspension on springs with telescopic shock absorbers is implemented. All main nodes and units of the saddle tractor are attached to a frame that is reinforced by longitudinal folds to crossbeams. The angle resistance of the front car is provided by the reptile stabilizer. The main details of the rear wheel suspension are two sem i-echter feathers with nozzle rods. The rear car is also equipped with a stabilizer.

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