KAMAZ-5410: the legendary truck model. Technical and operational features

KAMAZ-5410: technical characteristics

Kamaz 5410: technical characteristics

KAMAZ-5410 is an outstanding truck, which led the glorious family of semi-trailers produced by the Kama Automobile Plant. Due to its reliability and endurance, functionality and unpretentiousness, this model was recognized as one of the most successful developments of the Soviet automotive industry. For several decades, various modifications of KamAZ-5410 were actively used not only in the USSR, but also in more than forty countries.

Versatility of design of truck tractor allows using it with different types of semi-trailers, designed, for example, to transport various cargoes, liquefied gas, fuel and other liquids, agricultural products, etc. Despite its old age, many of these trucks are still in use today.

History of KAMAZ-5410

KamAZ-5410 truck tractor is one of the vehicles developed on the basis of the first three-axle heavy truck, which received index 5320. The prototype’s debut was in 1974 and in February 1976 the company made serial production vehicles such as truck tractor 5410, dump truck 5511, truck 53212 with an extended bed, chassis 53213, as well as its two-axle analogues.

The release of these vehicles was timed to the XXV. Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR. All representatives of this family had a similar design and in many ways were the same.

History of the creation of the Kamaz 5410 model

Due to its unique technical characteristics, KAMAZ-5410 became one of the most popular vehicles in the line. This model remained in demand for a long time in the post-Soviet period, so its production continued until 2006. KAMAZ-54115 became a worthy successor of the type of three-axle tractor trucks, which received a number of design innovations that allowed to increase their payload, power and comfort.

Technical Specifications

KAMAZ-5410 belongs to the class of tractor trucks with 6×4 wheel configuration. Its design includes a fifth wheel with two degrees of freedom. The truck is designed to use as a train with a total mass of 25.9 tonnes.

mass-dimensional characteristics
  • Curb weight of the vehicle – 6 650 kg (3 350 kg – load on the front axle + 3 300 kg – on the rear axle);
  • GVW is 14 900 kg (3 940 kg – load on front axle + 10 960 kg – on bogie);
  • maximum fifth wheel load – 8 100 kg;
  • the maximum mass of the trailer – 14 500 kg.
Dynamic characteristics
  • maximum speed – 85 km/h;
  • acceleration time up to 60 km/h – 70 seconds;
  • coasting distance of the road train from 50 km/h to a full stop – 800 m;
  • braking distance at a speed of 60 km/h – 38.5 m;
  • Angle of elevation – 18˚.
  • Car length – 6 180 mm;
  • Width – 2 500 mm;
  • height – 2 830 mm;
  • Height with raised cabin – 3 360 mm;
  • base – 3 350 mm
  • Turning radius – 7.7 m (outer wheel), 8.5 m (total).

Technical features of the Kamaz-5410

Fuel consumption

By today’s standards, Kamaz-5410 does not pull the title of an economical vehicle. Average fuel consumption of this machine is about 41 liters per 100 kilometers. However, this figure increases significantly under load and even in winter.

Due to this uncomfortable “appetite” of the truck, KAMAZ designers replaced the 250-liter tank, which was originally equipped with large capacities. Therefore the base version of the truck is equipped with a 350-liter fuel tank, and the more expensive modification has a 500-liter tank.

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Kamaz-5410 engine

Firstly, all modifications of Kamaz-5410 were equipped with a four-stroke engine Kamaz-740.10. This is V8 diesel engine with a working volume of 10.85 liters. Rated power was 210 hp, and the torque is 668 Nm.

KAMAZ-740.10 engine

Over the years, this engine has proven to be reliable and unpretentious, but its environmental performance left much to be desired.

Over time, the 240-liter tractor began to be equipped with more advanced engines with turbocharger KAMAZ-740.11. P, which meet Euro-1 environmental standards.

Now on Russian roads the Kamaz-5410 is equipped with in-line 6-cylinder turbocharged engines with working volume of 9.5 liters and capacity of 260 hp. C. BMZ-31.06.01 (Euro-2), which was made at the Belgorod Power Plant.


The engine of the Kamaz-5410 works in conjunction with a 5-speed manual transmission with manual overdrive. The gearbox design contains a splitter in which there is an additional 2-speed box between the clutch and the main gearbox, which provides an increase in the number of speeds, i.e., H. up to 10.

The gear ratio of the main bike is 5.43. The engine torque is transmitted to the gearbox by two x-DIS C-DROU K-DROU K-DROU K-DROUK, which is equipped with a hydraulic drive with a pneumatic booster. The friction coating has a diameter of 350 mm.


Unfortunately, the KAMAZ-5410 cannot smooth out the rough roads. Considering that this is not a stray vehicle, the chassis is in principle very well designed.

KAMAZ-5410 owners' reviews

Two semi-elliptic leaf springs with the front wheels and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers are responsible for reducing vertical vibrations for soft overcoming of street irregularities. Rear wheel suspension is of the balancer type, which is created by several semi-oval longitudinal springs with 6 nozzles.

Front and rear axles of tractor are equipped with 7.0-20 (178-508) non-disk bicycles, “shod” in pneumatic radial tires 9.00R20 (260R508).

KAMAZ-5410 Braking system

Braking system

The truck is equipped with pneumatic actuated drum brakes for all bikes. The brake drums are 400 mm in diameter and the brake belt is 140 mm wide. In all modifications of tractors on semi-trailers the brake system with a combined drive, except for versions equipped with specialized heavy haulers semitrailers, a dual-disc brake scheme is used.

KAMAZ-5410 frame

The main frame elements of Kamaz-5410 truck consist of 8 mm steel plate with perforation. The frame structure consists of two longitudinal bars with a U-shaped profile and five cross bars with a prefabricated structure. All elements are riveted together.

The front of the frame is equipped with a buffer with multiple tensile forks. The rear cross-bar of the frame has a rigid trailing device, which is designed for towing malfunctioning vehicles over short distances.

The KAMAZ-5410 cab: an overview of the operation


The external design of the driver’s cab of the Kamaz-5410 is extremely simple and laconic, as it should be for all trucks of the Soviet period. The main task of designers was to create the most functional and hardworking cars, so no one cared about the aesthetic component.

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Primitive angular shape cab, a thin radiator grille, awkwardly hanging down rough metal shock absorber rod, small round headlights, a flat two-part windshield – these were inherent features of the whole period. In general, it is safe to summarize that the appearance of this semitrailer will not give pleasure even to the happiest of optimists.

Kamaz-5410 cab


The interior of the cab is also notable for its lack of frills. There is not even a hint of comfort in the cabin – the brutal Spartan style reigns here.

The positive points are a spacious cabin, which is achieved by the alcove design of the cabin, as well as a convenient location and informativeness of the instruments, adjustable driver’s seat with feathers, which, although minimally, but provide comfort when driving on bumps. Unfortunately, the passenger seats do not have such “luxury”.

As for the interior design, the manufacturer has offered two options: without a berth and with a berth. Vehicles designed for short distances were equipped with two or three seats. Tractors for long trips were equipped with a sleeping compartment, where the drivers could rest and which was behind the seats.

Unfortunately, for all 30 years during which Kamaz-5410 was produced, there were no serious improvements to improve comfort in the cabin.

Modifications of the Kamaz-5410

In order to maximize the functional resources of the Kamaz-5410 tractor and ensure the possibility of its operation in any climatic conditions, the Kamaz automobile plant plans several modifications:

    • The hydroficated version of the KAMAZ-5410 is designed for use with special trailers.
    • Modifications 5410, 54112 Tropic – for operation in hot regions;
    • 54112xl modification – for operation at extremely low temperatures;
    • KAMAZ-54101 modification with special hydraulic equipment for transportation of GKB-9575 muzzle-loader with carrying capacity of 13.5 tonnes;


    • A modification with the index 54102, distinguished by its ability to carry loads of 14 tons on twin drive axles. Designed for use with Odaz-9385 flatbed trailer.

    Costs of Kamaz-5410

    Despite the excellent performance qualities of the KamAZ-5410, you should not forget about its advanced age. The car has been produced for 30 years, and more than 10 years have passed since the end of its production. And although there are many offers to sell this model on secondary market, there are not so many people, who want to buy it. The reason is that it is almost impossible to find such truck in good condition, and the old versions of the engine do not meet environmental standards.

    As a result the sellers have to reduce the price of this truck to a minimum. Thus, the cost of modifications of the 80s ranges from 180 to 200 thousand rubles, the price range of machines of the 90s is from 300 to 500 thousand rubles, and for the newer models are asked from 600 thousand to 1 million rubles.

    The reviews of KamAZ-5410 owners

    Artem, 43 years old, Magadan

    I bought this tractor two years ago. The year it was manufactured was 1992, so I won’t talk about its satisfactory condition. The previous owner didn’t seem to care much about the condition of the machine while he needed it.

    Anyway, if it wasn’t for the ridiculous price and my boundless optimism, I hardly would have chosen this option, because it wasn’t a truck, but a big problem. In that time I had almost completely rebuilt the vehicle.

    The amount of work that had to be redone can’t even be called a repair, since I was actually assembling a new car. But the worst is over. The main thing is that now the tractor works and makes good money, so all my efforts were not in vain. Now I want to add comfort to the cab and make the standard KAMAZ exterior more attractive.


    KAMAZ-5410 in operation

    Nikolay Semenovich, 60, Samara

    I had to work at KAMAZ-5410 in 80s. As a result our transport company bought several new KAMAZ trucks, including this truck.

    I drove it for about five years, moreover, I toured almost all Russia. As far as I can remember there were no problems. The truck was reliable, easy to operate, comfortable and quiet. Of course I was lucky to get in a new truck, because when they started producing these trucks they were very much concerned about quality.

    Today I still see these trucks on the road and wonder how they survived to this day, because they are removed from production long ago.

    KAMAZ-5410: the legendary truck model. Technical and operational features

    The best characteristic of this truck is that it was produced at the Kama plant for 30 years. The first copies of KamAZ-5410 semi-trailer were received by customers in 1976, the last truck came off the assembly line of the Kama plant not so long ago – in 2010. The truck became popular due to its simple design, reliability and low maintenance costs, so popular. Not to mention the versatility of this machine. It is used as a semi-trailer heavy-duty truck, its chassis are used to mount tanks, trough and flatbed bodies, cranes and other manipulators. For a long time KamAZ-5410 faithfully served the military. This truck was used to transport equipment, military equipment and personnel to the most remote and hard-to-reach regions.

    KAMAZ-5410: inside and outside

    By design, the Kamaz-5410 is a three-axle frame truck with a front-mounted engine and two drive axles (cyclic scheme six times four). There is an all-metal cab over the diesel engine, which allows to raise access to the engine. The truck was produced in several climatic modifications, including the Arctic and the tropics. According to the manufacturer, Kamaz-5410 was exported to more than 40 countries.

    Externally, the vehicle is characterized by simplicity and laconicism of solutions. Outside, the standard KAMAZ cabin had round headlights (after a redesign they were replaced by square ones), mirrors with different angles and a windshield divided by a slot. The unpretentious shape of the truck forced many owners to invest in a little tuning to give their vehicle a more modern look.

    The interior of the cab was also simple and practical. There were two or three seats in the cab, and the driver’s seat could be adjusted for back tilt and distance to the steering column. A bed was available as an option. The dashboard is made of metal, it is not very informative, and its appearance can hardly be described as modern. Driver comfort is provided by the parking heater and fan.

    Due to the production set-up, it is not possible to buy a new Kamaz-5410. At the same time, on the secondary market there are enough offers to sell the model. How much will you have to pay for a used vehicle, depends on the technical condition, mileage and year of manufacture. Models from the late 80s – early 90s cost 200-350,000 rubles, for a car manufactured around the turn of the 20th-21st centuries, you will have to pay half a million and more rubles.

    Good news can expect collectors of scale models. Not so long ago the Kazan company “Elekon” has fixed the release of the model Kamaz-5410, today it can be purchased at a price of 1,100 – 1,200 rubles.

    Kamaz-5410: technical and operational properties

    Dimensions and payload

    • Replacement frame length: 6,180 millimeters;
    • Width without mirror: 2 500 mm;
    • Height: 2 830 mm;
    • Ground clearance: 280 mm;
    • Turning radius on the street (without trailer): 8,5 meters;
    • Own weight of the vehicle: 6 650 kg;
    • Maximum load on the fifth wheel: 8,100 kilograms;
    • Total weight of the trailer: 14 500 kg;
    • Maximum permissible weight in the cargo train: 25 900 kg;
    • Type of tire: Tillless;
    • Tire types: Tires with tubes, pneumatic;
    • Tire size: 9.00R20 (260R508)
    • Maximum speed of the vehicle: 85 km/h.

    Power and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-5410

    The first modifications of KAMAZ-5410 were equipped with a domestic diesel engine KAMAZ-740.10. The engine is simple and reliable in operation, but has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, it consumes too much fuel, and secondly, it emits a lot of pollutants. This engine has been assigned an environmental index of Euro 0, which means that it is not allowed to operate in many regions of Russia. By design, it is a V-shaped atmospheric eight with a working volume of 10.85 liters and a rated power of 210 hp.

    The majority of KAMAZ-5410 tractor trucks and dump trucks were shifted to the more up-to-date KAMAZ-740.11 engine. This diesel V-type ‘eight’ is turbocharged and air-cooled at medium temperature; its displacement is 10.85 l and rated power is 240 hp. According to environmental parameters the turbodiesel corresponds to Euro-1.

    Some KAMAZ-5410 trucks were equipped with in-line six-cylinder turbodiesel BMZ-31.06.01 (Euro-2) with a working volume of 9.5 liters and nominal power of 260 hp.

    As already said, the truck can not be called economical. Kamaz 740.10 equipped with this engine consumes from 40 to 50 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The versions of the truck with other engines burn 10-15% less. The truck is equipped with two types of fuel tanks: 350 or 500 liters.

    Transmission and power unit of the KAMAZ-5410

    The KAMAZ-5410 gearbox KAMAZ-15 is responsible for changing the torque and transmitting it to the drive axles. This ten black mechanics consists of a five-speed gearbox and a two-stage splitter. Due to the presence of the divider the number of gears is increased to twelve: ten in the front and two in the rear. Gears are shifted from the driver’s cab with a swivel lever and a pneumo-mechanical switch on the divider. High gear ratio (7.82 – 0.815) ensures good dynamics of acceleration and provides comfort and safety of the driver while driving.

    The interaction between the power unit and the transmission is carried out through a dry double-disc clutch of diaphragm type. The unit is hydraulically actuated and pneumatically powered.

    The KAMAZ-5410 is equipped with a 24-volt single-line electrical system. Chains and electrical equipment are made by two 12-volt batteries and 28-volt generator with a capacity of two kilowatts. The car is also equipped with a voltage regulator.

    Brakes and suspension of Kamaz-5410.

    The truck is equipped with drum-type main brakes. Each wheel has a drum with a diameter of 400 millimeters, and the width of the brake pads is 140 mm. Most models of semi-trailers with which the Kamaz-5410 works use a combined power system. In addition to the wheels, the truck is equipped with an auxiliary, backup and parking brake.

    Front suspension is made on two leaf springs, which work in tandem with hydraulic shock absorbers. The front ends of the featherweights are attached to the brackets with removable earrings and pins. The rear ends of the front leaf springs are supported by replaceable protective bushings. The rear suspension is of a similar type, the difference being more leaf springs, as the rear of the vehicle is subjected to more loads.

    More details about KAMAZ-5410 Crom tractor specifications you can find here:

    models KAMAZ-5410 KAMAZ-54112.
    Weight, attributable to the fifth wheel device, kg 8100 11100
    Weight of attached equipment, kg. 6650 7000
    front axle 3350 3520
    per vehicle 3300 3480
    Gross weight, kg 14900 18325
    front axle 3940 4395
    per vehicle 10960 13930
    Maximum permissible gross weight on the road, kg 25900 33000
    Maximum road speed, km/h 80 80
    Acceleration time to 60 km/h, s 70 80
    Maximum overcoming through traffic lane, % overcoming, % 18 18
    over the track 50 km/h, m 800 900
    Braking distance of a road train at the speed of 60 km/h, m 38.5 38.5
    Control street fuel consumption, l/100 km
    at 60 km/h 32.0 34.0
    at 80 km/h 40.4 46.1
    Drehradius, M:
    On the outer wheel 7,7 8,0
    Gabarit 8,5 9,0
    Tire pressure, kgf/cm 2:
    front 6,5 7,3
    rear 4,3 5,3

    Kamaz-5410 video overview

    A review of Kamaz-5410 grain truck:

    KAMAZ-5410 with YAMZ-238 V8 engine

    Checking out the low roof and sleeper cab for the Kamaz-5410:

    What they write on forums: Reviews of Kamaz-5410 owners and drivers

    Anton Stepanischev, 43, Ryazan region:

    I bought the Kamaz-5410 recently, I bought the car in 1995, so I did not have to talk about a satisfactory technical condition. The purchase of such an old truck was due to the average drawback, although I had to invest a lot of money in it during the repair. Now I work as a truck tractor on medium distances, the engine works fine, although it consumes about 45 liters of fuel, the cabin is warm and not too noisy. I can feel the vibration though. I think to work a few more years to build a newer truck, this machine has already exhausted itself in many ways.

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