Kamaz-55102. Dimensions and technical characteristics. Power and fuel consumption unit.

Review of the Kamaz-451433 agricultural dump truck

This is a medium-sized dump truck that offers a rigid cargo platform. The machine features one notable feature – the design ability to unload to the sides and rear. The equipment is represented by a pair of rear axles.

The strength of the machine is endurance and excellent technical characteristics, because Kamaz 55102 is the best solution for transportation of various cargoes. In addition to its main purpose – transportation of construction materials – the machine is often used for transportation of goods for the needs of agriculture.

Kamaz 55102 is a dump truck, whose specifications make the machine indispensable in the field, on rough terrain and on the road. The design of the tractor is designed to operate the machine as part of a road train, i.e. with trailers.

It is also possible to attach it to semi-trailers with a weight not exceeding 11.5 tons. Frequent use of the vehicle for agricultural purposes was the reason for the nickname “Agricultural”.

This unpronounceable name appeared due to the various modifications of the truck, used mainly for transportation of grain. During the harvesting of the fields, KAMAZ is used as the optimal vehicle for transporting large amounts of grain crops.

Under them. characteristics of Kamaz 55102 is worth noting that the manufacturer does not provide a sleeping place, which makes it impossible for long trips. Because of this, the Kamaz vehicle of this modification is more interesting in the region as a “workhorse” for cargo transportation.

The presence of a trailer, little pressure on the dirt road, double fault – this allows the vehicle to be fueled under the combine and then transport the products to the granary. Kamaz 55102 is actively used by construction companies as a truck for delivery of bulk construction materials.

Table: Technical Specifications of the Kamaz 55102.

Payload 7 т
curb weight 8.48t
gross mass 15.63t
Permissible weight of trailer 11.5t
Maximum speed of the vehicle 80 km/h
Acceleration time to 60 km/h 35 p
Vehicle release at a speed of 50 km/h 700 p
Maximum overrun of the vehicle 30 %
Control consumption of the vehicle at a speed of 60 km/h 24 l/100 km
Reference consumption of cars at the speed of 80 km/h 31L/100km
External wheel turning radius 8.5m
Total turning radius 9.3m
Volume of body with main boards 7.9m
Volume of body with additional sides 10.1 m
Volume of body with additional sides 15.8m
Lifting time of loaded body at 2200 rpm 18 p
Decrease in lifting time for an empty body 18 p
Overall height with platform 50° 4 м
Increase in overall width of the vehicle towards the unloading side 1.29 m

frame and suspension

The basis of the truck is a ladder made of low-alloy steel. The metal is characterized by high strength. The chassis has three axles. The body is securely attached to the frame. KAMAZ is distinguished by the reliability of multi-layer chamber pneumatic tires.

The braking elements are responsible for driving safety. The car is equipped with braking mechanisms so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of driving. There are drum type brakes on all wheels and a pneumatic actuator with a simple design.

Features Performance
parameter value
Dimensions Length, width, height – 7,5 m*2,9 m*2,9 m, height of the thrown platform – 5,9.
wheelbase 3,19 m+1,32 m
Front and rear strip 2,026 m, 1,856 m
clearance 280 mm
turning radius 9.3 m clearance, 8.5 m on outer bikes
Weight with equipment 8.480 T
Weight bearing on front axle 4.5 t
Rear axle load 11.13 t
Payload 7 т
Weight (gross) 15.63t
Maximum permissible trailer weight 11.5t
Maximum permissible increase for the vehicle thirty percent

The suspension provides decent maneuvering on the street. This element is able to withstand heavy loads at high speeds. The front axle of Kamaz-55102 has a dependent suspension based on leaf springs. There are telescopic shock absorbers. The rear axle also has a dependent suspension (spring band compensator). Damping of the arising vibrations is carried out by the reaction rods.

The rack-and-pinion steering mechanism is effective. Easy steering is achieved due to the rack and pinion system and power steering. When driving on a rough terrain the truck maintains a confident step.

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One of the advantages of the truck is its cross-country ability. The outreach is 280 mm, so you can easily overcome emerging road obstacles. The turning radius is 9300 mm.

Thus, the chassis, steering and brakes are reliable. The hydraulic booster system is noteworthy. All braking elements are made of reliable materials. In the creation of this professional equipment is used body with an increased crossing.

Design and features

Speaking of 55102, it is known that this is a classic representative of the trucks produced during the Soviet times. The cabin is equipped with a heater from the cooling system of the power unit.

Seat belts are obligatory. Transportation of various types of loose goods was made possible thanks to the platform of rectangular shape. Rocks and cobbles are an exception, as these natural materials are likely to compromise the integrity of the body.

Side and extension pages close securely with torsion mechanisms. The pages are held open by metal chains. You can unload the vehicle from both sides without leaving the cab, for which an electric control panel is used. An excellent working truck is a hollow truck KAMAZ 55102, the properties of which remain the object of special attention.

Weight and dimensions

KAMAZ 55102 has the following weight characteristics:

  • Load total weight of 4.5 tons on the front axle, 11130 kg on the rear axle;
  • Payload – 7 tons;
  • Weight of the machine – 8.48 tons;
  • Permissible weight of the trailer – 11 500 kg.

Technical characteristics of the Kamaz “Selkhoznik” 55102 show the endurance of this representative of the domestic automobile industry. No less interesting are the parameters of the vehicle’s electrical system – the engine.

Kamaz 55102: description, technical and operational features

Overall dimensions and weight characteristics

  • Length of the flatbed truck: 7,570 millimeters:
  • Length of the vehicle with unloaded cab: 8,010 millimeters;
  • Width without exterior mirrors: 2,500 mm;
  • Air intake height: 2 830 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 280 mm;
  • Overall turning radius: 9.3 meters, 8.5 meters on the outside wheel;
  • Maximum transition change: 30 0;
  • Body tilt angle: 50 0;
  • Cargo platform volume with extendable sides: 18 cubic meters:
  • Gross kerb weight: 8,400 kg;
  • Carrying capacity: 7 000 kg;
  • Allowed weight of the trailer: 11 500 kg;
  • Type of wheels: Disks;
  • Type and size of tires; Chambers, 10.00 R20 (280 R508);
  • Maximum speed of Kamaz-55102: 80 km/h.

Power plant and fuel consumption of Kamaz-55102

Most of the KAMAZ-55102 vehicles, which can be found on the roads of the country today, are equipped with one of two types of engines: KAMAZ 740.31-240 or KAMAZ 740. 10. 210.

Kamaz 740.31-240. It is an eight-cylinder diesel unit with V-shaped cylinders and turbocharging system on the basis of two compressors and gas turbines. The engine is equipped with forced intercooling technology Boost Air and Pre stretches. The last device allows to start the engine even under 50-degree frosts.


Kamaz 55102 is a more modern representative of Kamaz automobile plant family. The model can take loads of different types weighing up to 10 tons. There are two modifications of KAMAZ 55102 in production:

  • Model 55102-053-A differs in the body with extended sides. The design provides a doubled volume of the platform.
  • The 55102-050-A has a body with basic sides.

Model 55102-053 can carry more cargo. Both modifications were used in production, land and construction control. Technical characteristics of KAMAZ 55102 tipper body make cargo transportation extremely profitable for specialized companies, because the machine can work in different climatic conditions, regardless of weather conditions.

KAMAZ-5510 Specifications

Overall dimensions of the KAMAZ-55102 vehicle

– length: 7570 mm; – width: 2900 mm; – height: 2900 mm; – height with one elevated platform: 5920 mm; – wheelbase: 3190+1320 mm; – front track: 2026 mm; – rear track: 1856 mm; – ground clearance: 280 mm; – outside turning circle: 9300 mm.

KAMAZ-55102 weight

– curb weight: 8480 kg; – front axle load: 3500 kg; – rear bogie load: 4980 kg; – gross weight: 15630 kg; – front axle load: 4500 kg; – Rear bogie load: 11130 kg; – Maximum trailer weight: 11500 kg.

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KAMAZ-55102 payload.

KAMAZ-55102 body parameters

– Length: 5335 mm; – Width: 2320 mm; – Body: 635 mm; – Body volume: 7,9 cub.m.; – Time of loading/unloading of the body: 18 seconds; – Body tipping angle: 60°; – Body tilting angle to the side: 50°.

Speed of KAMAZ-55102

– maximum speed: 80 km/h; – acceleration time to 60 km/h: 35 seconds; – acceleration from 50 km/h: 700 m; – maximum overcoming of obstacles: 30%; – braking distance at 40 km/h: 17200 mm.


Equipped with a deceptive eight-cylinder current device, the car is almost unparalleled in regional transport. The engine is distinguished by the presence of turbochargers and air cooling system. The liners consist of high quality cast iron. The cast engine block also consists of cast iron.

Fuel consumption depends on the technical properties of the car, as well as the load and some other parameters, including the speed limit. Fuel consumption at 60 km/h is 24 liters per 100 km.

With a trailer, this figure increases to 35 l/100 km. At speeds of 80 km/h, fuel consumption is 31 or 47 liters without or with a trailer.

Technical specifications of the Kamaz 55102 1992 are relevant at the present time, which means that the truck continues to actively compete with many modern imported proper bodies.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions, capacity and fuel consumption

The main parameters of the Kamaz 55102 agricultural blast truck are adjusted to its main purpose – transportation of agricultural loose goods and their unloading at a given site. The length of the basic model is 7570 millimeters, width 2500 mm, height with the lowered body and cabin is 2830 millimeters. When transporting bulk loads, the volume of the body is of great importance. In the basic version it is 7.9 m, but if it is equipped with additional extensions, the usable space can increase to 15.8 cubic meters.

Nominal weight of unloaded truck does not exceed 8,500 kg in laden condition, its lifting capacity without a trailer is 7 tonnes, the same amount can be loaded into the trailer.

Kamaz 55102 features a fairly low fuel consumption – about 25 liters per 100 kilometers when driving without load, a charged vehicle consumes up to 31 liters when operating under normal conditions. Fuel consumption depends largely on the speed of the truck and can go up to 40 liters/100 km at speed of 80 km/h. In this vehicle, the fuel tank holds 210 liters of diesel fuel.


The truck is equipped with a diesel four-stroke engine of domestic production, series Kamaz 740.13. The engine is characterized by V-shaped arrangement of cylinders (there are eight), availability of turboloads and electric air heating mechanism, which can be used to start up quickly even at extremely low temperatures. Rated power of the engine is 240 hp with a working volume of 10.85 liters. According to environmental standards this power plant meets Euro-2 standards.

Kamaz 55102 engine is equipped with a two-stage air filter, which provides both primary and air purification. An important advantage of this filter is that it is made of cardboard, which means that its replacement will not cost too much.

KAMAZ-55102: technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the Kamaz-55102

Kamaz-55102 is a dump truck with 6×4 wheel arrangement and a loading platform, which is unloaded not only to the back, but also on both sides. The main purpose of this model is to transport large amounts of bulk cargo of construction and agricultural purposes. First of all, it is, of course, grain. The main job of these trucks is to transport grain directly from the combine to the elevator and from the elevator to the port, mill or railway station. That is why they were called “farmers”.

Features of the model usage. Large modifications.

Payload of the dump truck is seven tons, plus another 11.5 tons of cargo it can carry in a trailer, which is equipped with the same loading platform with the possibility of three-way unloading. There is no place to sleep in the cab of KAMAZ-55102: it was originally a truck not for long hauls, but for use as a lifting “working cattle” on regional routes of local importance.

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Double rubber on the rear wheels contributes to low floor pressure, successful movement on the surface of any field and unpaved roads. Another plus is a high loading capacity (mainly such dump trucks are used together with support wheels). So the grain from the fields can be taken quickly, in large quantities and with a minimum number of trips.

Features of the model operation. Large modifications

Since 1981, two modifications of this model are produced in series: Kamaz-55102-50 (dump truck with loading platform with main pages) and Kamaz-55102-53 (dump truck, which loading platform is equipped with a normal, which increases the volume by two times). The design of the body for this KAMAZ model was developed at the Mashinostroitelnoye Miish.

Nowadays, KAMAZ-55102 Maldikiper is no longer in production. Its “successor” in the production program of the auto plant in Naberezhnye Chelny was another “farmer” – Kama z-45143 with a payload of 10 tons and a more modern engine, which meets modern environmental and economic requirements.

The basis of the design of KAMAZ-55102

By design, the KAMAZ-55102 chassis is a three-axle vehicle with the front location of the engine and rear wheels in an alcove layout with 6×4 wheel configuration, directional bikeshift front axle and closed rear axles. The machine is supported by a riveted ladder frame. It consists of channels with metal profile thickness of 8 mm. It is made of low-alloy steel. The longitudinal wood is connected by seven transverse struts. There are towing hooks at the front of the frame and a steel buffer is attached. The crossbar at the rear of the vehicle is equipped with a Velcro fastener.

The front wheel axle is designed as a curved I-carriage. It is equipped with cylindrical pins and pivoting toes. The rear axles consist of massive collars with welded crankcases. At the rear, the gearbox, brake calipers, wheel taps, and tie rod brackets are mounted on specially designed brackets. Feather supports are on the trunks.

Dump truck

The KAMAZ-55102 dump truck is equipped with a four-stroke night cylinder diesel engine KAMAZ-740.31-240 (Euro-2). The arrangement of the cylinders is V-shaped. This engine is equipped with a turbocharger with boiler air pre-cooling system. The KAMAZ-740.31-240 engine is equipped with cast-iron cylinders with an increased service life. The engine cylinder block is made of alloyed casting. Piston rings are chromed and have a special protection of molybdenum side surfaces.

The engine has a filtration system with fuel, two-stage air and oil filters. Electric false air preheater for successful engine startup at low temperatures. Cooling system is equipped with automatic temperature control and thermostat.

Dump truck

KAMAZ-740.31-240 is equipped with a separate fuel system which includes a high-pressure fuel pump with speed relaxation. Lubrication system is combined, with oil filters and a wet card.

Technical parameters of a diesel engine Kamaz-740.31-240

  • The working volume is 10.85 liters;
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm, piston range – 120 mm;
  • Compression ratio – 16,5;
  • Rated power (gross) – 176 kW (240 hp) at crankshaft speed of 2200 rpm;
  • Maximum net power, kW (LS) – 165 kW (225 hp), at crankshaft speed of 2200 rpm;
  • Maximum torque is 912 Nm (93 kg/cm), with a crankshaft speed of 1100/1500 rpm;
  • Volume of the fuel tank is 210 liters.
  • Maximum speed of the vehicle, set by the manufacturer, is 80 km/h.

The reference consumption of diesel fuel, set by the manufacturer, is:

  • At a vehicle speed of 60 km/h – 24 liters per 100 km; Together with the trailer – 35 liters per 100 km of travel;
  • At speed of 80 km/h – 31 liters per 100 kilometers; together with a trailer – 47 liters per 100 kilometers.

Transmission KAMAZ-55102

Kamaz-740.31-240 engine is generalized with dual dry friction clutch. The truck is driven by 10-speed manual transmission. The gearbox fits under the gearbox, which offers two speeds (straight or downshift). The speed is one.

The Muldenkipp truck transmission design provides a temporary middle axle and a locked differential. The cardan gears consist of two tubular waves connected by telescopic splines. They run directly from the transmission gearbox to the middle axle transmission and then to the rear axle.

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Steering and brakes

The vehicle’s steering is of a trapezoidal type with the steering trapezoid positioned behind the front axle. The gearbox of the flow control mechanism with a toothed gearbox works on the screw-ball-nut-piston-rack-toothed-sector principle. There is a hydraulic steering wheel.

The main brake system of KAMAZ-55102 dump truck is classical drum brakes, which are installed on all wheels of the vehicle. They are actuated by a double circular pneumatic actuator. The parking brake is operated by means of feather-type power acklers. The changeable brake system works in the same way.

Steering and braking

KAMAZ-55102 with a new rehearsal cab.

In addition, KAMAZ-55102 is equipped with an auxiliary braking system with gas dynamic mechanisms. It also works with drum brakes on all wheels of the machine.

The auxiliary brake system works through a pneumatic actuator of gasdynamic mechanism. It is installed in the engine exhaust cycle. Compressed air is forced into the brake system by a two-cylinder gear compressor from the tipper crankshaft.

  • The diameter of the brake drum of the Kamaz-55102 is 400 millimeters;
  • The width of the brake pads is 140 millimeters;
  • The total area of the brake pads is 6,300 square centimeters.

Harrier, suspension.

The front end of the Kamaz-55102 feeder dump truck is equipped with a dependent suspension. Its design is a double half-frame springs. These feathers work in tandem with two double telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and special pressure buffers in the form of rubber cylinders.

Harrier, suspension (2)

Modern systems allow the grain to be immediately poured into the rail wagon by side discharge.

The front axle of the machine consists of a curved carrier with twin toes and cylindrical pencils, and the rear axle consists of a perforated steel carrier with welded crankcases. The rear axles have welded flanges for mounting brake calipers and actuators, spring holders and other important structural elements.

The suspension of the front wheels is dependent, compensated by springs based on semi-elliptic leaf springs, which are supplemented by pressure buffers and two telescopic sleeve shock absorbers. The rear wheel suspension also depends on the type of spring compensation. It is based on duplicated semi-elliptic leaf springs with rubber bunnies and six nozzle rods.

Harrier, suspension

Kamaz-55102 brought from the field to the current grain, which must be dried.

Wheels of the trough dump truck Kamaz-55102 are made of unmanned three-piece steel. They are equipped with a twelve-layer air band, with a profile width of 260 mm, the size of “9.00R20 (260R508)”, model “I-N142B”. Later years models were already delivered with disk wheels with rim size “7.5-20 (190-508)” and radial pneumatic tires “10.00R20 (280R508)”. The width of this tire is 280 mm instead of 260 mm.


The Kamaz-55102 hollow ripper is equipped with an all-metal loading platform, which can tilt on three sides. It is installed on a special auxiliary frame. The loading platform is equipped with three hinged sides, which are equipped with torsion locks. The front panel is welded to the base of the platform. Additional expanding boards (metal or wood-metal) considerably increase useful volume of the platform.

The design is equipped with a hydraulic tilt mechanism, which contains a locking unit that connects the trailer’s hydraulic system to the vehicle. The new arrangement of the brackets allows changing the direction of unloading the platform for tilting the load. For faster and more stable opening of the side walls, it is possible to use special devices: the so-called “assistants”. For the support of the pages are used ties with chains.


Usable volume of a standard Kamaz-55102 dummy body is 7.9 cubic meters. In the case of hinged pages, this volume increases to 15.8 cubic meters. A telescopic three-speed hydraulic cylinder of the KAMAZ-55102 self-propelled cargo platform provides a 50 degree lift in 19 seconds.

Other parameters of the KAMAZ-55102 cargo platform in figures:

  • Internal dimensions: length – 5.335 m; Width – 2.320 m; Board height – 63.5 cm (plus 62 cm board placement);
  • Useful volume of the body – normal: 7,9 cubic meters with additional wooden pages: 10,12 cubic meters with extensive metal pages: 15,8 cubic meters;
  • Back angle is 60 degrees;
  • Side angle is 50 degrees.
  • Nominal pressure in the outlet hydraulic system is 140 kgf/cm2.
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Technical specifications in numbers

Information in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: Length – 7,570 m, width – 2,900 m, height – 2,900 m, height with set back platform – 5,920 m;
  • Radial base – 3,190 m (+1,320 m);
  • External track gauge – 2.026 m, rear track gauge – 1.856 m;
  • Street clearance – 280 mm;
  • Exterior turning radius – only 9,300 m, 8,500 m on the outside wheel;
  • Curb weight – 8,480 tons;
  • Load on the front axle – 4.5 tons;
  • Rear axle load – 11,130 tons;
  • Payload – 7 tons;
  • Gross weight – 15,630 tons;
  • Permissible trailer weight – 11.5 tons.
  • The maximum increase of the vehicle is 30 percent.

KAMAZ-55102 “Maldenkipper” cab

The self-propelled KAMAZ-55102 is equipped with a standard unified all-metal KAMAZ cabin, made in a wagon layout without sleeping compartment. It is located directly above the engine and is designed for two people. When servicing or repairing the current unit, the cab tilts forward. A heating system is installed inside. To improve working conditions of the driver’s cab of the KAMAZ-55102 truck is equipped with a stamped suspension and interior upholstery, which reduces noise and vibration in the cab.

However, the cabin of KAMAZ-55102 has no mandatory ventilation system by opening windows, windows and a hatch in the roof. Heating system of the cabin – water, working from the engine cooling system. In later years of production (second half of 90’s) the cabin was upgraded: all the optics were moved to a massive front bar, and the roof has become noticeably higher.

Reviews of owners of Kamaz-55102

Reviews of most owners of self-propelled “agricultural” Kamaz-55102 reduce to one thing: the machine is good, it should be broken more often… reliability and durability of parts and components, as well as the overall quality of the assembly can be wished. Therefore, to recommend this truck (taking into account the fact that there are no new trucks of this brand for a long time, there are only quite used ones) is possible only with good understanding of technique and especially in Kamaz, and only one person can be good in Kamaz.

Nevertheless, even many KAMAZ-55102, produced in the first half of the 1980s, are still in use and continue to bring their owners the winnings, despite its more than venerable age. After all, “everybody needs a bokosval, and not just a shovel.” According to some of them, there were many breakages, of course: the rear feather was broken, the compensator was rebuilt, brass spigots were used, fixing ball broke off while unloading on the elevator, body was welded, the steering lug of the rack crosspiece was changed…. “; “Brake system is generally good, but when it starts sucking, it’s a pain. Had the main brake valve rebuilt three times – still hissing and air coming out of circulation in one day, replaced all the iron tubes…. etc.” etc.

But you have to hand it to this model: the serviceability of the machine is good, as is the ease of maintenance and repair. Many notice that the “farm truck” is noticeably faster, more dynamic and maneuverable than an ordinary dump truck Kamaz Mulik – axles are faster, and the camber plays its role. On older machines with worn axles the effect of “running axles” appears. Kamaz-55102 is easy in operation, not afraid of overloads, the engine is torquey and torquey. Very good heating: in winter it is warm in the cabin in any frost.

The cost of KAMAZ-55102

On the secondary market of CHUS there is no shortage of proposals for the sale of used Kamaz “farmers”. It can be found almost in every region. The price range varies from 200,000 rubles for a truck made in 1989 to 1,200,000 for a KAMAZ-55102 made in 2002 (with a trailer). It is best to make the purchase with a person who is familiar with the Kamaz truck: he will definitely find reasons to lower the price of this car.

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