Kamaz-53605. Overall dimensions and load capacity. Technical Specifications. Video reviews

KAMAZ-53605: Technical Specifications

Kamaz-53605: Technical Specifications

Kamaz-53605 is a two-axle 4×2 chassis, which is presented in two versions: a universal chassis and dump truck. It is produced by the Kama Automobile Plant since 2005. In 2012 the classic Kamazov cabin was replaced by a restyled model, which was made on the basis of Mercedes Axor Trucks cabin. Kamaz-536o5 as a dump truck and chassis is mainly used in urban supply companies.

About the history of Kamaz trucks 4×2

In the early 2000’s at a number of exhibitions and shows, the Kamaz automobile plant presented new trucks with 4×2 wheel configuration, which was completely justified as a completely new and quite promising project. After all, there were (and for a long time already) two-axle vehicles in the range, including sports trucks for rally starts. But at that time they were all Rade, and therefore the appearance of KAMAZ model 53605 in the model range as a new stage, an innovation in the development of the system.

About the history of the Kamaz-Zweichers 4x2 vehicle

Initially, the project was designed to meet the increased needs of repair, supply enterprises, as well as repair and construction units of housing and communal services. At that time there was a shortage of such vehicles: old, including ZIL, a significant part, “wide” and adjusted to meet the increased requirements for fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Only MAZ supplied relatively new inexpensive two-axle 4×2. And Naberezhnye Chelny decided to compete in this important market segment with the Minsk plant.

Of course, the two-row axles are much better suited to work in cramped urban conditions, than the three-axle or two-axle four-wheel drive. Especially if they are also characterized by compact overall dimensions. Two 4x2s are more maneuverable and turnable and of course consume less diesel fuel.

The first in serial production was a chassis KAMAZ-536o5 for the installation of bodies and buildings for municipal and street utility purposes: garbage trucks, trucks, vacuum trucks, vocal cables and so on. Following it, the Kamaz-536o5 dump truck with 4×2 wheel arrangement came out of the “series”.

The project did not unfold at once. For potential customers the new Kamaz development was initially a “dark horse”, because the same MAZ-5551 4×2 with the engine YAMZ-236m2 (180 hp) or YAMZ-236no (230 hp) and a proven model was already known. And Maz was cheaper (and is still cheaper than similar Kamaz).

Design features. Frame and suspension

For Kamaz-53605 vehicles an original frame design is used, which takes into account significant and non-uniform loads during operation (including lifting and unloading of cargoes by tipper platform). Such heterogeneity, uneven distribution of load over the volume and not always ideal level position of the loader lead to the formation of shock forces, bending and torsional moments.

Therefore, the loader frame is characterized by an increased cross-section of the profile. To reduce these negative effects in the mulched Kamaz-536O5 dump truck, “floating” mounting of the auxiliary platform frame on the chassis frame was applied. The rear part of the auxiliary frame is rigidly fixed, the middle part is bolted with coupling flanges and the front part is fixed with feathers. This allows the load platform to adapt, so to speak, to changing loads. Relative movement of the auxiliary frames and the frame compensates for vibrations.

The KAMAZ-536o5 chassis is based on spring suspension front and rear. The design of the front wheel suspension is similar to the KAMAZ-652o muldikipper, and the rear wheel suspension is similar to the KAMAZ-546o tractor, which has the same wheelbase of 3.95 meters. Suspension of front and rear wheels of the Kamaz-536O5 is mounted on semi-echter single ear feathers. The front ends of the leaf springs are attached to the frame holders with split lugs, the rear wheel suspension is also equipped with leaf springs.

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Design features. Frame and suspension.

The free ends of the front suspension springs are with rubber-metal suspension, which replaced the former, with replaceable bushings and sidewalls, and the rear suspension is with a sliding support. Both front and rear suspensions are equipped with stabilizers, which increase angular rigidity of suspension and reduce roll angle.

Tires of Kamaz-536o5 trucks are cut with a rim size 9,0-22,5 (previously also used size 8,5-20 (216-508)); Tires – pneumatic, chamber or tubeless, size 315/80 R22, 5 (previously also used 12,00 R20 (320 R508)). Inner axle – with dual tires.

One of the features of this “city truck” was the presence of side and rear underride guards, which were fully compliant with the UNCE rules #58 and #73. At the same time, the side guards did not obstruct access to the toolbox. The guard plates are held securely in place because special elastic plates support them and keep them from falling under the arches. The disadvantage of plastic is that it breaks when you try to use the sheet as a step. As additional equipment, the KAMAZ-536O5 chassis can be retrofitted with a power take-off box (PTO).

This model has become one of the most economical among trucks of the Kama Automobile Plant. Average diesel fuel consumption is about 26 liters in winter and 23 liters per hundred kilometers in summer.

Engines of Kamaz-53605

Currently (end of 2018), the only engine installed on KAMAZ-536O5 vehicles is a six-cylinder Cummins ISB6.7E5 300 turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. Maximum power output of this unit is 215 kW or 300 hp at a crankshaft speed of 2500 rpm. The maximum usable torque is 1087 N.m.M. (111 kgfm) at a crankshaft speed of 1300 rpm. The displacement of this engine is 6.7 liters. Compression ratio is 17.3. This diesel engine is made in China, and it is assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny at a joint venture Kamins-Kama.

Kamaz-53605 Engines

Kamaz 74o.3o-26o engine.

Initially, only own classical Kamaz diesel engines were used on Kamaz-536o5: Kamaz 74o.3o-24o (240 hp or 176 kW, maximum torque 912 Nm); Kamaz 74o.3o-26o (260 hp or 191 kW, maximum torque 1060 Nm) and Kamaz 74o.3o-28o (280 hp or 206 kW, maximum torque 1177 Nm). These are eight-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines with turbocharger and intercooling system. The working volume of all three versions of diesels is 10.85 liters.

KAMAZ-53605-01 Engines

Power units KAMAZ-740.30 were installed on KAMAZ-536O5 up to 2012. After that, their use on this model has been completely abandoned in favor of more modern and efficient Cummins. The Cummins ISB6.7 engine has been successively upgraded to modern Euro-5 compliant with the Euro-3 environmental standard.


The KAMAZ-536O5 engine is coupled with a manual transmission with nine gears of ZF 9S1310 model. Transmission ratios in the gears are: 1-9.48; 2-6.58; 3-4.68; 4-3.48; 5-2.62; 6-1.89; 7-1.35; 8-1.00; 9-0.75; ZX-8.97. Transmission: Gear ratio – 6.33.

In the early years of production, KAMAZ-536O5 trucks were also equipped with self-made transmission (KAMAZ-154) and six-speed gearbox ZF model 6S1000. The gearmotor is connected by the MFZ430 or MFZ395 fail-safe diaphragm, which has a hydraulic drive with a pneumatic drive. The clutch manufacturer is ZF & Sachs.


German transmissions from Getriebefabrik (ZF) are also assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny at the production site of the joint venture ZF-Kamama.

Self-supporting cargo platform KAMAZ-53605

Despite compact dimensions, the KAMAZ-536O5’s load space is the same as that of KAMAZ-55111 which has 6.5 m3. There is also a principle of automatic opening of the tailgate.

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The mechanism is placed under the platform, and the adjustable drawbar is connected to the eyes on the horn. Changes have been made to the component scheme of the platform lift in connection with the displacement of force application from the sight to its base (as in Kamaz-55111 dump truck). This has reduced the tilt moment arm and the angle of deflection of hydraulic cylinder when lifting the body. The hydraulic cylinder is attached to the platform with a swivel TSAFP.

KAMAZ-53605 tipper loading platform

KAMAZ-536O5 dump truck is used for transportation of loose construction and (or) industrial loads with a total weight of up to 11,700 kg. Self-propelled body is made of metal and has a rectangular box type. At the front there is a tube that protects the space between the cab and the deck, covering it from above.

The hydraulic cylinder and the entire lifting mechanism, as well as the platform for self-loading of the dump truck, are manufactured and installed at the Neftekamsk (Nefasskiy) automobile plant in Bashkiria. This is one of KAMAZ’s divisions. This plant is focused on lifting bodies and other KAMAZ dump trucks.

Rear drive axle

KAMAZ’s specialists used a radically new design of the rear drive axle for this 4×2 dump truck, which is designed for an axle load of 13 tons. Its layout scheme is similar to the design of the Mazov axles: the crankcases contain a bevel gear with an advanced differential, and the rear wheels – cylindrical in the form of planetary gears.

The use of a new axle on the Kamaz-536O5 entailed changes in the design of the driveline. In particular: the use of an intermediate support (the design of the former rear axles allowed to do without them). Of course, the use of one driving axle instead of two under the same operating conditions simplifies the whole construction and reduces the consumption of materials. The consequence of this is the reduction of curb weight and reduced drag. This is a good prerequisite for reducing diesel consumption.

Rear drive axle

Naturally, the two-axle concept also enables the operating and maintenance costs to be significantly reduced: four tires, four brake pads and eight liters of transmission oil “disappear” with the extra axle.

steering and brake control

Steering mechanism for KAMAZ trucks of this model from the very beginning was imported, made in Germany, up to the plant Gear or RBL. True, according to the technical description, the “proprietary” KAMAZ steering mechanism does not differ from them. In conjunction with the steering mechanism are used pumps for power steering of the same German companies, and in the technical specification pump KAMAZ-6520-3407200 produced by JSC “Hydraulic-Drive”, the city of Elets.

The braking system of KAMAZ-53605 is also imported from Wabco and Knorr-Bremse. It is equipped with ABS – antilock braking system. All wheels are equipped with reliable drum mechanisms with a drum diameter of 400 mm, 180 mm wide shoes and a total brake band area of 4800 cm2.

KAMAZ-53605 cabKamaz-53605 cab

KAMAZ-53605, which was updated in 2012, offers two versions of the cab: with a low or high roof. In both cases the new cabin is equipped with an air suspension, and its appearance, equipment and interior is similar to other modern KAMAZ series cabs – chassis, flatbed and trunks. Both versions of KAMAZ-53605 have no sleeping compartment, because this vehicle is designed exclusively for intracity and intra-regional transportation, not for long-distance trips.

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Technical characteristics in numbersIn Figures

In Figures

  • The length of the chassis is 6.65 or 7.13 m, the length of dump truck – 6.76 m, width – 2.5 m, height in the cabin: 2.945 m (with high cab), 2.89 m (with low cab).
  • Wheelbase of the chassis – 3,95 m or 4,2 m, wheelbase of dump truck – 3,95 m.
  • Ground clearance – 270 mm.
  • Curb weight of the chassis – 6,825 tons.
  • Equipped weight of the truck – 8,725 tons.
  • Load on the front axle – 4,025 tons (chassis), 4,525 tons (dump truck).
  • Load on the rear axle is 2.8 tons (chassis), 4.2 tons (dump truck).
  • Maximum permissible weight of the construction with cargo is 13.6 tons.
  • GVW of Aurtol is 20.5 tons.
  • Load on the front axle is 7.5 tons.
  • Rear axle load – 13 tons.
  • Total weight of the trailer – 14 tons.
  • Total street weight – 31.5 tons.
  • Total payload capacity of the trough dump truck is 11.7 tons.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 210 or 350 liters.
  • Neutralizing liquid tank capacity is 35 liters.
  • Outer turning radius is 8 meters.
  • Climb – 25 percent (14 degrees).
  • Battery – 2 × 12 V / 190 a – H; Generator – 28 V / 2000 W; Traction – 24 V.
  • Maximum speed – 90 km / h.

Reviews of owners and drivers

Drivers and direct owners of Kamaz-53605 vehicles speak of them as practical, economical and profitable trucks for construction and urban development supply companies. With its compact size, the Kamaz-536o5 reel base is roomy enough to bring stone, sand, soil, etc. Charging. The new cabin for work is quite comfortable, especially in comparison with the usual KAMAZ’s. It is spacious and not cold in winter. According to some owners, the producers have spared on noise insulation, but it is very desirable.

Owner and driver reviews

Immediately after the purchase, everyone is advised to thoroughly twist all nodes and units and lubricate them. Though the quality of the main units and assemblies themselves – engine, control points, etc. – does not cause any symptoms, the quality of assembly at the factory Kama Automobil is anything but always decent. In general, the car is quite modern, reliable, unpretentious and hardy, with good maintenance.

Rear side locks used on the Kamaz-536o5 and other Kama trucks are subject to modification or complete replacement. After unloading the side lock remains floor and the hook is not defined by the hinge.

The cost of the Kamaz-53605 in 2018

The cost of a new Kamaz-536o5 vehicle in 2018 is: chassis 2,900,000 rubles, cargo platform 3,150,000 rubles with a self-supporting cargo platform. Used trucks of this brand, including garbage trucks, autocrackers, vacuum trucks, etc., are widely available on the secondary car market. The price range is very wide. All depends on the year of manufacture, equipment and technical condition of the truck.

Kamaz-53605. Overall dimensions and load capacity. Technical Specifications. Video reviews

Production of the model began in 2005 and continues to this day due to the high demand. Kamaz-53605 is available in two modifications: dump truck and universal chassis. In 2012, the manufacturer carried out a deep reparation of the vehicle. The main changes have affected the appearance of the machine, the cab and its interior, there appeared guards, changed the design of the frame.

Firstly, the model was designed as a truck for urban applications, and the main demand was expected from the public utilities. And so it happened: From various manipulators and designs the Kamaz-53605 was assembled, it is used as a garbage truck (Rarz MKM-4605) and crane truck. Another feature of the Kamaz-53605 is that sports cars are developed on its basis, which participate in various truck races. On the basis of this chassis is designed and assault special vehicle – water cannon for throwing demonstration materials.

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Exterior, interior, Kamaz-53605

Structurally, the Kamaz-53605 is a frame, rear-wheel drive chassis (wheel configuration is four of two) with the front point of the engine, which is located under the drive spigot. Until 2012 the truck was equipped with a standard Kamazov cabin, which was replaced by a modern Mercedes Axor cab. The truck received a plastic bumper, a large one-piece windshield and several exterior mirrors with different viewing angles.

There are two or three seats inside the vehicle. Regardless of the configuration, there is no room to sleep. The driver’s suspension and adjustments in different planes received a driver and front shell. The manufacturer paid special attention to the instrument panel: it became a three-piece, which was used by the driver. An ergonomic arrangement of gauges and controls was determined, as well as the presence of anti-glare coating. Significant changes took place in the design of the steering column. It is assembled from imported parts made in the gear plant or RBL. In many units, the driver gained the ability to set the height and distance position of the steering wheel.

On the manufacturer’s website, the prices for Kamaz-53605 chassis start from 2,900,000 rubles. For a dump truck the buyer has to pay a million more than 3,990,000 rubles. A lot of ads for used trucks of this model are available online.

Duldikipper 2012-2014 dump truck can be bought for the price of 1,900,000-2100,000 rubles in good condition.

Overall dimensions and payload of KAMAZ-53605

  • Length: 6,760 millimeters;
  • Width, excluding mirrors/ with exterior mirrors: 2,500 millimeters;
  • Height: 2,935 millimeters;
  • Freedom of movement (approval): 270 millimeters;
  • Radius of curvature of the outer clearance: 8 meters;
  • Length of mounting row: 3,990 mm;
  • The largest angle of slope to be overcome: 14 0;
  • Curb weight of the kamaz-53605: 8,725 kilograms;
  • Mass of the loaded chassis: 6 825 kg;
  • Gross vehicle weight: 20.5 tons;
  • Maximum speed: 90 km/h.

Engine and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-53605

As a power plant, the manufacturer uses different types of diesel four-stroke engines with water cooling on KAMAZ-53605.

KAMAZ 740.30-260. Reliable, if not the most modern V8 engine with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, turbocharging system and running supercharged air cooling function. With the standard 10.86-liter displacement for this class of engine, the turbodiesel’s rated output at crankshaft speed is 260 ps. The maximum torque value is 1060 Nm.

It is very common to see the KAMAZ 740.30-240 engine for the models of autorevolution. It is not significantly different from its predecessor, but has a lower output of 240 hp. Both engines are certified to meet Euro-3 standards.

After the overhaul two types of engines were installed on the truck: domestic turbodiesel Kamaz 740.62-280 and licensed Cummins IBE6.7 E5.

Kamaz 740.62-280 (Euro 3). According to most characteristics this turbodiesel has no differences from previous engines. However, displacement is increased to 11.76 liters, which increases the rated power – up to 280 hp.

Cummins ISBE6.7 E5. This engine is considered the most economical and quiet in its class. Judging by the layout, it is a 6.7 liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine with a cylinder block, which is made without a support. Like most modern diesel engines, the Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 is equipped with turbocharging and forced air cooling technology. It has a Common Rail fuel system with a Bosch high-pressure fuel pump. At 2,500 rpm, the engine develops 279 hp and maximum torque of 1,007 Nm at 1,300 rpm. As for environmental performance, the Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 meets Euro-5 standards.

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As already mentioned, the Kamaz-53605 is currently one of the most economical trucks in its class. Average fuel consumption during the warm season is 23 to 25 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km. In winter, the fuel consumption increases a little: up to 27 liters per 100 km. KAMAZ-53605 comes standard with a 210-litre fuel tank, and some trucks are equipped with a 350-litre tank.

Transmission and power supply of KAMAZ-53605

At the stage of pre-sale preparation the truck was equipped with a domestic ten-speed KAMAZ-154 gearbox. This transmission is designed for medium-duty vehicles and consists of main gearbox, demultiplier and two-stage splitter. KAMAZ 154 transmission is compatible only with single-disc coupling, it is not used with double-disc coupling.

In the modern modification KAMAZ-53605 is equipped with a ten-speed manual gearbox ZF 9S1310. The box is mainly designed for vehicles that are operated in a modern city. ZF 9S1310 is combined with a dry single-plate diaphragm gears MFZ430 or MFZ395 with a hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster.

Cable routing of KAMAZ-53605 is made by a single fabric scheme, the truck is powered by two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 ah each. In addition, the truck is equipped with a two-kilowatt 28-volt alternator and automatic voltage regulator.

Braking system and suspension of Kamaz-53605

The vehicle is equipped with drum brakes, and this statement applies to both the rear and front wheels. The brake drums are 420 millimeters in diameter and 180 millimeters wide. The truck is equipped with four types of braking systems (main, auxiliary, supplementary, backup and parking), all of which can work independently, although there are joint units and assemblies. In addition to brakes, KAMAZ-53605 is also equipped with an emergency braking system.

The design of the vehicle uses a conventional leaf-spring suspension with stabilizers. The front wheel suspension works on hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Extreme loads to which the rear bogie and frame are subjected during driving are compensated by an increased number of semi-rigid feathers.

More detailed technical properties of the moderate Kamaz-53605 truck:

Vehicle type. Tipper
Base class 53605-3010-A5
Motorcycle formula 4×2
Total weight, kg Without trailer operation
Gross vehicle weight, kg 20500
Gross vehicle weight, kg 8725
Carrying capacity in kg 11700
Permissible front axle load in kg 7500
Permissible rear axle load in kg 13000
Length, mm 6760
Width, mm 2550
Height, mm 2950
Distance between axles, mm 3950
Front overhang, mm 1340
Rear overhang, mm 1010
wheel size 315/80r22.5
Body type Dumping platform
Platform volume, MD 6,5
Platform dimensions, mm
Type of unloading return
Awning, frame
Ecological standard 5 EURO
Engine model Cummins ISB6.7E5
PS Performance 300
Fuel Equipment Bosch injection pump
Fuel tank capacity, l 210

KAMAZ-53605 YouTube video review

KAMAZ-53605 muldikipper with three-way unloading:

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What they say on the forums: Reviews of Kamaz-53605 owners and drivers

Konstantin Krivosheev, 49, Pskov region:

I got a Kamaz-53605 at the end of last year, now the mileage of the machine is just under 30,000 kilometers. The engine is cummins, the gears and axles are also imported. When I got the keys I took the tools and reviewed the assembly: tightened in some places, tightened, a few little things had to be changed. Already had two scheduled maintenance, everything fits, no breakdowns, car runs great. Car is mainly used in town and on paved roads, I don’t recommend driving in the field.

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