Kamaz-5350. Dimensions and payload, suspension, Morkectrosam and other features

Kamaz-5350: technical characteristics

Kamaz-5350: technical characteristics

Modern army trucks, without exaggeration, can be attributed to the elite in the company of truck equipment. One of the striking representatives in this class is the Kamaz-5350, which due to the increased cross-country ability has acquired a reputation of a reliable, enduring and versatile truck. For a long time it has proved its unique skills on the military range and in specialized areas, in swampy off-road and dangerous high passes, in snow-covered fields of the far north and in hot sands of the legendary Parisian “Dakar” route.

Kamaz-5350 belongs to the “Mustang” family, which includes army trucks with a high degree of durability. It is a universal 6-ton vehicle with 6×6 wheel configuration, which was designed to transport military cargo and personnel, towing trailers and towing artillery, as well as to install various weapons systems. The Russian army fleet was added to this model in 2002.

History of KAMAZ-5350

Engineers of the Kama Automobile Plant began to develop a multipurpose truck of “Mustang” family in 1987 by the order of the USSR Ministry of Defense. The specialists had to create a fundamentally new truck with expanded functionality and high cross-country ability. It was decided to use KAMAZ-4310 as the base model, which had already proved itself during the war in Afghanistan.

However, special requirements were made for the future vehicle. It should be fully adapted for work in high mountains, i.e. easily overcome high mountain passes, have high productivity, maneuverability and skills. In addition, the design of the truck should provide for the possibility of installing special military structures and operational and tactical systems.

In order to reduce the cost of developing new facilities, KAMAZ designers decided to combine parts and assemblies of the vehicle. As a result, the level of nodes of the model 5350 reached 85%.

Due to the freezing of the army Re-engineering, which lasted more than 10 years, the debut of an experimental batch of new trucks was held only in 1995 at the next exhibition of military equipment in Nizhny Novgorod. When creating and equipping the trucks the most advanced technical solutions at that time were used:

  • dependent spring suspensions based on semi-echter featherweights;
  • driving axles with 2-speed gearboxes;
  • steering wheel;
  • A distributor with a demultiplier;
  • Rear axle mezzanine overdrive locking system;
  • In-line hydraulic transmission consisting of a classic manual transmission and a torque converter;
  • Increasing tractive force windage.

Despite the severe economic crisis that paralyzed many companies in the first years after the collapse of the USSR, work on modernizing the Mustang models did not stop. A new single-disc clutch, 10-speed transmission, reinforced transfer case, improved driveshaft and end splines, 2-watt alternator and articulated torque arms were installed on the cars.

The vehicle’s chassis has been adapted to accommodate swap-body fittings.

In addition, members of the Mustang family received a new version of the cab with a round hatch designed for recovery and emergency firing. The interior of the cabin also changed – it became larger and more spacious, and there are special compartments for storage of special equipment and military gear.

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In comparison with the first models, the updated KAMAZ-5350 became more technologically advanced and easy in maintenance, while its guaranteed mileage increased to 45,000 km.

In 2002, after passing the appropriate certification tests, the trucks were sold to military units of the Russian army.

Production of 5350 was continued to this day. Other versions based on this truck were also created, including two models of tractor trucks, 15-ton capacity model, versions with extended wheelbase or shortened platform, etc.

KAMAZ-5350 Specifications

KAMAZ-5350 is a three-axle front-engine model with permanent all-wheel drive, 6×6 wheel arrangement, front steerable axle and close-mounted rear axles.

Tare weight of the truck is 9.1 tonnes, maximum payload is 6 tonnes, maximum load on the front axle is 5250 kg, and on the rear bogie – 10600 kg.

KAMAZ-5350 can be used for transportation of cargoes with a total weight of 12 tonnes, as well as a part of a road train with gross weight of 27850 kg.


Even with a full load, the KAMAZ-5350 can acceleration up to 100 km/h, which is quite high for trucks.

The powerful KAMAZ-740.30.260 diesel engine provides excellent dynamic performance of this model. It is a 8-cylinder four-stroke V-type engine with overhead valves, 10.85 l displacement and output of 260 hp with liquid cooling and turbocharging. The engine meets the EVRO-2 emissions standard.

Average fuel consumption is 27 liters per 100 km. The car is equipped with two 125-liter and 170-liter tanks, allowing to overcome a distance of 1000 km without refueling. On the “appetite” of the car, of course, influence the road conditions and speed.

transmission .

KAMAZ-5350 is equipped with a 10-speed manual gearbox and 2-speed transfer gearbox, which provides distribution of torque to front steer axle and two-axle rear bogie. The rear axle is driven by a propeller shaft coming from the center through axle.

Gear shifting is carried out with the help of multidisc dry friction clutch with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster.

Off-road mobility is provided by locking differentials between the rear axle wheels.


KAMAZ-5350 is equipped with a dependent suspension. The front axle is equipped with semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

The rear bogie is fitted with a spring-balanced suspension with two longitudinal springs rigidly mounted on the side strut and a pair of telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers.

This suspension design promotes a softer, smoother chord and reduces vertical movement of the carrier frame when the wheel hits an obstacle. In addition, a good connection between the bikes and the road surface is ensured. The overall dynamic impact on the frame is reduced and premature wear of components and chassis components is prevented.

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Braking system

The Kamaz-5350 has a working, parking, spare and auxiliary brake system. Although elements of these systems are common, they operate independently of each other. This solution allows providing effective braking under operating conditions.

The function of the service brake system is to reduce the speed or bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Its brake mechanisms are available on all motorcycles. The brakes of the front axle and rear car are actuated separately by a pneumatic dual circuit, which is controlled by a pedal coupled with a brake valve. Brake chambers act as actuators.

Spare brakes are designed in such a way that in case of partial or complete failure they duplicate the functions of the service brake system.

The parking brake is an integral part of the replacement brake system. To activate it, the hand crank of the crane is set to its highest position.

The auxiliary brake system reduces the load and temperature of the brake components of the work vehicle. It is a motor brake, which closes the exhaust pipes of the power input and disconnects the fuel supply.

KAMAZ-5350 is also equipped with an emergency on-board transmission to ensure resumption of its movement with automatic brakes and stopping caused by a compressed air leak.


As already mentioned, the KAMAZ-5350 is a truck with a one-piece leg, which is designed to carry all kinds of cargo and people, as well as to install various weapons or civilian equipment.

In basic configuration, it is equipped with an open metal platform with 750 mm high folding sides. The length of the platform is 4890 mm and width is 2470 mm.

Due to the versatile design of the platform, it is easy to install a frame and an awning on it or protect it with multifunctional modules for transportation of soldiers with combat capabilities.

Features of Kamaz-5350 realization

Advanced design of the Kamaz-5350 vehicle provides it with high cross-country ability and excellent maneuverability. The dimensions of the vehicle are as follows:

  • Overall dimensions – 7950 mm (length), 2550 mm (width) and 3110 mm (height);
  • The radial base – 3340 mm + 1320 mm;
  • Width of the front wheels – 2050 mm, rear wheels – 2550 mm.

Despite the impressive size, the external turning radius of the truck is only 11.3 m, which allows maneuvering in tight spaces.

High ground clearance of 390 mm allows the vehicle to overcome 0.6 m deep trenches, which go up at an angle of 31 degrees, and 1.75 m deep Brodis.

KAMAZ-5350 is equipped with 310-533 wheels and 425/85 R21-Weight tires. Working air pressure in tires is regulated by a special system. Thanks to the additional support area, the truck can move lightly on sand, snow and weak floors.

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KAMAZ-5350 Cab: Workplace Overview

The KAMAZ-5350 cab is of cabover type and is located above the engine. The manufacturer produces it in two colors: orange (civilian version) and khaki (military models). Depending on the modification, it can be equipped with high or low roof, equipped with a sleeping compartment or shipped without it.

Simple and concise interior in military style includes two or three seats and a compartment for special equipment and weapons. The cab roof is equipped with a circular hatch for driver and passenger extraction or emergency escape. The hatch can also be used for additional ventilation of the cabin. Heating of the air is provided by a heater with a cooler connected to the engine cooling system.

The army versions of KAMAZ-5350 are armored according to protection class B. The all-metal cab represents an armored capsule with a reinforced floor and hinged armor plates.

Laminated armored glass is used instead of the usual wind and door windows. In addition to the cabin armored fuel tanks, engine crankcases and batteries.

Heat-, noise- and vibration-absorbing materials covering the internal structure elements provide a pleasant driving atmosphere in the truck.

Two front hinged joints and two rear hanging brackets with locking mechanisms are used to attach the cab to the frame. With the help of a powerful hydraulic cylinder and articulated joints the cab can be lifted and tilted forward.

KAMAZ-5350 versions

Flatbed truck on the base of KAMAZ-5350.

Mobile Instrumentation Laboratory (PLT) on the KAMAZ-5350 chassis.

KAMAZ-5350-based drilling rig

Operational characteristics and reviews of KAMAZ-5350

The majority of conscripts who have had a chance to serve on this vehicle note its serviceability, reliability, dynamics, high cross-country ability and maneuverability on any roads and off-roads.

Among other things, many attribute the large and spacious cabin with excellent visibility due to the niche design and plenty of places to store belongings and ammunition. For these conveniences, the KAMAZ-5350 received the nickname “A camper on wheels” among the soldiers.

Drivers, who had experience working on URALs and compared them with KamAZ, noted the better cross-country ability of the latter due to the presence of wheel locks and easier maintenance of the pneumatic braking system.

Among the disadvantages of the KamAZ-5350 drivers note poor weight distribution (heavy front end), as well as protruding rods, which are easily deformed by stumps or rocks. The exhaust process also gives rise to criticism: It just doesn’t work without air supply, so it is necessary to constantly monitor the pressure in the system and always have the booster hose handy.

Overall, this member of the Mustang family leaves a positive impression on Army drivers, many of whom consider themselves lucky to serve on such units.


Although the KAMAZ-5350 was originally developed as a military vehicle, it is in great demand in many civilian areas. The undeniable merits of this unique truck include the following characteristics:

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KAMAZ 5350: technical characteristics

Modern military trucks are the real elite among trucks. One of the striking examples of this category is the military KAMAZ-5350, the operational characteristics of which are distinguished by reliability, endurance, versatility and cross-country capability.

The capabilities of the armored Camarz-5350 have been proven by it on training ranges and in combat operations, in swampy off-road conditions, high mountain passes, snowy fields and hot sands. This vehicle belongs to the “Mustang” series and combines high cross-country lightweight trucks.

It is a 6-ton multi-purpose vehicle with 6×6 wheel configuration designed to transport military cargo, tow trailers, artillery pieces, and install various firing systems. This vehicle was received in 2002.


Kamaz 5350

The Kamaz-5350 began to be developed in 1987, when the economic situation was unstable. Engineers were able to see developments that were not implemented in the previous Kamaz-43114. The purpose of the “Mustang Multi-Purple” family, which included the 5350, was to be used in difficult conditions, such as in the highlands.

This truck can effectively operate at an altitude of 4 km. Thanks to the versatile platform, it can be fitted with various combat systems with a tactical fate.

KAMAZ-5350: Specifications

Technical characteristics of KAMAZ-5350 6×6 are superior to similar parameters of many competitors.


KAMAZ model dimensions:

  • length – 7.96 m;
  • Width – 2.550 m;
  • Height – 3,29 m;
  • ground clearance – 39 cm;
  • outside turning radius – 11.3 m;
  • curb weight – 9,8 t;
  • GVW – 15.85 tons;
  • Maximum weight of the trailer – 12 tons.

Due to unique technical characteristics of the KAMAZ-5350 the payload reached 12,000 kg. It can be used as part of a road train. The total weight is increased to 27.85 tons. The maximum speed is 100 km/h.

KAMAZ 5350 dimensions

The dimensions of the platform inside:

  • length – 7.96 m;
  • width – 2.47 m;
  • height – 73 cm.

Technical characteristics of Kamaz-5350-3035-42 give it the ability to overcome an incline with an angle of up to 31 degrees and ford with a depth of up to 1.75 m, or a ditch with a depth of no more than 60 cm.

fuel consumption

To overcome 100 kilometers requires an average fuel consumption of 27 liters (the figure is determined by both the type of terrain and season). KAMAZ-5350 has main and additional fuel tanks. The capacity of KAMA Z-5350 tanks is 170 and 125 liters, respectively.


The engine has an increased reliability. This vehicle is equipped with the diesel engine KAMAZ-740.30-260 which has a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and meets Euro-2 criteria.

KAMAZ-740.30-260 engine

The KAMAZ-740.30-260 engine has the following parameters:

  • volume – 9.85 liters;
  • Power – 260 hp;
  • Torque – up to 1078 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – eight.
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cabin .

The cabin can sleep 3 persons, including the driver. It has a high comfort level and includes a special sleeping shelf. Military and special equipment can be installed in it. With folding benches can accommodate 39 people.

The main area of use of this vehicle remains the military sphere. Not surprisingly, the Kamaz-5350 is already used in the armed forces. It is possible to equip its cabin with an optional 5A, which provides protection from AKM hits. Military KAMAZ-5350, due to its technical characteristics, can be successfully used in rough terrain.

KAMAZ 5350 cab


This vehicle is equipped with a functioning erinema, primary, backup and auxiliary brake system. They share common elements, but operate autonomously. This provides the braking effect in every situation. The service brake system reduces the speed of the vehicle or stops it completely. There is a brake mechanism on each wheel.

The brake mechanism on the front axle and on the rear bogie activates a 2-circuit pneumatic actuator in separate mode, which is controlled by a pedal connected to the brake valve. The actuator is actuated by a brake cylinder. The backup brakes are used to duplicate the functions of the service brake system. This backup occurs in the event of partial or total failure.

KAMAZ 5350 tests

transmission .

The KAMAZ-5350 manual provides a 10-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed transfer case which distributes torque between the front axle and the 2-axle axle at the rear. The rear axle is driven by a driveshaft that comes from the main line in the middle.

The gears are shifted via a hydraulically actuated dry clutch and amplifiers. Considerable cross-country capability is guaranteed by a limited-slip differential system in the gap that separates the rear axle wheels.


New military Kamaz 5350

This car has a dependent suspension. The front axle is equipped with integrated leaf springs and hydraulic shock absorbers with telescopic bushings. The rear bogie has a leaf-balanced suspension, including 2 springs in the longitudinal direction, which are rigidly fixed to the longitudinal carrier, as well as 2 telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers.

This design ensures a smooth ride and also reduces vertical movement of the vehicle carrier frame if the bicycle encounters an obstacle. The responsibility of the wheel on the road is improved, the overall dynamic impact on the vehicle frame is reduced and earlier wear of the running gear is excluded.

Kamaz-5350: price

The price of the Kamaz-5350 depends on the modification. Now the most expensive option is the model with a truck crane. Its cost is in the range of 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 rubles. Dump truck without mileage costs about 2,500,000 rubles, flatbed truck – 2,100,000 rubles. The most popular Kamaz-5350-issues of 2013-14. Their price is lower than new and ranges from 1,500,000 to 2,400,000 rubles.

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