KAMAZ-5490: Modern long-haul tractor

KAMAZ new generation: Almost everything is imported

If you hear that KAMAZ-5490 is a Mercedes-Benz Axor, but assembled in Tatarstan, do not believe it. They are different vehicles, though they have a lot of similar units.

KAMAZ-5490 was created with the help of its strategic partner, Daimler AG, which became a shareholder of KAMAZ in 2008. The 12-liter diesel OM457, the Mercedes-Benz Axor cab and axle common for the Axor and the ACTROS allowed quickly and at the lowest cost to create a competitive truck, designed for the Russian market.

The KAMAZ tractor is assembled at the main assembly line of the auto plant, where another “branch” has been added to the trunk, and the Chelny Axor, like the Actros and Atego, is assembled at another site in the Master technopark. at the Daimler KAMAZ Rus production site.

Assembling of the 5490 is carried out on the same assembly line with the other models, but the cabs are from a separate branch.

Assembling of the 5490 is carried out on the same assembly line with the other models, but the cabs are from a separate branch.

Mercedes-Benz OM457 engines are brought to Chelny from Germany. Now they are of Euro-5 environmental class.

Mercedes-Benz OM457 engines are brought to Chelny from Germany. Now they are of Euro-5 environmental class.


In-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM457 LA with a working volume of 11.97 liters, which are now installed on the KAMAZ-5490, are reliable engines with a service life of 1 million km. They are assembled in Mannheim, Germany, at the engine behind the water of Daimler AG. They are very economical, the mileage reaches 80,000 km. One of the disadvantages of this original bus engine is the lack of power takeoff to drive auxiliary gears or hydraulic pumps. If you need to tow a self-propelled semi-trailer or use more equipment, it is necessary to equip the box with a transmission (power selection box).

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It was planned to equip KAMAZ – 5490, and a new perspective “eight” from KAMAZ – 750. This engine has a new block and common “cylinder heads” for each row of cylinders. Its size is a completely different liters. The power is up to 550 hp. С. At 1900 rpm more than 2000 n.m. at 1200 – 1400 rpm.

Experimental Kamaz – 750 engines were shown to us in the STC, the engines have already passed stationary and road tests. However, the use of Mercedes-Benz components on the Kamaz Z-5490 was optimal – with this machine Kamaz automobile plant has rightly taken its place on the Russian market of inter-regional haulers.

HBO from the plant

In the summer of 2017 Kamaz-Tractor-5490 made gas. It was not just a few exhibition vehicles, but a whole series, and some airlines began to massively update their fleet with Kamaz-5490-891-S5 (4 x 2) tractors with a gas-powered system.

It turns out that on the Russian market the new LPG-powered vehicle can successfully compete with the gas-powered versions of Scania and Volvo FH trucks and is far ahead of them in supplying to carriers. In Russia, the Swedes have these vehicles in pilot operation to test the market and demonstrate their capabilities, while KAMAZ trucks with LPG-powered equipment are already being transported in dozens and even hundreds and are making money with them.

To convert the Mercedes-Benz OM457 diesel engine to methane, the gas-diesel cycle was used, which was used on KAMAZ vehicles in the mid-80s. The use of modern electronics in the OM457 fuel equipment compared with mechanical injection pumps and vacuum gas reducers of almost 40 years ago made it possible to elegantly and efficiently convert the diesel engine. Now the KAMAZ-5490-S5 is equipped with Italian gas equipment by EMER, one of the five largest manufacturers of LPG components in the world. It is used by Volvo, Cummins, Caterpillar, and other gas engine manufacturers.

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Gas-powered tractors using liquid methane have now been developed. One problem: there are only six filling stations for the whole of Russia.

Gas-powered tractors using liquid methane have now been developed. One problem: there are only six filling stations for the whole of Russia.

The KAMAZ-5490-891-S5 gas-powered tractor has only one power option – 401 hp, 2000 Nm. In the end, according to the specification, the gas, smoothly replacing diesel fuel, provides the following average ratio: 55% diesel and 45% methane. When recalculating, one takes into account the price difference between diesel fuel – 40-41 rubles per liter and methane – 16.5-18 rubles per cubic meter, then this “delta” leads to savings. According to the specialists of KAMAZ, the carrier saves 2.5 rubles for each kilometer of the truck’s mileage. If the annual mileage is about 200,000 kilometers, it would save about half a million rubles for just one truck.

main axle

Another foreseeable and justified design solution is the use of a purely “Mercedes” drive axle, the Daimler HL6 model, which is installed on the Axor and Actros. It is 100% imported from Germany. The axle has a single hypoid gearing under the number 3 077, with a differential lock. Brakes are disc mechanisms.

Daimler drive axle. It has a stamped beam, ventilated disc brakes, differential lock.

Daimler drive axle. It has a stamped beam, ventilated disc brakes, differential lock.

cabin .

Chelny also could build its own basic tractor. Under the same index 5490 they were working on a completely different machine: with a cab, designed by order of KAMAZ by South Korean engineering company DMEC, owned by Kia Motors, which, in turn, since the late 90s is owned by Hyundai. And Hyundai Motor is seriously cooperating with Daimler. They already had ready prototypes of the whole family of these cabins: wide and narrow, with a sleeping bag and a tag, in short. The cabs turned out very successful, but the interior design was not clear. Now the Mercedes-Benz Axor cab is installed on the KAMAZ-5490.

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Read more about the fourth generation of KAMAZ-5490 here.

KAMAZ-5490 truck tractor

KAMAZ 5490 (2013-2017) prices and technical specifications. Review of KAMAZ 5490 (4×2) with photos and video.

Kamaz-5490 is a modern long-haul tractor with a comfortable cab, a German engine and high payload. The truck was firstly presented at the Comtrans international exhibition in Moscow in September 2011. However, serial production began only two years later, in October 2013.


All-metal cabin from Kamaz “5490” has an attractive appearance, high-quality four-point suspension, aerodynamic body cladding and electric tipping drive.

Interior of the Kamaz-5490 cabin

The improved cab interior is complemented by a high roof and two sleeping berths, allowing the tractor to be used for inter-regional and international freight transport.

The total length of the high-capacity luggage compartment is 6130 mm, with a 3580 mm wheelbase and 1475 mm front overhang.

Kamaz-5490 vehicle dimensions

The total height of the vehicle at the top of the cab ranges between 3300 and 3780 mm, its width is 2550 mm without mirrors and 2950 mm with mirrors, and ground clearance reaches 220 mm.

KAMAZ-5490 is equipped with 1100 mm high crossover device (CRO), two degrees of freedom and 2-inch front suspension (50.8 mm).

Curb weight of Kamaz tractor truck does not exceed 7990 kg and payload (CRO load) is 10535 kg. Gross weight of the truck is 18,600 kg. With a maximum permissible load it is 7100 kg on the front axle and 11500 kg on the rear axle. KAMAZ-5490 tractor is designed to pull a semi-trailer with a total weight of 36100 kg, while the gross weight of the street must not exceed 44000 kg.

There are two versions of engines for KAMAZ-5490 complying with Euro-5 environmental requirements:

  • The base engine for the tractor unit is a CO-SIX cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz “OM-457LA.V/3” with a 11.97-liter capacity with an air-cooled, medium fuel turbocharger PLD, which produces 401 horsepower and 2000 nm of torque at 1100 rpm.
  • Alternatively, it is powered by a Daimler “OM-457LA” diesel six with identical displacement and unit, which produces 428 “horses” at 1900 rpm and 2,100 Nm of peak torque at 1100 rpm.
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Both engines are equipped with a 16-speed synchronized “manual” ZF16S221 with intarder, which means the ability to use all-wheel drive at speeds up to 110 km/h and one ZF-Sachs MF Z-430 membrane. As an option, a 12-band as-tronic can be installed instead of a manual gearbox.

The KAMAZ-5490 tractor is based on a biaxial frame with a spring suspension in front and a two-point air system with electronic control at the rear.

Wheel arrangement is 4×2, and the drive is rear. The tractor is equipped with a Daimler HL6 hypoid drive axle with a gear ratio of 3.077 and differential lock.

All tractors are equipped with disc brakes and completed with electro-pneumatic actuator control EBS and AS R-anti circuit. In addition, the “Kama” is equipped with ESP system of directional stability.

Prices. Prices for the Kamaz 5490 in the Russian market in 2017 start from the mark~3,500,000 rubles.

In the basic configuration, the tractor is equipped with: electro-pneumatic braking system (EBS), LED headlights for tag lighting, directional stability technology (ESP), anti-wing system (ASR), preheating, autonomous heating in the cabin, electric windows, critical settling system of blocks and other seats, adjustable seats and other devices.

For extra charge the truck can be equipped with air conditioning, electric heating, audio system with USB-connector, heated seats, electric drive and other modern options.

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