Kamaz-5460. Power unit and fuel consumption. Transmission and power supply. What to write on forums: reviews of owners

Kamaz-5460. Power unit and fuel consumption. Transmission and power supply. What to write on forums: reviews of owners

The development of this vehicle began in the mid-1990s, and serial production of the Kamaz 5460 tractor truck was mastered in 2003. According to the manufacturer, this is the first truck of the chamber auto system, which can be rightfully positioned as a long-haul tractor. In 2010, the truck was deeply restored, so the KAMAZ 5460-046-22 appeared on the market.

Structurally, KAMAZ-5460 is a frame two-axle chassis with a (rear) front axle (bicycle formula four by two) and front mounted engine. Production of the vehicle continues to this day, it is in steady demand, small batches of tractors are sold to foreign airlines.

Exterior, interior and cost of the Kamaz-5460

The truck is equipped with a shameless torn cab with a high roof, a new rusted radiator and an impact resistant molded bumper. The truck got new headlights, a full windshield with three wipers and large mirrors with different viewing angles. Access to the cabin is facilitated by two steps with anti-slip coating. It should be present on the door handles and locks, which the truck inherited from the VA Z-2108.

The cabin is equipped with two or three pilot’s chairs, which in all the aircraft are equipped with pneumatic suspension and adjustment mechanisms. Depending on the configuration, the Kamaz-5460 is equipped with one or two sleeping bags. Pay attention to the upgraded three-piece fitting visor made of high quality plastic with anti-glare coating. Drivers note the successful layout of the panel and its attractive appearance. The steering column has a mechanism for extending and tilting, hydraulic steering booster is available in basic version.

The cost of the new KAMAZ 5460 tractor unit in the restyled version ranges from 4,200,000 to 4,850,000 rubles. The car of 2014-2015 production year can be purchased at a price of 2,200,000 rubles.

Description, technical and operational features of the Kamaz-5460

Overall dimensions and payload

  • Chassis length: 6,340 millimeters;
  • Width without exterior side mirrors: 2 550 millimeters;
  • Height of tractor with repaired cab: 3 130 millimeters;
  • Height of saddle locking device (CRC): 1 100 mm;
  • Curb weight of the machine: 7 350 kilograms;
  • Maximum saddle load (CCO): 8,700 kg;
  • Maximum weight of transported semi-trailer: 32 000 kg;
  • Total weight of the Kamaz-5460 vehicle on the street: 40,000 kg;
  • Type of wheels: aluminum or steel window alloy;
  • Type and size of tires: Soundlos/ 315/60 R22.5.
  • Maximum tractor speed: 90 km/h.
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Power unit and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-5460

The main route of power units with which the KAMAZ-5460 is equipped consists of three domestic turbocharged engines:

  • Kamaz-740.61-320;
  • Kamaz-740.50-360;
  • KAMAZ-64-420.

Kamaz-740.61-320. According to its environmental characteristics this four-stroke diesel meets Euro-3 standards. The engine has an impressive displacement of 11.8 liters and develops 320 hp at a crankshaft speed of 1,900 rpm. This indicator is achieved due to the presence of a turbocharger system, the main elements of which are two turbochargers and a gas turbine. It should be noted that this engine uses OnV technology (forced cooling of charge air), and the turbodiesel is also equipped with an electronic control unit. The KAMAZ-740.61-320 was installed on a small quantity of KAMAZ 5460 trucks, because the market uses vehicles with more powerful engines.

Kamaz-740.50-360. For most properties this engine does not differ from its predecessor. It is an eight-cylinder diesel engine with a V-shaped cylinder arrangement and a 90 0 camber. However, by changing some settings and small changes in design, the engine power has increased to 360 hp, but the environmental index dropped to Euro-2.

Kamaz-64-420. The most powerful and most demanding engine in Kamaz-5460 engine lineup. Production of this engine was established in 2008, its environmental parameters meet Euro-3 standards. Construction of the Kamaz-64-420. Features The working volume of the engine has not changed – 11.76 liters, but its nominal power at a crankshaft speed of 1900 rpm has increased to 420 hp. Maximum torque is 1864 Nm at 1,300 rpm. The engine is equipped with electronic control system, which saves fuel and reduces emissions.

Fuel consumption rate of KAMAZ-5460 depends on the technical condition of the truck and operating conditions. When transporting loads of up to 20 tonnes on city streets at 70-80 km/h and on semi-hard roads, the vehicle consumes from 25 to 27 liters of diesel fuel. When transporting heavy loads on rough roads in the mountainous terrain the truck can consume 40 to 50 liters of fuel.

In basic configuration, the Kamaz-5460 is equipped with a sufficiently large fuel tank of 500 liters. The KAMAZ-5460-046-22 modification is equipped with a 700 liter fuel tank.

Transmission and power plant of Kamaz-5460

Kamaz-5460 is equipped with a mechanical sixteen-speed ZF 16S151 from German company ZF Fredrichshafen AG. The gearbox consists of a main field with 8 speeds, two-speed divider and demultiplier. The front speeds are engaged by means of synchronizers, which are engaged by means of a toothed clutch. The gearbox is tested with a remote vibro lever. Interaction between engine and transmission is by means of MFZ-430 diaphragm single disc transmission from ZF Sachs. The clutch is hydraulically actuated and pneumatically actuated.

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The top models of the Kamaz-5460 tractor are equipped with an automatic twelve-speed ZF-Astronic12as 1931to gearbox. Automatic gearbox provides excellent acceleration dynamics and at the same time does not lead to a significant increase in fuel consumption. The gearbox is equipped with an electric control system and is aggregated with an automatic clutch.

The car’s electrical appliances and electronic units are powered by a 24-volt 24-volt power supply for individual temporary wiring. The truck is equipped with two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 A / h and a 28-volt two-kilowatt generator. An inverter in the cab of the truck is responsible for voltage stabilization.

Braking system and suspension of Kamaz-5460.

The KAMAZ-5460 bonneted tractor is equipped with slightly outdated, but very effective drum brakes. Each wheel is equipped with a pneumatic brake mechanism with a drum diameter of 420 millimeters and width of 1800 mm. In addition to the main brake, the backup, auxiliary and parking brakes are responsible for safety, possibly an emergency bike section with a special pneumatic mechanism. All brake systems of the truck have many frequent parts and units, but at the same time they can work autonomously. The truck is equipped with ABC system, which greatly increases the safety of the vehicle when driving on the street.

The first versions of Kamaz-5460 had a traditional spring suspension, which was later abandoned and the rear end of the vehicle was installed on air suspension. As a result, the ride is smoother and the height of saddle can be reduced. The front suspension was implemented according to the old scheme and plays the main task of semi-elliptical sources with hydraulic shock absorbers. In order to prevent dangerous rolls and raise the truck, the front part of the vehicle is equipped with a stability stabilizer reps.

Detailed technical and operational features of the Kamaz-5460 tractor truck can be found here:

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What they’re talking about on the forums: Reviews from owners and drivers

Ivan Ivanov, 36 years old, Moscow region:

I work on the Kamaz-5460 new design for the third year. Outside updated cabin, but inside it is still impractical, my back begins to hurt after 150 – 200 miles. My engine is Kamaz 740.50-360, its power is clearly not enough to move the truck downhill, and the acceleration is out of the question. In general, the impressions are not very positive.

KAMAZ 5460. Characteristics, main advantages and disadvantages of the tractor

KAMAZ 5460 – tractor for long vehicles

At the beginning of this century, the main problem of KAMAZ tractor trucks was that they could not be used together with euro trucks, which significantly united the range of their application. In 2003, the plant’s designers presented Kamaz-5460 – the first forty-four-axle tractor with the wheel configuration of 4*2. The chassis was equipped with an unacceptable interlaced cabin and 400 – strong diesel engine.

The first trucks of this model caused serious criticism of the drivers. Most of the complaints were about the outdated, very uncomfortable and shaky cabin. After testing the first modification of the chassis, many drivers complained, according to the testers, of a strong vibration in the faulty place, and the driver’s feet were literally bouncing. Comfort was out of the question. As a result, measures were taken to find a new cab for KAMAZ 5460. Korean engineers and designers were involved, who created the current cab of the vehicle.

First of all, the appearance of the car has changed, it received a new radiator grille, superimposed plastic parts and convenient steps for access to the interior. The new interior is equipped with two or three seats with air suspension and a comfortable sleeper. The dashboard is also changed – it is made of high quality plastic, note its informativeness and ergonomics. As an advantage of the new cabin drivers note a large number of different drawers for personal items and tools of the driver, as well as a modern windshield with excellent visibility.

On the manufacturer’s website the cost of the new Kamaz-5460 is 2-3.5 million rubles, depending on the configuration. Prices for used trucks of this model range from 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 rubles.

dimensions and payload.

Due to the refusal of one of the axles the total length of the chassis is slightly reduced in comparison with other Kamskoe trucks, other parameters have not changed significantly.

  • The length is 6,340 mm:
  • width – 2 500 mm;
  • height – 3 120 mm;
  • curb weight of the chassis – 7 350 kg;
  • GVW – 18 000 kg;
  • GVW in the train – 40 tons;
  • Maximum speed – 110 km/h.
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Engine and fuel consumption

This model is equipped with two types of diesel engines – Kamaz 740.63-400 and Kamaz 740.64-420. Both engines have 8 cylinders with V-shaped arrangement, but differ in power and some other characteristics. Experiments were carried out with the installation of weaker engines, but they are not justified.

The main engine for this model is a turbodiesel KAMAZ 740.64-420 with a displacement of 11.76 liters and nominal power of 420 hp. Vermicular graphite is used for manufacturing of piston group parts, which improves engine durability and reduces noise level. Also the technology of carbonization of the crankshaft is used, which significantly increases the service life. KAMAZ-5460 engine is equipped with a conventional purchased fuel system for rails, due to which the fuel supply allows more accurate dosage, which significantly reduces its consumption. Also the power unit is equipped with an electronic control unit Bosch (made in China), which allows to detect errors and diagnose faults in time.

Fuel consumption depends on operating conditions and the type of engine installed on the vehicle. In summer Kamaz-5460 consumes from 25 to 35 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers, in winter the consumption is slightly higher, up to 40 liters. Originally the truck was equipped with a 500-liter fuel tank. Now it is equipped with two tanks of 350 liters, which significantly increases the mileage of the truck without refueling.

Transmission and brakes of Kamaz-5460

KAMAZ-5460 used experience of foreign manufacturers and equipped it with a reliable manual transmission ZF AS-TRONIC (similar gearbox is installed on many European trucks).

It should be noted that the box comes in two versions: manual and automatic, so you as a potential buyer have a certain choice. In manual mode, the driver changes the speed using the lever in the steering column, if the automatic box is used, it is enough to press or release the accelerator pedal. Electronics increases or decreases speed without additional intervention.

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Drivers note the smooth operation of the automatic transmission. Loading the car is also quick and backwards without jerking.

The KAMAZ-5460 is equipped with a time-tested single-acting diaphragm with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster. The vehicle is equipped with classic drum brakes with hydraulic drive and hydraulic booster. In addition to the main brake system, there are dial, auxiliary and backup brake systems.

As already mentioned, the Kamaz-5460 has many electronic and electrical systems, which are powered by two 12-volt batteries with a total capacity of 380 AH. There is also a 2,000 W generator installed.

A more detailed description, technical and operational features of the Kamaz-5460 can be found here:

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The most important advantages and disadvantages of the tractor


  • High-quality German-made gearbox;
  • Reliable, waiting engine, of domestic production;
  • The presence of the common rail system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption;
  • Presence of electronic control unit Bosch for troubleshooting;
  • High payload and cross-country capability of the Kamaz-5460 tractor.


  • Many drivers complain about the low quality of the car assembly;
  • The first modifications of the Kamaz-5460 were equipped with outdated cabs with strong vibration and poor sound insulation.
  • Requires quality fuel.

Video evaluation of the KAMAZ-5460

KAMAZ-5460: inside, outside, general view of the tractor:

Kamaz-5460: Before and after overhaul:

Fertile frame repair on the Kamaz-5460:

What they write on the forums: Reviews from drivers and owners of the Kamaz-5460

Yefim URALTSEV, 53, Sverdlovsky district:

I have been driving a Kamaz-5460 since 2015. In general, a good tractor, the engine power is enough, the dynamics is also not bad, no complaints to the transmission and clutch. It is very important to use quality fuel, do not skimp on oil and do not overload the car. Despite all the changes, the cabin looks unremarkable and shakes on bumps quite well. Because of the vibrations the electronics often fails – there is a dissolved connector and completely lost contact. Of course, in terms of reliability, the Kamaz-5460 is inferior to the Volvo (it worked before), but the machine is quite bearable.

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