Kamaz-5511. Transmission and power. Brakes and suspension. What to write on forums: Owners reviews

Kamaz 5511, reviews and reviews of owners

Kamaz 5511, reviews and owner reviews

Production of the chassis for the Kamaz 5511 mulch dump truck began in 1977. Two dump trucks a-Kama z-5511 and Kama z-5103 – easy to notice: the body of the first has a protective visor over the roof, and the second has extensive nets or pages Wood, as this truck is designed to transport agricultural goods – – – – – grain, root crops, forage. The body of the first dump truck is loaded on one side only, while the second is loaded on three sides. Around 1985, the spare tire was hung on the wall of the cargo platform, and the receivers were installed on the frame.

Technical features of the Kamaz 5511

Kamaz 5511, reviews and owner reviews

  • Trough body type
  • Type of cab 3-seater without a bed
  • The length of the truck is 6700 mm
  • The width of the car 2500 mm
  • Car height 2850 mm
  • Radgrund 2840+1320 mm
  • Road clearance 290 mm
  • Engine model 740.51-240
  • Euro II emissions standard
  • Engine displacement 10850cm3
  • Engine power 240 hp.
  • At 1100-1500 rpm-1
  • Torque 912*M
  • Engine type diesel
  • Structure of turbocharger
  • V-shaped cylinder arrangement
  • Number of cylinders – 8
  • Compression ratio – 16,5
  • Diesel fuel
  • 6×4 drive
  • Programs Summary 10
  • Gearbox Model 152
  • Toothed mechanics type
  • Front drum brakes
  • Rear drum brakes
  • Fuel tank capacity – 350 liters.
  • Diameter of curve – 9 m
  • Angle to be overcome. Climb not less than 25%.
  • Maximal speed – 90 km/h
  • Carrying capacity – 13000 kg
  • Curb weight of the vehicle – 9250 kg
  • Gross vehicle weight 22400 kg
  • Total trailer weight 12800 kg
  • Rigid axle load 5550 kg
  • Rear axle load (bogie) 16850 kg
  • Tires, size 10.00R20


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At the end of 1977 on construction sites and quarries near Naberezhnye Chelny you could see bright yellow troughs with the brand “Kamaz”. The 5511 model cars left the sponsor on October 11, 1977. The Maldikiper chassis was made in Naberezhnye Chelny at KAMAZ, and in Neftekamsk they assembled the body and turning mechanism on this chassis. The design of this dump truck was developed at KAMAZ with the participation of designers of Mytishchi Machine Building Complex.

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Kama Mulde Truck is a three-axle vehicle with 6×4 wheel arrangement, with a load capacity of 10 tons, used to transport various loose industrial and construction cargo on the streets, which are designed for an axle load of 8 tons or more. Of course, by design solutions of most of the main units, the machine is most unified with other models produced by Kamaz.

Kamaz 5511

Like its brand mates, the dump truck is distinguished by progressive technical solutions from the samples. The lighting system uses headlights with an asymmetrical beam, which reduces the likelihood of dazzling drivers of oncoming vehicles. In the case of an emergency stop, there is an alarm system, which turns on all direction indicators in flashing mode. The double metal cab of the dump truck, which is located above the engine (it flaps at an angle of 42 ° and 60 °), has a three-layer windshield. The driver’s seat is a separate subordinate one, with adaptation depending on his weight and dimensions. General seat belts are assembled.

The most important design features of the Kamaz-5511 are connected with its purpose. The welded body with a protective canopy is slightly widened for better loading and is heated with exhaust gases. To repair the raised body, there are sockets of tipping brackets. There is also a safety rope that prevents the body from being thrown back. The length of the rope is adjustable, and a spring provides a stoop in the transport position. The roaster is welded from stamped spars and crossbars to which a frame system of ties and brackets is attached. Finally, there is the hydraulic mechanism that tilts the body. It includes a power selection box (clump), oil tank, oil pump, steering crane, hydraulic cylinder, body lift valve, three electric valves, oil and pneumatic piping system.

Kamaz 5511

The power take-off unit for the hydraulic elevator is on the same level as the electro-pneumatic control of the driver’s cab. The power selection is made from a car transmission. The hydraulic cylinder of the body travel – three-stage telescopic – is mounted with one end on the front of the pink, with the other end on the upper part of the front of the body. The body lift is limited when the angle of 60° is reached, when the hydraulic cylinder body presses on the stem of the limiting valve. Lifting time of loaded body at 2200 rpm of engine crankshaft is not more than 19 seconds. Time of lowering the empty body – 18 seconds.

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KAMAZ 5511 – reviews

There are no flaws on my part, but my wife does not like it. says it is dirty and uncomfortable. The speed is small, everyone overtake. It is not a race car.” width=”250″ height=”250″ />

Met a modification of the 5511 (year of manufacture 1988), worked as a mechanic at the auto plant (2010-11). Did not go on a trip myself, only drove it to the garage for repairs. I will try to give an estimate that will be relevant at this time.

Good car, but requires a lot of attention

Good car, but requires a lot of attention, but I’m not arguing that for its time it is the best car, I have a 1986 Kamaz myself and still work on it. But it needs a lot of attention.

Great toilers.

The Kamaz 55 11 was made in the USA in 2013. Bought it for work, for the purpose of transporting all sorts of bulk materials. There was a light-colored camper, red body. Due to the fact that I did not buy in depth again, I can say that a great worker.


Hello, I am the owner of Kamaz 55111, already 200,000 kilometers on it, and I have a lot to say, not about the car, not about the car, but the car is very reliable. Of course now Mnrgo from other imported trucks, but.

Kamaz is a truck for drivers with experience

Hello all, dear friends and readers of my review! Today I decided to write them about the Kamaz truck. This truck, which is produced on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, is a very strong machine. It can cope with difficulties.

Kamaz 5511 Muldikiper

Today I want to talk about our Soviet automobile industry. And of course it is our Russian KAMAZ 5511 muldenkipper, or as it is simply called by the people (Savok). I must say that in my opinion, the car is beautiful.

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The car is not bad, but a lot of minuses.

Kamaz Muldenkipper 5511 is not a bad car, but there are many minuses, because the car is the beginning of the 1970s, the last century development, weak engine, high fuel consumption, low engine life and a very good engine is demanding. Comfortable car.

Great car for its time.

KAMAZ is one of the leading manufacturers of trucks of various modifications in our country. It is still recognizable externally, although its stuffing can be very different from our classics towards foreign production. I want to share my impressions.

The best workaholic

In my opinion, this model is the best dump truck of the KAMAZ family. Of course, like any truck it breaks and has to be repaired, because trucks are operated under heavy loads. The USSR and countries were built on these models.

Good machinery for making money

If you want to make money with this vehicle, you can do it successfully. The machine is unpretentious, reliable, with proper care can work for a long time! If you weld the sides, you can more freely load 2-3 cubes. From me personally.

So, la-la-la.

I work in the transportation industry. I personally don’t have one, but two good friends of mine that we are in close contact with do. One has a 5511 10T, the other has a 55111 13t. Pretty much the same both.

Simple and reliable, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

I inherited a dump truck, reliable and unpretentious Soviet truck. If it is well taken care of and does not indulge in overloading it never fails. It starts with a warm up with every frost. It works perfectly on diesel fuel.

The most suitable vehicle for our streets.

Kamaz – I recommend this truck to those who like to drive on the road. A powerful engine that moves almost 10 – ton monster. Thanks to the reliability and quality of workmanship, this technique for many years is not inferior to other foreign dump trucks.

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good vehicle

Easy to operate, spacious cab, good payload, good speed and excellent cross-country ability, low price for the machine itself and spare parts to work to work to work

Great car

The features are certainly not bad and the engine makes you carry heavy loads, the visibility in the mirrors is good, but of course there are not big minuses, this transmission is a little weak, the teeth constantly wear out. The engine is also constantly.

A good and inexpensive car.

The car is great for work. The engine is powerful, the undercarriage is suitable for both highway and off-road driving. The car is neatly made, and most importantly, although it has no electronics, it does.

My first car.

So far, the new car is just perfect in all practical matters, you could even say that it is easy to use.

The manufacturer is not as good as the quality of this car from the manufacturer.

The car is not bad. Although it’s new, it’s certainly a great car. But it will fall apart in a year or two. There is no very reliable technology in our automobile industry. They sat and thought about the quality of parts. I’m thinking of buying a BU Kamazenka.

The car is a beast.

Fast, reliable, compact. I used it to move into a new apartment, so I loaded it on this thing and it drove, didn’t even squeak) drove into the woods, so it’s a tank car, only without the tracks

There are no shortcomings on my part, but my wife does not like it. She says it’s dirty and uncomfortable. The speed is low, everyone is overtaking. Well, it’s not a race car.

I bought it in 2010. I am pleased with it like a elephant. The engine is powerful. Payload is huge. Potholes on the road is not a hindrance. In general, are not felt. Fuel consumption

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A great machine with a good owner.

Without Kamaz I would not have married 25 years ago))) My husband drove up to see this colossus, it just looked awesome. Now our two sons drive these nice cars. One on the Kamaz, the other on Maz.

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