Kamaz 55111. The most important operational and technical features

Kamaz 55111: Technical Specifications.

Kama Automobile Plant from 1987 to 2012 was seriously engaged in the production of the Kamaz 55111 mulicipal dump truck. Therefore, this truck can be confidently called one of the most mass-produced vehicles of the famous domestic brand.

This model is a 3-axle vehicle with the wheel arrangement 6×4, which is equipped with a standard body of self-made metal, provides rear unloading and has a volume of 6.6 m3.

Technical properties have made the Kamaz 55111 dump truck a versatile machine, which has been used in almost all areas of the country’s industry and HH.

Kamaz 55111

Table: Technical characteristics of the Kamaz 55111.


For 25 years the basic model KAMAZ 55111-18 has been permanently improved, upgraded and installed for specific tasks. As a result, KAMAZ modifications with indices were born:

  • 55111-16-A – tractor, which is equipped with electric and hydraulic pneumatics and traction fighter for the use of self-lifting trailers.
  • 55102 – tractor, which is equipped with a platform with folding pages and designed for transportation of agricultural products.

Kamaz 55111 chassis

The basic machine was made in a variant, which is oriented to work in hot climatic conditions and to work in the northern regions of the Russian Federation. In the second case, the design and this. properties of Kamaz 55111 provided operability of the vehicle at extremely low temperatures up to about 50 degrees Celsius.

Design characteristics

The Kamaz 55111 is equipped with a solid frame, which is connected to a system of beams and spars by special fasteners. Reliable operation of on-board systems and mechanisms is provided by hydraulics, including such elements as:

  • tank;
  • hydraulic cylinder;
  • Oil and pneumatic drive;
  • Control valve;
  • Boundary valves;
  • Power selection box;
  • Electrically operated pneumatic valves;
  • Oil pump.

The hydraulics are activated from the driver’s cab of Kamaz 55111.

The chassis provides the installation of headlights made by ZIL. Design features include feather suspension and all-metal platform, heating system and elevated unloading mechanism with remote control.

Kamaz 55111 self-delivery

Features of Kamaz-55111

The performance qualities of the truck have made it very popular and in demand. Payload is 13 tons, maximum speed is 90 km/h, and fuel consumption is 30 liters per hundred kilometers.

The standard fuel tank capacity of 250 liters allowed the truck to travel about 800 kilometers in autonomous mode. Among other things, the model deserves special attention, excellent service and availability of spare parts.

The dimensions of the basic model is 670x250x276.5 cm. The other parameters are as follows:

  • Track – 2043/1890 mm (front/rear axle);
  • Clearance – 290 mm;
  • Base – 2840 mm;
  • Mass – 9150/22800 / 35100 kg (curb weight / gross / semitrailer / street train).

Overall dimensions of the KAMAZ 55111


All important technical characteristics of Kamaz-55111 Werrden were determined by the installed engine. This model was aggregated with several variants of diesel engine Kamaz 740, but mainly it was a modification 740.51-240, which was equipped with a turbocharger.

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Nominal power of this 10.85-liter eight-cylinder engine with V-shaped architecture reached 240 horses at 2200 rpm.

Top-end torque led to values of 912 Nm, and compression reached 16.5 values. With a 350-liter tank of diesel fuel KAMAZ fuel consumption did not exceed 55111 per 100 kilometers. At low temperatures the truck could be equipped with a preheater.

KAMAZ 740.51-240 engine

The driver’s house of the truck

The truck was equipped with a traditional for the brand niche metal cabin without a bed, which if necessary (about 42 and 60 degrees) tilted to access to the internal combustion engine. This design was mounted on a frame directly above the engine, positioned longitudinally.

Unlike the basic version, there was later a cab with an elevated roof. However, because the truck was not designed for long distance travel, the sleeping car did not appear in the redesigned version.

The comfort in the cabin could be considered sufficient for special equipment. Therefore, the driver’s seat is cushioned and equipped with seat belts. Vibration isolation and “Noise” meet the requirements of the 1980s. The ease of operation and ergonomics of the cab can certainly be attributed to the same period.

KAMAZ 55111 interior - inside view

Chassis and Clutch

The transmission was a 5-speed manual, and torque was transmitted by a 2-disc diaphragm with pneumatic booster and hydraulic controls.

The wheels were disk type and were set on pneumatic tires with tubes (R20). The wheels were equipped with brakes with 40 cm drums and shrouds of 140 mm diameter.

The suspension of the front wheels of the car in question consisted of a pair of semi-rigid feathers, rubber pressure buffers and a pair of hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The rear suspension is balanced with similar springs and reaction bars.

Dump truck KAMAZ 55111 - rear view

Body and power source

The box of the universal forklift is characterized by an all-metal design. It has a slope to the front and sufficient volume to take the load (6.6 cubic meters).

To protect the space between the cab and the structure, there is a special canopy. There is also a heated floor of the body, which prevents the cargo from freezing and fastening.

The tipping mechanism of the vehicle consists of a number of elements, the most important of which are:

  • The oil pump;
  • The drive and oil tank;
  • A 3-stage hydraulic cylinder;
  • The actuator box.
  • Pneumatic actuator.

The 24-volt sector mains of the forklift is simple and efficient. It is powered by two 6-hour batteries and an 800-watt 3-phase alternator.

Self-supporting platform of KAMAZ 55111

Cost of the forklift

It has already been mentioned that mass production of the Kamaz-55111 was discontinued in 2012. For this reason, buying a new truck involves certain difficulties.

The latest modifications of the vehicle, which have low mileage and are in good technical condition, can be purchased in the secondary car market at a price of 1.7 million rubles.

A KAMAZ-55111 vehicle with mileage approaching 100,000 km is valued at about 300-500,000 rubles. However, such purchase is associated with a great risk, because you can buy a car with units and assemblies subjected to considerable wear and tear and/or poor repair.

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Therefore, when buying equipment you should not start only with a picture on the photo of Kamaz 55111. The best recommendation – complete diagnostics of the machine before the sale in a specialized service center or involving a specialist.

KAMAZ 55111: Technical Specifications

KAMAZ-55111 – one of the most popular models of dump trucks, which was produced in series by the plant “Kamsky Automobile” from 1987 to 2012. This is a three-axle frame truck with a dump body volume (standard, without superstructure) of 6.6 m3 and discharging. Wheels of the dump truck are 6×4, rear wheels have double tires. The concept of this truck was so versatile that it found a wide application in many different branches of the economy.

The history of the model and its place in the KAMAZ production program

KAMAZ-55111 traces its history back to the mid-1970s. Rapid economic growth and construction reserve, formed in this decade, provided an increased demand for trucks of this class. But the USSR automotive industry did not have enough models of this class. In 1977, mass production of KAMAZ-5511 dummy with a body welded from metal was started.

This truck had load-carrying capacity of 10 tons and was perfectly suitable for transportation of cargoes, mainly loose building materials. With the help of a hydraulic mechanism for lifting the body with electro-pneumatic remote control it was fed from the driver’s cab.

Kamaz-5511 was used literally everywhere: on construction sites and in various industries, in the construction of streets and bridges, it is still used in agriculture, etc: This model was kept on Kamaz assembly line until 1990, and some of these trucks are still “healthy” and working.

KAMAZ-55111 was an upgraded version of the 10-ton KAMAZ-5511. It differed from its predecessor by less length than the 5511 and, accordingly, better maneuverability. Carrying capacity of the truck increased to 13 tons. The car is designed so that it is intended to move on the streets for vehicles with an axle load of 10 tonnes (10 TS).

Otherwise, it was the same Trino-River 6×4 as before. The first years of Kamaz-55111 had the same cabin as the original model 5511 – with round, high-mounted headlights. Then the KAMAZ-55111 cab was inferior in design and taxi cab to other models of Kamaz automobile plant.

Curious: KAMAZ-55111 with the old and new cabs. The body has also changed and significantly increased in volume.

In 1998, the Kama Automobile Plant released a more modern model of three-axle dump truck, which received an industrial index KAMAZ-65115. Carrying capacity of this truck was increased to 15 tons. The modern KAMAZ-65115 and replaced the KAMAZ-55111 in the production program of the plant. This happened in 2012.

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Another related model is a three-axle dump truck KAMAZ-65111 with a payload of 14 tons. This is a four-wheel drive truck with 6×6 wheel arrangement, designed to work in difficult off-road and off-road conditions. It is produced to this day.

Modifications of KamAZ-55111 dump truck

Over the years of production, in addition to the basic model of the dump truck, the production of several specialized modifications of KAMAZ-55111 was established, namely:

  • KAMAZ-55111-016-02 – tipper designed to work with a trailer as part of a road train. It is equipped with a towing device and hydraulic couplings allowing to raise the bottom of the trailer;

  • KAMAZ-55111-018-02 – vehicle with reinforced transmission, 240-horsepower diesel engine, fuel tank increased by 350 liters and heating of folding platform by exhaust gases;
  • KAMAZ-55111-018-13 – dump truck with an engine increased to 260 hp, transaxle differential locking system and reinforced clutch system;
  • KAMAZ-55111-040-02 – dump truck with an all-metal tipping platform increased to 8 cubic meters.

KAMAZ-55111 dump truck engine

The engine of this model is classic KAMAZ’s KAMAZ-740. Over the years, the truck was equipped with different modifications of this diesel engine – both with natural aspiration, and with turbocharger. The most popular KAMAZ-55111 was turbocharged and intercooled version KAMAZ-740.51-240.

Like other versions, it is an eight-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine. Its displacement is 10.85 liters and rated power – 176 kW or 240 hp (at crankshaft speed 2200 rpm). The engine meets Euro-2 environmental standards. Compression ratio of this engine is 16.5.

To ensure reliable starting in frosts, engines of KamAZ-55111 dump trucks are completed with a heater of PZD 15.8106-01 model. This engine provides the diesel fuel consumption within 30 liters per 100 kilometers.


KamAZ-55111 transmissions used the following mechanical gearboxes: 14th 5-speed without a divider with a ratio of final drive 7.22 and 15th 5-speed with a divider and a ratio of final drive 6.53. Gear drive is mechanical, remotely controlled, with a floor lever. With a splitter the number of gears is 10. To transmit torque from engine to transmission elements a diaphragm or friction-dry double disc clutch was used. Clutch drive is hydraulic, with pneumatic booster.

load platform and tipping mechanism

The standard elevator capacity of the all-metal box shovel of this truck model is 6.6 cubic meters. The platform tilts toward the front. The canopy securely covers the entire space between the body and the cab. Bottom of KAMAZ-55111 dump body is heated by exhaust gases and exhaust pipes, which prevents freezing and sticking of loose materials to its base.

KAMAZ-55111 vehicle tipping mechanism consists of a cardan shaft; oil tank; oil drive; three-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder; oil pump; pneumatic drive; electro-pneumatic valves and throttle valve.

The auxiliary actuator is single-acting. It is controlled from the cab by means of an electro-pneumatic starter. The tilt wad reaches a maximum angle of attack of 60 degrees in 19 seconds and fully descends to the standard position in 18 seconds. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 33 liters of 20 industrial oil for summer operation or 12 industrial oil for winter months.

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Truck chassis

All tires of Kamaz-55111 dump truck are disc with rim size 7,5-20 (190-508) 08. Tires are chamber, pneumatic, dimensions – 10.00r20 (280R508) or 11.00 R20 (300 R508). Each wheel is equipped with a drum brake, with a trombone diameter of 400 mm and a brake pad width of 140 mm. The front wheel suspension consists of two semi-echute feathers, which work with two hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and two hollow rubber pressure buffers. Rear wheel suspension is balanced with two semi-elliptic leaf springs and reaction rods on rubber-metal joints.

Electrical equipment

On-board network is unicast, 24 Volt. Two starter batteries of 6h-190 type and a three-phase alternator of 800 W capacity with a rectifier are used for supplying electric energy to the customer.

Information in numbers

  • Length – 6.685 m, width – 2.5 m, height – 2.765 m;
  • Wheelstand – 2.840 m + 1.320 m;
  • Track – front wheels: 2.043 m, rear wheels: 1.890 m;
  • Floor clearance – 290 mm;
  • Outer clearance of the operator – 9 meters;
  • Angle of elevation – 25 percent;
  • Own weight of the vehicle – 9,15 tons;
  • Payload – 13 tons;
  • Gross weight – 22,4 tons;
  • Gross weight of trailer – 12,800 tons;
  • Gross combination weight – 35.1 tons;
  • Load distribution at gross weight – front axle: 5,55 tons, rear chassis: 16,85 tons.
  • Tank volume-250 liters (can be equipped with 350-liter tank).
  • Acceleration time to 60 km/h is 50 seconds;
  • Maximum speed is 90 km/h.

Cab of the Kamaz-55111 dump truck

The truck is equipped with a standard KAMAZ Ganzmetal cab with a forward tilting cab, which is mounted on a frame above the diesel engine, installed in longitudinal direction. There is no sleeping compartment in the cab. In later modifications the trucks were equipped with a new design of cabin with a higher roof, but also without a sleeping place. After all, a dump truck for construction and industrial transport of cold is not designed for transportation over long distances of several days.

To access the drive, the cab can tilt to two fixed positions, 42 and 60 degrees. A newer version of the cab has been fitted with an outboard seat with safety belts to enhance driver comfort. But in general, the working conditions of the driver of the Kamaz-55111 dump truck and in the updated version of the cab remained quite Spartan. Comfort in terms of sound and vibration protection of the workplace, ergonomics and ease of operation can be characterized as acceptable for the 80s of the 20th century, but far from modern standards.

Reviews of owners and drivers of Kamaz-55111

Most reviews boil down to the fact that the Kamaz-55111 is a good tipper trough, but if it had more money, long ago would have moved to a foreign car. This vehicle is mostly good – both in terms of reliability, and in terms of its durability and durability. You can work on it for many years and make money steadily.

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Of course, nowadays there are many other imported trucks of this class, which are far superior to KAMAZ-55111 by all parameters in terms of load capacity and economy in diesel fuel consumption. But the prices for the vehicle itself and its spare parts are not in any comparison with the KAMAZ ones.

Disadvantages and outdated design of KAMAZ-55111 are compensated by its unpretentiousness and maintainability. For example, it is not always possible to find a Mercedes truck in places remote from the developed civilization. However, the Kamaz-55111, like its other “brothers”, requires attention, regular and conscientious maintenance.

“Do not believe those who say that this vehicle can be repaired in the field, what is called “at the knees”. That’s what the blabbermouths who do nothing in the garage usually say. On the road, I do not know that you can replace the hose or part of the brake system of the brake system (it’s a shame about the temporary bulb). Really, it still needs to be reached…. Yes the spare tire. And then you get tortured in the “field”. And if the spare is screwed into the frame from underneath, then the “jackknife” will be attached in the garage as well. I think everyone who wants a used car like this should have access to a garage service. “

Drivers and owners are divided on the issue of overloading. Some say they can safely load 15-17 tons in the body with extensions. Or they have to handle the machine manually (with a shovel!): the unloading hydraulics is not the most “firm and reliable” side. When transporting soil in spring or in slush, one has to take into account swamping of the load and ask the dredger to “throw less”.

Also noted that when fully charged, the engine pulls hard on a long uphill and you need to shift to the side of the road to give way to cars and not gather the “cavalry” behind them. Steering regularly requires attention (constant play).

The cost of a used KAMAZ-55111

Since this dump truck was withdrawn from the range of products of the KAMA automobile plant in 2012, you can buy it only in the used version. KAMAZ-55111 is popular and there are a lot of offers to sell these vehicles almost in every region of Russia and CIS. The price varies depending on the year of manufacture and technical condition and ranges from 250,000 to 1,000,000 rubles.

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