Kamaz-53215. Description of the vehicle, technical and operational features

Kamaz-53215: Purpose of the vehicle. General characteristics, main advantages and disadvantages

Kamaz-53215-popular truck of domestic production

Kamaz-53215, of course, is one of the most popular vehicles that are produced at the Kama Automobile Plant. Today it is available in 16 modifications, including tank truck, truck, grain carrier, garbage truck and fire truck. Production of this model began in 2001 and continues to this day. The high demand for Kamaz-53215 is due to excellent performance, high maintainability, low maintenance and low cost.

A Kamaz-53215 fire truck based on the Kamaz 53215

Frameless truck has a wheel arrangement 6*4, is reliable and unpretentious. Of course, the external design of the cabin looks a bit outdated and can not compete with modern models. Another disadvantage of the cab is that it does not have a hydraulic drive, they are lifted manually. The dashboard is simple and also looks outward. The cab is angled and equipped with three seats, an optional available seat that greatly enhances the capabilities of this vehicle.

As we have already said, the high popularity of the Kamaz-53215 is largely due to its low price. Today you can buy a new car in basic configuration for only 2 million rubles. The special machine, depending on the configuration and design, costs a little more: 2.7 – 3.2 million rubles. The price of a used truck depends on the year of manufacture, technical condition and availability of special superstructures.

Description and technical characteristics of Kamaz-53215

Dimensions and payload

According to its parameters, this truck does not have significant differences from other models of the Kama automobile industry. However, it should be noted that the frame length can vary depending on the modification.

In the basic version Kamaz-53215 has the following basic dimensions:

  • Length – 6100 millimeters;
  • Width – 2890 millimeters;
  • Height – 2320 mm;
  • Clearance (ground clearance) – 290 millimeters;
  • Turning radius (outside) – 9.8 meters;

Curb weight of flatbed truck is slightly more than 8 tonnes, payload – 11 000 kg, and the gross weight can exceed 33 tonnes.

Power plant, electrical equipment and fuel consumption

Unlike modern models of this brand, the Kamaz-53215 is equipped only with domestic four-stroke diesel engines: 740.31 и 740.30. Both engines have eight cylinders with their V-shaped arrangement, which are equipped with a turbocharger and fuel preheating system, which is extremely important at low temperatures. Working volume of KAMAZ 740.31 model is 10.8 liters, the average speed is 2200 rpm, and power is 240 hp. In terms of environmental characteristics, this power unit meets Euro-2 standards.

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The most important technical parameters of the Kamaz 740.30 model engine are very similar to the main engine, there is only a slight difference in power, here it is 260 hp. Both power units have a significant moto, oil changes are made every 16,000 kilometers under normal operating conditions.

Also on the streets you can meet the Kamaz 53215 with an upgraded 320-horsepower engine. However, this version was produced in limited quantities, and it is quite difficult to buy it.

The electrical equipment of the machine has a voltage of 24 volts. All systems are driven by two batteries with a capacity of 190 ah, the vehicle has a 2,000 watt generator.

The model KAMAZ-53215 is characterized by very low fuel consumption. Depending on the season, suitability of all components and operating conditions, the engine consumes from 24.5 to 27.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Depending on the modification the truck is equipped with two types of fuel tanks: 350 or 500 liters.

Transmission, suspension and brakes

The truck is equipped with a standard KAMAZ gearbox with an idler gearing and deduplication. Spreading gear is installed between the main gear and the clutch. Such location contributes to greater reliability and durability of the gearbox, and increases the comfort of driving.

The KAMAZ-53215 is equipped with a single clutch with pneumatic and hydraulic drive. Some modifications of this model are equipped with a double-disc friction dry clutch. The reliable cardboard operation of the vehicle, consisting of two reinforced waves, the central axle drive is additionally reinforced by increasing the diameter of the wave tube, draws attention.

The designers have taken care of a reliable suspension for KAMAZ-53215. Its front part consists of semi-elliptic feathers and hydraulic shock absorbers. This combination improves driving performance, provides better traction on rough roads and increases steerability of the truck. The rear wheels’ suspension is made on the basis of rocker arms and rounded feathers.

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Safety of Kamaz-53215 is guaranteed by brakes, which include four braking systems: dual-circuit service brake for emergency braking or stopping the vehicle, emergency brake, parking brake and auxiliary brake. The forklift is also equipped with a brake system.

Here you can find the description, electrical and hydraulic diagram, and technical properties of Kamaz-53215:

General data
Vehicle type Flatbed truck
Formula 6×4
Weight parameters and loads
Total weight, kg 34500
Gross vehicle weight, kg 20500
Gross vehicle weight, kg 9350
Payload / Seat load in kg 11000
Permissible front axle load kg 4700
Rear axle load capacity in kg 15800
Length, mm 8535
Width, mm 2550
Height, mm 3995
Distance between axles, mm 3690
Front overhang, mm 1320
Rear overhang, mm 2205
wheel size 10.00r20
Body type flatbed platform
Platform volume, M.cb. 34.4
Platform dimensions, mm 6112 x 2470 x 730
Type of cab Unfinished
Sleeping place Yes
Ecological standard Euro 2
Engine model 740.31
Horsepower 240
Fuel Equipment Bosch
Fuel tank capacity, l 500
Transmission model 152
Clutch model 142
suspension spring
Lock between wheels Yes
Axle translation 5.43
Other options
trailer hitch kingpin loop

The most important advantages and disadvantages of Kamaz-53215 chassis


  • Low cost and a large number of modifications;
  • Simple and cheap maintenance;
  • Reliable, economical engine;
  • High cross-country capability and high load capacity.


  • Many cabs are not equipped with elevators;
  • Drivers complain of strong vibration in the cabin;
  • Outdated design and insufficient ergonomics of the dashboard.

Video review of the popular KAMAZ-53215 vehicle

KAMAZ-53215 after overhaul – full review of the vehicle:

KAMAZ-53215-A Upgraded cab with elevator:

What they write on forums: Reviews of owners and drivers

Victor Alferov, 45, Bryansk:

Last year I bought a grain carrier based on KAMAZ-53215. The car is from 2006, but the previous owner took care of it, an overhaul of the cab was carried out. There was a complete soundproofing – even at speed of 90 km/h one can speak in halftones. For more comfort I took off the old seat and put a chair on the airtube. With my height of 185 cm I can not reach the ceiling – the cabin is high. I think that for such money you will not buy anything better.

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Technical characteristics of Kamaz-53215

Among modern large trucks, it is worth to dwell separately on the Kamaz-53215. Affordable cost of this machine and quality with high assembly can be called the main characteristics that distinguish it from its counterparts.

Its use in construction works, work on minerals and for transportation of goods to different distances is only a part of application area of this type of truck.

The production of KAMAZ-53215 began in 2001, and the model is currently in production. With the help of the chassis are created special devices: flatbed e-machines equipped with a crane, which improves the functionality of the vehicle, tank trucks of various volumes, garbage trucks.

Kamaz 53215

Also using the chassis, a vacuum truck was developed on the basis of the model. However, the most popular was KAMAZ-53215, represented by a flatbed truck. Thanks to its considerable lifting capacity, this machine can deliver large-sized cargo to any point.

An important advantage of the model should be considered the adaptability to Russian conditions. No less important is the relatively low fuel consumption. Due to the high cross-country ability, even difficult roads can be mastered.

The peculiarity of the car should be considered a rather long development. It remains reliable today: high-strength steel, it has increased corrosion resistance. The strength of the construction allows to withstand the dimensions and weight of the machine with the installed devices.

brake system

The large size of the braking system is due to the considerable inertia of the vehicle with a large mass. It consists of the following components:

  • actuator;
  • brake drums with a diameter of 400 mm;
  • the brake pads, their maximum width is 140 mm.

Braking system of Kamaz 53215


The compactness of the KAMAZ-53215 cabin, installed above the engine, is combined with comfort. Availability of several seat adjustments allows positioning it as comfortable as possible for the driver. Despite the outwardly small size, the cabin, along with the driver, comfortably accommodates three adults. In some modifications a sleeping place is provided. This point is important when committing long journeys.

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KAMAZ 53215 cab


Reliability of the suspension since the release of Aruto does not require changes. The presence of a slight vibration in the process of movement does not reduce the comfort, and the quiet operation of the engine allows you to talk freely in the cabin.

The presence of six bikes, four of which drive, provide excellent auto-resistance. Metal ones are available with increased strength, they are easily compensated and repaired. Only pneumatic tires are installed in the car, their size is 10R20.

KAMAZ 53215 Suspension


Gearbox in the Kamaz modification 53215 is installed only mechanical, which is equipped with a part of the demopiler. Such a gearbox was designed for work in difficult conditions. With a gearbox-separator, it is actually possible to work in two gears.

It is necessary to switch to such a box at the moment when the second gear significantly pulls the car, and the work of the third, does not start enough revolutions. The box contains 10 full-fledged gears. Thanks to the demultiplier, the degree of the automatic transmission is reduced, increasing its resource.

Gas train KAMAZ 53215


The car under consideration works with a single-disc clutch. Compared to the diaphragm type, it works with a hydraulic actuator, which is equipped with powerful pneumatics. A number of car modifications have a friction type clutch, which runs two splines without an oil bath.

Clutch KAMAZ 53215

Mass-size characteristics

KAMAZ-53215 standard configuration in loaded form has a mass of 19355 kg. It is used as a street truck. Gross weight in this case is 33355 kg. With an incomplete body (no cargo) the weight of the truck is 8,355 kg.

Dimensions and dimensions

The dimensions of the model are as follows:

  • The length is 6100 mm;
  • The width is 2320 mm;
  • The height of the vehicle is 2890 mm.

Overall dimensions of KAMAZ 53215

Overall dimensions of the car are as follows:

  • The size of the ground clearance – 290 mm;
  • The track formed by the front wheels – 1890 mm;
  • At the rear – 2050 mm;
  • The turning radius of the outer dimensions – 9800 mm.
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Impressive dimensions of MAZ 53215 allow carrying construction materials. Due to this the truck can be used for construction.

Wheel formula of the model is six bikes to four driving. Maximum acceleration speed for such a big truck is quite high – 110 km/h.

Fuel consumption

The considered truck has a tank capacity of 350 and 500 liters. Consumption in summer is 24 liters, with the beginning of cold weather increases to 27 liters per 100 kilometers.


According to its characteristics the engine is designed in accordance with the Euro-2 standard. High tractive force values in combination with heating issues provide an increased performance of a heavy and versatile vehicle.

Today the KAMAZ-740.31 engine belongs to the category of obsolete. However, it should be remembered for its high environmental friendliness data: the engine emits a small, quite acceptable amount of harmful substances.

– a new version of the KAMAZ 53215 has a price of about 1.9 million rubles. With additional features the price increases by 500-750 thousand rubles.” />

The following indicators are considered the most important:

  • Nominal power rating of 240 hp;
  • Engine displacement – 10.9 liters;
  • Speed – 2200 rpm;
  • 8 cylinders;
  • Compression ratio 17;
  • Maximum torque value – 909 nm.

An additional advantage of the model under consideration is a significant service life. Oil change is possible after 16 000 km. In case of changing temperature conditions and excessive humidity the oil must be replaced after less mileage.

Price .

The new version of the model Kamaz 53215 has a price of about 1.9 million rubles. With additional features, the price increases by 500-750 thousand rubles.

Used cars are on the market in large quantities: their cost can be 1.7-2.1 million rubles. In addition, the vehicle is rented for rental work of different nature: one hour costs about 1100-1600 rubles.

Reliability and convenience of Kamaz 53215 combined with high payload, taking into account the affordable cost, are important advantages of the model. Some parameters are inferior to imported analogues, but the democratic price immediately attracts buyers.

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